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Glorifying Him Ladies Ministry

Glorifying Him Ladies Ministry

By Dana Rankin
Welcome to Glorifying HIm Ladies Ministry Podcast hosted by me, Dana Carter. This series will include instruction straight from the Word of God. Let us be doers and not hearers of the WORD so as not to be deceived in these last days. Take a listen each week as we journey through the Holy Bible together. Jesus Christ is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! May we always be glorifying HIM!
How To Please God
We naturally seek to please ourselves, and often we want to please the people around us. But we should be asking ourselves, "Am I pleasing God?" Since God is holy and righteous, we might feel that it is impossible to please Him. But several verses in the Bible talk about pleasing God. What does this really mean? 
April 01, 2022
Three Satanic If's
Satan wants to destroy all that God loves but his power is limited. He knows that he cannot use force to destroy those who are abiding in Christ, but he can lure us away by enticing us.  Christ was tempted but remained faithful. By following His example we too can be victorious. 
March 25, 2022