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Empty Nesting

Empty Nesting

By Glenda Edwards
This podcast is about parents experiencing sadness or the joys when the last child leaves home for college or for a job. You will hear parents talk about their experience of Empty Nesting, relationship will their child(ten), significant others, family and friends. So come on this journey with us.
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Taking care of your Mental Health
In this episode, my guest Mandy Medlock and I discuss how to COVID-19 has effected individuals with situational mental health issues vs. regular mental health issues. We also discussed a stigma about mental health in a particular community, among other things, so listen in!  Our discussion is not scripted just two moms discussing how they are navigating through this pandemic and sharing their advice/experience with other parents. Mandy is currently employed at a private health care firm she was previously the Executive Director at nonprofits Justice 360 & NAMI MidCarolina. Mandy is a co-founder of nonprofit South Carolina Women in Leadership that strives to engage women in political and policy leadership. She serves on the board of directors of Work in Progress that seeks to find permanent employment for individuals living with mental illness. Mandy is also part of the Crisis Intervention Team for NAMI South Carolina that speaks to police officers in hopes of educating them on how to better interact with persons with mental illness. She is a single mom of two children, Christopher and Ella both are in their early twenties. If you or a loved one need help to deal with mental health issues, please click on the links below to get the help you may need: , ,
August 19, 2020
Parenting through COVID-19
In this episode, my guest Deborah Porter (who the founder of Moms Mentoring Circle) and I discuss how we are dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. This discussion is not scripted, it's just two moms discussing how they are navigating through this pandemic and sharing their advice with other parents. Here is more information about Deborah Porter, she is a life coach and mentor for at-home moms. She is the founder of Moms Mentoring Circle, where she supports moms with creating the atmosphere they want and a life they love while gaining the clarity, confidence, and courage to show up as a great mom and grateful woman. Married to her college sweetheart, Clif for 30 years, Deborah has progressed through several different seasons of life, with Clif and their 3 adult children. Her oldest 2 currently live in NYC and the youngest in Washing, DC. Deborah often asks the question, what do you do with all that passion, once you've worked yourself out of a job and the kids don't need you in the same way anymore? Her goal is to support moms in creating that plan (and more) now. To reach out the Deborah please click on this link: 
April 10, 2020
The "new norm"
In this episode, my guest Denise Hall discusses what her new norm looks like with her triples, her mom and she talks a little bit about how her husband may be feeling about being an empty nester. This podcast is not scripted, it's just two moms discussing the new norm. 
March 9, 2020
Adjusting to Empty Nesting
In this episode, Glenda, Patti, and Ruffin discuss how they have adjusted to empty nesting. Also, you will hear them discuss some things about their children's adjustment. This discussion is not scripted, it's just three moms discussing their new way of life. 
January 29, 2020
Empty Nesting Trailer
Empty Nesting podcast introduction
January 15, 2020