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By goatlevel
This podcast specializes in DC sports, current sports topics, and OU football
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Episode 143 - Saban vs Jimbo, NHL game 7s, Eagles and Commanders schedule prediction
In this episode, I started off by discussing the Saban and Jimbo conflict. The NBA playoffs is progressing towards the end and the picture is becoming clear. NHL game 7's were way better than the NBA game 7s. I'm predicting another 7-10 season for the Commanders. OU softball choked away the big 12 title but they will be fine. General Booty is a funny but legendary name. The Nats are trash, DC United is trash but most of the eastern conference is not too much better. The Mystics are the hottest team in DC and it has me thinking championship. The Hypothetical GOTE is The Golden Angeles Eagles from the CW TV show "All-American" vs the 2017 Oklahoma Sooners.
May 23, 2022
Episode 142 - Caps choke again, Nats talk, Mystics, NFL schedule release
In this episode, I go on yet another Caps rant because they disappointed once again. The Nats are not good but I'll go to the games anyway. I feel really good about the Mystics. DC United bounced back well vs Houston. These game 7s in the NBA had me hyped. The NFL schedule came out and I'm very excited about going to Cincinnati for Birthday Bowl 2022. OU Softball is handing out punishment and I love it. 
May 16, 2022
Episode 141 with Zach! - DC United vs Columbus, Eagles and Steelers draft reaction, NBA and NHL playoffs
First off, I must apologize for the bad audio on my end. I will make sure that it is better next time. Me and my good friend Zach talked about several topics. We started off with the lopsided Columbus win vs DC United. We discussed the NFL draft along with the NHL and NBA playoffs. The Reds and Nationals are not good but we support our teams anyway. Luckily for Zach, the Cleveland Guardians are doing alright. At the end, I asked what he liked about the show so far and we also talked a little OU softball/football.
May 08, 2022
Episode 140 - More NBA Playoff talk, Norman vs LA, Nats Rant
In this episode, I gave my final thoughts on the NBA first round. I love both Norman, Oklahoma and Los Angeles, California so trashing one place to prop up the other, is not appealing to me. Oklahoma State fans need to quit while they are ahead. The Caps choked, DC United might be back on track, the Nats are hot garbage right now. I finished off this episode with a different type of hypothetical, a live PFF NFL draft first round simulator.
April 30, 2022
Episode 139 - Nationals Roller Coaster, NBA Playoffs talk, OU women's gymnastics and softball GOATED
In this episode, I gave my latest assessment on the Washington Nationals. I gave my thoughts on every NBA playoff series so far. The Caps are trying to make a late climb up the NHL standings. Not sure what DC United is doing but they're on the verge of fading into irrelevance. OU women's gymnastics and softball programs are something to admire. Mixed emotions about the USFL.
April 26, 2022
Episode 138 - Nationals, The Masters, NBA regular season finale, Baker and Kyler
I began this episode by paying my respects to Dwayne Haskins, he has left this earth way too soon. The Masters was dope and I made some money off of it. The Nationals are a roller coaster that I'm not sure I'm ready to ride on. The Lizards went out sad and the play-in tournament was fire. The caps are finishing the regular season strong as they always do but I do not like their potential 1st round draw. The Mystics made two solid picks in the draft. Baker and Kyler are involved in offseason drama which has garnered hate from multiple sources. Elon Musk is better off owning the Commanders than Twitter. The Hypothetical GOTE is Kansas basketball vs Georgia football in a game of baseball.
April 19, 2022
Episode 137 - Eagles Trade, Mystics Trade, NCAA conclusion, NBA home stretch
In this episode, I once again warn people to respect the bird while discussing their latest offseason move. NCAA basketball finished with a bang and I'm excited for next year. The Lakers are toast, the Wizards are randomly winning and the playoff lineup looks exciting. Congrats to Todd Bowles for stepping into the Bucs head coaching role. The Mystics traded back and its a genius move. The Masters is looking very interesting to me. Congrats to the USMNT for making the world cup.
April 10, 2022
Episode 136 - Elite 8 thoughts, Final four preview, Lizards over Warriors, Lakers in trouble
In this episode, I started off by giving my thoughts on the Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars drama. I gave my thoughts on the Elite 8 and give an early preview on the final 4. It was fun to see the Warriors' fans were silenced at Capital One arena. The Caps will be a wild card team. The Lakers are in trouble. The US men's are world cup bound. I need to start on my Master's tournament research.
April 02, 2022
Episode 135 - Bracket explosion, Trae at the Garden, Baker
In this episode, I gave my early NCAA and NIT tournament thoughts. Trae Young killed the Knicks at the Garden once again and I got to see it. OU softball is dominant once again. My biggest fears about Baker in the NFL are coming true. Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams' contracts are insane. The hypothetical GOTE is  the 84-85 Edmonston Oilers vs the 09-10 Washington Capitals.
April 02, 2022
Episode 134 - Simply an Instant Classic
In this episode, I discussed the NCAA tournament. I gave an update on my brackets and how they're doing. I talked a lot about recent NFL news. The Caps are making their usual late season surge. The Wizards are still a year away but I enjoyed the win vs the Lakers. Kyrie and KD are fun to watch. Baseball is back with authority, some crazy free agent moves. Oklahoma men's basketball just missed the tournament because they missed too many opportunities. OU women's basketball advanced to the 2nd round. At the end, I discussed the importance of being the best version of yourself, making things look easy and making everyone around you better.
March 21, 2022
Episode 133 - Commander Wentz, Falling into the Caps cycle trap
First off, Rest in Paradise, Tycen Edwards. Sooner twitter lost an important family member to cancer. I send my condolences to the family and discuss how Tycen inspired me. Carson Wentz is in DC now and I have mixed emotions. The NFL offseason is moving fast. UNC-Duke was fire. The Wizards are giving me something to be happy about. The caps are playing well but I must still beware of the "caps cycle", I have seen this way too many times. The Nets are dangerous but I wouldn't count the Sixers out just yet. Baker its finally getting his statue, Jocy broke the record, both OU basketball teams are tournament bound, in my opinion. Nalyssa Smith or Rhyne Howard, Georgetown basketball has hit rock bottom. 
March 14, 2022
Episode 132 - McNamara basketball, Lizard encouragement, NFL Draft coming to DC?
In this episode, I continued my discussion of All-Star weekend in Cleveland. After that, I discussed McNamara boys and girls basketball. They came up just short in their championship games but have a lot to be proud of. The Washington Lizards are not doing too bad without Beal and Porzingis. They have an outside chance of making it to the play-in. The Capitals are doing what they always do at this time of year. I give my spin on typical Washington Commanders offseason talking points. Would love the NFL draft in DC, especially at the National Mall. No MLB so I'll just focus on basketball and the KBO. I discuss a few other topics like Juwan Howard and Miesha Tate's win on Big Brother. The Hypothetical GOTE is the 92-93 Michigan Wolverines vs the 07-08 Wisconsin Badgers in basketball.
March 03, 2022
Episode 131 - NBA All-Star Weekend recap, Howard basketball
I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Cleveland, OH for the NBA-All Star game. It was fire. Glad I went. My recap of what happened went so long that I had to make it a full episode. Howard was also part of the festivities in Cleveland. I discussed their showcase game against Morgan State then their game back home vs Coppin State.
March 03, 2022
Episode 130 - NBA trade deadline, OU-KU, Super Bowl preview
In this episode, I start off by giving my thoughts about the trade deadline. I get into what I think about the Wizards and Caps at this point of the season. Oklahoma men's basketball put up a valiant effort against Kansas but fell short. OU women's basketball offensive stats are mind-blowing. OU softball might have a record-breaking dynasty for years to come because of this new freshman pitcher. The super bowl should be great, lots of position matchups to look forward to. The hypothetical GOTE is the Ball is Life fantasy basketball league vs the Super Halftime performing team in a game of basketball. 
February 13, 2022
Episode 129
February 07, 2022
Episode 128 - NFL Playoffs, Wizards loafin, Caps on brand
In this episode, I started off by discussing the Australian Open Women's final and the Kevin Paredes loan. The NFL divisional round was legendary. The best I've ever seen for sure. The Wizards hit rock bottom after blowing a 35-point lead to the Clippers. The Caps are on their typical mid-season slump. OU men's and women's basketball bounced back after some bad losses. The Hypothetical GOTE is a flag football game between Team Iverson and Team Vick  
January 31, 2022
Episode 127 - The end of the bird, Divisional Round predictions
In this episode, I start off by discussing the demise of the 2021 Eagles. I went on to give my thoughts about the other NFL games that happened this weekend. I made predictions on the NFL Divisional slate. The Wizards are heating up despite their controversial loss to the Nets. The caps are still in their usual cycle, dealing with them is a lesson of staying in the present! Howard vs Notre Dame basketball was a classic. I'm impressed with Oklahoma men and women's basketball.
