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God In The Ordinary

God In The Ordinary

By Gary Dell & Sharon Tedford (Wiseword Radio & 61 Things Co-Production)
Do you feel too 'ordinary' to impact those around you for Jesus? Isaiah 61 tells us how to reach our communities with the Truth of the Gospel. Regardless of what you do, ordinary Christians are the perfect candidates to serve God. But perhaps you don’t know how to get started?

God In The Ordinary is a twice-monthly interview podcast and it can help you! Through encouraging and engaging stories, be inspired to learn how you can make an eternal difference in your community and beyond! Let’s band together on both sides of the Atlantic as we reveal 'God in the Ordinary'.
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God In The Ordinary: Shelley Small
If God’s given you a passion for something, you can be sure He’ll be able to use it for His Kingdom.  God is present in all areas of our lives – but are we willing to submit to His way in everything and see His will come to fruition?  Today’s guest is Shelley Small, the Southwest Colorado Springs Area Representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  Shelley loved and excelled at sport from a young age.  She found joy in competing and being part of a team.  Her career has spanned from Baylor College Volleyball, to being on the coaching team of an Olympic Volleyball squad, to working with an international organisation that supports Christian sportsmen and women.  Shelley tells about how God is using all kinds of sport to reveal Himself through athletes who love and serve Jesus; makes some very interesting observations on Isaiah 61; and discusses how our will can get in line with God’s will.  We also chat about letting God be the leader - even in the context of sport.  Regardless of whether you enjoy sports or not, this edition will make you think about how you use your everyday life to reveal God to those around you. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
September 23, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Elise Peterson
How can I help people in my own community who are suffering when I’m suffering myself?  In July 2022, a terrible wildfire hit Wennington, a small village on the eastern edge of London, and destroyed many homes.  Our guest today chose to put aside her feelings of inadequacy and leant on her faith in God as she stepped in to help.  As vicar of both the church in Wennington and of that in the neighbouring village of Rainham, Rev. Elise Peterson felt the pain of the people and knew she needed to offer the hope of Jesus.  Elise shares how she found the strength to put aside her own fears and feelings of insufficiency, and what she did to support those who’d lost everything; tells of how she sat with the brokenhearted and how that simple act translates to the lives of every Believer.  Listen in as we discuss the importance of being present, and how casual conversations can bring sought-after compassion.  This story is one of the power of listening.  We talk about the beauty found in letting go and reveal how being flexible in different ways can be a great tool in sharing the Gospel.  This edition will get your mental wheels turning and help you to see how being ourselves allows us to reveal God to those in need.  And don’t miss the miraculous way that God protected and used the church building, right in the middle of the fire! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
September 08, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Rene Lackey
How can you help someone who tells you about their unexpected pregnancy?  If abortion isn’t the answer, what is?  In this latest edition, we talk with René Lackey, Executive Director of Amira’s House, a ministry to and home for young, pregnant women.  From a young age, René dreamed of helping orphans and displaced people.  And now, after decades of waiting, she’s watching God bring that dream to fruition as she serves unexpectedly expectant mothers.  Through an accepting and non-judgmental environment, René and all who serve with her, reveal the deep love of an all-sufficient Father God to the women in their care.  René tells us about some specific ways to support young, pregnant ladies and about how we can change lives through practical care; shares about her long nursing career and how she was able to show the unending love of Jesus with many of her patients and their families.  This conversation is significant and poignant amidst the changes and dialogue over abortion laws (in the USA) and will be sure to give you some helpful tools and prayer points, as we unpack an important, current issue.  Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
August 24, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Linda Goldfarb
For those blessed to be parents, it can be a wonderful and full-on task.  Our guest today helps parents to think about effective ways to reveal God to their children – especially the young adults.  Linda Goldfarb is a board-certified Christian life-coach who’s raised four children of her own.  Her son was a junior golfer, and she spent many hours on and off the golf course coaching him in both sport and life lessons.  She shows us how easily God can be honoured, and faith can be shared, through athletics and other pastimes.  Linda shares transparently about the challenges faced when your adult child doesn’t share your foundational faith views and gives us some valuable advice on how to deal with that; and shares about the many exciting ways God is using her voice; and how it’s never too late to submit to God’s will for our lives.  Today’s show will give you practical tips, clear direction, and important talking points to help in the development of family relationships.  If you’re wondering how to encourage those you love, whilst calling them up to new levels of excellence, then do listen to this podcast. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
August 10, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Paul Harcourt
On God in The Ordinary we talk a lot about how our regular days and roles help us to reveal God to those around us.  But can this still be the case at big Christian conferences and larger gatherings of Jesus-followers?  In this edition, we chat with Paul Harcourt, National Leader of New Wine, a yearly Bible festival in the UK.  Paul helps us to think about how we can encourage each other through big get-togethers; shares how we can take what we learn at such meetings back to our day-to-day living; and we talk about how to discern and listen out for the voice of the Holy Spirit, and how we can become the kind of people who respond to His directions.  Paul helps us to think about the importance of demonstrating the Gospel, not just proclaiming it, and gives some great advice on how to start each day.  We also discuss the new adventure that Paul’s autistic son is beginning; and we reflect on how parents need to trust God in all stages of their children’s lives.  Join us as and be encouraged through this edition, then head on over to New Wine’s website (you’ll find the link in the show notes) to find some inspiring and motivating teaching on joining God in building His Kingdom, right where you are. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
