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Glass City Humanist

Glass City Humanist

By Douglas Berger
Host Douglas Berger will be talking about Humanist values and how we live them each day. He will share local news and issues of interest to Humanists and other freethinkers. And from time to time interview other Humanists, secular people, or people who share our values.

If you consider yourself a Humanist or want to find out more about Humanism and our values, then this podcast will be your one stop shop. It will be an experience for all ages.
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Skepticism with Matt McMahon of Toledo Skeptics

Glass City Humanist

Secular Student Alliance: The Cool People on Campus with Kevin Bolling
In this episode we talk to Kevin Bolling, the executive director of the Secular Student Alliance, which is the only national organization dedicated to atheist, humanist, and other non-theist students. We discuss what the SSA is and does, its efforts to protect real religious freedom on campuses across the country, and what SSA is looking forward to in the future. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter Check out our Merch 00:58 We Are Secular Students 12:44 Real Religious Freedom on Campus 20:51 What does the future hold
November 16, 2021
Beware Rose Colored Glasses of Forced Patriotism with Emily Newman
In this episode we talk to Emily Newman from the American Humanist Association about forced patriotism, the false narrative about Critical Race Theory being taught in school and what's coming up from the AHA as it looks for a new executive director. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter 00:57 Forced Patriotism 08:39 The Myth of Critical Race Theory 17:41 An AHA Update
November 2, 2021
Spiders, Science, and Avoiding Pedestals with PZ Myers
In this episode we talk to the well known and respected Dr. PZ Myers about the war on science, spiders, and why we shouldn't put heroes on pedestals including PZ himself. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter Bonus content is available to show donors and members 1:34 PZ's Origin Story 3:17 The War On Science 9:00 How PZ Became An Atheist 13:19 Calling Out Bad Atheists 17:49 The Myth Of Cancel Culture 22:11 Spiders! Oh My!!
October 19, 2021
Humanism is on the Right Side of History
In this episode we take a look at our history through two individuals who expressed a humanist outlook even if they weren't humanists as we think of today. Albert Sabin and Pauline Steinem came from poor backgrounds to accomplish renown in their time. We also look at some news for the group. Show Notes & Transcript Subscribe to our free newsletter Donate to the show 01:12 Pauline Perlmutter Steinem 10:33 Dr. Albert Sabin 23:34 Group News
September 24, 2021
Building Interfaith Bridges with Chris Highland
In this episode, we talk to Chris Highland a former Protestant minister for 14 years and an Interfaith chaplain for 25 years. We discuss his journey to Humanism, his efforts trying to build bridges between people of faith and freethinkers, and his various writings on the topic including a weekly column in his local newspaper. We'll also touch on his recent controversial remarks about "Angry, Anti-religious Atheists". Show Notes & Transcript Subscribe to our free newsletter Buy us a Ko-fi 01:08 Journey to Humanism: My Faith Evaporated 24:45 Angry Anti-religious Atheists 42:17 End Note: We Got A Grant
September 5, 2021
Diversity By Itself Is Not Enough with John Lombard
In this episode, we talk to John Lombard, a former evangelical missionary and church planter, who spent over 25 years in China. We talk about his journey to Humanism, his important work as a Cultural Diversity consultant for businesses, and his long time efforts to educate the west about the Mosuo, an ethnic minority in China. Show Notes (including a transcript) Subscribe to our free newsletter Support the show and buy the host a Ko-fi 01:02 Journey to Humanism 07:03 What is Cultural Diversity 27:59 Introduction to the Mosuo
August 22, 2021
Critical Thinking Instead Of Dogma With Reggie Finley
In this episode, Douglas talks to science teacher and communicator Reggie Finley about the importance of science and critical thinking especially in this time of the pandemic. Reggie also discusses his personal journey from angry atheist and host of The Infidel Guy Show to a science educator reaching out and changing the lives of his students. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter Donate to the show through Ko-fi 1:06 Science Education 7:54 The Infidel Guy Show 13:41 Critical Thinking 22:44
August 7, 2021
Justice Centered Humanism
In this episode Douglas gives an update on upcoming activities of the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie. Next he gives his thoughts about social justice, Humanism, and a new book about that very subject from Roy Speckhardt. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter
July 23, 2021
