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Unbreakable Life with Glory

Unbreakable Life with Glory

On this show, we're going to talk about Depression and Anxiety freely to help people to deal with their issues to empower them to live a good life and to show others that they are not alone and they can live a happy life as I do.
Think about what it would feel like to be ambushed clear out of the blue! Hi, My name is Gloria, and I have suffered from Depression and Anxiety since a very young age, and on top of that, I was kidnapped when I was 25 years old in 1997 in my home country for 3 months, where I was held captive in the dark and praying for my life 24/7.
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Dr. Marcos Giannecchini " DESIGN THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE "

Unbreakable Life with Glory

Dr. Marcos Giannecchini " DESIGN THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE "

Unbreakable Life with Glory

Plantas Medicinales con Ana Monroy
Ana Monroy  una joven Enprendedora y coach Spiritual que ama ayudar a las personas atravez de la sanacion usando microdosis de Plantas y Hongos Medicinales Ancestrales para ayudar a mejorar las emosiones de la  depression y ansiedad. Si decean seguirla o consultar con ella aqui estan sus Redes Sociales. Se las Recomiendo! Ella ha sido parte de mi transformacion para mejorar la mi Depression y mi Ansiedad. Y cuando la contacten digan no mas que Gloria Goldberg los recomendo!  Facebook Instagram Apoya a la salud Mental suscribiendote y ayudando a difundir mi voz para ayudar a las personas que Tengan Depression, Ansiedad y Post Stress Dramatico conocido com PTSD. ttps:// Gracias!! 
September 10, 2020
Lest talk about Depression and anxiety with Ammar Ahmad
A freeStyle conversation about Depression and Anxiety with the entrepreneur   Ammar Ahmad founder of Denmark Real where he talks freely and open about his issues with depression and anxiety and the way he needs to work every day to overcome each day. Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health clicking down below and share! Thank you! ttps://
September 10, 2020
EL Libre Albeldrio con Astrid Castillo RN (Spanish Version)
Porque?  Las personas se estan sintiendo separadas de si mismas y como esta situacion tambien esta causando Depresiones y Anxiedades en las Personas. Y como las lineas del tiempo se estan separando aqui nos explica Astrid Castillo RN (Former Nurse) ,Reiki Master, Sound Healer,Researcers Epigenetics & Neurocience and quantum Physics. Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health Subscribing! ttps://
August 27, 2020
Simple Life with Estelle Poire
Depression and Anxiety come from different places and one of the places we need to check is how simple we living or how complicated it is our life and Estelle Poire said simplifying our lives we feel much better. Estelle Poire International Self Consulting where she helps you to organized your life. Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health  ttps://
August 27, 2020
No dejes de creer en tu futuro viviendo el presente con Gustavata Flow (Spanish)
Gustavata Flow un Cantante Argentino que nunca paro de sonar y nunca parara de luchar for sus suenos. Gustavata Flow dice que hay que tener el enfoque claro de lo que queremos en la vida, mientras tengamos el corazon abierto y la mente abierta es cuando llegan las oportunidades de la vida. Hoy triunfando con una cancion llamada Pasto Ilimitado. Redes Sociales de Gustavata Flow IG Facebook Apoya a las Salud Mental suscribiendote y compartiendo para que todos juntos podamos ayudar a las personas que mas lo necesitan. ttps://
August 7, 2020
Who is a Black Sheep?! with Sema Simone
Sema Simone a  young entrepreneur warrior, that lives her life the way she wants it, without limitations, without rules without control! that is why she is the Big Black Sheep of the Black Sheep movement. at her 28 years old she had deep moments that almost took her life away but because she is a warrior she overcame her situation on time! Now she is inspiring and teaching how to be free on her podcast and channel Black Sheep. Follow her if you want to be Free out of the matrix. Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health Share, Like, and Talk about it you can save lives. subscribe to new episodes and help me to spread the word out to help people with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. ttps://
July 26, 2020
Hablemos de Amor Propio con Mitzy Ruiz (Spanish )
Hoy nuestra Invitada  Mitzy Ruiz  en EL Show the Gloria se hablo de amor propio y como nosotros nos comprometemos a jodernos la vida. Si!! asi tal cual como lo escucha!! pensamos que en la vida todo lo podemos resolver pero con la ayuda de otros o por otros pero no nos damos cuenta que la fuente mas grande de los problemas es uno mismo y que solo uno mismo tiene el poder de arreglarlos. Mitzy Coach Cuantica, Coach de habitos y Maestra de Meiditacion. Fallow her on  Facebook Instagram Este show es para apoyar personas con problemas de Depression, Ansiedad y Stress Post Dramatico. Sigue, Comparte y Habla de Salud Mental  podrias ayudar a salvar una vidas y escuchando este podcast apoyarias a mi a seguir trabajando.  Suscribase ttps:// Gracias!!
