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Grandpa Mystery Power Hour

Grandpa Mystery Power Hour

By Grandpa Mystery Power Hour
How many Smurfs are there? Grandpa Mystery Power Hour is a podcast dedicated to bringing you, the listener, a finely crafted selection of StackExchange questions, and our expert hosts' answers. It's a dumb podcast, for Intellectuals™.
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GMPH 1: Where in the World Does Steve Live
Join our team of Real Experts™ as they answer the toughest questions StackExchange has to offer, including: Why does my rice smell like detergent? How do I tell my grandma about LaTeX? Where is Steve's secret Fortnite apartment? How do I set up my microphones so my podcast audio sounds good? Seriously, if you know how, you have to tell us. Legally. CW: Family Death, Anxiety
January 11, 2019