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By Global Yaadie
'Yaadie" - a Jamaican living outside of Jamaica.

Join this Jamaican in her audio shuttle exploring climate change, culture and sustainable development with people across the globe. Experience the world with activists taking climate action, supermoms saving the environment and pageant queens parading in record-breaking gowns. Gear up for mind changing conversations on climate change, culture and sustainable living with friends you haven't met yet!
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Episode 9 – Forecasting Disasters
As Tropical Storm Elsa rages across the Caribbean we revisit a conversation with climate change and disaster risk expert Kelli Armstrong. Start with the global pandemic, throw in a volcanic eruption and then add the Atlantic hurricane season – It’s near impossible to depart from the Caribbean’s vulnerability in any conversation of this nature. Natural disasters are not giving us space to recover so planning and preparation must be the order of the day. What goes into that planning? Lot’s of data, so we are grateful that people like Kelli are up to this task. Kelli regales us with her early childhood experiences and love for the environment, her pursuit of environmental sciences and the academic determination and support which led to her current career. Disaster risk management is a community level effort as much as a national effort. We talk the importance of local practices for disaster-based preparedness as well as the critical importance of data collection to forecast based disaster planning. We get insights into regional approaches like the Caribbean Outlook Forum (CariCOF) which prepares forecasts for the region’s wet and dry seasons. Adapting to climate change, preparing and responding to natural and non-natural disasters is an overwhelming effort. However the resilience of the region’s people is a refreshing reminder to keep moving forward.
July 05, 2021
Episode 8 – Injecting Vaccine Truth
It’s our second pod to pod who knew it would be this fun when 2 Nerds Start a Podcast? Science podcasters and Molecular Biology PhD students, Eleanor Terrelonge and Derrick Horsham inject us with the truth about vaccines. Science class is in full session as we understand the process behind the COVID- 19 vaccines and how they reduce risk of transmission. We explore vaccine skepticism, the categories of vaccines, novel vs. normal issues with vaccine manufacture eg. cases of bloodclots and more. Surf above deep fakes on the internet. We debunk the ridiculous myths associated with the vaccination process and what vaccines actually do to our bodies. We skim a little over socio-political issues like the statistical representation of ethnic minorities in vaccine trials. Seek clarity through the science and not the next chain message on your social media. Get the facts then get the vax. Join Eleanor and Derrick in tackling conspiracy theories, science "news" and controversial topics at 2 Nerds Start a Podcast
May 14, 2021
Episode 7 - Youth Speak Their Climate Truth
We are travelling back in time to December 2019 in Madrid, Spain. It was COP 25 Climate Change Conference and Global Yaadie’s first recording debut. The whole world knows Greta Thunberg. However, let’s introduce you to youth from the Americas who are changemakers in their own countries. Following a youth engagement forum hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank at COP 25 Climate Change Conference, these young Latin American Caribbean climate activists share their experience and efforts in fighting the global challenge of climate change. They have huge expectations of world leaders but listen however they are taking charge on their own.
April 23, 2021
Episode 6 – Tackling Climate Change on Campus
How are universities coping through covid? Encouraging people to focus on climate and sustainability in the midst of a pandemic is a task and a half. Sustainability Manager at the University of London, Matt Wilkinson has a full plate even with an empty campus. He shares how his team keeps the university on track with their sustainabilty agenda of zero carbon, waste management and encouraging positive environmental behaviour among faculty, students and the wider community.
April 09, 2021
Episode 5 – Water difference he makes!
He was cruising through his chemical engineering career until some serious water worries dried up his interest. Be the change you want to see defines Ajani Jacobs’ experience. He swapped engineering titles for the sake for his country’s water woes.  The land of wood and water like many other places across the globe has severe challenges with this precious resource. Ajani shares with us his desire for Jamaica to give the green light on grey water and other innovations like his artificial farm wetland. Read more
March 26, 2021
Episode 4 – Hard Facts and Hard Wax
International Women’s Day calls for the acknowledgment of the glitz as well as the glum of being a woman. Here’s an adventurous conversation with one unapologetic attorney/ wax aesthetician who came into an early awareness of the power of being female. Tatiana Answer champions women’s rights and empowerment socially, politically, legally and aesthetically. Underneath all the reflections and risqué rundowns is the reminder that through each day and every encounter, women break barriers when we #ChooseToChallenge.
March 12, 2021
Episode 3 - The Verdict on Climate Justice
Climate change impacts are felt all across the world but it’s not just an environment challenge.  It’s no secret that the global threat isn’t always black and white. How does climate change become an issue of racial and social justice? Environment activist Simmone Ahiaku helps us to see through the kaleidoscope. This conversation distills climate impacts, communities, colour and colonialism all connected to the Global North and the Global South.