July 23, 2020
How to forgive your own self with David W Saenz
When I lost my wife I realized that I lost so much more, I lost my family unit and the dynamic of love that existed for us all. That realization hits me every time I see a young family all together at a restaurant or a park. I want to scream to them .. PLEASE LOVE AND APPRECIATE EACHOTHER!! Please enjoy the beauty and splendor of what you have, The lesson caused me to be extremely present and eternally grateful for all of the gifts in my life. My Achilles heel has always been that of a people pleaser and it dates back to me always trying to make my mom happy. She worked two jobs and did everything she could to be there for my brother and me. So in that, living my life for a very long time to please others caused me great suffering in multiple areas. I actually did this behavior almost unconsciously. And when I finally realized what I was doing and how to stop it I experienced massive freedom and breakthrough. And that was a gateway to solve other emotional shortcomings, When I overcame it I felt like I had entered a new dimension.  I am a life coach where I coach base on my experiences and help people to achieve their goals on business and personal. David Saenz Said " I will coach you and leave you like a PRO " If you need a great coach just Contact David Saenz info below Website // IG // Support Mental Health and suscribe  ttps:// Thank you for your support!! 
June 23, 2020
The Touch Life by Baby Lee
Baby Lee, a young entrepreneur massage therapist where she said the touch is the base of any healing; also the contact or touch is one of the most important things that the human body needs. When we were born and cry, the only thing that will calm us down is the touch, and over the years, we start losing touch for many reasons, and that causes disconnection with ourselves and others. She also is a professional meditator that helps people to heal and teach some simple techniques that anyone can do. Follow her on Facebook Instagram Stay connected with my FREE newsletter "The Touch Life." Support Mental Health and Help to spread the word out so together we can save lives. Suscribe  ttps://
June 14, 2020
Faith for your Dreams with Alberto Crane
Alberto Lewis Crane is an American mixed martial artist. He currently fights as a lightweight. He has fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is a former King of the Cage and Ring of Fire lightweight champion. He also one of the first Americans to become a BJJ black belt in Brazil. He also is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and UFC Veteran. His Journey as a BJJ Practitioner and later as an MMA fighter took a toll on him, leaving him with many injuries and because of that, he found a technique that brings him to life it calls Tacfit. Fallow him on  Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health and subscribe Thank you!!
June 5, 2020
Never Give up! Even the times are Hard with Kwesi Kwatia
Kwesi Kwatia is an inspirational Public Speaker where he likes to motivate everyone special children in schools to teach them to feel better, also we talk about depression and anxiety and how on some occasions he feels some form of depression and how he overcomes it. He also said we all have episodes of sadness that teach us to continue. Fallow Kwesi Kwatia  Facebook Instagram Linkesln Support Mental Health and help me to spread the word. Subscribe for new episode and updates ttps://
June 2, 2020
Your Mind is a Killer !
Alexandros Megas is Greek-American Multimedia Artist, Hypnotherapist, magician & Shaman. Alexandros Megas. A stimulus scavenger, he roams the New York landscape in search of a cure for the human condition, seeking to discover the proverbial philosopher's stone. An avid student of the Esoteric Arts, Alchemy, Philosophy, and Hypnosis, Alexandros is plagued by an incessant creative inspiration that begs expression. Having to discover a way to step out of the constant struggle with depression, I came across the concepts of Hypnosis and Mind Control, which then got me obsessed with KNOWING MORE! Knowing more led me down some pretty amazing paths also Hypnosis can help people with depression, anxiety, and PTSD A Where to find Alexandros? Links Below  Facebook Podcast Instagram Thank you for supporting Mental Health, if you want to be the first one to receive new episodes, please  subscribe ttps://
May 5, 2020
Powerful Simple Woman
Estelle Poire a Powerful woman that will help you to simplify your powerful life.  Estelle Poiré, born and raised in the province of Quebec, Canada. Currently living in beautiful Quebec City. Bilingual gal, slowly learning Italian as well as a third language. Passionate about those 3 things in life: Human being/sustainability/travel. I started my lifestyle consulting business.  I am passionate about empowering everyone to rethink their lifestyle and consumption habits through simple living solutions and emotional freedom. My motto is: heal(declutter) your internal world; so you can heal(declutter) your outside world. She tells her story about Depression and Anxiety and She also said, she born with heave garbage of emotions and how she still dealing at her 38 years old and how from her experience helping others with her Lifestyle coaching business. She is helping women from 30 to 40 Years Old to focus on there present and be aware of what they spend. Creating a Healthy lifestyle for mind, body, and finances. Fallow her on Facebook Instagram Thank you for your support! Mental Health Awareness  Subscribe and Share! ttps://
May 2, 2020
Surviving is Basic Ileana Claffey said!
