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Gnomad Podcast

Gnomad Podcast

By Gnomad
A podcast about art, philosophy, history, the paranormal, and whatever else is on our minds.
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Giants, Angels, and Demons with Gary Wayne
In this episode Gary and I chat about giants, angels, demons, and much more.    Gary Wayne  Website: Gnomad  Website:  Patreon: YouTube:  Twitter:
March 30, 2022
Bock Saga, Psychedelics, the Afterlife and more with Andy Rouse
In this episode I am joined by Andy Rouse from the Deep Share Podcast. We chat about Bock Saga, psychedelics, the afterlife and more. Links Andy Rouse YouTube: Twitter: @theDeepShare Gnomad Website: Twitter: @iamgnomad YouTube 
March 08, 2022
Flat Earth from a Biblical Perspective with Josh and Jason Monday
In this episode I am joined by Josh and Jason Monday from the Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast. We do a deep dive into Flat Earth from a biblical perspective.  Josh and Jason Monday YouTube: JoshMondayMusic and Podcast Josh Monday IG: @joshmondaymusic Jason Monday IG: @im_back_at_it_again Gnomad Website: Twitter: @iamgnomad
February 01, 2022
Hollow Earth, UFOs, Time Travel, and Much More with Jim Wilhelmsen
In this episode we talk with author, podcaster, and pastor, Jim Wilhelmsen on Hollow Earth, UFOs, Time Travel, and much more! Jim Wilhelmsen Website: Email: Gnomad Website: Twitter: @iamgnomad
January 25, 2022
What in Tarnation is Tartaria with Immanuel Kingman and Mimi
In this episode I chat with Immanuel Kingman and Mimi from the Goodness over Darkness Podcast. We talk about Tartaria, Mud Floods, World Fairs, and much more.    Links:   Immanuel Kingman   Gnomad Website: Twitter: @iamgnomad YouTube 
January 17, 2022
You Can't Teach an Old Devil New Tricks with Eli
In this episode I chat with Eli about the spirit of the serpent and how it has influenced society throughout time. Links Eli Gnomad
December 20, 2021
Art, Philosophy, and Current Events with Micah Gabriel
In this episode we talk about the Drake and Ye concert, Travis Scott, spiritual growth, and Micah's upcoming project. Links Micah Gabriel Gnomad
December 13, 2021