January 22, 2022
Episode 126 - Live from the New Yorker!
In this episode I recapped the national championship. I also took a peak at the schedules for Alabama and Georgia next year. The Raiders vs Chargers ending was insane, glad I watched it. The Bird will beat the Goat on Sunday. I made my other NFL playoff predictions. The caps and wizards are going opposite directions. OU basketball is 2-2 in the conference but I'm still somewhat optimistic about their potential. I give my opinion on a few other topics. The Hypothetical GOTE is a Rucker Park pickup game between team Vann and team Prince.
January 14, 2022
Episode 125 - Eagles, 2022 NFL 17th game watch, Baker
In this episode, I started off by discussing one of Feminista Jones' recent IG live posts. If you haven't respected the bird by now, it's probably too late. NFC East vs AFC North 2022 17th game look good, Chiefs vs Bucs is certainly the headliner of the extra games next season. Baker went out sad but he'll be back for someone, not sure if it'll be the Browns. Fantasy Football sucked at the end of the season. Antonio Brown trippin. Kyrie and Klay are back. Caleb Williams is out, Dillon Gabriel in, could have possibly had Casey Thompson, regardless OU Football will be fine. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is a matchup between the two teams featured in the movie National Champions, the Wolves vs the Cougars
January 12, 2022
Episode 124 - NFC East, NBA Christmas, Mystics #1 pick
Last episode of 2021! It was a good one. I start off by giving an epic rant about the Washington Football team. I dismiss the Giants, state claim that the cowboys are overrated and tell people to respect the bird of course. I watched more NBA on Christmas than I originally planned to. The Mystics projected looks good and I'm excited. Trez got cooked and trolled by Embiid. The hypothetical GOTE is a 4 x 1 relay between the Jamaican Women's National team and the Female Rapper team. 
December 31, 2021
Episode 123 - Eagles vs WFT recap, NBA East, 2018 OU vs 2021 OU hypothetical
I spent the first third of the episode giving a full recap of the Eagles vs WFT Tuesday night football game. I am done with the excuses of Washington fans, time to respect the bird! The Wizards are struggling in the middle of a very competitive eastern conference, I'm a little worried. Jackson State got punked. The other NFL games I watched were frustrating at times. The Caps are falling back in line with the cycle again. The hypothetical GOTE is the 2018 Oklahoma Sooners defense vs the 2021 Oklahoma Sooners Offense in a sudden death overtime match.
December 23, 2021
Episode 122 - Cavs, COVID showing out, NFC East, 2018 OU vs 2004 USC hypothetical
In this episode, I start off by paying my respects to Demaryius Thomas then I get into my recent Ohio trip. The Cavs look good and the rebuild is way ahead of schedule. The Cowboys have pretty much clinched the NFC East while the Eagles and the football team fight for wild card position. I gave my predictions for the big WFT vs Philadelphia Eagles game. Oklahoma State choked and I died laughing. OU football has a new coach. OU basketball is doing well but have two head scratching losses. Shane Beamer is trying to make me a Gamecocks fan. The caps are doing great, the wizards are not. I concluded the show with some quick takes then the hypothetical game of the episode between 2018 OU vs 2004 USC football. 
December 16, 2021
Episode 121 - NFC East, Lincoln Riley gone, Scherzer to the Mets
In this episode, I discussed the state of the NFC East. The Cowboys look weak but will still win the division. The Washington Football team somehow keep winning games. The Giants stole one from the Eagles but you still have to respect the bird! Oklahoma lost Bedlam then Bedlam occurred within the program! Scherzer to the Mets is heartbreaking. The Caps losing to Florida the way that they did was very disappointing. The hypothetical GOTE is the tournament championship game between the Lightning and the Dodgers.
December 07, 2021
In this episode, I discuss the Eagles' latest victory and the state of the NFC East. I'm still not fully sold on the Patriots but their stats are looking good. Don't give up on Baker Mayfield yet now. The Sooners are stressing me out but history is on their side vs Oklahoma State. I couldn't get enough of the Lebron-Isaiah Stewart scuffle was very entertaining. Congrats to the Washington Spirit, the Wizards are falling back again, the Caps got smoked by the Kraken. The Hypothetical Turkey Bowl was between a team of celebrities and the Legion of Boom fantasy football league.
November 25, 2021
Episode 119 - Nets vs Cavs in Brooklyn, Bucs lose at Fed Ex, Odell, Sooner Football meltdown
I start off this episode by recapping two pro sports games that I attended recently. You still need to respect the bird. Odell to the Rams is mind-blowing. OU Football lost and the twitter community lost their minds. The Cowboys and Pats hype is getting out of hand. The Wizards are falling back and the Caps are inconsistent. The hypothetical GOTE is a semi-final matchup between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Columbus Crew. Enjoy!
November 25, 2021
Episode 118 - Eagles choke, Cowboys choke, DC United rant
In this episode, I discuss the Eagles' latest loss. They are clearly not out of the wildcard race. Cowboys lost and I love it. The NFL had a lot of drama last week. The CFP looked disrespectful at first glance but I have struggled to come up with alternatives. Wizards are ballin. DC United barely missed the playoffs. Caps are starting to fall back a little. I covered a few current events in sports such as Odell and Damon Arnette. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is a Superstar KO style flag football game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Bucks. 
November 13, 2021
Episode 117 - Eagles Wildcard chances, Sooner disrespect, World Series nightmare
In this episode, I start off by discussing the Eagles' playoff chances. The Raums are loaded. The Washington football team continues to be a joke on and off the field. The CFP is disrespectful and I have mixed emotions about it. The Wizards and Caps are off to a great start. DC United choked and have a slim chance of sneaking into the playoffs. I'm sick about the rival Braves winning the world series. Henry Ruggs made a terrible decision and it cost him everything. The hypothetical game of the episode is between NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning and NWSL's Houston Dash in a game of capture the flag.
November 06, 2021
Episode 116 - NFC East, Sooners struggle in Kansas, Awful World Series
In this episode, I tell people to still believe in the Eagles. I'm not sold on the Cowboys as of now. The Sooners are still undefeated, despite all the struggles. The Wizards are rolling and I'm still skeptical about the caps. DC United got washed. The Braves are winning the World Series and I'm devastated. The Hypothetical GOTE is Sooner Softball vs the Columbus Crew.
October 31, 2021
Episode 115 - NFC East, NHL is back, Caleb Williams aftermath
In this episode, I began by discussing the current state of the Eagles and their rivals. The Gruden email scandal being tied back to the Washington Football team disfunction is funny and not surprising. Glad the NHL is back but I'm expecting the Capitals to disappoint me again. The MLB playoffs were going great for me until the Braves started winning. Congrats to the Sky for winning the WNBA title. The Sooners are rolling with Caleb Williams despite all the extra drama. A lot of overrated teams in the top 25, especially Iowa and Cincinnati. The Hypothetical GOTE is the Milwaukee Bucks vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game of kickball.
October 21, 2021
Episode 114 - Bringing the Gold Hat back to DC!
In this episode, I began by discussing the Sooners' big win over Texas in Dallas. The Eagles' schedule will soften and they will be very alive in the playoff race. The 2021 Nationals' season is over but the MLB moves on with its playoffs. I named the top 5 NBA franchises of all-time. The WNBA playoffs is lit despite the top two teams being knocked out. All of my fantasy teams are competitive except one. The Hypothetical GOTE is The Las Vegas Aces vs The Los Angeles Dodgers in a game of paintball.
October 13, 2021
Episode 113 - Big Brother Finale, Eagles, Sooners with another close win
In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on the big brother 23 finale. What a historic season. You still have to respect THE BIRD! Washington Football Team got exposed. Cowboys are the NFC East front runners but wouldn't be surprised if they choked. The Ravens had an epic win. The 49ers annoyed me with their late game defense. I'm worried about my Sooners even though they are 4-0. I'm cool with whatever vaccination decision Bradley Beal makes. The hypothetical GOTE is the 2000 Oregon State Beavers featuring Chad Johnson and TJ Housmanzadeh vs the 1997 Marshall Thundering Herd with heisman contender Randy Moss.
October 01, 2021
Episode 112 - Eagles, Giants vs WFT, Mystics miss playoffs, Fantasy Football
You will respect the bird! I begin the show by talking about the Eagles and their near 2-0 start. The Washington Sitcom vs New York Giants game was hilarious and entertaining. Worried about my sooners even though they're undefeated. The Mystics missed the playoffs and I'm very disappointed. The nats still suck but they're fighting. I have 7 fantasy football teams, 3 of them are 2-0, some of them suffered boneheaded losses. The hypothetical GOTE is Cat Osterman vs the Dallas Cowboys offense in Softball. 