Ileana Claffey is a Successful  Educator & Speaker in Mind-Body, Holistic Wellness using Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Sound Healing and many other modalities. I am a former Software Engineer and Project Manager.  I was born in Cuba and moved to California at 9 when my family migrated to the USA. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, and even though she was surrounded by people that loved her and supported her, She was still alone.   Realizing again in her life (repeated lesson)that: She needed to love her self! To put her self first, do self-care, take control,  be a part of her own healing, that she only has her that others can help, but was her that has to do the work, it’s her that has to want it. You can follow her on : Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health and Subscribe be the first one to hear new episodes ttps://
April 15, 2020
En el Diario de Gloria Porque las Mujeres! Porque los Hombres! con Ana Monroy
Este episodio que se realizo con Ana Monroy la Creadora del programa Ser Cabrona esta de moda fue un episodio que paso de sorpresa y fue una conversacion entre dos generaciones y concluimos que todo se basa en el amor, respeto, admiracion y confianza entre los seres humanos. Facebook Instagram Apolla a las salud Mental y suscribate  ttps://
February 2, 2020
The Millennial Mom
Season 2.9) Maria Fairfax is a child of God that has awakened to her purpose in life.  She says awakened because her current state of awareness realizes that she is here to serve but it wasn't always like that. Growing up She struggled and felt that her Dad didn't love her. Now she realized that her father loves her, the best way that he could. Once Maria left her parent's house she was free but not really because she took all the pain with her but she didn't know it. When Maria was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times and they pulled her out with forceps. She went to college,  she had kids, got married and so on. Maria always worked since she was 14 years old -and that became her peace of mind.  She always felt like she wasn't good enough and what is wrong with her. She looked outside of her self for validation. Now her life is different.  She has awakened to the fact that she is worthy and she has a purpose in life. Facebook Instagram Podcast  THE MLLENNIAL MOM  Support Mental Health and Subscribe  ttps://
February 1, 2020
How Jan Mehlhose turn Art in to a bussines Art
Season 2.9 ) Jan Mehlhose Former music business executive turned entrepreneur, consultant, and podcaster. Built-up boutique consulting company, that helps commence businesses to grow their customer base and revenue to a 7 figure business. Founder of The Business Artist Podcast, that embraces the art of business and The Business Artist Club, an academy for Creative Entrepreneurship. Facebook Instagram Web LinkedIn Support Mental Health and subscribe  ttps://
January 31, 2020
Transform your Life with Paul Aryeh
Paul has been on the spiritual path of self-awareness, personal growth, and transformation. he has been conducting personal healing work, seminars and workshops over the past 20 years.  In 1997 He met a saint who taught him the mechanics of personal empowerment through the ancient practices of mantras, yantra, and self-inquiry. He lived and studied in India from 1998-2012. After this intense period of personal sadhana and having profound life-changing experiences, He returned to Los Angeles Calif to start a healing center to spread this knowledge and work in the world helping people with all kind of issues. If you need to transform your life here is Paul Information. Facebook Instagram Youtube Web Web Support Mental Health and subscribe ttps://
January 30, 2020
Stress Free to buy a Car! Michael Jarman
Season 2.8)  If you need to buy a car fast and you want to fell you are in the right hands with CERO stress Contact Michael Jarman he is the CoFounder and CEO of TurboPass Corporation based in Austin, TX, TurboPass is a financial technology company building automation software for the auto financing industry.  Mike is a Husband, Father, Son and calls himself a "Recovering Banker." having served on early teams at Santander Consumer, CapitalOne Auto Finance and as Vice President of Dealer Services for Regions Bank... He also the Founder of the Austin Indoor Soccer Center and served on the Board of Directors of Let's Play, Sports, INC, the largest owner of Indoor Soccer Facilities in North America. He talks about a business failure that was extremely painful that led to anxiety and depression almost for 2 years.  He also the founder of the Silver Podcast on Itunes and Spotify  Check this story out!! Facebook Support Mental Health and Subscribe  ttps:// Thank you!! 
January 24, 2020
Meet your Tribal self with Michel Geurts
Season 2.7 Hello my name is Michel Geurts I'm on a mission to ignite you towards more Awesome, the celebrated life. Recalibrate you towards your inner calling and experience the bliss that you are.  I am on a journey myself for over 15 years searching for ways to expand our human experience. This because I grew up in the total opposite and have my scars as proof of my growth. I have been in the dept of my being, therefore unafraid of the darker side in others.  My gift is my awareness of the dimmest of lights that will most certainly guide us towards more joy. I have a rainbow of experience, working in all sorts of fields where I developed myself and still am developing myself as a Renaissance man. From filmmaking in Panama to welding furniture in a factory. I get my inspiration from all sorts of places, now I mostly focus on our silent voice, our spiritual self. And as a spiritual Architect, I am focussed on helping you design the life you desire. You can find Michel Geurts on: Facebook Instagram Youtube Support Mental Health subscribe
January 24, 2020
Minimalism Life by Christo Brennan
Christo Brennan is in the path of minimalism life and here in this conversation that he have and he expresses that minimalism life is not about material staff is about being minimalist in our thoughts. Facebook Support Mental Health
January 24, 2020
How to help your child at school by Yaffa Cohen part 2
Season 2.6 ) Yaffa Cohen is a teacher with a long trajectory in Kinder garden kids and she creates a program for moms to help them to understand their behaviors and help the kids to move on in life. Follow her on Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health! and subscribe
January 24, 2020
Feng Shui con Roxana Torreblanca Parte 2
Season 3.2) Roxana Torreblanca revela todo lo que encontro en la casa de las host Gloria Goldberg nos cuenta y nos explica acerca de las Radio frecuencias y el exceso de zonas electricas que nos pueden enfermar y perjudicar con el tiempo. Para contactar a Roxana Torreblanca Facebook Instagram Suport Mental Health
January 24, 2020
Que es Feng Shui ? Roxana Torreblanca nos Explica.