Cancer is Non-Religious
In this episode, we talk to Pam Niese, a Registered Nurse from Glandorf, Ohio, who volunteers with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Pam helps fundraise and lobby on issues important to cancer patients and survivors. We find out that Cancer sucks and is not political or religious in its destruction. She also lets us know what we can do to help including purchasing a "Lights of Hope" bag.  Show Notes Sign up for our free newsletter
June 28, 2021
One Battle Over Abortion Is A Parking Lot
In this episode, we find out why the next local battle over abortion takes place in an old parking lot. Next Douglas talks about plans for a post pandemic restriction time for our local group and finally he talks about how Humanists can respond to a recent religious freedom violation while still rejecting the religious beliefs being violated.  Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter Donate to the show [01:12] One Battle Over Abortion Is A Parking Lot [20:46] SHoWLE Plans for in-person meetings [29:25] Kosher Football
June 8, 2021
The Pandemic Of Magical Thinking
In this episode, Douglas talks about the large amount of hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and other magical thinking brought on by the response to the pandemic and what Humanists and others can do to get through the cloud of problem thinking. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter Donate to the show
May 15, 2021
How Richard Dawkins Drove Me To Wokeism
Richard Dawkins is a well known figure in the freethought community. His books have been best sellers and have helped lead many people to ditch religion. In recent years, Dawkins has not been a decent human being and on April 10th a transphobic tweet reminded us all we need to stop putting science communicators on a pedestal. The support Dawkins received for "Just Asking Questions" reminds us what Humanism really means as we reject his questioning of the basic dignity and worth of a group of people for no rational reason. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter
April 26, 2021
Tag Lines and Long Voter Lines
In this episode Douglas goes through the process his Humanist group took to create a new tag line to help market the group to the public. When some groups are dropping the word Humanism from their name SHoWLE rejected that direction. Then Douglas talks about the new election laws being passed as a result of the massive turn out in the 2020 election and how these laws aren't reform but just Jim Crow laws in another form. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter Donate Tag Lines [01:19] Long Voter Lines [17:30]
April 9, 2021
Cancel Culture Is A Hoax
Free speech doesn't mean free from consequences. Cancel culture is just the complaints about Political Correctness dressed in different clothes. Douglas gives a primer about what the 1st amendment really means and it doesn't cover using bigotry disguised as jokes on social media. Finally, we look at the need for transparency as the American Humanist Association looks for a new executive director. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter 00:47 Cancel Culture Is A Hoax 23:40 Looking for the new AHA Executive Director
March 26, 2021
Arrogance Will Hurt People
Did you know you don't really need to spend years going to medical school to become a doctor in order to affect the health of people? All you need is to be elected to the state legislator. In this episode, Douglas will talk about the Ohio Legislature's arrogant push to override the public health orders made my Governor DeWine during our current pandemic. Finally, he will talk about a good proposed law that will protect women trying to obtain an abortion in Toledo. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter 00:55 Arrogance Will Hurt People 14:36 Toledo Patient Protection Ordinance
March 9, 2021
Insurrection and Democracy
In this episode, Doug talks about the attempted coup that happen in Washington DC on January 6th and how that was balanced by the swearing in of a new President. What will this mean for secular people. Doug also gives an update on a Federal lawsuit by three Lucas county religious schools to subvert a public health order and finally Doug mentions a couple of articles he's read that deal with the mental health issues of schools being closed and how Ohio made headlines as an Anti-vaccine state. Show Notes Subscribe to the free newsletter 01:10 Insurrection And Democracy 12:31 Subverting Public Health Orders Using The 1st Amendment 29:12 Mental Health And Ohio's Notoriety As Anti-Vaccine
February 3, 2021
Blasphemy Be Gone And Covid Cheats
In this episode Douglas talks about the passage of House Resolution 512 that calls for the global repeal of blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy laws. Next he talks about two cases of schools trying to use religion to circumvent public health orders and finally in a new segment called Humanism 101 he looks at Global Awarness. Show Notes Subscribe to our free newsletter 00:45 Blasphemy Be Gone 08:34 Covid Cheats at School 17:56 Humanism 101: Global Awareness