February 26, 2021
Episode 2 : Two Girls 'a loan in China' - Part II
Back in China after vacationing in Bali, the reality deepens. Our guests continue their story of going through the motions under five months of quarantine and staying calm amidst the chaos. Fending off discrimination and managing their mental health. We all can attest life is not what we signed up for. This episode is an example of how we can roll with the punches.
February 19, 2021
Episode 2: Two girls 'a loan' in China
How far would you go to be financially free? Learning comes with a price and these girls are paying it forward with the same route they took to their destination – education. The determination to be debt free led Cristine and Orsha from the sunny isle of Jamaica to the most populous place on the planet – China. They found themselves in store for much more than a cultural experience. In part one of this interview both ladies share their experience of assimilating into Chinese classroom and culture. Like the rest of the world they were caught off guard in the unprecedented pandemic. Listen as they take us through their early experiences in the pandemic, fending off discrimination and managing their mental health.
February 05, 2021
Global Yaadie Gets 'Climate Conscious'
In this Season Two Premiere and first ever pod to pod episode, island girls with identical passions reflect on their role in the climate change space. Podcast hosts from separate platforms Dainalyn and Derval, exchange experiences and offload the challenges in promoting climate action and sustainability. There is no escaping the climate reality for Caribbean people whose paradise needs protecting from natural disasters, constant climate threats and old models of development. What is it we aren’t saying in convincing people to switch to sustainable living? The truth is, it is an uphill battle and its quite the oxymoron tabling issues that are so important yet blindsided by more pressing, personal needs. Climate change is a current threat that seems so far away in our minds at times. Hence, the importance of individuals and entities who continue to hold the frame, so we are reminded of the bigger picture. No (wo)man is an island. This episode exemplifies the importance of community and the coming together of like-minded individuals, placing collaboration over competition to achieve the same goal. Here are some points from our conversation: It can feel isolated in the spaces you occupy but there is always a network within your niche.  Finding your tribe gives you courage to push through. Representation Matters. Caribbean people are living the climate experience therefore climate leadership and action is also the responsibility of Small Island Developing States as much as the Global North. There is no one fix to climate change and taking climate action. The most important  focus is exploring ways to convert awareness into action. Climate change affects every citizen of the Caribbean. It is important to be  engaged in the climate conversation at every level as sustainabilty is not limited to policy makers and technocrats, it affects business owners,  farmers and more. Sustainability must be an important consideration. It is important to push against the narrative that championing climate action is an “international norm”. It must be seen as part of local culture. There  needs to be a wider framework or enabling environment to facilitate  sustainability actions. eg. Waste management and recycling systems to  promote possible environment practices. Solutions  to local development challenges do not always reside in external parties. The creativity and innovation to solve challenges must come from local knowledge. There is a need to reclaim culturally relevant principles and practices that have served Caribbean people well in the past. eg invention of the steel pan in Trinidad and Tobago made from oil drums. Connect with Derval at the or The Climate Conscious Podcast In this episode: Interlude: 'Don't You Know' by Chavez Illmatiq Outro: 'Country Breeze by Chavez Illmatiq
January 22, 2021
Season Two : Episode 1 Global Yaadie Gets Climate Conscious (Trailer)
We have a guest podcaster in the house! Environment Management Professional and host of the Climate Conscious Podcast, Derval Barzey joins Global Yaadie to speak on sustainability from a Caribbean perspective
January 22, 2021
Episode 8 – Beauty with a purpose: Miss New York Earth 2020
We bedazzled our guest seat into a throne fitting for the reigning Miss New York Earth as she shared her experience competing in a pageant celebrating our environment. How do you compete without knowing your competitors? We learn what it is like navigating the covid-19 reality to compete virtually.  Reliving the final experience, she ripped the runway that was her living in her record breaking (literally), upcycled, yet still chic evening gown. Skylee’s environment ambition extends beyond pageantry and includes many exciting initiatives such as her #ThinkUp – Turn Trash into Treasure project, Think Global Act Local a global campaign to create country flags from recycled materials and numerous environment awareness building activities. Connect with  Skylee on Instragram @sllawton97 as she continues her quest to the Miss Earth 2020 crown in Las Vegas on August 2!