Season 3.1  Roxana Torreblanca una Master  con una larga trayectoria en Fen Shui.  Donde ella ayuda a nivelar las energia de los espacios donde vivimos y permanecemos.  Cual quier informacion contactarla en Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health  Suscribe
January 24, 2020
Nuno Reis on the Raising Game
Season 2.5) Until the age of 16, I was a terrible student and only did the minimum effort not to attend the same classes the year after. But at some point, my family started to get very concerned as my chances of completing any academic degree were weak and more likely not to get any decent job.  I had an interest in both Science and Money, but I never listen to what my teachers were saying. At some point, I also got in trouble with the guys at the Sports class and my life started to become a nightmare.  I had the luck to find a tutor who was very good at motivating people and teach Mathematics in a very passionate way. And that has allowed me to trust her and start to learn from her.  The next two years were a complete transformation in my life and have created solid foundations for the rest of my career.  The moment of realization is that I believe there are many more people with great potential but something is blocking them. After that, I realized I also wanted to be financially free and so I decided to move to Investment Banking and since then I have been working in Finance for the last 15 years and now I am helping young people to fulfill in the financial world with coaching sessions and motivation skills to reach their goals.  Contact Nuno Reis for financial  coaching  Facebook Instagram Youtube Support Mental Health Subscribe
January 21, 2020
El diario de la Gloria 1 (Spanish Version )
Season 3 ) Esta tercera temporada va hacer dedicada completa al habla hispana donde voy hablar de cosas y traer invitados en español. Me han pedido por episodios en Español y aqui los tienen. Para ayudar a sanar el alma y el corazon, Seguime en mis redes Sociales Facebook Instagram Suscribase  Apoya a la salud Mental.
January 14, 2020
Higher Brain Less Noisy
Season 2.4 ) I am a barber, podcaster, do a lot of volunteer work with teenagers from the age of 14-20. my life consists of work the whole day from 7-8 in the morning till 12 at night, sometimes more than that.  My family and I fled from the war in 2003 to Denmark, from Iraq. I grow up with the love from my parents, with my brother and 4 sisters.  I was sleeping through life, through high school, after a couple of years I had to pull myself together and do something with my life. I realized that I wasn't being myself, that I wasn't striving toward my dreams. I simply was asleep Founder of Denmark Real Tv  Follow him on Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health Subscribe
January 12, 2020
The teaching of a Beautifull and Powerfull Homeless Life!
Season 2.3 I have had multiple experiences of realization, most dominate one would be at the age of 12 laying in a top bunk of a homeless shelter my family and I were in. Tired of having to rely on other people, and realizing if I want a better life it was up to me to achieve this life I dreamt of. The second most dominate realization was when I finally came to the understanding that I could not achieve this life I wanted by bulldozing my way threw alone, I needed help along the way. Yes being Homeless or going through a divorce, was very impactful. I had a lot of depression after my divorce. Having your whole Identity ripped out from underneath you, having a beautiful life and home then having nothing, will put you into a tailspin. with all these experiences and kicks to the teeth, we have a choice every day we wake up and that is either let this crap keep you down or use if for strength. Having nothing is and can be a very powerful thing if you are able to use it properly. I sought help, with a life coach threw friends, finally through a Mentor that is now a father figure in my life. Powerful Story! Love it!! Follow him on  Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health Subscribe to be the first one to hear new episodes 
January 12, 2020
Pool Table compentition can change a life for ever.
Season 2.2 When I was 19 I travelled to the African Island La Reunion with a girl I met in France. I was completely in love with her but when we got to La Reunion she told me she didn’t love me back. I became very dark and self-obsessed and forgot to take care of the essential things in life. After a fight I had with a guy in a guest house I was thrown out and because I had no money I had to live on the street. My realisation was that I had taken for granted so many things in life and that I should take care to be grateful for the simple things in the future. This story is amazing and surreal how life can change on a pool table competition.  Follow him on Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health Subscribe to get new episodes.
January 11, 2020
Get back your Happier and Healthier Child
Season 2.1 Yaffa is an educator for more than 20 years. She is an Art and creativity developer teacher that helps mothers to develope creative approach with their children. She develops her LC product to Get back your happy & healthy  Child without any drugs. It leans on her profession and personal experience of success at those subjects over the years. Follow her on :  Facebook Instagram Support Mental Health  Subscribe
January 8, 2020
Ligth after Fire
Episode 31) My name is Jayden Mendez, 29 years old, I'm a young photographer based in South Florida chasing my dreams just like everyone else. I'm a humble individual that believes that anything is possible no matter how tough any situation may be. One time in my life, I lost everything, I fell on my knees and decide to cry and thought about giving up. Didn't know what to do at the moment, I didn't know where to start to come back up, I was homeless for 5 months since my room was being remodeled. I use to sleep in my car, my mom offered me to stay over her place with my stepdad, I cut off everyone in my life in that period of time, I just wanted to be alone, didn't want to speak to anyone until I found my bible that was part of the fire incident and I realized that nothing happened to it and it felt like a wakeup call, I didn't feel alone anymore, I felt like God wanted me to get back on my feet and start all over from the beginning again and from that moment I never gave up again and he blessed me with new 4 walls, new clothes, new equipments, and a new chapter in my life overall. Jayden Mendez Information where you can contact him: Website Instagram Youtube
December 31, 2019