December 9, 2020
Art isn't frivolous. Art is important! with Martha Knox
In this episode Douglas talks to artist and Humanist Martha Knox about her woodcut print art, her performance art called "Submit", the state of the art community during the pandemic, and why selling her art is not her goal. Martha, who had been very active in various freethought organizations including helping found the Secular Student Alliance 20 years ago, explains why disillusionment made her step back. But she still considers herself a secular Humanist. Show Notes Subscribe to our newsletter 01:00 The artist and her art 11:21 Submit and why selling art is not her goal 26:00 Freethought groups and disillusionment
November 24, 2020
Like Organizing Bus Stops - Secular Student Alliance at 20 with August Brunsman
In this episode, Douglas chats with August Brunsman, one of the founders and first paid executive director of the Secular Student Alliance which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We talk about the heady days at the beginning of the group, the problems that come along with a college project like SSA, and his continuing work with Camp Quest - An educational adventure shaped by fun, friends and freethought. Show Notes Subscribe to our newsletter 00:42 Founding the Secular Student Alliance 06:18 Like Organizing a Bus Stop 09:09 We Love Young People Now Sit Down and Shut Up 18:31 Camp Quest
November 12, 2020
How To Use Religious Freedom for Bigotry
In this episode Douglas looks at Christian nationalists using Religious freedom as cover for their discrimination, why the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the US Supreme Court is a problem for all of us, and he introduces a new recurring segment where people share the story of their journey to Humanism. Show Notes Sign-up for the show newsletter 00:40 How To Use Religious Freedom for Bigotry 11:17 The Case Against Amy Coney Barrett 22:54 Journeys to Humanism
October 16, 2020
Where Did Our Empathy Go?
In this episode, Douglas tries to find out what has happened to our empathy during the pandemic. He offers some tips on how to have a picnic during a virus outbreak. And finally Douglas reviews an essay from July that claims anti-racism training is racist. Show Notes Here Sign-up for the Newsletter 00:37 Where did our empathy go? 08:51 Our Pandemic Picnic 12:20 Is Talking About Anti-Racism Racist?
September 22, 2020
Looking For A Few Good Affiliates with Sam McGuire from American Atheists
In this episode Douglas talks to Sam McGuire, the National Field Director for American Atheists. She explains what an affiliate is and how your secular group can become one. Douglas asks if atheist groups are that much different than Humanist groups and he and Sam dip their toes into some political questions of interest to secular people. Show Notes Subscribe to our newsletter 00:41 Affiliates & Conferences  12:40 The Reason Rally  14:47 Atheist Groups vs Humanist Groups  20:30 Politics/Blitz Watch
August 26, 2020
An Atheist Hero Is A Social Justice Warrior
In this episode, Douglas talks about the lack of heroes in the atheist movement and why that isn't a problem. Next he highlights an excellent TV program that explained why we teach US History all wrong, and finally Douglas revisits an essay he wrote about the 1st amendment violation having the Ohio state motto engraved on the grounds of the statehouse. Show Notes 02:45 An Atheist Hero Is A Social Justice Warrior 15:39 The Whitewashing of US History 23:25 The Case Against The Ohio Motto
August 8, 2020
A Humanist Response to the Murder of George Floyd
In this episode, Douglas tries to fill time without interviewing someone. We get some news from our group the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie, give a humanist response to the murder of George Floyd, celebrate an unlikely court victory for the LGBTQ+ community, and dust off an old blog post about the words "Under God" in the pledge. Show Notes 00:48 SHoWLE News 05:28 A Humanist Response to the Murder of George Floyd 13:25 LGBTQ+ Court Victory 17:28 "McCarthyism" gave us "Under God" in the Pledge
June 17, 2020
Important Humanist Values with Derrick Strobl
In this episode Douglas speaks with Derrick Strobl, an old friend from his days in Columbus with the Humanist Community of Central Ohio. They talk about his journey to Humanism coming from a religious conservative family, and Douglas discovers, to his shock that a college near his hometown was much more conservative than he ever imagined. Derrick also reveals what Humanist values are important to him and what Humanist books he recommends. Show Notes
May 27, 2020
Same Church Different Pew: Humanism And Unitarian Universalism