September 26, 2021
Episode 111 - Eagles, NFL Week 1, Return of the Sooner Schooner
In this episode, I discuss NFL week 1. This includes the Eagles impressive victory vs the Falcons. The sooners will be fine despite what has happened thus far. College football has been fun to watch this year. The nats beat the mets while I was in attendance, they haven't done much since. It's hard to be at peace with their losing. Fantasy football season getting off to a fast start. The Hypothetical GOTE is a Falcons vs Eagles rematch with added legends that include Michael Vick and TO.
September 20, 2021
Episode 110 - Bishop Sycamore, Nationals, Mets fan drama, Brian Mitchell vs BB 22 & 23
I started off this episode by recapping the big St Frances Academy vs St Thomas Aquinas game. The Bishop Sycamore situation was weird but I learned some things from it. Cam Newton got released, I was shocked. The Mets players and fans were sick of each other for a week, it was fun watching the drama. The Nats are still struggling but I still have hope that the young players will continue to get better. I was hyped for the start of OU's season. DC United is back on track. Most of the MLS sucks on the road. The Hypothetical GOTE is a kick return battle between Brian Mitchell and the combined casts of Big Brother 22 and 23
September 06, 2021
Episode 109 - Minshew to the Eagles, Nationals, Orioles and Marlins ending losing streaks
In this episode, I reacted to the news of Gardner Minshew becoming an Eagle. The Nationals are running with the new guys, it's not going well but I'm somewhat optimistic about the young players on the team. Orioles and Marlins end their long losing streaks with back to back wins. Trevor Lawrence will ultimately be ok despite getting beat up by the Saints. Shocked that Teddy Bridgewater is starting. Malachi Singleton could be the next Cam Newton or Jalen Hurts. The MLS all-star game was fire. The Jump got canceled, it had a good run. The Hypothetical GOTE is the 2001 Mariners vs the 2017 Miami Marlins.
September 06, 2021
Episode 108 - Sha'Carri Richardson, Nationals, DC United, NL East hypothetical mascot race
In this episode, I started off my giving my complete thoughts on Sha'Carri Richardson's latest race. The Nationals finally playing some baseball, just wish they would have won the series in Milwaukee. DC United coming back down to earth. The Eagles will be fine. Glad Delle Donne is back and they finally caught Bryan Pata's killer. The Crate Challenge is entertaining but dangerous. The Hypothetical GOTE is an NL East Mascot 100 meter dash.
August 25, 2021
Episode 107 - Nationals, NFL preseason overhype, Field of Dreams game, 08 Georgia vs 17 Sooners
In this episode, I began by discussing a variety of topics such as the Trae Turner slide, DC United and Renee Montgomery. I had yet another Washington Nationals' rant. People have been starving for NFL football and it's hilarious. The Washington Sitcom got canceled by a familiar face. The Field of Dreams game was fire, can't wait until next year. I admire the strength it takes to be body positivity, it is very on brand. The Hypothetical GOTE was a classic between Matt Stafford and the 2008 Georgia Bulldogs vs Baker Mayfield and the 2017 Oklahoma Sooners. 
August 20, 2021
Episode 106 - Olympics, Nationals, NBA Free Agency
In this episode, I give my final thoughts on the Olympics. Kevin Durant is the truth. The NBA Free Agency season is always entertaining. The barrage of Lakers' moves were most interesting. The Washington Nationals are tanking but the new guys are growing on me. I took an early look at the Washington Nationals 2022 schedule. Carson Wentz got hurt again, Scherzer looked great in his debut during one of the most hyped baseball games of the season. The Hypothetical GOTE is the 2008 Lions vs the 2017 Browns.
August 13, 2021
Episode 105 - Olympics, Nats Armageddon 2021, 94 Arizona vs 2021 OU Hypothetical kickball game
In this episode, I discuss what I have seen from the Olympics so far. The Nats have imploded but I understand the reasoning behind it. Westbrook got traded. I'm iffy about the Wizards' draft picks but let's just see what happens. The Caps got Vitek Vanecek back, thank God! The Hypothetical GOTE is the 1994 Arizona Wildcats softball team vs the 2021 Oklahoma Sooners softball team in a game of kickball
August 03, 2021
Episode 104 - LIVE from Philly
This is was a shorter episode than normal, I recorded this episode in Philly. This was the morning after the Nats 6-4 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. I recap the game and discuss the nats outlook from this point forward. OU and Texas to the SEC is official now, let the games begin! I'm cool with what Simone Biles did. Aaron Rodgers is finally on the field, thank God. 
July 29, 2021
Episode 103 - Nats Park incident, OU to the SEC?, Space Jam 2
In this episode, I start off by discussing the nats park shooting incident and the series that happened around it. The nats looked like they were on the right track after their wild Sunday win. OU to the SEC looks real. Giannis had the game of a lifetime, I was a little jealous of the celebration. Congrats to Maria Taylor for going to NBC. West Virginia fans need to zip it when it comes to Trae Young. Being on a kickball team has taught me some things. The Cleveland Indians are the Guardians now? Bradley Beal to Warriors? I explained why that bothers me so much. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is the Tune Squad (with Jordan AND Lebron) vs the Avengers in basketball
July 29, 2021
Episode 102 - Nationals Frustration, Challenging yourself, NBA Finals
In this episode, I start off by first off, congratulating Wes Unseld Jr on becoming the new Wizards' coach. Then I go on to rant about the current state of the Washington Nationals. Challenging Yourself is a big part of living on the Goat Level. Loved how the Bucks battled back in the NBA Finals. I gave my thoughts on Starlin Castro, Richard Sherman, Liz Cambage, Natasha Hastings, Jeff Van Gundy and Dwayne Haskins. The Hypothetical game of the episode is a HR battle between Laura Espinoza from the 94 Arizona Wildcats softball team and Jocelyn Alo from the 2021 Oklahoma Sooners softball team.
July 19, 2021
"GOAT Level 101"
In this episode, I start off by ranting about the ESPY's best team results. The wrong team won of course. I touched on current event topics such as Sha'Carri Richardson, NIL and Rachel Nichols vs Maria Taylor. Mississippi State baseball impressed me. I discuss the Goat Level Brand principles. Chris Paul in game 6 of the conference finals is a great Goat Level branding example. The Nationals are sliding. Listening to DC Sports radio is a blessing and a curse. Daniel Snyder is inevitable and unstoppable. The Hypothetical game of the episode is a Mystics vs Wizards dodgeball match. 
July 19, 2021
Episode 100 - Show reflection, Conference Finals, Top 10 Hypothetical GOTEs
The 100th regular episode finally! In this episode, I reflect on my most memorable moments doing the Goat Level Podcast. It's been a fun ride. I'm impressed by the Clippers' grit. I knew the Hawks would not be out of the series vs the Bucks despite Middleton going stupid. The Mystics are frustrating and inconsistent. The Nats are on a roll. The Girardi episode was a joke and full of cap. I beat Ryan Clary in a free throw challenge inspired by Ben Simmons. There are so many rivalries better than Ohio State vs Michigan football. I gave my top ten hypothetical GOTE's. Making those are so much fun. This week's hypothetical GOTE is a superstar KO flag football game between Team Jordan and Team Lebron.
July 01, 2021
Episode 99 - NBA Playoffs, ESPY Best Team ranking, You're not that guy pal vs Suns in 4
In this episode, I start off by discussing the NBA injury news that happened last week. The playoffs have been great once again. The Hawks are making me look like a genius. OU Softball should run away with the ESPY best team award but they most likely won't. The Skylar Diggins vs Jazmine Jones twitter fight was entertaining. Charles Barkley on the Grant and Danny show was a must-listen, you can listen to the interview on the audacy app. Grant and Danny clowned Ben Simmons so hard that they had one of their producers shooting free throws in the heat. The nationals are rolling, Kyle Schwarber is rolling but I'm still skeptical. The Hypothetical GOTE is a 3 point contest between "You're not that guy pal" and the "Suns in 4" guy.
June 23, 2021
Episode 98 - Sooner Softball won, CFP expansion, Washington Sitcom, 2020 OU vs ND Hypothetical
In this episode, I celebrate OU softball on their recent national championship. A CFP expansion has me interested. I address all their haters. I discussed the NBA playoffs and what I thought of it at the time. The Washington Football team is hilarious. Glad Christian Eriksen is ok. The Julio Jones trade is crazy. Heard the Wizards were trying to bring back Scott Brooks, making me question the direction of the team. The Hypothetical GOTE is 2020 OU football vs 2020 ND Football.