July 29, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Carol Kent
What would you do if your ‘ordinary’ suddenly became visiting an adult child in prison?  Do you think it might shake your faith in God to have a loved one incarcerated?  Today, Sharon Tedford chats with Carol Kent, an international speaker and author, who is living this reality today.  Carol and her husband have lived through the trauma of watching their grown-up son arrested and convicted of a serious crime.  Carol tells us about how she had to dig in deep to her already established faith in God, to be able to continue trusting her Heavenly Father when things didn’t turn out the way they'd hoped; shares the best way to follow God when things feel dark and gloomy; and explains how she still has hope in a situation that may appear bleak to others.  We learn about how we can reveal God to people who are in prison, with lots of practical tips and examples of what to send; and how to encourage those who are imprisoned.  This edition is packed full of hope-filled faith and will reassure and inspire you when you’re facing seemingly impossible circumstances of your own. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
July 12, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Betsy Pendergrass
There’s nothing more ordinary than gathering around the table with friends and family.  But it’s something that's been put on the back burner by many of us.  Do you think family dinner times are important?  Have you ever invited friends over for something as simple as a coffee and a chat?  Are get-togethers something God can use as an ordinary way to reveal Himself through you to others?  Our guest, Betsy Pendergrass, is passionate about encouraging others to gather.  Betsy gives us some very practical tips for how to invite others into our homes and lives so that we can share Jesus with them; shares about the importance of family relationships; and how the Bible needs to be central to everything we do.  Connection is important to Betsy, and she helps us think about creative but straightforward ways to share the love of Jesus with friends and family.  The power of books and reading, and how God is using Betsy’s renewed love for painting to reveal Himself to her and through her, also get a mention!  If you’ve been wanting to connect with friends and neighbours on a new level, and you’ve been wondering how to do that, then this edition is for you.  Betsy’s uncomplicated gathering ideas will give you lots to think about.  You’re going to love the joy that pours out of Betsy, too! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
June 29, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Joe Hobday
Do you ever wonder how to connect with people who aren't in your age bracket?  Is it necessary to reach out to other age groups with the gospel?  And do you ever think about how you can meet the many needs of the vastly diverse people in your community?  Our guest for today’s edition is Joe Hobday - a youth pioneer - who’s learnt how to reach out to the young people in his neighbourhood.  In fact, Joe is determined that all the people of his community will know God’s love as he works on ways to provide for both their practical and spiritual needs.  Joe shares about the restoration project he's heading up for his church parish - something which literally embodies the words of Isaiah 61; shares how he’s bringing mixed age groups of people together around one mission; and gives us a fresh perspective on a popular song from a modern-day musical.  The surprising and insightful angle will give you pause for thought and you’ll probably never listen to the song in the same way again.  Joe’s humility and enthusiasm are infectious, and you’ll be sure to be moved to action after listening to his chat with host, Sharon Tedford. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
June 14, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Kimberly DeLaughter
Do animals go to heaven?  Does God care about how we treat his creatures?  How does God reveal Himself to us through pets and livestock?  In this edition our guest is seasoned veterinarian, Dr Kimberly DeLaughter, or Dr. D as she’s known to her clients!  Dr. D - Kim - tells us about how she reveals God through the ups and downs of caring for animals; talks about a fun link between Isaiah 61 and the humble bumble bee; and shares how God shows up in the most difficult moments of a vet’s day.  We also hear about the most important tool that Dr. D carries in her vet toolbelt – prayer!  Dr. D is a great example of someone who looks for God in the ordinary rhythm of her day, as well as being someone who seeks opportunities to share the truth of Jesus with others.  The stories she tells will encourage you regardless of what kind of daily activity you conduct.  The compassion in Kim's heart, and her intentional desire to follow Jesus in every moment of her day is clear, and will inspire you to both seek and reveal God in your ordinary.  Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
June 03, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Mick Fleming
Have you ever wanted to reach out to a homeless person, but didn’t know what to do?  Perhaps you’ve seen someone living on the streets, but you’ve been unsure how to reach out to them in the name of Jesus.  Can giving a hungry person a sandwich truly be revealing God to them?  Today's guest is Pastor Mick Fleming of Church On The Street MInistries, a faith-in-action charity based in the northwest of England, where Mick's introducing needy and broken people to the love and healing of Jesus.  Mick tells us how he came to know Jesus as an adult, leaving his life of drug addiction and crime to follow Christ; talks about his experience of meeting Jesus in a shop doorway, in the darkness of a freezing winter night; and shares how this inspired him to reach out to other people still stuck in poverty.  Necessity and compassion drove Mick to bring food and other supplies to people who were desperate for help in his own community.  The mission quickly grew into a now thriving and prominent ministry, even drawing the attention of British Royalty!  Join us and learn how the 'two-cup Gospel' will help you reach out to those in need in your own life and community.  You'll be inspired by Mick’s humility and enthusiasm.  I’ve learned a lot from this edition and so will you.  Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