August 09, 2020
Episode 7– From 1 to 100,000: The Nigerian vision for global climate action
Being the change, you want to see epitomizes this episode and even moreso, our guest, Daniel Gbujie Chidumem. Like a full plate of steaming jollof rice, the Nigerian dishes in full detail his experiences as a family man, a young medical doctor, climate youth leader and now tech expert as he uses his talents and connections to be living example for his children. His pathway to climate advocacy was fueled by the land land resources conflict between the Fulanis and local farmers which exposed the harsh reality of the environment crisis in Nigeria. The domestic conflict also hit close to home, resulting in the death of a family member. In 2017 he started Team 54 project now 3 years and 110,00 members later, the vibrant organization is active in 169 countries coordinating various climate projects. In this interview we learn about the inner workings of Team 54 mobilizing youth across the globe, winning the admiration of Nobel Prize Winner and environmentalist Al Gore, and their innovative work creating RepClime and SpaceClime climate innovations. RepClime needs your click to support the finalization of the app. Here’s how you can help: “RepClime a climate adaptive tool to help vulnerable communities survive the harsh reality of a disruptive climate. If fully functional it will be a ‘climate Wikipedia’ too. It’s currently being promoted by the Swedish based group –  We Don’t Have Time but we need over 100,000 ordinary global citizens to click to support the app idea. Please do share with your friends because here is a way to help with just a click stating ‘ I Agree’. Click here to support Once a 100,000 clicks have been reached the Swedish based firm will begin the process of getting it funded. This is a great way to contribute towards saving over 24 million climate refugees and providing them with the needed climate resilient tools to thrive within their ecospace.” Connect with Daniel on Instagram @gbujiedan19 and join the movement at
August 01, 2020
Episode 6 – Culture, identity and the Jamaican legacy: Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council
It was three the hard way in the guest seat for this episode! Young, vibrant and passionate Jamaican women – Tijienene Gordon, Kashane Denton and Elecia Bethune located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom share their experiences of embracing identity, promoting culture and standing out as proud nationals serving the wider the diaspora community. Through individual and collective lenses we dissect racism, colourism, cultural stereotypes, unlocking the Jamaican potential outside home, elements of national pride beyond food and music and the key pillars for thriving as a solid diasporic unit. The conversation also reveals how their individual passions collide towards building a stronger Jamaica anchored through their commitment as members of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council (GJYDC). They dish the details on the first ever GJYDC Summit: 'Leading Beyond COVID-19: Industries, Impact & Innovations' held in June. The outline of the summit underscores the readiness of young, fresh minds in shaping a sustainable future and a prelude to the upcoming event. Youth at home and abroad will table solutions to critical challenges ranging from Tourism & Travel, Religion, Business & Technology, Agriculture & the Environment, Education & Outreach Advocacy, Health & Social Services & the Creative Industry.
August 01, 2020
Episode 5 – Combing the ocean with the Artistic Mermaid
Exploring the depths of the ocean was fun with the artistic mermaid. A true example of turning passion into purpose. Diver and coral farmer, Anna-K Cuffe shares how she fuses art with activism. The preserving the importance of our coral reefs into beautifully handcrafted ceramic sculptures. We didn’t dive as deep as 150 feet as she did, but we came up with some important facts about the ocean. Sure, we enjoy a healthy seafood diet, but part of this interview reinforced that some fish are not food and they have a bigger role to play as reef protectors. She also left some dos and don’t’s of snorkeling you may find useful for your next vacation. In this episode we also discussed: · Discovering your passion through unconventional careers -The tug of war that led to ceramics · Why are coral reefs important? · Finding your happy place in the ocean · How the built the environment disrupts marine life · Protecting the sea from the land – walk with your garbage bag in hand! Connect with Anna Kay at –
July 31, 2020
Episode 4 - Dribbling, Law, Finance and Manchester United
In between a morning starter of lemon tea and crackers, Jamaican Chevening Scholar Georgette Graham opens up about life in the United Kingdom and shares her academic experience of pursuing a Master of Law in International Finance. The attorney-at-law reveals some of the intricacies in managing financial assets in the digitized era bringing to light her career and country ambition to achieve greater regulation within the financial sector. This conversation divulges the significance of a healthy school - life balance now that she gets to wake up in her dream city with full membership access to her life-long favourite football club Manchester United! PS. If attending Old Trafford with a die - hearted fan, book seats for the Stretford End. (Thank us later)
June 03, 2020
Episode 3 - "Caribbean Girls Hack!"
