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Global Content

Global Content

By Marc Stöcker
Digital content is used all around the world to drive brands, sell products and build communities.

Join me in my virtual travel around the globe to discover content that inspires, engages and sells.

Let's look at conclusive stories, successful campaigns and winning posts and sit down with creatives from different backgrounds and nations to learn more about their market, process and perspectives.
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Let's talk about Africa!

Global Content

An eastern perspective on website research and marketing
It's a tricky pasture to navigate when you are creating content for different continents especially when a different language is involved. You have to consider not only the cultural angle but also ensure the relevancy of it in the ever changing B2B market. Tackling this challenge day in and day out is Enchi Chang, who is an academician first, and content creator next. Coming from Taiwan, she uses her wide experience gained in academics and has developed a unique approach for the creation of B2B content. She explains in the podcast how different the Taiwan market is and how she helps companies like AMG Digital to not only harness this difference but grow with it. You can get in touch with Enchi Chang on Linkedin at If you want to know more about me, feel free to hit me up on Linkedin at or visit --
February 01, 2021
B2B Content Creation by an Engineer
Content, be in any format, needs to be engaging to keep the attention of a user. But is it the case when it comes to B2B? Why is the content created for a B2B industry usually not so appealing compared to B2C industry? I try to find this out by having a discussion with my colleague Prashanth Krishnappa who is a content creator with an engineering background. He specialises in creating B2B content for tech, engineering and software industries with storytelling being the core theme. You can get in touch with Prashanth on Linkedin at If you want to know more about me, please hit me up on Linkedin at or visit --- Send in a voice message:
November 12, 2020
Tech writing for international audiences
Kristina Liebute is an international copywriter with a journalistic background. I had the opportunity to work with her in the past and the content she creates is always so remarkable. A well told story is central to her pieces and hence I asked her to come onto the show and talk about her experience crafting content for software developers, projects managers and tech people in general. You can reach Kristina best via LinkedIn:
September 21, 2020
How this content creating CEO gets in front of his audience
Invessed is a software specialist for investment brands. They build websites, portals, apps and analytics faster. Their CEO Theo Paraskevopoulos combines data with creative thinking to bring wealth and asset managers all over Europe in touch with his topics. Learn more about Invessed: Get in touch with Theo:
August 11, 2020
International Expansion with Content
These days even new companies are often international. In fact, they are often “born global” in terms of their supply chain, partners or customer base. Carlso is helping the companies to expand globally in sales, especially by building communities. Hence, me and Carlos Monteiro from EVOLVE talk about global expansion with content. And why he thinks, that Community Management should be at the heart of it. Carlos is best reached via LinkedIn: or on his Instagram:
July 13, 2020
Let's talk about Africa!
Let's talk about Africa! The continent is expected to have 5 of the 10 biggest megacities worldwide by the end of the century. All this happens while close to 95 % of the population has access to cellular networks already today. Internet, Smartphones and Digital Business are booming already. I turned to Markus Donath, who has acquired international experience in countries of the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, the USA and Europe. And he is an consultant on doing business with Africa for companies small and large. He even contributed his expertise to GIZ (a german development agency) as the Head of the Private Sector Development Programme in Egypt. We had a chat about which kind of content could be sucessful with this market and also about the business opportunities in general. Enjoy! Get in touch with Markus Donath: Please leave a review if you like this show. Tag me on LinkedIn and let me know what you think!
July 03, 2020
This is Global Content (Trailer)
I am looking very much forward to bringing you this show. Let me know which topics you'd like me to cover and with whom you'd like me to talk. My goal is to provide value and not to waste your time, so please leave a message if you think something need improvement. Thank you!
April 19, 2020