Trusting can be Hurtfull
Episode 30) Check this Powerful story from Lisa Edwards a Powerfull woman where she had a traumatic relationship full of lies and also a failure of her  2nd relationship, where She lost weight became very ill & she ended up in the hospital. It was all stress-related, Depression and anxiety. She knew she had to actively change her negative behavior and constant negative thoughts. She began also doing workshops and courses in NLP. And She found a great mentor who helped her to realize that she been projecting outwards all these feelings of hate and blame towards her existent was actually her self that she hated and blamed. In fact, it was rooted in her childhood. Her entire life she felt worthless and undeserving, attracting negativity into her life or sabotaging the good. She had never loved her self. The only thing she know was everything she was living was a lie until she realized that she was living in hell. Support Mental Health  Subscribe to be the first to have new episodes
December 28, 2019
Plantas de Poder Natural
Episode 29) Juan Angel Arreola y Ana Morroy tuvieron la experiencia de participar en el ritual espiritual San Pedro conocido tambien conocido como  Wachuma donde lo realizaron en Republica Dominicana, este ritual fue guiado por un chaman donde experimentaron diferentes experiencias y me escojieron a mi para contar la experiencia en mi programa Unbreakable Life with Glory, aqui les comparto la experiencia y tambien un poco la informacion de esta planta que es un cactus llamado San Pedro. Echinopsis pachanoi. Echinopsis pachanoi, llamado comúnmente cactus de San Pedro, es una especie de la familia Cactaceae. Se utiliza en la medicina tradicional tanto para uso humano como veterinario y es ampliamente cultivado como planta ornamental. En ocasiones se confunde con su pariente cercano Echinopsis peruviana. El DMT o dimetiltriptamina es un compuesto psicodélico de la familia de las triptaminas. Esto quiere decir que la estructura del DMT es análoga a la de sustancias como la serotonina y la melatonina, mientras que sus funciones son semejantes a las de otras triptaminas psicodélicas como la psilocibina. La N,N-dimetiltriptamina, o DMT, en un compuesto ilegal y psicodélico que se encuentra en el cuerpo humano y al menos en otras 60 especies de plantas en todo el mundo. ... En realidad fue el DMT el que me dio el poder para comprometerme con la experiencia psicodélica. Una de ellas es la dimetiltriptamina o DMT, popularmente conocida como la molécula espiritual o la molécula de Dios. Según algunos científicos, el DMT es segregado por el cerebro en experiencias cercanas a la muerte y, aunque se consuma una muy pequeña cantidad, produce alucinaciones muy intensas y elaboradas. La ayahuasca, también conocida como yagé, es una mezcla de dos plantas -la enredadera de ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) y un arbusto llamado chacruna (Psychotria viridis), que contiene el alucinógeno dimetiltriptamina (DMT). En muchos países como Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido, el DMT es ilegal. Redes Sociales donde pueden encontrar mas informacion acerca de este ritual Facebook Ana Monroy Facebook Juan Angel Arreola Instagram Ana Monroy Instagram Juan Angel Arreola Apoya la Salud Mental hablando y promosionando este programa Suscribete para ser el primero en resivir en escuchar nuevos episodios.
December 21, 2019
Nigel Pope the Stock Market Investor
Episode 27) When I lived in Dubai and was working 16 hours a day 'Groundhog Day-style'. I realized life is too short staying on the hamster wheel of work. Sure, routine is necessary but breaking out and being accountable to your self-development is more important -  I wasn't blossoming internally and it was evident externally. I spent too long looking for safety, risk-free paths when all the time embracing the 'risk of risk' was the only way to push forward in life. Admittedly, I express that predominately in the financial markets - that is my outlet. I left my day job and started to grow. You can follow him on : Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Support Mental Health and subscribe to be the first one to have new episodes and new events.  
December 21, 2019
Can you Believe it !
Episode 28) “I had already suffered what I thought was the biggest trauma of my life – the death by suicide of my darling father – but life had an even bigger test for me … Perhaps the greatest part of any personal challenge is the feeling of being alone. Looking down the barrel of the gun of cancer certainly felt like that for me. Getting to put my money where my mouth was and apply the skills I’d been endorsing was to take my belief in myself to a whole new level. The question was could I do it...”    Deirdre Maguire is a World Class Mind Wellness Expert, Life Coach, Author, and Master Change Agent.  She facilitates transformation at the deepest level in her consultations and private retreats using her Stress Solution System.  From health conditions to physical ailments: from emotional issues to relationship challenges: from drug, alcohol and weight addictions to stress and suicidal thoughts, Deirdre has achieved sustained successful results.  She’s good because she’s been there, done it and has the patent on the t-shirt. Her personal journey has become her professional passion. Her deep desire is to share her expertise in the latest cutting edge science of transformation. Deirdre Maguire said!  What if, your lowest point is actually your turning point?! You can follow her or contact her on: Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter Website Support Mental Health and subscribe to be the first one to have new episodes
December 21, 2019
Dr. Marcos Giannecchini " DESIGN THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE "
Episode 26) Dr. Marcos Giannecchini is a  Medical Doctor by training with a strong neuroscience background (with a focus on neurophysiology and pharmacology he is being working with Depression and Anxiety over 30 years or more and he discover simple formula to help with Depression and Anxiety, In this episode, he talks about what happens on the Brain when people get depressed and anxious and he also give some tips to be better. * he also is a  professional Public Speaker * he also a Write of  „DESIGN THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE“ in Italian language which contains his formula to upgrade / re-invent your self in FLOW: D.T.F.E.B. DREAM-THINK-FEEL-ENGAGE and BE-COME Links  Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Support Mental Health and Subscribe to get New episodes and information about new events.