Over 1000 girls across the Caribbean celebrated International Girls in ICT Day on April 23, 2020 with SheLEADSIT and other tech partners. Global Yaadie was LIVE inside the #YouthTech4ClimateNow segment with digital dynamos, Destiny Powell from Deighton Griffith Secondary in Barbados and Sabrina Atkinson from Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica. Joined by a live audience over 70 girls we spoke about the growing community of young female tech talents and the digital future of the Caribbean focusing in climate change. Destiny and Sabrina shared experiences and perspectives on: -  SheLeadsIT flagship hackathon - Caribbean Girls Hack in reducing the digital skills gender gap - Innovative Caribbean applications to raise awareness of climate change and manage disasters - The importance of creating inclusivity for vulnerable and special needs eg. chatbot solutions - How ICT careers can eliminate gender bias especially in a pandemic
May 19, 2020
Episode 2 - Saving the environment is sexy! Just ask this supermom!
We checked her Instagram, but our conversation verified she talks the talk and walks the walk. This mother, wife, businesswoman and earth champion, Yhordanka Akwanza shows us how simple it is to life the sustainable lifestyle. While tending to her youngest and supervising more climate-smart home renovations this episode was a live demonstration of how the Cuban American-Jamaican maintains her duty to the earth. In this episode she details how she engenders a love for the environment in her children, bring awareness in compelling forms via social media, operates a self-sustaining Air BnB in one of Jamaica’s jewel parishes and ensures that her 18-store eyewear franchise, Eyeland Eyewear capitalizes on renewable energy to lower overheads and reduce their carbon footprint.
May 18, 2020
Episode 1 - ACTION…not a bag a mout’
I had the opportunity to travel to Spain for United Nations COP 25 Climate Change Conference. This is an annual global conference where world leaders, various country representatives, environment organizations, activists all dedicated to fighting climate change. COP stands for Conference of Parties and this is where country delegations come together to assess progress and agree on to reduce global emission targets. This means  working towards curbing actions and activities reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The theme for COP 25 was “Time to Act” an important call for all countries to work individually and collectively to beyond the landmark Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 1.5◦C What is this climate crisis? What does taking action even mean?   Is climate change just another trend or is it a critical underpinning of a new world order? During the ongoing country delegations, exhibitions showcasing climate-smart innovations, panel discussions and presentations highlighting realities within regions across the globe, I sat down with Ayesha Constable, climate activist and National Coordinating Officer for Jamaica – Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership to answer these questions. In our discussion, we explored the evolution of the climate change debate, the divide between the developing and developed countries – (are the Global South countries getting the needed attention?), the role of citizens in addressing the climate change and youth champions who are taking a stand against climate change.
May 14, 2020
Part 8 – Quarantine and Chill with Berisford Codd from Belize
At the time of this interview we learn from Berisford that his country Belize is the only country in the entire Americas with no reported cases of the coronavirus. We hope it stays that way! The economist studying International Trade Law and Treaty Negotiation at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland gives us a different take on things. We look at the global economic implications of covid-19 and considerations of political impact and the importance of political leadership in this unprecedented crisis. We note briefly how message overload via social media and political tension can influence multiple narratives surrounding covid-19. Preparation is key back home especially with a nonagenarian in his family. As an introvert Berisford declares he has a master’s degree in social distancing and lets on some of the tips in staying inside while imploring us to look out for one another. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 7 – Quarantine and Chill with Ntinda Mvula from Zambia
In this episode we hear from our Scotland-based Chevening Scholar Ntinda Mvula who is pursuing a MSc. In Renewable Energy Engineering at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Majority of this colleagues have departed but this world tourist is currently staying put like many of us hoping for thing to stabilize. An entrepreneur with an online business Ntinda shares his reality on how the pandemic has slowed his virtual enterprise. He paints the picture of the Zambian situation, still in need of a bit more urgency as many other countries puts a pause on business as usual. We discuss measures required for countries and citizens to minimize the risk of transmissions citing the critical need for more proactivity. He is not getting to practise his Taekwondo inside but he takes walks and captures photos to relax his mind under quarantine. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 6 – Quarantine and Chill with Sheneka Royal from Jamaica
Keep Calm and Quarantine! While the rest of us are up our necks in anxiety Public Health Inspector and Food Safety Specialist Sheneka Royal keeps it cool but cautious. The University of Birmingham master’s student weighs in on the novel corona virus dropping some important distinctions and helpful tips on sanitation and hygiene practices. Her programme - Food Safety, Hygiene and Management enables valuable insight in the monitoring and assessment of the pandemic. We even learned terms like “epidemiology curve” as we explored the progress of the situation. There have been academic disruptions for all nonetheless, Sheneka discloses how she is dealing with changes from initial lab-based dissertation also revealing how the covid-19 has reshaped perspective on future studies. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 5 – Quarantine and Chill with Chantelle Richardson from Jamaica
Despite the trying times she continues to be a jolly good Fellow. Librarian and Chevening Fellow at the British Library Chantelle Richardson joins us in this episode. Chantelle provides a non-student perspective on how the current changes have affected her role and operations at the largest library in the world and one of the most coveted studying spots in London. In this time of social distancing and food panic buying we are reminded there are still advantages of being in a communal space. If you run out of stock during lockdown, you might want to message her (she is stocked for two months).  Hailing from the parish of Clarendon which unfortunately recorded Jamaica’s first death from the coronavirus, she shares the connectivity with her family and the precautions they have put in place.