May 17, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Bob Sluka
Can science and Christian faith live side-by-side?  Are our small personal efforts towards recycling really making any difference?  And does God want all my attention to be turned towards telling people about Jesus with words alone?  Bob Sluka, Lead Scientist of A Rocha USA’s Marine Conservation Program, joins us to talk about how he reveals God through his work.  Bob shares how he’s seen God’s fingerprints in creation and tells of his motivation behind serving God in this field of science; tells us about some simple steps we can all take to help heal our lands, from how we fertilize our lawns to what fish we purchase from the supermarket; and spurs us on to think more deeply about how God sees His creation and encourages us to consider how God created all things to worship Him as they flourish.  Bob is living a life that integrates his beliefs and love of the ocean in a way that brings blessing to people, nations, and the planet, and it’s inspiring.  This edition is being released close to Earth Day 2022 and helps us to consider how Christians ought to respond to the many issues surrounding pollution and conservation.  So listen to this episode and hear how Bob’s words of wisdom encourage you on to new thinking and maybe even fresh action. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
April 22, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Patricia Durgin
Are you reluctant to share your God-given story with others?  Do you believe your work skills are irrelevant to the Gospel?  Today's guest, Patricia Durgin, shares some simple steps that help us to realise that if we're a Christian, we're chosen by God to share the Good News by serving others.  She is an online marketing specialist who uses her talents to help teach others how to meet their audiences and customers right where they are.  She believes we serve people best when we see them as Christ sees them.  Patricia helps us to think about how having a digital presence in a digital world is a strong force for the Kingdom of God - she believes it’s vital for Christians to 'show up' online and to reach out to other people who are there; she shares about how God has used what the world calls a 'disability' in her life: visual impairment has taught Patricia how to receive other people’s acts of service, which has in turn helped her become a skilled minister of service herself.  If you want to learn how to share the message and story that God has put within you, this edition is for you.  Patricia will light a fire of enthusiasm under you as you learn to respond to God’s words of direction and serve others in His name. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
April 05, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Loulita Gill
Is it ever possible to be truly free from shame?  Is there a way out of the darkness created by abuse?  Our guest for this edition tells of how the light of Jesus has illuminated her after being trapped by the darkness of shame for decades.  She's been released from that trap and she now shares her powerful story through her stunningly soulful music with people all over the world.  Singer, songwriter and graphic designer, Loulita Gill, talks with host Sharon Tedford, about her journey from emotional confinement to spiritual release.  Loulita shares about how God has helped her turn tragedy into treasure through song; shares about how she loves to connect with her audiences by living an authentic life of integrity.  As a business owner, Loulita talks about her favourite business partner and gives some very helpful advice on how to provide a professional service that reveals God to every client, regardless of their faith perspective; and she discusses her songwriting process as well thoughts on how to parent with love and grace.  This edition is a wander through some deep topics via a path of joy and laughter.  So don’t miss Loulita’s interview – you'll be sure to find some encouragement in her words of wisdom. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
March 22, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Sharon Tedford
Have you ever wanted to know more about the host of God In The Ordinary?  Well, today’s the day you get to hear from her!  In this special edition, Sharon Tedford shares with a previous guest, Nicci Hejnar, about how she reveals God in the ordinary; and why 61 Things became the name of her ministry and how it was born.  They discuss a wide range of topics - from how Sharon handled a word of prophecy, to how she started songwriting quite a few years ago now!  Sharon shares some simple ways to pray for strangers; we find out what kind of character traits people need to be missionaries (spoiler alert: every follower of Jesus is a missionary!); and also hear about Sharon’s ‘team’ and how mutual support is so important to them all.  If you're a regular listener, you'll know every guest is asked to share a reflection on Isaiah 61 - but there's no exceptions, so it's Sharon’s turn to share today!  There’s something fun about getting to peak behind the curtain of our host’s life, so do join us as we get to know Sharon a little more. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
March 08, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Ryan George
Do you think of yourself as an adventurer?  Perhaps you enjoy extreme sports or take delight in activities that keep you on the edge of your seat?  In this episode Sharon Tedford talks with avid adventurer, author and podcaster, Ryan George, who helps us to learn that living a Jesus life is the most exciting voyage we’ll ever make.  He has found he's able to communicate more honestly with God as he undertakes adrenaline-charged experiences and invigorating pursuits.  Ryan tells us some tales of where God has met him in his moments of surrender and how something as simple as thankfulness has become a frequent part of his daily practice; about his newest and most exhilarating adventure of adoption, sharing the uplifting story of how that came about for him and his wife.  God interrupted the life direction that Ryan had so carefully laid out for himself, and this new role of being a dad has shown that God loves to out-dream us.  We learn how submitting to God’s way leads to some beautiful and life-changing outcomes.  Ryan talks about how he reveals God to others whilst on the side of mountains, and how he frequently discusses the truth of Jesus in his church parking lot.  He clearly has a passion for sharing the gospel and has learned how to recognize and respond to the voice of God no matter where he is.  Even if you don’t identify yourself as someone who enjoys adventure, Ryan helps us see that the Christian life is an adventure and that following God’s plans for us with honest vulnerability, will lead to a life that reveals God to others.  This episode will encourage you to pray more intentionally and to step outside of your comfort zone as you see where Jesus meets us in the adventure of Christian faith. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