December 18, 2019
The Impactful Babalawo (Priest) Sekou Olayinka
Episode 25) He is a  very happy marry men for twenty 23 years and the father of five children- four girls and one son, ages 14 to 5. He is a Babalawo, or priest, in the traditional African Religion of Ifá (pronounced E-fah).  He also an urban homesteader, with backyard with he raise chickens, beehives and home garden. He also brews homemade kombucha, herbal remedies and they also manufacture there own lip balm. Seba Sekou leads a small religious community and coordinates an adolescent male rites of passage program. He also loves to read, weight training and good conversations with family and friends. He talks about his views about depression and anxiety and also explains how we can deal with depression and anxiety from his spiritual beliefs and in the end we all share the same views about it. Found out what he said. Support Mental Health Facebook Instagram Twitter Podcast Subscribe to my show  Unbreakable Life with Glory  for new episodes and new events  
November 24, 2019
Dark Birthday for Stephen Lew become a Blessing
Episode 24) This episode is for wonderful and amazing men from Singapore that he dedicated his life to helping people mentally.  He carries a trauma since 1-year old that he didn't understand why that tragic was happening to him, he starts feeling curious a young age about his feelings about his thoughts and he decide to go in the journey to discover and learn about human behaviors and is when he decided to study about Psychology and today he is is the co-finder of different organizations. One of them is The School of Positive Psychology found in 2007 is a higher education institution that offers positive psychology and psychotherapy training. He also the Co-Founder of Thrive Psychology clinic, which offers counseling and psychotherapy and coaching services; also the co-founder of a consulting and training company call Novosensus, which brings positive psychology to leadership and team development. He said he is a positive psychologist, psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist who runs a podcast "GETTING NAKED WITH HAPPINESS" were he have authentic conversations about wellbeing and resilience. You can follow his Podcast Getting Naked with Happiness Facebook Instagram This Show is support Mental Health pease spread the word. Subscribe to my podcast you can be the first one to know new events and new episodes
November 23, 2019
Karen Temple A simple woman resolving big deals
She is a wife to a great man and a daughter to her parents.  She is blessed in having tremendous love and loyalty in her family.  She is hearted a simple person who likes thinking and solving big problems.  She is being  20 years in technology business including hi-tech ventures.  She also said is a tough business. She also is the founder of the Podcast Build up One Another, where she brings amazing guest to talk about the relationship between each other. Facebook Instagram Spotify  Support Mental Health  Subscribe to be the first one to know new events and new episodes
November 22, 2019
Introduction to Meditation
Episode 22) I am sharing a little what I do for meditation every day, this is just an example. I am Yoga Trainer for 6 years and I meditated every single day many times a day, but that is just me. you can start just with 5 minutes a day.  I hope you enjoy and I will promise to come back with something more professional than this. this is just an introduction! Support Mental Health Follow me on: Facebook Instagram twitter Youtube Subscribe Thank you to support Me  
November 12, 2019
Husband Living with a PTSD Wife.
Episode 21 ) This is the story of a wonderful Men that marry to me 9 years ago he knew at the beginning what he was going to deal with a woman with Depression and Anxiety, he didn't know what was going to be, but he accepted the journey; The  Love was stronger than anything he decided to be next to me and support me in any way possible to help me to move easily in life. I will say as a wife not sugarcoating anything but without his support and his understanding, I will not be the successful woman that I am today, we did a lot of work together and my days that I had crisis he was next to me not judging anything in the process, but also like every couple have their own issues, we are far away to be perfect and we will never be, but one thing that held us together is the compromise of Love, respect, trust, and the most important thing is compassion for each other. This episode is dedicated to the couples around the world that have Depression and Anxiety issues that stay together and work together because I can guarantee you if you work hard with your spouse nothing will break you apart. It is not an easy journey but if there is love! Love will shine through! Sending blessings to all the people that suffer from depression and anxiety. Please Talk about Depression and Anxiety that will heal a lot of people and you will save lives. follow me on : Facebook Instagram Twitter Subscribe to be the first one to have the new episodes and future events. thank you for your support 
November 12, 2019
The True in captivity Save my Life for the Second Time!
Episode 20) This is the continuation of the Kidnap story That happens on Oct 22, 1997, this episode is when one of the kidnappers suffer Stockholm syndrome and because of that, they kill him, it was my true or his lies.  Disclaimer NOTE:  This episode is not for kids. This show is to help people with depression and anxiety using my powerfull story to help you to heal.  Support Mental Health and spread the word someone will need to listen to this story and you probably will help to save one life. Follow me in my social media Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter Subscribe
November 12, 2019
Ser cabrona esta de Moda (Version Spanish )
Episode 19) En este episodio  tengo mi primera mujer hermosa, guerrera y cabrona  en mi programa de hoy. Es una  mexicana de 23 años  ella es una entrenadora master y coaching de lideranzgo, con una maestria en  nutricion de terapia Holistica.  Dueña de una compañia donde  hace coaching y consultoria para compañias  y tambien a trabajado para algunos gobiernos. El mejor amigo es  Enzo que es su mascota. Con unos padres excepsionales que han sido el gran apoyo para la vida de ella,ha tenido la experiencia de trabajar en Sur america, Caribe, USA y Europa, Ella ama su trabajo porque le encanta la coneccion con las personas  ella dice es una experiencia hermosa donde ella se siente bendecida porque  puede experimental diferentes culturas y a la vez conocer diferentes personas. Facebook Instagram Instagram 2 Este programa es para apoyar la Salud Mental y empoderar a las mujeres. Suscrirse para recivir nuevos episodios y saber nuevos eventos Gracias por su apoyo !  Ayuda  a Difundir.