June 16, 2021
Episode 97 - NBA Playoffs, OU Softball, Mystics vs Aces
In this episode, I start off by discussing what has happened in the playoffs so far. Glad the stress about the wizards is over. I have little hope for the nationals. Doesn't seem like much to get excited for. The Mystics vs Aces was dope, Mystics missed a big opportunity to win that game. OU Softball was stunned by JMU but bounced back nicely. Tired of all the talk about fan behavior, tired of certain fans being dumb. Kwame Brown is still on fire. Glad Naomi Osaka got people talking. Washington Husky fans need to settle down. The hypothetical game of the episode is a rematch between the fictional South Crenshaw Chargers and the historical 2009 McNamara Mustangs
June 07, 2021
Episode 96 - NCAA FB schedule debacle, Caps Cycle, DC Sports on May 23rd
I recorded this episode immediately after the Oklahoma Sooner softball team won game 1 of their super regional series vs Washington. I celebrated that then went through the NCAA football slate on 9/18. The caps lost and I should have seen it coming. The caps latest failure was only part of a bad day for DC sports. The Wizards are in trouble, at the time of the recording they were down 2-0, now they're down 3-0. TThe nats vs reds was a disappointment. It looks like I won't make the playoffs in my madden league. The Knicks vs Hawks is an awesome series. The Liz Cambage fiasco is baffling to me because of how highly I think of her. The Hypothetical game of the episode is a 4x400 meter relay between The Goat Level Podcast and I AM Athlete Podcast.
May 30, 2021
Episode 95 - NBA Play-in Tourney reaction, NBA first round predictions, Caps are ALL CAP, Giants Schedule Predictions
I start off this episode by discussing all the NBA play-in game. The Clippers did not duck the Lakers, no way. I gave my NBA first round playoff winners. The Giants will go 7-10/8-9. The Caps are ALL CAP and it's apart of their usual cycle. The nationals are still in it despite being in last place. I've began working on my OU-Texas trip. Sooner softball is spanking people again. Kwame Brown shark week was fire. I'm tired of the Aaron Rodgers talk. The hypothetical GOTE is an arcade fight between Brian Mitchell and Brad Marchand.
May 24, 2021
Episode 94 - Gas shortage, DC reopening, NFL schedule release
In this episode, I start off by talking about how I affected by the gas shortage. DC is reopening and I'm excited. The NFL schedule looks great, the Pats vs Bucs tickets are through the roof. I'm slowly planning which games I am going to attend. I predict the win-loss records of the Eagles, Washington Sitcom, Cowboys and Bucs. OU softball won another title and a bunch of postseason awards. DC United off to a slow start but so is the entire MLS. The Wizards let some more games slip away. Congrats to Westbrook on being the new triple double king. The nats are struggling. The caps are headed towards the last stretch of the cycle. The hypothetical GOTE is the 2001 Lakers vs the 2016 Thunder.
May 15, 2021
Episode 93 - RIP Jake Ehlinger, Nats slide, Wizards clutch, the greatness of Joy Taylor on twitter
Rest in Peace Jake Ehlinger and TJ Oshie's dad. Love how the OU-Texas and NHL communities came together in honor of these two men. The nats are sliding, it's annoying. Most of these losses are close. The Wizards were clutch against the Pacers and Raptors. The Eagles backfield has become more crowded. Beal probably won't catch Curry. Aaron Rodgers WILL NOT be a part of the Washington Sitcom but keep dreaming. Joy Taylor is a great example of social media marketing. Kevin Samuels is an example of Goat Level Branding. OU baseball is a roller coaster once again. Hate how they choked against Oklahoma State. OU Softball is getting Oklahoma State's best shot. The hypothetical GOTE is an NBA skills competition between Kevin Samuels and Dr Umar.
May 11, 2021
Episode 92 - Nationals vs Braves, NFL Draft, Wizards, NBA Legends paintball
In this episode, I display my frustration with the Nationals' last two games vs the Braves. I gave my complete reaction to the NFL Draft. The Wizards are still rolling despite a few minor hiccups. Cleveland was great, the Cavs are not very good but it was good to see a classic Kevin Love. The Rangers are a joke. Not ready to bet against Lebron but time is running out. I have a new appreciation for Aaron Rodgers' MVP season. The Hypothetical GOTE is a paintball search and destroy match between NBA legends. Team Lebron vs Team Jordan. 
May 06, 2021
Episode 91 - Flag Football title, going back to Nats Park, OU Softball lost
In this episode, I started off by talking about stuff I forgot to mention in the last episode. Rest in Peace Terrence Clarke. I lost my wallet at Nats park but it was good to be back. My social league flag football team dominated, I played a big part in that. The Wizards slowed down Steph Curry and kept their winning streak going. OU Softball lost the first game of the doubleheader vs Georgia then annihilated them in the second game. I discussed the Chauvin verdict, along with the deaths of Ma'Khia Bryant and Daunte Wright. Trae Young got hurt and I was worried. The hypothetical game of the episode is Delaware vs Delaware State rematch with a "demigod" Westbrook on Del St. 
April 25, 2021
Episode 90 - DC Sports fans are back LIVE and in person, Wizards surging, Eagles disrespected again, Crushes poll
Started off this episode by celebrating the return of DC sports fans to Wizards and Caps games. I have tickets to a Nats game and I'm excited. The Wizards are surging and look like a serious playoff contender. The caps are rolling, the nats are picking it up, DC United made some big changes. Aqeel Glass is the truth. Delaware State was outmatched vs Delaware. The Eagles continue to be disrespected by sports media members. Lu Dort went off. The Atlanta Hawks are rolling. I gave my final crushes power rankings. The hypothetical game of the episode is the 1990-91 Warriors vs the 2017-2018 Cavs.
April 21, 2021
Episode 89 - Final Four thoughts, Nats start slow, NFL mock draft fatigue
I enjoyed both the men's and women's final four. Baylor impressed. Gonzaga-UCLA was one of the best college basketball games I've ever seen. Arizona women's basketball was a great story but came up short in the women's final four. The roller coaster of DC sports are at it again. The nats are in trouble already, the wizards should tank, the caps are staying on brand. The only thing that can stop OU softball is covid. The hypothetical game of the episode is a softball matchup between the hip-hop/pop all-stars vs the sports podcast all-stars.
April 12, 2021
Episode 88 - 4/2/16, March Madness, Eagles disrespect
I recorded this episode on April 2, 2021. The five year anniversary of the tragic final four loss by OU basketball vs Villanova. A lot when on that day. I also remember what happened the Saturday before that. I give my thoughts on the sweet 16 and elite 8 for both men's and women's basketball. No one is expecting the Eagles to do anything, it's disrespectful but everything will be fine in the end. The Wizards are sliding, kind of want them to tank. The caps are doing well but beware of the cycle. The Nationals caught the covid L, terrible start for them. I gave a bunch of quick takes on different topics. OU softball is unbelievable, baseball is a roller coaster. Porter Moser is the new head coach of OU Basketball and I'm excited. The hypothetical game of the episode is a rematch between 2016 Oklahoma and 2016 Villanova basketball.
April 07, 2021
Episode 87 - NCAA Tourney, NBA trade deadline, NFL free agency, Maia Chaka
In this episode, I talk about the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, highlighting all the upsets. A lot of trades happened in the NBA, the heat, bulls and clippers made the most interesting moves. In the NFL, the Giants and Washington Sitcom made some great signings. Breaking news about the NFL draft broke while recording the show. OU basketball came up short, coach Kruger retired. The OU softball team is rolling, the women's gymnastics team stumbled, the baseball team is a roller coaster. The Wizards are trash and may need to tank. Maia Chaka maybe the inspiration I need to climb the football officiating ladder. I was in a flag football skirmish. The Hypothetical GOTE is the mini tournament #3 title game between the 2009 Good Counsel Falcons and the South Crenshaw Chargers from the TV show All-American.
March 27, 2021
Episode 86 - The Last Minute March Madness Bracket Show
In this episode, I quickly go over current events then I get into the notes that I took from different blogs and websites. There were some obvious tips but also some that I have never considered. Rotogrinders and ESPN+ really like Houston. Watch 11 seeds in the sweet 16 potentially. Opinions are split on Gonzaga. At the end, I presented the official Goat Level Podcast bracket.
March 19, 2021
Episode 85 - March 11th, 2020, NCAA basketball, Wizards suck again
In this episode, I start off by reliving March 11th, 2020. A day many sports fans will never forget. The tournament is getting closer and I'm excited. OU women's basketball choked. Men's basketball is freefalling. Softball and Gymnastics spoil sooner sports fans. Wizards come out the gate with two blowout losses. The caps are on a roll but I'm still skeptical. Anti-Semitism is dumb. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is the 2009 McNamara Mustangs vs the South Crenshaw Chargers from the CW TV show All-American.