February 25, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Chris & Jamie Bailey
Is it possible that marriage is a tool God uses to reveal Himself to us?  Can God help us to grow through what we learn from being a good spouse?  In this episode of God In The Ordinary, professional counselors Chris & Jamie Bailey, who’ve helped countless people find new hope and freedom, bring some deep wisdom and help us to think about how God shows up in our marriages.  Chris & Jamie share important and practical steps for moving from being broken hearted to healed; talk about the root of many of our marital stressors and how to deal with them; and we also touch on how to love a spouse through chronic sickness, and how good grandparenting is another way to build strong marriages.  Chris and Jamie Bailey have a real heart for marriages and are passionate about helping people rebuild what was once ruined.  They believe in the power of love – God’s love - and have experienced how bringing Jesus’ love into a marriage can change a generation.  Their ministry, Expedition Marriage, encourages us to enjoy the journey and you'll certainly enjoy this great edition. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
February 08, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Fiona Stewart
Have you ever declared that you're not creative?  Do you believe that creativity is for other people who can do all that fancy stuff?  Perhaps you struggle to believe that creativity is of any use to God?  Well, we’d like to help you change your mind!  Our guest today lets us see how to use many different strings of creativity to reveal God to those around us, and how God can use it to reveal Himself to us, too.  Fiona Stewart is, among other things, a British playwright, podcast host, poet, and the creative director of Foolproof Creative Arts.  Fiona tells us about how her life has taken some surprising twists and turns, leading her to where she is today; shares about how creativity really matters and how even our own foolishness can be used by God: her faith and delight in Jesus are obvious and infectious!  Do join us in this episode as Fiona and host, Sharon Tedford, take an inspiring wander around the world of theatre, parables, mystery, and communication.  Learn how good communication skills are important as we share the good news of Jesus.  And stick around to the very end for an extra special treat from our guest with a beautiful 'Scottish burr' - you won’t be disappointed! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
January 25, 2022
God In The Ordinary: Revealing God... at Christmas
Do you long to be able to share the truth of Jesus during the Christmas season?  Our special edition shares the stories of people who are revealing God intentionally at this time of year.  We’re excited to chat with guests who are doing their part to help their communities see more of Jesus: a group of ladies blessing new mothers in a fun way; a man who’s meeting needs in his community; a lady who’s learned to find the joy of Jesus; and a mother who worked on something exciting with her young daughter.  We also hear from our host and producer, Sharon Tedford and Gary Dell, and their thoughts on how to share 'God in The Ordinary'.  Our prayer is that hearing from people who are loving others on purpose will encourage you to do the same.  So join us and get ready to be inspired by these dynamic guests as we help you to find ways to reveal God this Christmas. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
December 15, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Brittany Michalski
Do you ever wonder if the problems of climate change are really something worth engaging with?  Are you considering how you can respond to questions about ecology, lower carbon living, and creation in general?  Do you think about how Jesus might react to issues of stewarding the world He gave us?  This week’s guest can help you reflect on all that and more.  Brittany Michalski is a conservation ecologist for Arocha USA, and a project coordinator of Climate Stewards.  Brittany shares how she blesses both her neighbours and the planet by being mindful and intentional about how she treats all of creation; helps us remember and recognise how God reveals Himself through creation; and comes to the measured conclusion that Christians should be joining in with the fight against global warming - her studies of marine ecosystems make her acutely aware of the negative impact of various pollutants.  You’ll be encouraged as we learn about the strong links between faith and science, and will be equipped by the many resources she shares.  Christians ought to be challenged to think and talk about environmental sustainability and Brittany lovingly guides us as we discuss this important topic. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
December 01, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Joe Altebaumer
Is it true that we can share the good news of Jesus no matter what kind of job we do?  Today’s guest proves there are always ways to reveal God in our everyday.  Joe Altebaumer is a financial advisor, husband, father of adult twins, and volunteer.  Joe conducts his business day in the same way he conducts his private life – he is open about his faith in God and takes every opportunity offered to him to speak about the gospel.  We learn the simple, yet significant ways Joe tells the truth of Jesus with his clients.  Do you recognise how important it is for men to be committed to following Jesus?  Joe shares with us why it’s vital for men to be fully submitted to God; bears witness to the huge difference his faith has made not only in himself but also in the life of his family; and shares stories of how much change he's witnessed in people who have been in great need.  Joe also talks about his involvement in a men’s ministry that has seen many put a stake in the ground with regards to their Christian faith, how the lives of individuals have been changed, and then how the lives of whole families follow.  Join us as we chat with Joe and learn new ways to bring faith into our everyday lives. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
November 16, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Sadie Chamberlain
