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Growing Off the Grid (GOG) with GEEMONEE!

Growing Off the Grid (GOG) with GEEMONEE!

By Glenn Holland
Lung cancer samurai/positivity guru turned entrepreneur Glenn Holland discusses everything from his childhood antics to he and his wife Sandra's startup experiences with THCX (The Human ConneXion LLC) and everything in between! Join along and follow his natural evolution from the LinkedIn Vlog BUZZLOG to the Podcast GOTG (Growing Off The Grid)!

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Ganjagrid Plant Vibration Trainer (PVT) - The Experience
In this episode, we'll discuss the experience factor of the Ganjagrid Plant Vibration Trainer. Vibration is all around us and has been since the beginning. Without vibration, the universe would not exist. Humans use vibration for many things in many industries. Let's focus on the pleasure factor for this one. Think about what types of vibration give you pleasure? Now think to yourself... do plants feel vibrations?             No need to ask... THEY DO!       It brings me no greater joy than to partake in the fruits of my labor knowing that I had a SHARED EXPERIENCE WITH MY PLANT!       Now I've got seeds from that marriage as well!!!        GANJAGRID LAUNCH AT CHRONIC PALOOZA!!! Find us next to BeeElevatedOK!                                       WWW.GANJAGRID.COM
March 15, 2021
Plant Vibration Trainer (PVT) - The Environment
In this episode, we'll dive into the environmental issues facing indoor cannabis growers when it comes to canopy management, harvesting, curing and how it also affects their bottom line. The Ganjagrid PVT started as a bonding tool, then morphed into improvements in plant/grower health and then the health of out planet. This thing just keeps on growing folks! Jump on board! Watch out... this one is going to knock you on your ass... especially if you are a commercial grower!
March 08, 2021
Plant Vibration Trainer (PVT) - The Stimuli
In this episode, we'll discuss the stimuli. How pieces of my childhood became an ingredient in the recipe of the Ganjagrid Plant Vibration Trainer. We'll touch on the vibrational forces that formed a driving force in developing this innovative and revolutionary product.  Without vibration, we would not be here. Plants would not be here. Life would not be here. Think about how vibrations affect you... take for example music... you can't see it, but you can feel it. Or using vibration for sexual pleasure... how it can bring you to ecstasy, but you can't see it. Plants can respond to touch as is seen with carnivorous plants. This has evolved over thousands if not millions of years. They learned how to survive. Plants can learn just as humans can. Soon, I will be discussing a new term in my repertoire... THIGMO-PRIMING! In it's basic form, this means plants learn from stresses brought on by touch and can "remember" them for generations! Hold on to your hats folks... THIS IS GONNA BE ONE HELLUVA RIDE! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, like, share, support and give shout outs for all things Ganjagrid, Plant Vibration, The Human ConneXion, #Buzzlog and of course... ME! THE G! Opening sound credit given to Bob Marley.
March 01, 2021
Plant Vibration Trainer (PVT) - The Structure
In this episode, we'll discuss how the Plant Vibration Trainer's (PVT) structure came about. I talk about pieces of my childhood that directly relate to it coming to fruition. Folks... it's all about the journey and what you do with it. Remember... every interaction you have builds a better you if you let it. It is personally gratifying for me to know I created something that will leave this planet better than when I got here. Building these PVT's for you brings me great joy and happiness. Enjoy this one and subscribe to keep up with our next moves at The Human ConneXion!
February 22, 2021
Growing Off The Grid Intro
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Growing Off The Grid is a Podcast hosted by Glenn Holland aka G$ of #BUZZLOG.  This Podcast is about my evolution as a 50 year old stage IIIa lung cancer survivor navigating a path through starting a business during the COVID 19 pandemic. Armed with a patent pending product that will disrupt the the agricultural industry with no marketplace or competition and a will to leave this earth a better place than when I found it, I bring you... Growing Off the Grid! Check out all my links here: Enjoy and subscribe today!
February 18, 2021
The Bloody Show... Man Style
In this weeks episode we talk about the life altering event that brought me to enlightenment. A lot of men don't like to ask for help as it is a sign of weakness. I was one of them until February 28th, 2018. On that day, I coughed up blood. I knew I was not going to go it alone... listen to Chapter 2 of I am not MRN and the discussions I have with myself afterwards. Wellness is customizable as we are all different. Keep nature in your heart and in your mind. Combine artificial intelligence and organic intelligence for a symbiotic relationship that can help the future of humankind. Our company "The Human ConneXion" is just that... a movement towards oneness with nature in an ever changing world. We can't do it alone... join us! Linktree here: 
February 15, 2021
This episode is about continuous improvements resulting from my Cancer fight. When life threatening diseases enter the picture, how are decisions and choices made and what do those choices mean later in life. A reading from my book I am not an MRN (Medical Record Number) is also included. The bottom line is if we make it to the other side (like I have so far), there is a fundamental shift in your life and the direction it takes. Enjoy and check out my Linktree for all my current public links!
February 08, 2021
Cannabis... It's time to... STIFLE THE STIGMA!
In this week's episode, we tackle the stigma from G$'s viewpoint. The bottom line is... the modern world was wrong. Cannabis is a miracle plant that must be seen as so. Think about it... what other uses do other plant species that produce drugs have? I'm sure you can find some, but the one that has THE MOST BENEFIT FOR THE PLANET AND HUMANKIND COMBINED IS CANNABIS... PERIOD! Not only can it help the wellness of humans and mammals alike, it can help the environment and improve sustainability efforts. It's only right that there should be a symbiotic existence between cannabis and the universe. People are the stigma. Plants are the savior. Follow me here and check out the rest of The Human ConneXion's sites here: Oh... and btw... #fuckcancer
February 01, 2021
Is Cannacdotal Evidence Valuable?
In this episode, G$ talks about the the difficulties of acquiring data for a bootstrapping start-up company that is introducing an innovative indoor farming tool that has no competition and no marketplace.  
January 25, 2021
The Human ConneXion
This is the story behind our company The Human ConneXion (or THCX).  We will talk about the history and elements that came together to create it... what it means to me... what it should mean to you... and how it will help save the future. As we embark upon technology taking over our lives through IoT and AI... there MUST be some integration with OI (Organic Intelligence) or the human race as we know it is doomed. THCX is only getting started... come fly in my universe!
January 18, 2021
Growing Off The Grid
Episode #2 Folks! This one talks about where Growing Off The Grid came from. Opening up here a bit as this is number 2 and I'm getting more comfortable... so the G$ is coming out in full force! Gotta start somewhere! Analogies galore and storytelling out the wazoo! Please like, share and post a comment! Thanks for tuning in! See ya next time on Growing Off the Grid!
January 11, 2021
Thigmomorphogenesis (Touch, Change, Create)
In today's episode Geemonee speaks all things Thigmomorphogenesis. What it means to him, to you and to the future of our planet. You will hear Geemonee discusses plant health, vibration, cancer and cannabis and how stress in organic ways can be a good thing! Please like, share and post a comment! Thanks for tuning in! See ya next time on Growing Off the Grid!
January 04, 2021