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Fresh insights and interviews from local government leaders and innovators around the globe. A focus on practical policy and engaging chat. At Global Local, we believe global challenges need local solutions.
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Happy birthday to Global Local! A year since we launched
The podcast has returned to celebrate the first birthday of Global Local in both its newsletter and podcast form!  Over the past year, our Global Local service has helped us connect together a worldwide community of local government members and advocates to share leading innovation and insights on a wide range of crucial topics. From dealing with potholes to humanitarian concerns, Global Local has already tackled over 50 different topics that are important to those at the heart of local democracy. Check out our birthday edition here to see a round-up of all our big achievements so far.  In this episode, host Ingrid Koehler and LGIU's Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West come together to chat about this exciting milestone along with all the big plans that are in store for Global Local's future. This includes the launch of LGIU's first ever individual subscription service – which means now anyone can sign up to start receiving a wide range of exclusive benefits, usually only available to members.  More information on the Global Local and how to sign up! 
July 28, 2022
Gospel and Crockett: building on a small town’s cultural heritage
In this Global Local Podcast episode, your host, Ingrid Koehler, gives you a taste of her hometown as she interviews Blake Lay, the mayor of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. As the ‘birthplace of Southern Gospel’ and the home of an annual festival, Mayor Lay talks about how cultural heritage and a thriving performing arts scene helps a small town support economic prosperity. In a rural area with few educational opportunities and a declining industrial base, Mayor Lay outlines how they even brought a new university campus and redesigned an old, enormous factory into an ‘industrial mall’. More information on the Global Local Recap and how to sign up - for free!
January 25, 2022
[True] Crime and local government
To follow on from LGIU's Global Local Recap newsletter on the topic of crime prevention, in this episode, Ingrid Koehler chats with Heather Wilson, the Youth Commissioner at Bradford Council, to discuss their crime prevention programme, called Breaking the Cycle.  Plus, as a little twist on the usual show format, Ingrid shares a local government true crime story from Biloxi, Mississippi which involves murder, corruption, gangs and so much more. Joining her to discuss the case is LGIU's Freya Millard, who has experience hosting her own true crime podcast. More information on the Global Local Recap and how to sign up - for free!
December 14, 2021
Talking rubbish and carbon confusion
In this episode, Ingrid Koehler talks to Jill Riseley, Chief Executive of the Metropolitan Waste Resource and Recovery Group in Melbourne, Australia about engaging citizens in waste reduction and collaborative work with councils – plus, adding a fun circular economy twist to your office seasonal festivities.  Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid also discuss how to cut through the carbon confusion of COP26 and how to focus on what local government does best to support climate change action. All links mentioned in the show are available on the LGIU website here (  More information on the Global Local Recap and how to sign up - for free!
November 15, 2021
All resettlement is local
This week LGIU's Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid Koehler talk about the principles of global localism and how the refugee crisis and the resettlement of refugees in local communities is the perfect exemplar. This episode ties in with our recent Global Local Recap issue on refugees and local government.  Other links mentioned in the podcast: A transcript of the interview with Vera Dodic, of the Toronto Newcomer Office Refugees and resettlement: our curation of relevant LGIU content. Previous podcast episodes We also mentioned a piece of research on refugee and migrant contribution to local economies: here's a piece from Nature. More information on the Global Local Recap and how to sign up - for free!
October 04, 2021
Indigenous communities and local government
Ingrid Koehler interviews Winnipeg councillor Sherri Rollins on being an Indigenous woman in local government, why representation matters and how we all have a role in choosing the leaders of the future. From Gerald Reid we also find out about Chief Thunderwater who led the call for local government reform among indigenous peoples of Canada in the early 20th century and the dirty tricks used to stop him. See show notes and links here.
September 29, 2021
Get growing with community gardens
On the first episode of Global Local Podcast, Ingrid Koehler talks with LGIU’s Alice Creasy about community gardening and gives a taste of what Global Local Recap is all about. Today's episode includes an interview with Greg Potter who works with the Cincinnati Civic Gardens in Ohio, USA helping communities and individuals get in touch with nature and grow their own food. It also includes a segment from one of our favourite past episodes from Global Local's predecessor podcast, LGIU Fortnightly: a calm walk through the community orchard in Llandrindod Wells, Wales. See show notes, garden pics and links here.
September 27, 2021