Living in a new culture can sometimes make us want to hide away from all the differences we experience.  Our guest for this edition chose to allow God to use her when she and her family moved to another country.  She tells of the practical steps she took as she allowed God to reveal Himself through her to her new neighbours.  This episode will encourage you to look for God in every area of your life as Sadie Chamberlain tells how the Lord has used her varied skills for His glory.  Sadie tells of how her professional dance career impacted her own walk with God; and how losing her mum to mental illness taught her how to find God’s peace in the most difficult of circumstances.  Sadie’s determination to stick close to Jesus despite her changing circumstances is inspiring, and her practical steps to evangelism will give you plenty to think about. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
November 04, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Jen Swallow
Although God may have made it possible, have you ever found your dream job isn't what He had in mind for you all-along - but that He equipped you through that for His service later on?  That's the story of our guest in this edition.  Jen Swallow gained an unusual university degree that enabled her to train animals for the movies!  Now, as the parent of a son with special needs, she uses that experience to help other parents of similar children.  Jen talks with us about her childhood journey from England to the USA - and back again; how living in California enabled her to study for her dream job in the film industry; how her USA qualifications helped her work on Disney movies filmed in the UK; and about the reality of working as a believer in the film industry.  She shares openly about her journey as the mum of a child with special needs; where she finds God in all of that; and how He enabled her to start special needs provision at the church she now works at.  As someone gifted with the voice of an angel, Jen shares about her love of worship music and how worship enables her to get closer to God.  If you have the same heart as Jen, you'll love listening to this episode - her enthusiasm for God's love and care for us, and for life as a believer is infectious! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
October 21, 2021
God In The Ordinary: First Birthday Highlights
Happy birthday to us!  How have we reached our ONE YEAR mark already?!  God In The Ordinary is one year old and we’re celebrating by sharing inspiring and insightful clips from lots of episodes over the past year.  We’ve had excellent guests from all areas of life so it was a hard job to choose some of the best bits; but we know that what we’ve put together will really encourage you.  Our guests all have something important to say about how we live our lives, being transparent in how we share the truth of Jesus with others.  One of our favourite things about this episode is that we got to record it together in the same room.  Sharon lives in Dallas but was on a visit to England so there were rare sightings of Sharon and Gary together!  You’ll hear from host Sharon Tedford and co-producer Gary Dell as they share their thoughts on the last year.  Don’t miss this episode, and make sure you catch up on past shows as you celebrate our one-year anniversary with us.  THANK YOU for joining us on this great podcast adventure.  We certainly do appreciate you! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
October 09, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Dennis Pethers
Have you ever wondered if you have the skills to serve God?  Do you think that should be left to the 'professionals'?  Is it time for you to join in with the Jesus’ great mission and share the good news of the gospel?  Our guest is passionate about enabling Christians to share the good news.  In fact, he’s keen that we see it as “great news”!  Dennis Pethers is the founder and ministry leader of The Rooftop, a global organisation that exists to encourage Christians to share their faith in every area of their lives, beyond the walls of their church buildings.  Dennis shares how he met Jesus on a train – an interaction that changed his life forever; how he believes prayer should be central and foundational to every activity carried out by people of the Church; is keen that we understand the difference between church as a building, and Church as the family of God; and helps us understand that God is already on the move, and our role is to join Him where He is working – to see where the Kingdom is in our towns, cities, work-places, schools, and homes.  God has a plan, and He invites us to unite with Him, and each other, in it.  This inspirational episode will boost your faith and provide a specific way you and your church can join The Rooftop for an exciting initiative in October 2022. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
September 21, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Thomas Umstattd Jr
Have you ever found yourself so busy that life just feels out of control?  What if you had to lay down some of your responsibilities to find a bit of sanity again?  Could you do it?  Our guest for this edition is a well-known, and much-loved leader in the world of Christian authors, speakers, and podcasters.  Thomas Umstattd Jr. is a great teacher and enthusiastic advocate for those working in and through Christian media.  His professional skills range from website building, to training podcasters, to educating authors about the craft of writing.  Thomas found himself overwhelmed by the many facets of his career.  On the day he simply he couldn’t get out of bed, he realized things needed to change.  Thomas shares how he’s now modified much of his professional and personal time – all with excellent outcomes; helps us find how we can share God in the ordinary rhythms of our lives, whether that’s as a business leader, a website builder, a parent or the friend of someone who may be needing support through a difficult time.  Not only is Thomas a keen teacher, but he’s also an enthusiastic and engaged husband and father.  I was so encouraged by my chat with Thomas.  We know you will be, too. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
September 07, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Tina Smith
Have you ever been desperately trying to hold on to everything whilst at the same time feeling utterly swamped?  Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in your parenting that you didn’t know where to turn or what to do next?  Do you ever wonder if God really is with you in every moment of your day?  Our guest for this edition is Tina Smith, founder of Raising Kids on Your Knees.  Tina tells of some great tips on how to reveal God to your children no matter what your family dynamic looks like; how she inspires others to use prayer as a fundamental and central key to raising kids to know and love Jesus; helps us see how prayer can fit beautifully within our ordinary days; and gives some excellent advice on how to keep the Word of God in our hearts and minds throughout the day.  If you’re not raising kids at the moment, you’ll still want to listen in. Tina’s passion for Spiritual warfare is clear and she offers us strategies on how we can all include it during our daily rhythms.  Tina’s story of brokenness to being fully rebuilt in Christ, will encourage you.  Her joy is tangible and we're sure you’ll feel refreshed and revitalized by our conversation as we talk about unconditional obedience, and intentional focus on Jesus. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