March 17, 2021
Episode 84 - Dak, All-Star Weekend, NBA Eastern conference, Washington Sitcom
Had to record this episode again because of technical difficulties. When I did get going, I talked about Dak's contract, hopefully for the last time. NBA All-Star weekend was pretty good given the circumstances. Love the JJ Watt move. The Washington Sitcom team making some no brainer moves. High hopes for the Wizards, skeptical about the caps. OU women's basketball is on the bubble, the men are sliding fast. OU baseball is inconsistent, OU softball is a juggernaut, even with a slightly mickey mouse schedule. March Madness is heating up and I'm excited. The hypothetical game of the episode is 2009 Good Counsel vs Beverley Hills High Eagles from the CW show "All-American".
March 09, 2021
Episode 83 - Tiger, Cam Newton, Logie's Fight
In this episode, I start off by talking about Tiger's unfortunate accident. Cam deserves respect, yes, but lay off the kid. Washington Sitcom fans are delusional. Russ isn't going anywhere. It's going to be tough to move Deshaun. OU women's basketball is on the bubble, OU men's could be a cinderella's first victim. The Wizards are soaring, the Caps are on to the next part of their usual cycle. The Hypothetical GOTE is a score once and you win softball game between Sooner Twitter and the Patty Gasso modern all-stars.
March 02, 2021
Episode 82 - Wentz traded, Texas winter storm, Wizards rising
In this episode, I start off by discussing the Wentz trade. The Texas Winter Storm was much worse than I thought and prayers go out to all those involved. NC State women's basketball made me proud. Wizards are rising, Caps are slumping. Bradley Beal deserved that starting All-Star starting spot. Sooners men and women basketball are winning at the right time. Draymond was speaking facts. The Hypothetical GOTE is the Ball is Life fantasy basketball league vs The Los Angeles Lakers.
February 22, 2021
Episode 81 - Sweet Home Alabama?
In this episode, I start off by recapping the Lakers vs Grizzlies game, then I get into the breaking news at the time. JJ Watt asking to be released didn't surprise me but I'm interested to see where he goes. The Bucs have some tough decisions to make in the offseason. The Wizards give me slim hope that they will make the playoffs. The caps have been awful lately. The WFT made an obvious move and resigned Taylor Heineicke. The Eagles are dragging this Wentz trade way too far. OU men's basketball fell back a little bit but they're going to be ok. OU softball plays a mickey mouse schedule and they should take care of business. The NBA MVP race might look different at the end of the season. The Hypothetical GOTE is 2001 Miami vs 2019 LSU, mini tournament #2 championship game.
February 16, 2021
Episode 80 - Goats and Crushes
In this episode, I started off by recapping the super bowl. Bradley Beal is having a Michael Jordan like season, literally. The caps are going through their midseason slump again. Hope the Eagles can get a first round pick for Carson Wentz. All-American is heating up. OU basketball is falling off a little a bit but OU football is doing well on the recruiting front. National Women in Sports Day is a great idea. I gave my top 10 crushes list and my top 5 college football games that I've seen in person. The hypothetical GOTE is 2001 Miami vs 95 Nebraska.
February 10, 2021
Episode 79 - Sports is a Roller Coaster
In this episode, I start off by discussing the Matt Stafford trade. The Wizards suck, the Caps are thriving. Don't worry about what Nick Sirianni is doing, worry about your team. Aaron Rodgers isn't going anywhere, the Texans will struggle with getting Deshaun Watson to buy in. McGregor got bodied but I'm interested to see what's next. Oklahoma basketball is exceeding expectations. This OU basketball squad reminds me of the 2013 team but hopefully they have a better ending. The Hypothetical GOTE is the Washington Wizards vs the Washington Capitals in a snowy flag football game. The bonus ending consists of reaction to the wild Wizards-Nets game.
February 02, 2021
Episode 78 - Still the Goat
We finally got our super bowl matchup. The Bucs barely got by the Packers with a weak second half. The Chiefs ran past the bills. Hope the Eagles' coaching hire turns out well. RIP Hank Aaron and Larry King. Glad Dwayne Haskins got another job. The Wizards and Caps loafin but I could show some compassion. OU men's basketball is doing well with another tough stretch of their schedule. Sherri Coale is FINE but OU women's basketball, at  it's current state, is not. OU women's Gymnastics have a mickey mouse schedule but I'm thankful that they're really good. I had more discussion about 2002 Ohio State. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is 2019 LSU football vs 2011 Alabama football. 
January 26, 2021
Episode 77 - It's Championship season
Had a lot of fun making this episode. I start off the episode by discussing the NFL divisional round of the playoffs then make predictions on the championship round. The Harden trade sent shockwaves through the sports world. The Wizards caught the covid L, the caps are off to a decent start. Urban Meyer is in Jacksonsville? Doug Pederson had to go. Jared Porter was down bad. I explored the worst champions in the BCS/CFP era. The hypothetical GOTE is 2019 LSU vs 2020 Alabama football.
January 20, 2021
Episode 76 - Folks doin too much
In this episode, I started of by discussing what happened at the capitol. The Wizards are not doing well. Oklahoma Sooners fighting through the gauntlet in basketball. Washington Football team should be glad they didn't lose by 3 or 4 touchdowns. I never had a problem with what Chase Young said, by the way. It was a great wildcard weekend. I recorded this episode before the Browns vs Steelers game so I assumed the Browns were going to lose at the time. Glad they didn't. Why did Michigan extend Harbaugh? The hypothetical game of the episode is the 07 Giants vs the 2020 Washington Football Team.
January 14, 2021
Bruh It's a Podcast Interview
Courtney, Q and E join the show to discuss how their podcast started, the NFL and the NBA. There are jokes, bets, millennial bashing and just overall good time. Hope you enjoy! 
January 08, 2021
Episode 75 - I'm back for real baby!
In this episode, I discuss the Eagles and their underachieving season. The NFL playoffs should be good, the College Football Playoff was ok but I missed most of it. Big win for Oklahoma Sooners football, looking forward to basketball now. The Wizards had a big win against Brooklyn. I gave my top 5 madden players. I gave the top 5 worst and best years of my life. The Hypothetical GOTE is a college football contest, the Goat Level Bowl. The matchup is between arguably the two worst teams in the FBS, Vanderbilt and Kansas.
January 07, 2021
Episode 74 - Still Compromised
In this episode, I talk about the Washington Football team drama. The Eagles disappointed me, now I hope they lose their last game. The Steelers are back, temporarily. The Wizards play no defense. Miami vs Vegas and Liberty vs Coastal at the same time made for some great Saturday night action
December 29, 2020
FINALLY! EPISODE 73 - Merry Christmas
After major technical difficulties, I’m back with another episode. It’s not the best quality but I’m rolling with it anyway. I talk about the Jamaica trip, the NFC East, NBA, Dwayne Haskins. It’s good to be back!
December 25, 2020
Episode 72 - Let's not crown an NFC East champ right now
In this episode, I talk about another frustrating 2020 Eagles performance. I still have confidence that the Eagles will win the division no matter what anyone says. Don't overrate the Washington Football team because of thanksgiving, the Cowboys gave the game away. Covid isn't going anywhere and might threaten the super bowl. Sarah Fuller has my respect, she's also looks good, of course. Glad the Sooners didn't overlook Baylor. Bettors should seriously consider picking the Bengals. I'll give Nate Robinson the benefit of the doubt for getting knocked out. The hypothetical game of the episode is the 2014 Baylor Bears vs 2017 Oklahoma Sooners.
December 06, 2020
Episode 71 - Happy Thanksgiving
Technical difficulties caused me to do the show on my laptop mic. I'm thankful that I was able to do a show. I predicated the thanksgiving games. This episode was recorded before the games. I went 1-1 on my predictions. The 2020 Eagles are at it again with no help from the refs. Tom Brady will be fine. NBA Free Agency was entertaining as always. Oklahoma State is little brother and got sat down by the realest, the Oklahoma Sooners, once again. The Jets need to make the Dolphins bench Tua again. Congrats to NC Dinos the KBO champs. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is a turkey bowl flag football game between the Legion Boom fantasy football league vs Lauren's Joy. 
November 27, 2020
Episode 70 - The 2020 Philadelphia Eagles are frustrating
In this episode, I discussed the Eagles latest loss. The Giants are surging, the cowboys are lurking and Washington football is still a joke. I provide thoughts on the NBA draft. OKC had a ton of trades. The Wizards had a crazy trade rumor involving John Wall. Bedlam is approaching and I'm hyped. The Jaguars once again are threat to pull off a major upset. Anna Horford and Boston vs Philly was very entertaining. I list my crushes power ranking. The Korean series is exciting but far from over. The Hypothetical GOTE is Anna Horford vs the Sixers mascot in NBA 2K. I need to work on my rapping and mixing skills lol
November 21, 2020
Episode 69 - The Covid L
In this episode, I discussed some of the NFL games that I watched on TV the previous week. Chet Holmgren and Emoni Bates are a problem. Clemson and Notre Dame had a great game but might both be in trouble when it's all said and done. The Sooners destroyed Kansas, now its time to look ahead to Oklahoma State. Maryland was rollin but covid got to them before Ohio State could. Speaking of Covid-19, I got it, it sucks but I will overcome in the name of Jesus. The Korean series is going to be lit. The hypothetical game of the episode is a 4 x 1 relay between current and former NFL players along with lady sports media members.