March 25, 2020
Part 4B – Quarantine and Chill with Lanvell Blake from Jamaica
(This is the second half of the previous episode) Like many other scholars around the world, this unprecedented pandemic provides a live case study, being multi-disciplinary in nature. Lanvell is uniquely positioned to opine on the global issue from his background in media and his current study of Public Health and Health Promotion at Swansea University in Wales. We take on the debate of the media’s role from the onset of covid-19 – did they encourage panic or preparedness? The conversation also sheds light on the Jamaican situation exploring rural-urban attitudes to the outbreak in the island paradise and the role of public-private partnerships in combatting the emergency. A dedicated marathon runner as well as an avid mental health advocate, Lanvell shared a few coping strategies to ease us through the period. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 4A – Quarantine and Chill with Lanvell Blake from Jamaica
Like many other scholars around the world, this unprecedented pandemic provides a live case study, being multi-disciplinary in nature. Lanvell is uniquely positioned to opine on the global issue from his background in media and his current study of Public Health and Health Promotion at Swansea University in Wales. We take on the debate of the media’s role from the onset of covid-19 – did they encourage panic or preparedness? The conversation also sheds light on the Jamaican situation exploring rural-urban attitudes to the outbreak in the island paradise and the role of public-private partnerships in combatting the emergency. A dedicated marathon runner as well as an avid mental health advocate, Lanvell shared a few coping strategies to ease us through the period. We had so much to say in this episode, the rest continues in Part 4B. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 3 – Quarantine and Chill with Samuel Wakdok from Nigeria
Heading over to the home of Afrobeats we catch up with economist, Samuel Wakdok based at the University College London. He brings 15 years’ experience in Banking and Public service along with his current programme experience in Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions in critically dissecting the situation in his home country Nigeria. In this interview the expectations vs reality of the bustling African nation is consciously weighed considering the strains on health systems in developed countries and what this means for countries like Nigeria with less capacity. We touch on the cultural misperceptions of contracting coronavirus and faulty comparisons of previous pandemics which dangerously diminish the severity of the current global emergency. As with all of the interviews we check in with families, so we find out how the doting husband and father of three is managing despite physical separation especially at this time. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 2 – Quarantine and Chill with Daphning Pierre from Haiti
Representing the country known as the la Perle des Antilles (Pearl of the Antilles), Haitian Scholar and Environmental Management major, Daphning Pierre highlights critical issues for concern in the midst of this outbreak. In this conversation Daphning guides us through the daily experiences of Haitians contrasting the global buzz of the coronavirus with the lack of information at home.  Covid-19 is taking to task all global health systems but against the challenges such as water scarcity and sanitation, protecting the population of approximately 17 million will be an arduous task. Daphning, advocates for more effective action from her government in keeping the situation contained especially considering the constraints in providing safety nets for those who cannot work from home. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Part 1– Quarantine and Chill with Anisa Pratiwi from Indonesia
Former Engagement and Outreach officer at United Nations Indonesia,  Anisa Pratiwi is now pursuing Public Policy at the University College of London. She shares how she is managing the transition from the in-class interactions to the online space and what this means for the academic experience including the challenges of schoolmates who have now opted to study outside. We discuss the impact of the pandemic on her home country Indonesia. Anisa Exploring the issue through various lenses including the political leadership, critiquing the readiness of government, employment schemes, social protection socio-economic impacts and information and crises management. On the upside, we are happy to learn, covid-19 has been a catalyst for connectivity, a commonality with subsequent epsiodes. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Quarantine and Chill Series – Trailer
Press play instead of panic. Global Yaadie goes into quarantine and chill mode with a series of interviews bringing you global perspectives on the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. From the quarantined comforts of East London, we checked in with some international students particularly those on the Chevening programme – a global scholarship and fellowship funded by the UK government. As a Chevening Scholar myself I learn from my colleagues how the covid-19 has impacted their studies, how they are coping personally and the situation in their home countries and what this means for their future plans. The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*
March 25, 2020
Welcome to Global Yaadie! (Series Overview)
This is how it all got started! "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come". Learn more about what you can expect from the upcoming series. Step in to my audio shuttle and explore opportunities for collaboration and connection to impact the communities where we live and work.
March 24, 2020