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Global Privacy

Global Privacy

By Anthony Capozzoli & Deandra George
Managing your company’s global privacy can be complicated. Each week Deandra and Anthony discuss how to get and stay privacy compliant globally.

Each episode features how-to steps, news, updates, changes in the law, and the newest fines from around the world.
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002 - What is a Data Privacy Officer and Do We Need One?
What is a Data Privacy Officer or a Data Privacy Administrator and do we need one?  What does a DPX do?  Is it a dual-role? 1.4 Million Euro in Fines issued in Italy by Italy for ATAC, Rome, and Lombardia
September 13, 2021
001 - Five Things to do to Get Privacy Compliant in 2021
Global Privacy Compliance can be complicated.  Here are the five things your brand can do to get and stay privacy compliant in 2021.   Deandra and Anthony also discuss recent privacy fines levied from a couple of bucks all the way to 100 Million dollars.  Gulp! Read the full transcript for this episode at
September 1, 2021