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Global Volumes

Global Volumes

By Lisa Gachara
Global Volumes is a new and emerging podcast that highlights the stories and perspectives of others from different livelihoods. Host Lisa Gachara, a global health student uses both her knowledge in global health and love for personal growth to challenge mindset and provide understanding for global health issues and personal success alike.
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Joyce & Mark Kasia | Cohesive Growth & Continuous Adventure in the Uncertainty

Global Volumes

Nour Hammad | Drive, Initiative, and Personal Truth as Tools in Navigating Your Academic Journey
"I can’t go to Palenstine but I’m also not Lebanese... It drives me to do the things that I do because I want to make other refugees know that regardless of the obstacles that we might face we can still overcome them, we just have to find the right opportunities and the right places for us to be in.” In today’s episode of Global Volumes, Lisa interviews Nour Hammad, a 2nd year MSc in Global Health student and Duke University. Within her different educational experiences, she speaks to navigating academic spaces from what brought her to Duke to applying to PhD programs. With a background in nutrition and a drive to be a professor, Nour describes wanting to be an inspriation and like-minded individuals. || LG | GV ||     + Global Volumes available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube      +  Kanini Kega (previously In Pursuit) on Spotify ||  CATCH UP WITH THE BLOG  ||     + || CONTACT || Questions? Feedback? Just wanna say hey? Email me at
January 13, 2022
Jay Coles | How to Find Your Joy: A Conversation on Healing, Writing, and Everything in Between
"Everyone has a unique story that is meant to be told. That is who we are created to be, it is in our existence to tell our story that will be a light to the world"   How are you doing? This episode of Global Volumes, with author Jay Coles as a guest, honestly answers this overlooked question. In that, stems a conversation on well being, seasons changing, and beacons of hope and joy through it all. This wellness check in, if you will, speaks to  navigating emotional health and how writing can provide space to do so. || FOLLOW JAY COLE ||     +     + Tyler Johnson Was Here on Barnes and Noble or Amazon     + Things We Couldn’t Say on Amazon      + Black Enough: An Anthology on Amazon     + Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food and Love on Amazon || RESOURCES MENTIONED ||    + Things We Couldn’t Say and Neglected Topics Within YA by Lisa Gachara  ||  CATCH UP WITH THE BLOG  ||     + || CONTACT || Questions? Feedback? Just wanna say hey? Email me at
December 05, 2021
Love, Lisa | Know Your Worth: How to Increase Self-Awareness and Redefine Success in Spaces of Learning
"You are incredible. You are building skills and acqiring knowledge in your field and that alone is of high value. Reflect on why you continue to show up to these learning spaces and the people who invest in you, and understand you can be young, still growing, AND worthy." Why is it that, as young people in seasons and spaces of learning, it is difficult to recognize our own worth? In this first first Love, Lisa episode of Global Volumes I unpack the things we equate to worth, point out key ways to recognize it, and offer a space for self-reflection. || RESOURCES MENTIONED || Global Volumes      + Vivien Wambugu on Imposter Syndrome     + Micheal Merson on Global Health Innovation Kanini Kega      + How to be Gentle With Yourself Medium Article “Know Yourself, Know Your Worth” | How To Become Dangerously Self-Aware… by The Master Philosopher  || CATCH UP WITH THE BLOG ||     + Big Sis College Advice     + Tools to Utilize in Podcasting for High Efficiency + My Favorite Podcasts     + Learned Interviewing Habits for Podcasters || FOLLOW LG | GV ||  Global Volumes available on, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Youtube (Apple Podcasts coming soon) My personal blog, Kanini Kega (formerly In Pursuit) on Spotify and Apple Podcasts || CONTACT || Questions? Feedback? Just want to chat? Let's get in touch:
November 29, 2021
Dr. Micheal Merson | Innovation from the Forefront and Global Health in Prospect
In today's episode of Global Volumes I sit down with Dr. Micheal Merson, the founding director of the Duke Global Health Institute. Dr. Merson speaks to his experience being amongst the beginning stages of central global health issues, including his position as Director of the WHO Global Program on AIDS. In addition his passion for academia and partaking in the ideation of the position of global health in universities, surmounting to his current work at Duke.
November 22, 2021
Vivien Wambugu | Imposter Syndrome and the Unlearning of Notions and Narratives Surrounding Knowledge & Worth
Welcome to today's episode of Global Volumes, where I am joined by my classmate, roommate and friend Vivien Wambugu. We speak to the fears we carry within our new graduate program, and how we work towards navigating imposter syndrome. From confidence in our own abilities to being surrounded with a great community, we share personal experiences and ways to deconstruct this feeling.  [articles mentioned]     + Why Imposter Syndrome Is Worse for Women of Color     + You’re Not a Fraud. Here’s How to Recognize and Overcome Imposter Syndrome     + The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It [more LG | GV]      +     +
October 20, 2021
Rachel Svetanoff | The Perception & Power of Youth in Global Health Leadership
Rachel Svetanoff prompts a conversation on global health leadership, and the shortfalls in contemporary practices that result in a lack of mobility. Executing this passion by recently co-founding the organization Global Futurist Initiative, Rachel tackles generational inequities in a professional context. Global health continues change with the emergence of new diseases and complex issues and, in that, demands a shift in who stands at the drawing board, making decisions for our world's tomorrow.
September 06, 2021
Carmen Rebecca Cucalon | Challenges in Global Nutrition & the Love Behind Health Care Delivery
In today's episode of Global Volumes I sit down with Carmen Rebecca Cucalon, a registered dietitian and global health graduate student. In pursuit of bridging global health with nutrition, Carmen speaks to her journey in pursuing this path as well as contemporary issues in global nutrition. She also draws from her own experiences receiving clinical care and reflects on setting her own foundation of compassion in delivering care.
August 29, 2021
Joyce & Mark Kasia | Cohesive Growth & Continuous Adventure in the Uncertainty
In today's episode of Global Volumes I am joined by Joyce and Mark Kasia, who have been lasting role models and mentors in my life. The share their own journey within marriage, academia, being in the military and, through that, the growth that they have experienced individually and together. From navigating challenges as a unit to seeking to guide younger populations, today's episode explores their story.
August 15, 2021
Davie Celeste | A Circle of Passion & the Power of a Village
Welcome to another episode of Global Volumes. Today's conversation, with Davie Celeste, houses insight on education in marginalized communities, curating spaces and dwelling in them, as well at what it means to build a village. Davie Celeste is an educator, a nonprofit founder, and DJ, and so much more. In this, she shares her journey and wisdom.  
July 08, 2021
How to Write a Personal Statement for Grad School | Application Best Practices
Welcome to another episode of Global Volumes. In today's episode I share my experience applying to graduate programs as well as some tips for writing a personal statement. Try Canva Pro for free Listen to Global Volumes by Lisa Gachara on:    + Apple Podcasts [coming soon]    + Spotify    + Google Podcasts    +  YouTube Blog post highlight | How to Write a Personal Statement for Grad School Read the full transcript here
June 16, 2021
Pilot | Global Health and the Power of Perspective
What is global health? In this first episode of Global Volumes host Lisa Gachara defines it and applies a global health perspective to various past and present issues. Lisa illustrates how understanding people who are already working in a space precede successful development.Listen to Global Volumes by Lisa Gachara on:    + Apple Podcasts [coming soon]    + Spotify    + Google Podcasts    +  YouTube Blog post highlight | Is It Too Late to Start a Podcast in 2021? Read the full transcript here
June 01, 2021