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Go Off!

Go Off!

By Glo R & Caroline B
What misconceptions did we have about adult life based on what we’ve learned from television shows from the 90’s and 2000’s? How can we cope with the existential dread of environmental anxiety caused by past generations? Why don’t our moms think our memes are funny?? Join us, Glo Robinson and Caroline Bohnenberger, as we try to find the answers to these questions and offer our perspectives as members of Gen-Z. We are Gen-Z representation without generalization

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Gen Z Predicts (Part 1): The Presidential Election, The Earth, and Population Growth
With Super Tuesday just around the corner, Glo and Caroline discuss the results of the Iowa Caucus and the frontrunners of the Democratic primary race, along with the state of the Earth's climate and the consequences of exponential human population growth and demographic trends.
February 28, 2020
Are We The Most Anxious Generation?
With mental health issues like anxiety and depression rising amongst young people, what makes us the most anxious generation? Featuring an interview with SpeakUp! Program Director Ann Bernicker.
December 20, 2019
What’s The Secret to Increasing the “Young Vote?”
In this episode, Glo and Caroline and guest host Archelle Thelemaque explore why young voter turnout continues to be low and what the future holds for the 2020 election. We interviewed presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg and political science professor De Benedicts-Kessner about their experience and reasoning about young voter turn out. Listen to this episode to understand the minds of young voters and what strategies you can take to increase the young vote!
November 21, 2019
Did We Grow Up With Tech?
When you think of the image of kids being addicted to their phones, you think of Gen-Z, right? While we might be the first generation to be born during the tech revolution, we weren't and still are not always addicted to our devices. Listen to this episode to learn the truth about Gen-Z and how it relates and utilizes technology.
November 16, 2019
Was I Born In The Wrong Generation?
Podcast Hosts, Glo and Caroline, have noticed that their Gen-Z peers like to claim that they were born in the wrong generation. In this episode, they will unpack the cultural origin of this phenominon and the science behind generational nostalgia. They will also cover  how pop culture has played a role for making Gen-Z strongly identify with other generational defining hallmarks.  
November 7, 2019
Who is Gen-Z?
In Episode 1, Glo and Caroline discuss who makes up Gen-Z and what their cultural, societal, and psychological markers are. Featuring Boston University Professor Sam Sarkisian.
November 1, 2019