November 12, 2019
Gustavata Flow "el Tiempo lo dice Todo"
Episode 18) Gustavata Flow  un cantante de Cordoba Argentina donde el con su musica expesa amor, romaticismo ,compasion en su letras y ama las mujeres. Dice que nunca es tarde para empesar a desarroyar las metas y los suenos que uno tiene en la vida. Sus temas son: Si tu quieres, Acariciame, Momento Perfecto, Encendida, Solo Tu y Yo, marcas Mi Numero, Otra Vez, Te LLevare,Intimidad,Loco por Ti, fuego, Ya te Olvide,Toxica Session02 Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube  Este Episodio es para apoya a la Salud Mental Suscribase para ser el primero en escuchar los nuevos episodios y futuros enventos.
November 11, 2019
Reactivate your Life with Karen Spencer
Episode 17) This episode I had a very special entrepreneur woman from Canada she is a 53-year-old mother of 2 adult children and an 11-year-old toy Yorkie named Samantha that she adores. She is a Contractor Administrator and  She also being battled depression and anxiety since she was as young as 12, today she is free from medication living a simple life and since she discovers taking Activators and saw her life-changing she decide to go in a journey to be represented for these activators and today is part of the company if you want to know more about this product I put the links below. Facebook Instagram This show is to support Mental Health please spread the word Subscribe to get the latest episodes and coming events
November 8, 2019
Millennial talking to GenerationX
Episode 16) Alina Kouvchinova Photographer, graphic designer, actor, writer, model, care worker, and entrepreneur a young lady with a strong personality that her failures in life make more stronger and wiser on early age and still working hard to pollinate this world with love and compassion. also, she has her own Podcast name Pollinate offers information about Innovating Self-development teachings, modalities and community contribution. for more informations where can Find Alina  Facebook Anchor  Instagram This episode is to support Mental Health  Subscribe to get early notification for episodes and events
November 7, 2019
Life After Dead
Episode 15) In 1994, JC Gordon retired after a successful career as a banker and financial analyst. Two years later, on June 25, 1996, he was killed by a chainsaw. During his afterlife experience, he has revealed the timeless mechanics of Infinite Intelligence and Angel Consciousness that the mind of God is. He was sent back from his afterlife experience to reveal the profundities and depths of Angel Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence Mechanics so their superpowers can be unleashed by anyone. Today he is the founder of  Angeldome Academy for more information links below. Facebook Twitter Spotify  Website Thank you for support Mental Health without you I cant do nothing. Subscribe to be the first one to know new episodes and new events. Thank you!! Blessings for YOU
November 6, 2019
Oct 22, 1997 (Spanish Version Solocast )
Episode 14) Esta es la Historia del dia que me secuestraron un Oct 22, 1997 es una historia fuerte pero a la vez muy hermosa donde nos ensena a reflexionar sobre la vida.  Esta historia es explicita y no es apta para menores. Gracias. Twitter Facebook Instagram Favor apoyar  Mentes Sanas suscribiendose a mi lista de correo electronico para estar informados de nuevos capitulos y nuevos eventos. Suscribase YA a Gracias por apoyar y no se olvide de compartir es la unica forma de ayudar a los que estan sufriendo este es mi couta para ayudar a los que necesitan.
November 5, 2019
Introduccion Unbreakable Life with Glory (Spanish Version Solocast)
Episode 13) Esta es la introducion de la historia de mi Secuestro que sucedio en Octubre 22,1997, fueron 3 meses de cautiverio en la ocuridad  donde aparte de haber sido dolorasa tambien es una historia poderosa donde al final deja una reflexion de vida. Esta experiencia es para ayudar a las personas que sufren de depresion, ansiedad y de tristesas profundas para darles un alivio de vida, una esperanza de amor y una alma limpia para el corazon para que pueda entrar la sanacion como lo hecho YO  atravez del tiempo. Gracias por escuchar y porfavor ayuden a difundir este programa para poder aportar al  cambio en este mundo y apoyar a la salud mental. Sin ustedes no hay cambio. Gracias que Dios los Bendiga!  Instagram Facebook Twitter Suscribase para ser el primero en resivir nuevos espisodios
November 2, 2019
"You will never get worse before you get better"
Bill Abrams  PGA Member since 1993, experienced as a high energy, award-winning players’ coach and advisor. Owner Golf Solutions Academy located at Grand Palms Resort Pembroke Pines FL and Balmoral Woods Crete IL. Results based, holistic coaching that produces lasting consistency and desired results.  Coaching the entire player appreciating their personality and situation is a hallmark.  “I teach people, not systems”. “I listen intently to your needs and goals to develop a game plan for success”.  Stress solid fundamentals and mindset to create a happy golf-loving player. Focus is placed on total player improvement – “it’s all about you getting better” Continually develop juniors into high school and collegiate competitors. Coached numerous players of all levels to exceed expectations and goals. He also supports Mental Health and he said! Golf can change the life to any person because Golf you work also with your mind and when your mind is busy you don't have the chance to have bad thoughts. FB Twitter - Instagram LinkedIn - website - Subscribe Mailing list for new realizes.
November 1, 2019
A Free Thinker!