August 25, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Terry Thomas
Have you ever been so involved in a beloved hobby that it starts to steal time from your family and threatens to take a front seat in your faith?  Have you ever allowed God to intervene in your business life and specifically asked for His advice when you got stuck?  And how does your faith in Jesus impact your marriage?  Does a Christian marriage look different from non-Christian marriages?  Join us today to hear answers to these varied and important questions as I chat with Terry Thomas, also known as - my Dad!  Terry tells us how he spent his early years in another country, and how his time there introduced him to a lifelong love of spearfishing; how his hobby became larger than life, and how he needed to put it in its proper place after he became a Christian; shares how he became a Believer as an adult and how his faith impacted his whole life, including his career and home; and shares how his perspective shifted and how he involved God in every ordinary rhythm of his day.  Sharon's parents have been married for over 50 years, and in this episode my Dad shares some simple yet profound truths about how to have a good Christian marriage.  He sets out two clear steps sure to help you have a successful marriage founded on Jesus, too.  Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
August 10, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Becca Spradlin
Do you find it difficult to express your Christian faith in a business setting?  Are you struggling to stay on mission as you serve your customers?  Today we meet Becca Spradlin of On Mission.  Becca talks with us about how she consults with non-profits and businesses, helping them understand that through their work they have the opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God.  She’s passionate about seeing God’s glory shared globally.  We talk about how we can all be agents of reconciliation regardless of our sphere of work; how we can help alleviate poverty that occurs in more ways than just physical; and we learn why it’s important to guard against ‘mission drift’.  You’ll be inspired as Becca reminds us again that God uses ordinary people who love Jesus, to share the gospel in all kinds of situations; tells us how abiding in Christ leads to great wisdom, and how she uses that truth as a businesswoman and at home; how she’s teaching evangelism skills to her young daughters with a simple tool; and how something as simple as a book, led to a surprisingly impactful conversation at a bus stop!  So please join us as we discuss some wide-ranging topics - you’ll be sure to leave with a tool or two tucked in your belt! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
July 21, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Spark Media at the NRB
Do you ever feel like your support role is unimportant?  Perhaps you think what you do behind the scenes is wasted, and has no real impact on the Kingdom of God?  Is the negative direction of the media industry generally discouraging?  This episode brings together a delightful set of delegates from the National Religious Broadcasters convention - the NRB - held in Grapevine, Texas, in June 2021.  The short interviews with them reveal how they’re using their skills in partnership with others to bring the Good News of Jesus to the world.  Spark Media Podcast Conference director, Misty Phillip; podcast mentor, Dave Jackson; NRB press secretary, Elizabeth Bristow; and others, tell about their passion for using media and business to spread the Gospel.  Presenter/host, Sharon Tedford, also tells us how this all fits in with the message of Isaiah 61.  You’ll be reassured that there's still great hope for the media industry as our guests express how they’re continuing to stand strong on the Truth of Jesus.  Regardless of whether you work in the media industry or not, this week’s edition will be sure to inspire you to continue finding ways to reveal God in your everyday.  And please stick around until the end of the episode for some very exciting news! Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
July 07, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Nicci Hejnar
They say “laughter is the best medicine” and today's guest would certainly agree.  Nicci Hejnar is a comedian and massage therapist who has found ways to connect two very different career paths and uses them both to lead people to emotional and physical healing.  Nicci tells of how her ability to see the funny side of things enables her to bring health to people; how she shares the truth of Jesus even in the messy stuff of life; and reveals how developing an appreciation of how the body functions, helped her to understand more about real and lasting joy.  We also learn how she and her husband are intentionally teaching their toddler about Jesus through the rhythm of their day, and how central prayer is to their parenting.  Nicci demonstrates that God sometimes creates people with life passions that are unusually diverse, but somehow still beautifully connected.  Her enthusiasm for the gospel is contagious and you’re sure to find a nugget or two that will encourage you to want to share the reality of God in this joy-filled episode. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
June 22, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Keith King
Have you been praying for someone for years?  Are you weary and discouraged because you don’t see any change?  Our guest today brings a hearty dose of hope.  Keith King moved from atheist, unconvinced, paraffin salesman, to a man fully submitted to Jesus.  He tells us the story of one of his customers who persevered for years, as she consistently revealed God to him through simple acts of love like cheese sandwiches and a second-hand ash tray; how his new faith led him to train as a pastor, a ministry he’s been in for decades; and, having been in church leadership all over the UK, how he began an international organization that trains other pastors in his ‘retirement’ years.  What began as one-to-one mentorship, has developed into a spectacular and impactful global ministry.  Part of how God equipped Keith for this role is wrapped up in his profound experience of parenting a son with special needs.  This episode will give you great ideas about how to use the ordinary to reach people in ordinary ways, as you continue to learn how to reveal our extraordinary God. Presented by Sharon Tedford.  Produced by Gary Dell.  Find out more about us at and