November 15, 2020
Episode 68 - NFC East dreams and Election comedy
In this episode, I talk about the NFC East chances of winning a playoff game. I recapped the Eagles vs Cowboys. I never really took the election seriously but the drama is hilarious. The women I like being so heavily into politics discourages me. I try to make a case for the Cowboys beating the Steelers but I would rather see them suffer. Predicted OU would destroy Kansas, that's exactly what ended up happening. Chad Dukes got canned but I understand why....for the most part. The KBO playoffs is going to be insane. It's a shame what is happening to ESPN but it's a sign of the times. The Hypothetical GOTE is the 98 Bulls/Jazz vs 2016 Warriors/Cavs
November 08, 2020
Episode 67 - The Eagles are STILL your NFC East champs
In this episode I recapped the Cowboys vs Washington and Panthers vs Falcons games. The NFC East winner has a good shot of winning a playoff game. Trevor Lawrence got COVID but Clemson should be fine regardless. OU should kill the pathetic Texas Tech defense. I try to make sense of the Jets chances of winning vs the Chiefs. Congrats to the Dodgers for winning the world series. Greg Brown and Bryan Bresee for the future for sure. I took some lessons out of the movies 1BR, shoutout to Tipsy Pod. The hypothetical GOTE is the Legion of Boom fantasy football group vs Team Lauren and Joy.
November 01, 2020
Ian Cantu Interview
This is an interview with Ian Cantu. He's a sports fan and twitch streamer. We talk about several sports topics. We talk Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State Buckeyes, the Celtics and UFC. Great interview, good fellowship between sports fans. 
October 29, 2020
Episode 66 - NFC Least greatness
In this episode, I start off by talking about how trash the NFC East is. I recapped the Eagles vs Giants Thursday night game and what that means for the Eagles going forward. My flag football team is trash. My fantasy football teams are all over the place. I previewed OU vs TCU. Thank God OU won. The KBO is coming down the home stretch. The Wizards are one piece away from the conference finals. I got into some quick takes. The hypothetical game of the episode is the NFC East All-Stars vs the NFC West All-Stars. Oh and I finished the episode off with a poem.
October 25, 2020
Episode 65 - "LeCakewalk"
I start this epsiode off talking about the Laker's 17th championship, which also happened to be Lebron's 4th. The reaction was mixed. The haters are hilarious, so are the Bronny memes. It's a shame what happened to Dak Prescott. Washington Football Team still trash but it was good to see Alex Smith.  OU vs Texas was lit, glad my sooners won. The Eagles missed a great opportunity to upset the Steelers. I tried to make a case for how the Jets could beat the Dolphins. Can't wait until the Braves lose. The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is a Big 12 edition of Big Brother.
October 19, 2020
Episode 64 - BEAT TEXAS
In this episode, I compared the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football team. I previewed the big OU-Texas game and predicted the score. The Bengals have a good chance as a 13 point underdog to make it a game. I quickly covered several other sports topics before giving another KBO Update. The hypothetical game of the episode is the 2000 Oklahoma Sooners vs the 2005 Texas Longhorns
October 10, 2020
Episode 63 - A warning to you Sooner and WFT fans
In this episode, I get into the Breonna Taylor case. Her death was unfortunate and should have been prevented. I discuss the NBA playoffs. I recap the Washington Football vs Arizona Cardinals game. I also previewed the OU vs K-State game. The hypothetical GOTE is 2020 Oregon vs Ohio State, a game that we were all robbed of. Late upload because I needed to replace my laptop charger,
October 10, 2020
Special Edition Birthday Episode: “The List”
In this episode I discuss OU’s loss, the Eagles tie and Washington football losing again. Don’t worry so much about the Ravens and Saints. The end, I roast the fanbases of several teams and I also send shots at sports twitter trolls/casual fans
September 29, 2020
Episode 62 - Clippers choked, Washington Football team is not that good
In this episode, I discuss the Clippers' epic collapse and my reaction to it. I made predictions for the NBA conference finals. I gave a recap on the recent Browns vs Bengals game. Washington football is not that good, let's not get carried away. The Mystics broke my heart, the Nationals are done. OU Football had an easy first game but now they have K-State who should not be overlooked. The big ten is back. The Hypothetical GOTE pays homage to the late John Thompson and Lute Olsen with the 1984 Hoyas vs the 1997 Arizona Wildcats.
September 21, 2020
Episode 61 - College Football is back, NFL super bowl predictions, Kaep on Madden, Ching Shih vs Frederick Douglass
In this episode, I discuss several topics. College football is back. The big 12 came out sow but that's ok. I give my super bowl predictions. Time is running out for the nats. The mystics are playing their best ball at the right time. Love Kaepernick on madden. The NBA playoffs is cool and the KBO is coming down the home stretch. The Odell story sounds too good to be true. Danuel House should have been more focused. Ching Shih and Frederick Douglass battle in the funniest way possible.
September 13, 2020
Episode 60 - Steve Nash, Adrian Peterson, Madden, NBA Game 7's, Crushes, Life Power Rankings
In this episode, I talk about three of the hottest sports news stories from last week. Madden 21 is a little underwhelming but I'm going to get playing it. It's fantasy football season and I'm all for it. The Game 7s in the NBA were great TV, very entertaining. The Nats and Mystics suck but still have slim playoff hopes. DC United beat the New York Red Bull. Will I buy the OU football pay-per-view? There are new editions of the life and crushes power rankings. The hypothetical game of the episode is the 2012 Minnesota Vikings visiting the 2020 Washington Football team. Will the Washington Sitcom feel the wrath of peak Adrian Peterson?! 
September 07, 2020
Bracketeers Podcast Tourney Re-Do
Filling out the up and coming podcast tournament bracket put together by @BracketeersThe on twitter. 
September 05, 2020
Episode 59 - Jacob Blake response, The Nationals are trash, Life Power rankings, Spencer Rattler rumors
In this episode, I discuss the very touchy and controversial subject of the Jacob Blake. The reaction has been strong, continuing the discussion of race relations in America. I talk about all the DC teams that are in season. I am challenging myself to learn as much as I can about DC United since I know little to nothing about them. The nationals suck this season and its frustrating. I introduced a new segment called "life power rankings" which I rank what made me happy during the week and what annoyed me. Is Spencer Rattler going to start? The Hypothetical Game of the Episode is 06 Boise State vs 2012 Notre Dame
August 31, 2020
Adam Vosding interview
Adam Vosding is a traveling foodie that loves sports, specifically hockey. He is a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan. He shares his traveling experiences, favorite teams and traveling plans for the future. He discusses his amazing sidekick Holland the pup. He likes to bring his dog on sports road trips. This has inspired Adam to potentially get Holland into the world record book and the NHL hall of fame. 
August 29, 2020
Episode 58 - Derrius Guice, New Segments, NBA Playoffs, KBO, 06 Ohio State vs 12 Notre Dame
In this episode, I discuss the latest developments in the Derrius Guice saga. I introduce new segments called the "DC Sports Carousel" and the "Sooner Schooner". The NBA playoffs are a roller coaster but I'm interested to see what happens from here. The playoff race in the KBO is going to be wild and unpredictable. Some random guy on Youtube got me started again on the already dead Jevon Carter vs Trae Young debate. The hypothetical game of the week is 06 Ohio State vs 2012 Notre Dame and it was a good one!
August 23, 2020
Angela Betancourt Interview
Angela Betancourt is a global communications specialist with a podcast called "Five Things with Angie B". In this interview, she discusses her podcast and her inspiration behind making it. Angela is a sports fan who roots for her local Miami teams. Angela has met numerous celebrities over the course of her life, which leads to some incredible stories and experiences. She was a great person to interview!
August 21, 2020
Episode 57 - Derrius Guice, 8th seed race, Dame Time, Sooners-Broncos hypothetical rematch
I begin this episode by discussing the shock I experienced from the Derrius Guice news. The end of the NBA season was wild and entertaining. The Wizards finally won after Mo Wagner pissed off Giannis. The caps, nats and mystics are frustrating me with all these losses. The Lakers will be fine. James Harden might be a top 10 career scorer when its all said and done. The hypothetical game of the episode is a 2007 Fiesta bowl rematch with Boise State being the home team.
