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The Exchange

The Exchange

By GLX - Ground Level Network
The Exchange with Joy and Katie, a podcast that inspires people to pursue their passion with purpose and to make an impact - advancing the kingdom everywhere!

We love to chat with inspiring people to exchange ideas on how we can live radical Jesus centred lives, on Monday through till Saturday as well as Sunday’s.

Brought to you by GLX part of Ground Level Network
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Recharge with Dan & Jo
As followers of Jesus going into every sphere of society, we’ve been talking to people about how to bring our world into line with God’s purpose. As we reenter the world following the pandemic, this is a moment for us to recharge, to take a breath and figure out where we are so that we can move forward in strength. In this episode, Dan and Jo discuss how recharging looks very different for people with contrasting personality types and how self-awareness and knowing what we need can help us to recharge effectively.Dan and JoListen for an exciting perspective on recharging as Joy and Katie join Dan and Jo Hargreaves around the table. Dan and Jo have been married for twelve years and have two sons. Alongside pastoring Alive Lincoln South, Dan is a passionate and extroverted entrepreneur with a heart for connecting with people and bridging the gap between the church and community, while Jo is a confident introvert in the final stages of a level 5 therapy course and a writer. Both care deeply about bringing the gold out in people and helping them to find their unique calling and purpose.
August 26, 2021
Recharge with Kwesi & Jenaé
Join us for some tasty words of wisdom as Katie and Joy chat to Kwesi and Jenaé Mills about rest. Kwesi and Jenaé are a creative couple based in Birmingham. Jenaé is a singer songwriter and “all round creative whirlwind”. Kwesi is a wisdom-filled spoken word hip hop artist, educator and public speaker.As followers of Jesus going into every sphere of society, we’ve been talking to people about how to bring our world into line with God’s purpose. As we reenter the world following the pandemic, this is a moment for us to recharge, to take a breath and figure out where we are so that we can move forward in strength. In this episode, Kwesi and Jenaé share their perspective on recharging for creativity, and finding rest when doing what they love to do.
August 26, 2021
Recharge with Stuart & Irene Bell
Join us for a laugh and a moment of rest as Katie and Joy interview our Founding Network Leaders, Stuart and Irene Bell, cooking up a delicious Persian meal. Stuart and Irene founded the Ground Level Network over 40 years ago. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. They are also the Senior Pastors of Alive Church. Their ministry takes them across the world and they have been widely used by God to bring renewal in regional and national settings.As followers of Jesus going into every sphere of society, we’ve been talking to people about how to bring our world into line with God’s purpose. Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been feeling tired. This is a moment for us to recharge, to take a breath and figure out where we are, so that we can move forward in strength. In this episode, Stuart and Irene share their perspective on rest and sabbath and how that has evolved over the years, letting us into funny stories and family jokes.
August 26, 2021
Reset Episode 7 with Patricia Shaw
With 20 years’ experience as a lawyer in technology, regulatory and government affairs. Patricia has expertise in data, financial services, public sector (Health- and EdTech), and smart cities.  Through her consultancy, she supports AI/data ethics public policy engagement, bespoke AI/data ethics governance frameworks, provides expert advisor services and curates AI/data ethics Advisory Boards.    Public speaker and writer in the field of AI and data ethics, governance, and law. Patricia sits on a number of advisory boards and committees.
April 22, 2021
Reset Episode 6 with Jarrod Cooper
Jarrod Cooper is an author, songwriter, broadcaster & communicator, and is privileged to lead Revive Church in Hull & East Yorkshire.  Inspirational in style, he uses speech, song, worship and prophetic ministry, in an inspiring, challenging and humorous way to encourage the Church to reach higher in God. This work has taken him throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas since 1990, speaking at churches, conferences, on television and radio and through writing and producing training and coaching materials.
April 15, 2021
Reset Episode 5 with Helen Azer
Helen is the UK Director of Heartcry for Change and has been part of the itinerant ministry team for 14 years. Helen is called especially to train and equip the Church and desires to enable Christians to become radical lovers of Jesus who are informed, articulate and confident communicators of their faith.
April 08, 2021
Reset Episode 4 with Alan Magness
Alan is a Connector, explorer, midwife... not literally, but bringing change and new life into the world through projects, organisations, communities, networks.. encouraging people to "push" at the critical moments! Alan has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors and has been instrumental in bringing church and social action together to serve the town of Reading through 'Transform Reading' bringing more of the kingdom of God into all areas of life.