June 08, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Kevin Horath
Have you ever felt like illness has taken you 'out of the game'?  Has sickness ever made you feel like shutting down and withdrawing?  This week our guest, Kevin Horath, shares how his struggle with a chronic health condition led him to rely fully on Jesus; encourages us to look up when we get knocked down; and helps us understand the importance of telling our own stories, and how to make the Word of God central to our day-to-day living.  We also learn how we're not dissimilar to a certain animal mentioned in the Bible, and hear some great tips on how to live out our Christian lives like good sailors!  Kevin’s a pastor and author who helps his church family to find ways to make the lessons of the Bible relevant to their everyday lives.  He’s passionate about equipping people to live out an active faith.  Join us to hear more of Kevin’s thought provoking and inspirational story. Find out more about us at and
May 25, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Natalie Abbott
Natalie Abbott was searching for God in all kinds of places.  Day after day she asked "God, if you’re there, show me who you are.”  God surprised Natalie by meeting her through her love of words, literature and stories.  Today she creatively uses the gift of stories to reveal God to others.  Isn’t it amazing how, if we allow Him, God uses us in ways that reflect our natural gifts and talents?  Our guest for this episode has certainly found that to be true.  Natalie tells how we can learn how to allow God to use what is natural to us, for His glory; we hear how the act of 'giving away' actually causes exciting multiplication; and we discover a simple and highly effective way to get the Word of God rooted in our hearts and minds so we're equipped to share it with everyone we meet.  Natalie and her sister, Vera, run Dwell Differently, a company that provides scripture designs to help us memorise one Bible verse every month.  This is a product that you’re going to want to learn about.  You'll be intrigued and challenged by what Natalie has to share so join us as we learn how this week’s guest reveals God in the ordinary. Find out more about us at and
May 11, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Jenn Garibay
What if God invited you to the other side of the world to do something ordinary in His name?  Would you go?  What if when you got there, the task you’d imagined you’d be doing, turned out to be something very different?  Our guest, Jenn Garibay, did just that when she moved from America to England to follow God’s call to something new in her life.  After training at a theological college, God’s plans took her on a route that led her to work for London City Mission.  She now loves caring for and ministering to people who are homeless and marginalized.  Jenn tells us about her ministry at a London City Mission day centre; shares some practical tips on how we can reach out to people who are often “unseen” by society; helps us to think about the ways we can invite people to truly be part of our church family, and physical family.  Join us in this episode to learn how you too can find the bravery to follow God wherever He calls you to go.  Listen and learn some practical ways to reveal God in the ordinary rhythm of your day-to-day life. Find out more about us at and
April 27, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Helen Rayner
Have you ever felt so broken that you believed you’d never heal, and that your life would never be useful to God?  That was the experience of our guest, Helen Rayner, until she took two simple steps that started her on an exciting voyage to spiritual and physical restoration - steps that we can all take.  Today Helen is a thriving wife, mum and award-winning photographer.  She tells her story of how she’s built a vibrant friendship with Jesus; shares how she allows Him to use her to rebuild others by using her gifts as part of her career.  Her journey from being in front of the camera in both television and as a model, to being behind the camera is fascinating.  Helen will help you see that when we look to God for direction, He can use any and all of our life circumstances to bring Him glory.  Helen is an encourager, and you’ll hear that in this episode.  Join us as we listen in to Helen’s wisdom, and find encouragement from the truth that regardless of your past, God can use you… yes, even you! Find out more about us at and
April 13, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Mark Greene
Wouldn’t it be great if every aspect of our lives was significant to God?  The good news is that God really is interested in our day-to-day rhythms, and He’s attentive to every moment.  Our guest this week, mission champion Mark Greene, invites us to find ways to walk with God in each moment of our daily lives.  Mark reveals how every context is one in which we can live out a faithful and true life, both for and with Jesus; he unpacks what it means to live outside of the “sacred, secular divide”; teaches us six simple but crucial steps to living a fruitful, faith-filled life.  We also talk about his book, “Fruitfulness on the Frontline”, and the personal impact it's had on us.  Mark’s message will fill you with hope as you're reminded that Jesus wants to get involved in your life – God’s not indifferent!  In this episode we also do something that’s totally contrary to the 'podcast host’s commandments' - so listen in and break the rules with us as we take a moment to practice something that Mark teaches us.  You won’t be sorry! Find out more about us at and
March 30, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Daniel Yang
You and I can partner with God to serve the world, no matter our age, ethnicity, or social status.  He welcomes us all, including refugees.  Our guest, Daniel Yang, knows this first-hand.  He’s a second-generation Asian American.  His Hmong family bravely fled from war-torn Laos after the 'Secret War' in the 1970’s.  Daniel tells us their inspiring journey from refugees to church planters - one that will encourage you to look deeper into your own identity and calling.  There truly is a role for each one of us in the Kingdom of God.  He shares how he discovered the secret to communicating with others — including those from different cultures — in one simple step  (here’s a hint: it will help you share the gospel with anyone, and it’s powerfully achievable); and, as Director of the Send Institute (a think tank for North American church planting out of Wheaton College), how he loves to equip people with the Biblical truth that we’re all made for community.  You’ll also enjoy one of his lesser-known talents at the end of the podcast - so stick around because you’re going to love it!