August 16, 2020
Andy McClure Interview
Finally, my first real interview on this show. This was a good one. Andy has been a PA announcer for over 30 years in different sports, different levels, mostly notably the collegiate level. He has his own organization called Collegiate Crossing, which helps high school athletes transition to college. He talked about what he does within the organization and how the pandemic has affected his work. We discussed his opinion about the Big 10 and Pac 12 canceling fall sports. At end, we talked about the NBA 8th seed drama and his beloved Denver Broncos.
August 15, 2020
Episode 56 - NBA, Caps, Nats, Future of the MLB, Clay Travis vs Darren Rovell
This episode talks alot about what has gone on the NBA lately. Clippers vs Lakers, Anthony Davis' inconsistency, the surging suns, TJ Warren, Jonathan Isaac, other teams and players who are on a roll right now. The caps and nats are struggling but who knows what the future holds. The MLB is somehow moving along despite  3 teams having outbreaks. The KBO is staying true to form for the most part. It is certainly fun to watch. College football is in trouble. More players are opting out. The season is going to be a strange one. Clay Travis and Darren Rovell are engaged in a elaborated twitter war about corona virus. Not a surprise at all. I introduced a new segment called quote of the day. The hypothetical game of the week is a softball game between the New BB All-Stars.
August 10, 2020
Episode 55 - Jamal Adams, Marlins outbreak, DC Sports, Bracketeers Podcast Tourney
In this episode, I start of by discussing the big Jamal Adams trade. The Marlins covid-19 outbreak spells doom for the MLB. The mystics are doing amazing, the wizards are trying, the nationals are struggling but pulled out another win. Joe Kelly's fastball was just not there vs the Astros but he gained fans for what he did. Lou Williams just gave Magic City more business. The NFL player opt-out list will keep growing. The Bracketeers' podcast tourney was dope. Hope to listen to every podcast involved. The Hypothetical GOTE is a superstar KO style flag football game between GOTE all stars.
August 03, 2020
Episode 54 - MLB, DC Sports, Chiefs repeat talk, Kanye vs Barry McCockiner, and more
In this episode I discuss the MLB scrimmages and opening night. DC Sports is a roller coaster right now. Some encouragement, some disappointment, some laughter (The Washington football team). Chiefs need to slow down on repeat talk. The Seattle NHL team name is fire. I would like to see Roy Jones vs Mike Tyson but I'm more interested of what comes after that. The KBO standings are still pretty much the same. Outkick and Joy Taylor are great marketers. Kanye West is wyling. The hypothetical game of the episode is a presidential speech contest between Barry McCockiner the legendary twitter troll vs Kanye West.
July 26, 2020
Episode 53 - DC United, Makur Maker, Desean Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and More
In this episode, I start with some breaking news about Jason Peters. I get into DC United's opening game vs Toronto,  Bradley Beal missing the season, Delle Donne's situation and the Mystics title chances. Makur Maker is coming to Howard and I'm excited. Patrick Mahomes deserves his massive contract. It's going to be a tough market for Raheem Mostert but I wish him the best. I don't agree with Desean Jackson sharing a fake hitler quote about black people being the real Jews but I'm looking forward to the education and conversations that will take place in the future. I talked about the KBO and the TBT before their championship game. The hypothetical GOTE is a football game between the 2009 McNamara Mustangs and 2016 (I said 2017 on the show) Scotland County Scots. I forgot to mention that McNamara had Crishon Rose, a 6'4 beast of D tackle who ended up playing for East Carolina.
July 16, 2020
Episode 52 - Caleb Williams, Redskins, Black National Anthem in the NFL and more
In this episode I discuss the recent verbal commitment of Caleb Williams to my University of Oklahoma Sooners, I'm excited, of course! The Redskins name will finally change! maybe the franchise will quit being a joke in the process. The Black National Anthem might be coming to the NFL. The NBA delete 8 bubble idea isn't all that bad but probably won't happen. I provide another KBO update. The hypothetical game of the episode is a basketball youtuber pickup game featuring me.
July 08, 2020
Episode 51 - Cam Newton, JR Smith, Jemele Hill vs Dave Portnoy, Joy Taylor-Liv Cowherd simp battle
In this episode I discuss the Cam Newton and JR Smith signings. I talked about the Jemele Hill vs Dave Portnoy follow beef. I learned a little bit about cancel culture in the process. I'm still watching KBO. Tiffany Kim is a star in the making. The Undisputed cast are geniuses. The hypothetical GOTE features a Joy Taylor vs Liv Cowherd simp paintball battle. 
July 04, 2020
Episode 50 - Bubba Wallace, PFT vs Outkick, KBO, Crushes Power Ranking
50th episode! Thankful to reach this milestone. I discuss several topics in this episode. I touched on the MLB return and the Bubba Wallace situation. I went into detail about the PFT vs Outkick beef, they have a lot more in common than I thought. Mike Florio and Clay Travis playing madden is the hypothetical GOTW. KBO is still going strong. The top teams are becoming obvious at this point. Coronavirus can't be stopped, Jerian Grant is a Wizard and I share my top 10 crushes list.
June 27, 2020
Episode 49 - NBA drama, Zeke, Jason Whitlock with Outkick, KBO
In this episode, I start off talking about the players who disagree with an NBA return. Then I get into Zeke getting the coronavirus, Jason Whitlock joining Outkick, EPL return and another KBO update. Fanduel is still great, give it a try if you haven't already. The Hypothetical GOTW is the Ogwumike sisters vs the Pugh family in an epic halfcourt 4 on 4 basketball game. 
June 20, 2020
Episode 48 - BLM Deflections, Twitter lockdown, Hypothetical GOTE, Dalvin Cook, KBO and more
In this episode, I cover a variety of topics. I talk about a few deflections people use to argue against Black Lives Matter, which leads me into addressing Nicole Arbour once again. I share the story about getting locked out of my twitter account because of one tweet. The hypothetical Game of the Episode is Me vs FlightReacts in 1 on 1 basketball. The bonus hypothetical GOTE is a rap battle between Blessed and Syahboy set in 2011. I understand Dalvin Cook's holdout but the Vikings seem to have the leverage. The NC Dinos is still the best team in the KBO. The Hanwha Eagles are absolutely awful. I also discussed the possibility of Colin Kaepernick being back in the NFL, the return of the MLS, my family zoom call and I rap at the end. Enjoy.
June 15, 2020
Episode 47 - George Floyd, Racism, Trae Young, KD, Kareem, etc
In this episode, I go into what I think about the social issues that happening in America today. I made a case for why Trae Young could potentially be the greatest NBA point guard ever. KD and Kareem aren't mentioned enough in the GOAT conversation. Whitlock is out at FS1. The NHL and NBA are returning and I'm intrigued. 
June 07, 2020
Episode 46 - The Last Dance finale, Last Dance Bulls vs 99 Spurs, KBO and more
The last dance has finally ended. It was a great series and I'm thankful for it. I discuss the finale and the major reaction that followed. The hypothetical GOTW puts the Last Dance Bulls in the 99 season. I finish the show talking about KBO, Dak's contract, Isiah Thomas, Luke Hill and Wentz vs Foles.
May 25, 2020
Episode 45 - Maryland Football Roast, The Last Dance
This episode talks about Maryland football fans trash talking OU football fans on twitter over Caleb Williams. I discussed episode 7 & 8 of the last dance. There were new celebrity power rankings and a new hypothetical game of the week. I concluded the episode by talking about Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar.
May 25, 2020
Episode 44 - Tennessee and BC Roast, Celebrity Power rankings, 04 title game rematch, The Last Dance
In this episode, I hop in the Tennessee vs Oklahoma twitter war, while ending BC fans' career before it even starts. I introduce another new segment called celebrity power rankings. I finally pick the underdog in the hypothetical game of the week. I discuss the last dance once again. Finally, I conclude by promoting the new PG county basketball documentary and give quick takes on latest sports news.
May 10, 2020
Episode 43 - NFL Draft rounds 2-7, The Last Dance, Worst OU loss
In this episode, I discussed my thoughts on the remainder of the draft. I watched the entire thing. I also talk about the last dance, episodes 3 and 4. My hypothetical game of the week is Bulls vs Pistons game 7 1990 with a healthy Paxson and Pippen. Finally, I conclude talking about the worst OU losses I have seen in person.
May 02, 2020
Episode 42 - 2020 NFL Draft first round thoughts
My thoughts on the first round of the draft. 