April 01, 2021
Reset Episode 3 with Matt Bird
Matt Bird is a global speaker, author, broadcaster and entrepreneur. His first business was a chocolate shop at school and most recent "Rebottling" providing fine wine experiences with the greatest sommeliers in the comfort of your home. He is the Founder CEO of Relationology International coaching business leaders to build profitable relationships and Cinnamon Network International a global NGO helping churches transform communities. He has spoken in 40 countries to more than a million people, published more than a dozen books and is a frequent broadcaster
March 25, 2021
Reset Episode 3 with Paul Benger (again)
Paul is married to Jeannie and together they lead IKON Church, a church they started in 1987 and currently IKON has 6 campuses. Paul is a member of the Ground Level Executive Team and along with Stuart Bell leads the Ground Level Team. His passion is to “build relevant contemporary churches and inspire a generation to do the same”. His hobbies include golf, reading and vinyl records. . In this second episode we chatted to Paul about living the way of Jesus in 21st century UK and what it might look like for the spheres we work in, our businesses, officies, communities, class rooms and board rooms. Insta @PaulBenger
March 18, 2021
Reset Episode 2 with Paul Benger
Paul has been experimenting with some habits to help him focus on formation around Jesus rather than being discipled by culture. We spent some time chatting about ways to focus on life with Jesus . In this episode we talked about silence and sabbath, the need to push against isolation and lean into community, purpose and meaning.
March 11, 2021
'Reset' Episode 1 with Roger Bretherton
Roger is a psychologist and associate professor at the University of Lincoln. He has recently developed “The Character Course” which is a tool available for churches and individuals to use to dig into character growth. . We had fun chatting to Roger around character attributes needed to Reset well, how we develop these, what habits we engage with to grow ourselves as leaders for this new normal.
March 04, 2021
Seyi Ojedokun joins us for Episode 19
@sheyojed is a fashion designer and business owner, she describes herself as a prophetic artist. We caught up with Seyi to find out about the inspiration behind her business @trend._savvy which has the strap line “innovate culture with kingdom”. Seyi told us about how the challenges of Covid sharpened her business practices including the value she holds for collaborating with other business people and artists and how being curious has helped her develop her company. We are inspired by Seyi’s passion to see the kingdom of God advance through business and fashion - we hope you enjoy the conversation. Personal Instagram - @seyiojed Business Instagram - @trend._savvy Website -
November 13, 2020
Ruth Yimika Afolabi joins us for Episode 18
Ruth is founder of Magnify, a non-profit organisation seeking to change the narrative of the Christian Faith through media. Ruth is an inspirational leader who shared some treasure from her journey of leading a successful company amongst other things, the importance of being diligent when no one is watching, standing out by living from kingdom values and how she led Magnify through lockdown to pivot and grow their engagement. @ruthymag @magnifycollective
October 29, 2020
Ayo Afolabi joins us for Episode 17
Ayo Afolabi Ayo has been a previous guest at GLX (back in the days when we were all in the same room together). Catching up with Ayo and hearing about his lockdown experience was inspirational and this episode will increase your sense of faith for what could be possible in our nation as we believe God for reformation. . Connect with Ayo on Instagram & twitter @_ayo_afolabi 
August 20, 2020
Tim Anderson joins us for Episode 16
Tim Anderson Tim is a church leader in Cambridgeshire, leading in a rural setting not unlike many Groundlevel churches. Over lockdown, Tim and his leadership team have been digging into Ephesians and the five fold ministry gifts, exploring what these gifts look like when applied to the world of work. In this episode we talk about how to spot the gifts in ourselves and others, how to strengthen and grow the gifts and we did a bit of dreaming about the fruit that comes to society as we send people into all the spheres to advance the kingdom everywhere. .
August 14, 2020
Mike Royal joins us for Episode 15
Mike Royal Speaking with Mike in this episode of the exchange was both inspirational and challenging at the same time. Mike coleads the Cinnamon Network UK and is a leading voice for kingdom transformation across the nation. He was recognised as one of 26 Black Male Christian Leaders making an impact & having an influence in the UK. We explored a range of issues including the need for the church to properly engage in issues of racial justice as we head towards reset and our shared dreams for the reformation of society. Grab a cuppa and open your heart we think God will speak to you through Mike, for possibilities in your life to advance the kingdom everywhere. . @_mikeroyal - Twitter @mikearoyal - Instagram
August 11, 2020
Hannah Bowring joins us for Episode 14
Hannah Bowring Hannah works for Tearfund, an international development charity in the UK churches team. Recently Hannah’s team wrote a visionary paper “The World Rebooted”  unpacking the opportunities and potential the post Covid-19 world holds. We invited her to come and exchange ideas with us on what a REBOOT could look like, why it is important and what our contribution as the Body of Christ could be. You can connect with Hannah and her team on the following handles twitter - @hannah_bowring - insta @hannahjbowring @wearetearfund We would love you to get involved in the Reboot Campaign. You can find a link to it on the Tearfund Website.