Episode 11 ) This is the Story of Free Thinker that like to talks about everything Music, Technology, Spirituality, Science, Faith, and Psychedelics and also suffer from depression in one moment of his life and open his heart in my show, he said men should cry more so they will not suffer more. I was talking with him about an hour and I don't want to stop. We said we will come back with other episodes. Stay Tune!! Facebook Instagram  Podcast This Page support Mental Health  Subscribe to be the first one to have updates
October 30, 2019
Extraordinary men that discover dancing is the best medicine for the soul.
Episode 10 ) This a story of a successful man whos said! We know that dancing is a shortcut to happiness and we want more people to discover it. So we want to introduce as many people as possible to dance. I believe that if the whole world would dance more, the world would be a happier and more tolerant place to live on he also said Dancing will help with depression and anxiety he also talk about his downs in life and how he overcome. Facebook Instagram Subscribe to my mailing list so you can be the first one to know new updates at This show support Mental Health  Thank you for you to listen
October 30, 2019
"SAGA" Study Acupunture Guide by Angels
Episode 9)  Su Sandy Aung from Myanmar and Sergio Garcia from Colombia meet at Atlantic Institute of Oriental while they were pursuing their master's degrees in Oriental Medicine they graduate in 2011 with a Bachelor in Health Science and Master in Chinese Medicine. In 2015 they decide to expand their knowledge and got involved in a Doctorate program at ATOM and graduated with DAOM (Doctorate of Acupuncture Guide by Angels.) and they were helping a lot of people with depression and anxiety and they treat the body as a whole. They believe we can cure our bodies with our own energy. You can find them on  Facebook Instagram Thank you to listen to this show will support Mental Health  subscribe to be the first one to now updates  Mailing List
October 30, 2019
One day Less
Episode 8 ) This is a beautiful story where men opens his heart to share his story with honesty talking about all his failures and also his mayor accident in 2008 where he almost lost his life forever and he was in a coma for 10 days, where he went down altogether in all the areas of his life, Money, Divorce, etc, But the only thing keeping him pushing life was his 2 beautiful kids and today's he wakes up very grateful to have a strong relationship with God and thinking that life is one day less than we need to enjoy to the fullest. Also a Founder of the podcast One Day Less.  Twitter: @carlosacostardz
October 29, 2019
Day 3, Pubic Hair on the Soap (Solocast)
Episode 7) This is the third day in captivity and how little and simple things become the most important thing in Gloria's life at that moment. pass 11 days and she was Unbreakable. Please, some episodes are very explicit so be responsible. Thanks Instagram Facebook Subscribe for you be the first one to know the new episodes and new events: Suport Mental Health more we talk more we heal.
October 25, 2019
Day 2, Oct 23,1997 (Solocast)
Episode 6) The second-day being kidnap, where toilet paper for most of us is just toilet paper, for her was the most necessary important thing. Remember when you go to the bathroom to be grateful to have toilet paper so you can clean your self. Instagram Facebook Mailing list sign in to be the first one to receive updates for new episodes and offers.  Support Mental Health 
October 23, 2019
On Wednesday Oct 22,1997 at 5:45pm (Solocast)
Episode 5) This is the beginning of a kidnap story that happens on October 22, 1997, at 5:45 pm to a 25 years Old woman she never knew that this day will change her life forever. Instagram Facebook Mail list  Support Mental Health 
October 22, 2019
The wizarding World of Raquel
Episode 4) This is the story of an 18-year-old woman who is very smart and intelligent. Her name is  Raquel Kadin, she loves to read and study, but her conditions of ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety causes her to have difficult moments, and she still in the process to know her self better. Last November in 2018 she almost took her life and now she has the chance to realize that taking her life was not the solution to her problems. Her dream is to be a writer and I know she will be one day because she describes her self us a tough woman. Patreon:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Tumblr: This Episode is to support Mental Health because breaking the silence makes us Unbreakable! Fallow Autor on : Follow me on IG Follow me on Facebook Sing up for our email list
October 17, 2019
The Humanitarian Drummer
Episode 3) This is the story of a man who turned around his professional career after a visit to Africa. After suffering from depression with suicidal thoughts, he finally decided to make a change in his life forever and to become a humanitarian. Andis Tamayo, who founded Renand Foundation in Haiti in 2015, started with 16 kids and today in 2019 he has  300 kids in his foundation.*F *Support Mental Health *Support children from Haiti *Thank you for listening! Fallow Autor on : Follow me on IG Follow me on Facebook Sing up for our email list
October 16, 2019
Power Through
Episode 2 ) This is a story about a 20-year-old young man that lives in Florida USA  that suffers from depression and anxiety from a very young age and he had the courage to talk about it on my show. He shared his feelings and his motivation to keep going. He wishes to remain anonymous. This show is to support Mental Health Awareness and spread the word. I Believe that talking about Depression and anxiety will be helpful to others. Fallow Autor On: Follow me on IG Follow me on Facebook Sing up for our email list
October 14, 2019
Let's Begin
Episode 1 ) Welcome to Unbreakable life, Hi my name is Gloria I suffer from Depression and Anxiety over 22year + and this is the introduction of a horrifying story that happens to me in 1997 to 1998 when I was kidnapped in my home country and how blessed I am today to be here and tell the story.  Follow me on IG Follow me on Facebook Sing up for our email list
October 2, 2019