April 26, 2020
Episode 41 - WNBA Draft, 2007 OU-Texas, Hypothetical GOTW, The Last Dance
This episode discusses the WNBA draft. I discuss some of the top picks, the mystics selections and the youngest Ogunmike sisters. I also recap my 2007 OU-Texas, finally watching it for the first time. I introduced a new segment called "The hypothetical game of the week". This week it was 2019 LSU vs 2019 Ohio State. At the end, I recap and give my thoughts on the last dance.
April 23, 2020
Episode 40 - Clay Travis vs Peter King, Sports talk debate shows, 2020, NFL
This episode recaps the Clay Travis vs Peter King debate. I also talk about the humor I see in my favorite shows. 2020 sucks, more people dying, a virus has taken over the world and the future just looks gloomy but I see it as a blessing in disguise. Christian McCaffrey got a huge contract. Trae Young lost in HORSE and the NFL draft is coming up soon.
April 15, 2020
Episode 39
This episode covers the breaking news of Jamal Bienienemy leaving OU and the XFL suspending operations. It also covers the MLB in Arizona, 2K tournaments, the NFL All-Decade team and the Ohio State AD's comments.
April 10, 2020
Episode 38 - The All-American, Jordan, Best teams ever
In this episode, I talk about my screw up after switching podcast hosts. I discussed the things I learned from watching the All-American. I decide which Jordan repeat was better. I talked about my memories of 2013 OU softball, classic sports games and the best teams I’ve ever seen. I also compare my life to Kevin Durant’s and finish by talking about the current issues that I’m going through in my life.
April 05, 2020
Episode 37 - Coronavirus, NFL Free Agency, Greatest Sooner bracket
In this episode, I talk more about the coronavirus, how it has effected me and how we need to stay positive. I also discuss big NFL free agency news and the greatest sooner ever bracket made by RJ Young.
March 24, 2020
Episode 36 - Coronavirus takeover, Howard lost, Battle of the sexes
In this episode I talk about the effects of the Coronavirus, Howard's season ending, Jesse Kelly's tweet and USSF vs USWNT
March 12, 2020
Episode 35 - Coronavirus, Howard, NFL free agency
In this episode, I finally address the coronavirus hysteria. This episode was recorded minutes before the NCAA banned fans from events. Howard won their first conference tournament game. I also discuss the contracts of Brady and Dak.
March 11, 2020
Episode 34 - DC Defenders, Howard, Brady, Jalen Hurts, NBA
In this episode, I talk about the DC Defenders' latest win, Howard's tournament journey, Tom Brady free agency, Jalen Hurts' draft process and Lebron.
March 11, 2020
Episode 33 - DC Defenders, Howard, NBA
In this episode I give updates on Howard, DC Defenders and the NBA
March 11, 2020
Episode 32 - DC Defenders, Howard, OU Basketball, Trae vs Brad, OU twitter
In this episode, I give an update on the DC Defenders, Howard Men's basketball and OU Men's basketball. I hyped the Trae Young vs Bradley Beal matchup this Friday. I also talked about OU twitter milfs and give my early thoughts about OU football this season.
March 02, 2020
Episode 31 - DC Defenders, Astros, NBA, Howard
In this episode I talk about the DC Defenders debacle, Astros cheating scandal, Trae Young, Bradley Beal and Howard basketball
February 25, 2020
Episode 30 - Howard, XFL, NBA All Star weekend, Astros
In this episode I explain the way Howard can win the MEAC tournament. I called Raymond Bethea Jr, "Raymond Berry" haha. I also discuss all-star weekend, the XFL and the Astros cheating scandal.
February 17, 2020
Episode 29 (re-upload) - XFL, NBA and Howard basketball
Love the XFL. Howard basketball is trash but I love em.
February 17, 2020
Episode 28 (re-upload) - RIP Kobe
RIP Kobe Bryant. I remember the legend and talk about a few other things
February 17, 2020
Episode 27 - on the road
January 20, 2020
Episode 26 - Eagles, Sooners, Maryland, NFL playoffs, Shoutouts
Talking about the eagles playoff loss, maryland vs ohio state, the sooners and the NFL playoffs
January 09, 2020
Episode 25 - Sooners, CFP, NFL, Wizards
The final four in college football is set. Congrats to my sooners. The redskins really thought they were going to the playoffs. Ha. It's crunchtime for the eagles and the Wizards need to fix that defense!
December 09, 2019
Episode 24 - NFL Thanksgiving
NFL Thanksgiving games preview
November 28, 2019
Episode 23 - OU vs Baylor, #RallyTits, Eagles vs Pats, Kaepernick
On this epsiode, I recap OU-Baylor, shouting out rally titty twitter. I also recap the Eagles vs Patriots and the NFC playoff race. Last but not least, I discuss the most talked about NFL stories of the week (the fight and kaepernick)
November 19, 2019
Episode 22 - Social league ball, NFL, World Series, wizards, OU
In this episode, I start off talking about my social league basketball team. I also discuss what happened around the NFL and preview Eagles vs Patriots. The nats world series is amazing and I love OU twitter.
November 14, 2019
Don't blame me if your fantasy team loses (Volume 2)
Your fantasy team is TRASH!
October 19, 2019
Episode 21 - OU-Texas Recap, NFL, DC sports
In this episode, I recap OU-Texas, talk about the NFL, including some fantasy stuff. I also talk about recent DC sports news.
October 13, 2019
Don't blame me if your fantasy team loses (Volume 1)
The dolphins are TRASH! The eagles secondary is TRASH!
September 18, 2019
Episode 20 - OU, NFL, NCAA and St John Bosco vs Good Counsel
In this episode I preview the OU-UCLA game, talk about other college games, discuss the NFL and recap St John Bosco vs Good Counsel
September 14, 2019
Episode 19 - NFL, Nats, Sooners and Freestyle Friday
Back at it again
August 25, 2019
Episode 18 - More NBA Free Agency Talk
In this episode I talk about Nationals vs Phillies, NBA free agency, big brother and recent US women's national team news
July 15, 2019
Episode 17 - Westbrook to Houston?!
I just had to talk about this! crazy news from the NBA. I also discuss the US Women's national team.
July 12, 2019
Episode 16 - Anthony Davis Trade
In this episode, I talk about the big Anthony Davis trade, the raptors, OU Softball and the US Women's national team
June 16, 2019
Episode 15 - No Cap
In this episode I discuss the NBA playoffs, DC sports, Avengers/Game of Thrones and my Canton, Ohio experience.
May 12, 2019
Episode 14 - Catching up
Just catching on big sports topics after the super bowl
March 01, 2019
Episode 13 - NFL Championship reaction and more
In this episode, I talk about the caps, the wizards, NFL championship reaction and Jalen Hurts going to Oklahoma.
January 24, 2019
Episode 12 - What is life
Episode with my little cousin Noah....just listen to it
December 29, 2018
Episode 11 - Back to Back
Back to back shows as I promised my friend Zach. In this episode I talk about the recent Buster Douglas documentary, the NFL playoffs, the NBA and other things
December 12, 2018
Episode 10 - Finally back again
Good to be back to on the mic! In this episode I discuss the Eagles vs Cowboys, the NFL wildcard, the wizards, the Maryland 4A state title game and OU football.
December 11, 2018
Episode 9 - Nationals, T.O., Plus Size Divas
In this episode I discuss the nationals, T.O.'s hall of fame drama, the NBA christmas schedule and the Plus Size Divas
August 26, 2018
Episode 8 - Jevon Carter is not Trae Young's dad
In this episode I breakdown why Jevon Carter is NOT better than Trae Young. I also go on to explain why Trae Young is better than Luka Doncic. The nats, lakers and jimmy garoppolo are discussed as well.
July 29, 2018
Episode 7 (Uncut, Unedited) - Caps, NBA Draft, WCWS, 2 Plus Size Divas
After nearly a month delay, I talk about a variety of subjects. I discuss the struggling nats, the caps and their parade, the NBA, leaving the Women's College World Series early and how much I like the 2 plus size divas podcast.
June 23, 2018
Episode 6 - Nats, Caps, NBA Finals, WCWS
In this episode, I give a nats update, talk about the capitals in the stanley cup and give WCWS/NBA Finals predictions
May 31, 2018
Episode 5 - Conference Finals
In this episode, I talk about the nationals, the capitals (before game 7) and the NBA conference finals
May 24, 2018
Episode 4 - Women in Sports Media
Finally, after much procrastination, I tackle the topic of women in sports media. I mainly focus on Sarah Spain and what was said on her podcast
May 13, 2018
Episode 3 - DC Sports and NFL draft reaction
In this episode I discuss DC Sports and the NFL draft.
May 03, 2018
Episode 1 - Lebron vs the Bad Boy Pistons
I start of this episode discussing how Lebron would do vs the bad boy pistons. I also give my take on the Jordan vs Lebron GOAT debate. Later in the episode, I recap my experience at the women's final four with a weird story at the end.
April 16, 2018