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Tech, Linux, Coffee 🐧

Tech, Linux, Coffee 🐧

By nerd7473
Welcome to The Tech, Linux, Coffee, podcast, where almost anything gaming, tech, FOSS, gaming, and geeky will get discussed.

P.S. Cursing may be present, but will usually be accidental, please disregard.
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Searching for Coffee

Tech, Linux, Coffee 🐧

Searching for Coffee

Tech, Linux, Coffee 🐧

Sailing with Coffee
Music credits go to: If you like Linux phones, be sure to check out the Purism Librem 5 at the link:
December 05, 2020
Tech, Linux, Coffee, the rebirth and lead into Sailing with Coffee
Part 1 of Episode 1 of Tech Linux Coffee (the third episode of GNU Plus Coffee). 
December 03, 2020
Searching for Coffee
I will be doing the first episode that has a interview! Thanks to Craig for making this episode possible! Check out his project Petey Vid
June 05, 2019
The First Coffee of Many!
[Preface: Due to the bad quality of the first one, it has been re-uploaded with the static cleared out I will upload and test on mobile platforms] In this episode I talk about (in no specific order) Linux kernel 5.0 Facebook's recent folly My experience with an HP printer  Malduino   Epic store possibly getting a bug bounty for Linux   Sources for News:
March 24, 2019