July 30, 2020
Mark Lawrence joins us for Episode 13
Mark Lawrence It was a real treat to stop for a moment and chat with Mark, owner of LW3 Leadership Consultancy. Mark spoke to us about his thoughts on the space we have been inhabiting during lockdown. He describes this as a “liminal” or transitional time for the world and shares a contagious hope for new possibilities to emerge out of this season. Grab a cuppa and sit down for half an hour to listen to his musings. We know you will be inspired. We’d love to hear your reflections on the Liminal Space and what new things might be being birthed in you for your future. Check out Mark’s work -
July 23, 2020
Mel Kendrew joins us for Episode 12
Mel Kendrew We absolutely love the way Mel embraces her beautiful pastoral gifting and applies this to her role as Advanced Clinical Practitioner in the NHS! In more than one way, she specializes in looking after hearts ♥️♥️♥️ (cardiology for those in the know!) In this episode Mel shares her Covid19 reflections and the way she is posturing herself for Reset and Reformation. If you have a sense of calling to pastor people through your work, whether this is in a classroom, on a ward, in a charity or a business - this podcast is a must! We pray you will be strengthened and equipped to bring your gift to the world and care for the hearts of those around you!
July 16, 2020
Stuart Bell Joins up for Episode 11
Stuart Bell As the leader of the Groundlevel Network of churches, it is Stuart’s heart to see the Church equipped for service and influence in our world. It is this sense of vision that propelled us into the GLX adventure and we couldn’t be more grateful for his leadership and passion. In this episode, we had a great chat about Stuart’s COVID-19 reflections and his dreams for the role the Church can play in reforming and rebuilding society! Have a listen and let us know what your contribution will be! Connect with @stuartoflincoln on Instagram and Twitter
July 13, 2020
Hannah Miller Joins up for Episode 10
Hannah Miller What an inspiring woman Hannah is! As a leadership coach, she lives to help others work from their strengths. Hannah talked to us about the grief she experienced as lockdown caused her work to dry up and the courage she found to pivot her business and position herself in the new world. There are some real gems in this podcast! We hope Hannah’s story encourages you to push into all God has created you uniquely for! Connect with Hannah @hellosidekickco @hannahloumiller
July 09, 2020
Kwesi Mills joins up for Episode 9
In this podcast, our friend Kwesi Mills joined us to chat through some of his Reflections on CoVid-19 and the things he is Reclaiming, the disciplines he is engaging with for Reset and the dreams he has for Rebuilding as we emerge into the next chapter. By day, Kwesi works in a school as a maths teacher and in his spare time he is also known as Mr K, a talented spoken word and hip hop artist. We had some fun and banter chatting about the way he is seeing these two distinct ministries merging and the impact he is dreaming of having as he seeks to shape culture from his various platforms. You can connect with Kwesi in the following ways; Instagram & Twitter: @mrkpoetry Facebook: YouTube: Latest project 'Between Dreams and Reality' -
July 07, 2020
Paul Bell joins us for Episode 8
Paul Bell - Singer/Songwriter shares about what its been like to be a professional performer and musician during lockdown. @paulbellmusic on all major platforms
July 06, 2020
Andy Fox joins us for Episode 7
Andy Fox is a consultant in public health and has been at the forefront of the Lincolnshire County Council’s response to COVID-19. In this episode of the exchange, Andy took time out of what has been an extremely busy few months to chat to us about his reflections and his hopes and dreams for reformation as we begin to emerge from lockdown. Follow Andy on insta or twitter @juakaliandy and for public health content he tweets @AndyFoxMFPH
June 26, 2020
Paul Tinsley joins us for Episode 6
"God wants me to change the world through me - not change the world around me."
June 25, 2020
Zoe Bell joins us for Episode 5
Zoe is a Foster Carer and church leader and represents  Children and Family with GLX. Insta @h.zoe.bell Twitter is @zoe_bell Zoe references during the podcast
June 24, 2020
John Henry Lonie joins us for Episode 4
John Henry inspiring us to live better and tell a different story!
June 23, 2020
Alison Tinsley reflects on this season
Joy and Katie chat to Alison Tinsley a Relationship Therapist, Counsellor and Life Coach.
June 22, 2020
Keith Lockwood talking business process and introducing an element of Sabbath into your everyday!
Keith joins Joy and Katie to talk about his new lockdown routines as he helps and supports global retailers.
June 19, 2020
The introduction to the new podcast "The Exchange"
Joy and Katie host an exchange of ideas
June 17, 2020