In this episode Douglas talks to Rev. Dr. TK Barger of the First Unitarian Church of Toledo about the historic ties between the UUs and Humanism. We also discuss how Unitarians have religious rituals that are not based in the supernatural and we talk about some of the differences between religious and secular humanism. Rev. Dr. TK Barger has been the called minister for First UU of Toledo since 2017 and is a founding Board member of our sponsor the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie. TK got his start in Journalism and after 9/11 decided to be of more service by becoming a minister. He also worked as the Religion Editor at the Toledo Blade for several years before being called to serve full time at First UU of Toledo. Show Notes
May 9, 2020
Fighting 21st Century Homeopathy with Nick Little from the Center for Inquiry
In this longer than usual episode Douglas talks with Nick Little, Vice President and General Counsel of the Center for Inquiry, about his group's effort to force big retailers to be honest about homeopathy products they sell. We discuss the group's current work to allow secular celebrants to solemnize marriages in all the states. Finally we look at the current status of church and state litigation in the time of Trump. It isn't good. Show Notes
April 22, 2020
Recovering from Religion with Charles Hill
In this episode we talk to Charles Hill, a facilitator for the Columbus Ohio chapter of Recovering from Religion. We talk about how some religious believers, even professional clergy, make the transition to being a non-believer, how important telling your story is to the process, and the start of efforts to form a Toledo chapter of the group. People transition to non-belief in multiple ways. Many don't want to lie about their beliefs for the sake of living a "normal" life so they need help in their struggle to transition to being a non-believer. It's as much of struggle as quitting smoking or trying to lose hundreds of pounds all the while being a pariah in your family. This is where Recovering from Religion and The Clergy Project come in. Show Notes
April 3, 2020
HERE for Climate and Secular Week of Action with Emily Newman
In today's episode, we will talk to Emily Newman, Education Coordinator for the AHA's Center for Education. We will discuss the HERE for Climate project and how climate change will be the theme for this year's Secular Week of Action that takes place May 1st through the 10th and coincides with the National Day of Reason. Show Notes
March 18, 2020
EdChoice Vouchers Are Bad For Ohio Schools
School vouchers have been an end around the separation of church and state for decades. They allow a state to indirectly fund private schools and most of those private schools are operated by religious groups. Political conservatives also use vouchers to choke the funding of public schools with the goal for there to be no government-run common schools. Ohio has recently had a Confluence of these two viewpoints as the conservative dominated legislature was set to expand a school voucher program using a flawed performance model that private schools don't even have to abide by. The proposed expansion also drew a large coalition of districts into the fight because it would start hitting previously untouched and thought to be good Suburban schools. Show Notes and Links
March 3, 2020
Monette Richards from Secular Woman
In this episode we talk to secular activist Monette Richards. She is vice president of Secular Woman and former president of CFI NE Ohio. We talk about her journey to becoming an activist, the real scourge of leadership burn out, and if there is any hope for organized secular groups to effect real change as it seems our world is burning down around us. Our talk was a good time, really. Show Notes
February 19, 2020
Skepticism with Matt McMahon of Toledo Skeptics
In the debut episode of Glass City Humanist, host Douglas Berger gives a brief manifesto of what the podcast will be about. Next he talks to Matt McMahon, one of the organizers of Toledo Skeptics. We discuss the format of the group, what is and isn't skepticism, and we touch on some troubling issues in the general skeptic community hurtful ideas about the transgender community and some incidents of inappropriate conduct with women by high profile skeptics.
February 2, 2020
Glass City Humanist Trailer
Hi, my name is Doug Berger and I am the host of the Glass City Humanist podcast coming soon to a platform near you. So just what is the Glass City Humanist?  I'll be talking about how I live a Humanist life, local news and issues of interest to Humanists and other freethinkers, and interview other Humanists or secular people in Northwest Ohio and elsewhere about how they live a secular Humanist life. If you consider yourself a Humanist or want to find out more about Humanism and our values, then this podcast will be your one stop shop. It will be an experience for all ages. I hope you'll join me. Glass City Humanist is sponsored in part by the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie. They can be found at
January 24, 2020