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GOAT1408 Podcast

GOAT1408 Podcast

By goat1408
Welcome to the podcast of Atlanta native and artist Slim Jim Longfoot aka Tha GOAT: King of America. GOAT1408 Podcast shall range from activities of the artistic sensibilities of this experience that we call life. Join Tha GOAT as we venture upon an earful of tales for all with a mature mindset to hear. Catch these vibes!!!
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Episode 005: A Convo with Melody Reyne

GOAT1408 Podcast

Episode 006: A Convo with The Eunice PL
Tha GOAT is back with GOAT1408 Podcast! Author Eunice Pierre-Louis is here showcasing her book, “Dying For I Do”, being a new mother and her love for Star Trek!! This episode is in conjunction with Episode 128 of GOAT1408 TV Here is the link:
November 13, 2020
Episode 005: A Convo with Melody Reyne
On this episode we have a convo with Singer/Songwriter and Visualist Melody Reyne, aka The Quarantine Cutie. We have a convo about her love for music, the origins of her latest EP “As Above”, why she started an OnlyFans page, and what to expect from her new YouTube channel SoPosh. Watch GOAT1408 TV Episode 112 here:
May 28, 2020
Episode 004: A Convo with Long Tongue Goddess
On this hot episode here, we have the exotic Long Tongue Goddess! We talk candidly about her endeavors, her OnlyFans and her long tongue. Check out her sister’s IG page here: Her IG page: See Episode 109 of GOAT1408 TV HERE:
May 11, 2020
Episode 003: A Convo with Kevin Chapman
Hey world, it’s Slim Jim Longfoot aka Tha GOAT here with another dope podcast! On this episode our guest is Kevin Chapman, creator of Afro Avenger. He gives a rundown on the origin of Afro Avenger and what it is like to be an independent comicbook creator. This episode is in conjunction with the review I did on Afro Avenger Issue Number, which can be seen here: and Episode 108 of GOAT1408 TV which can be seen here:
May 07, 2020
Episode 002: A Convo with Bien-Aimé Wenda
Welcome to Episode 002 of GOAT1408 Podcast. On this episode, we have a conversation with Author Bien-Aimé Wenda. We talk about her passion for writing, her self-confidence boost via live broadcasting apps and her recent diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.... She is also the muse subject for Episode 107 of GOAT1408 TV. See the episode HERE:
April 27, 2020
Episode 001: A Convo with TrayaBAM of HavitureWae
WSUP world and Happy 420, it’s ya man Slim Jim Longfoot aka Tha GOAT: King of America. Welcome to Episode 001 of my Podcast brought to you by! On this episode we have the subject of Episode 104 of my art series GOAT1408 TV, TrayaBAM of HavitureWae. We talk candidly about keeping it real in this reality TV age and keeping an atmosphere on our perspective YouTube channels! Check out my drawing of her HERE:
April 21, 2020