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By GMParty
The gmparty is a casual game design talk show featuring a varied cast of non-digital game developers. We chat about our projects, our roadblocks and various topics in game development.
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GMParty Flashback 004 - Conferences and Motivation
In this bonus episode from the archives, Andy Berdan and Alex Roberts talk about Andy's game-in-progress "Shadow Twitter" (later "Mic Drop"), Larps, Metatopia, Alex's game-in-progress "Tension" (later "Star Crossed"), Dread, motivation, organization and other meta-game-development things. Alex Roberts can be found on twitter as @muscularpikachu and @backstorycast, and Star Crossed can be found at Andy Berdan can be found on twitter as @andyberdan, and his tabletop games (including Mic Drop) can be found at
September 19, 2018
GMParty 106 - Music-based RPGs
Join Andy Berdan, Jason Pitre, Josh Jordan and Alasdair Stuart in a conversation about musically-oriented RPGs under development. Jason Pitre (@genesisoflegend), is a biologist by day, Indie RPG designer, writer and barista by night. In addition to producing games under Genesis of Legend Publishing, he is also the host of the Roleplaying Game Design Panelcast podcast and you can find him at Josh T Jordan (@joshtjordan), from Ginger Goat RPGs, - check out his new John Silence RPG at Alasdair Stuart (@alasdairstuart), owns Hugo and BFS Award nominated @EAPodcasts. Check him out at Andy Berdan (@andyberdan), host of gmparty, video and tabletop game developer, and multidisciplinary storyteller. Find his tabletop games at and all other things at GMParty can be watched live at
July 09, 2018
GMParty 105 - Magic in RPGs
Episode 105 - Magic in RPGs In which four tabletop game developers discuss various ways in which one could represent and communicate the wonder of magic in the modern tabletop rpg landscape. Richard Kreutz-Landry is a game designer and origami artist. He's currently co-designing Descent Into Midnight ( ). You can find him on Twitter as @rkreutzlandry. Minna Reilly is a lifelong fantasy lover who spent a lot of her adolescence thinking about magic systems in fiction. She also plays Myra on The Magpies Podcast at You can find her on Twitter at @mynaminnarr. Alex DeJesus is a self-confessed all around dork, and is building an as-yet untitled High-School-Witches-themed RPG with Minna. You can find him on twitter as @OlympianZeus Andy Berdan is gmparty's host and founder of Berdandy Studios at and available on Twitter as @andyberdan. GMParty can be watched live at
June 01, 2018
GMParty 104 - Documentary Games
Episode 104 - Documentary/Mockumentary Games In which two tabletop game developers and a documentary cinematographer discuss the fundamental elements of documentary filmmaking, and attempt to translate them into a gaming medium. Randy Lubin runs Diagetic Games, and is building Behind the Magic – a fantasy mockumentary game about incompetent adventurers. You can see his tabletop patreon at Andy Berdan runs GMParty and Berdandy Studios and is building Mic Drop - a mockumentary game about a dumpster fire of a band on a train wreck of an album tour. You can see his tabletop work at Ed Platero runs Platero Visual and is a consummate cinematographer, filmmaker, and documentarian. He's won several awards for his film work. He is available at GMParty can be watched live at
May 05, 2018
GMParty 103 - Randomized Worldbuilding
Andy Berdan, Jeff Stormer and Kate Bui talk about worldbuilding in tabletop RPGs, and how randomization can affect it. Kate is an indie game designer, currently working on Kaiju Kiss, and helping organize the Seattle RPG Workshop, a game design group devoted to narrative games. You can find her @armyofmeat on Twitter or at Jeff is the host of the Party of One, the two-player RPG Actual Play Podcast, and a host on the All My Fantasy Children world-building and storytelling podcast. Check those out at and Andy is the host of GMParty, a video game developer, and tabletop game designer (among other things). He generally focuses on story-heavy, mechanics-light games. His tabletop work can be seen at GMParty can be watched live at
April 27, 2018
GMParty 102 - Rapid play RPGs
Epidiah Ravachol, James D'Amato and Andy Berdan talk about the design challenges of rapid-play RPGs. GMParty can be watched live at
April 11, 2018
GMParty 101 - Creativity
GMParty returns with a new season, talking with: John Adamus - - @awesome_john - talking about John's upcoming game, Writer's Room; Mark Richardson - - @slavetothehat - talking about Mark's upcoming game, Treads; Andy Berdan - - @andyberdan - talking about Andy's upcoming game, Mic Drop GMParty can be watched live at
April 04, 2018