March 16, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Karen Whiting
Is your life leading your children and grandchildren to Jesus?  It can!  And it may be as simple as intentionally adding stories about Him to fun activities and important conversations.  Our guest today, prolific author Karen Whiting, developed this parenting (and grandparenting) style years ago.  It's strengthened her ties to both Jesus and her family.  If you’re looking for ways to deepen (and share!) your faith, join us in this episode.  Karen teaches how to change haphazard faith into consistent, daily faith habits; and tells us about her new book 'Growing a Mother’s Heart' - stories about past, present, and future moms, who all found ways to meet their children’s needs.  They're sure to renew and grow your heart.  It’s the perfect gift for all the mothers you know.
March 02, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Mary Potter Kenyon
When grief suddenly became her unwanted companion, Mary Potter Kenyon had a choice to make.  Would she allow it to drown her, or would she allow this forced stillness to lead her on a path to a deeper friendship with God?  Mary found herself journaling and looking in the Bible for answers to her many questions.  Gradually she noticed that God was not only nearby but speaking to her in unusual and extraordinary ways.  Mary tells of how through creativity she began to see that God was the best place for her to go for healing; shares of the realisation during her recovery that perhaps she could help others who were grieving too; and of the brave steps she took towards introducing people to the God she had come to adore.  A story of turning to prayer, God’s word, writing, and art as God renewed Mary's strength and gave her a new voice for the broken hearted.
February 16, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Daniel Castle
How important is it to care for our world?  In this episode our guest tells us how he’s encouraging people to understand that we can all have a positive impact on the environment.  Daniel Castle owns a small business that sells environmentally sound products and helps his customers reduce their carbon footprint in simple and creative ways.  Daniel tells us how he reveals God through caring for the world He has given us; what it was like to live in Cambodia, and how he was deeply impacted by the people there; why, as an online tutor, he understands the need for his students to feel supported and encouraged; and we learn about his love for music, and his family.  It’s clear that Daniel’s love for creation goes way beyond the environment alone.
February 02, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Meg Glesener
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way all of us have been able to reach out to people.  Today our guest, Meg Glesener, talks about the ingeniously simple ways she’s reached out to those around her to remind them that they’re not forgotten – things we can all do to reveal God to our families, friends and communities.  Meg tells us where her most important God-assignment is and shares about how she is working to influence that group for God; and reminds us about how important it is to respond to what God asks us to do as we learn about the exciting new project Meg started during her 2020 lockdown.  And, for the first time, we ask our guest to pray for all of us, and that’s a blessing you don’t want to miss!
January 19, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Hazel Hare
You’re never too old or too unwell to serve God; or to find new ways to reveal Him to others!  Hazel Hare is our guest today and she shares how God took her from a place of sickness, to a place of service.  You'll be encouraged as you learn about how her willingness to obey God in her retirement has taken her all over the world to serve Him.  We hear how Hazel was able to use her professional skills as a Physio/Physical Therapist in surprising and impactful ways; about her current work as part of the local Street Pastors team in Taunton, south-west England; and how this work has led to a couple of surprising meetings!  (The bonus feature this week is Hazel’s beautiful Irish accent!).
January 05, 2021
God In The Ordinary: Revealing God... at Christmas
This bumper episode is sure to bring you joy as we travel all over the United Kingdom and chat with six (yes, SIX) guests!  They each tell us about some very creative and easily replicated ways that they’re revealing God to friends, neighbours and communities this Christmas.  We talk about carols, angels, Christmas treasure hunts, family advent activities, Nativity window displays, and writing stories specifically for our local communities.  Not only do we have a bounteous number of fabulous visitors, but also one other, extra special, guest.  It’s not Santa, but it is a man who shares his ‘gifts’ with you each month.  I wonder if you can guess who it is?  You’ll have to listen to find out, but I promise you’re going to love every second of this extra-long Christmas episode.  Happy Christmas 2020!
December 24, 2020
God In The Ordinary: Cliff Johnson
Retired US Naval Officer, Cliff Johnson, reminds us where our identity ought to be grounded and tells us stories of how he’s been able to stay firmly rooted in his; he explains how he reveals God to those he meets in his everyday life, by loving them, regardless of their opinion; and helps us to recognize how truly listening to others - whether we agree with them or not - leads to understanding that builds relationships.  From patriotism to racism, Cliff encourages us to relate to our neighbours with love and compassion; and he tells us how, now he’s a stay-at-home dad, he’s finding Jesus in his new ordinary and learning fresh ways to share his faith with others.
December 01, 2020
God In The Ordinary: Matt Robertson
Cambodia is the background for our conversation with this week’s guest, Matt Robertson.  Matt tells us about how his work with Agape International Missions (AIM), has enabled him to reveal God in his everyday employment; we learn about how he’s been privileged to watch the journeys of hundreds of people as they find freedom from human trafficking.  We also discover how Matt intentionally asks God for “Divine appointments” in his day-to-day life in California; and how he and his wife have raised their children to understand the importance of compassion and kindness.  AIM has spent 15 long years in a specific city in Cambodia, winning the trust of the local people and growing a strong partnership with the region’s authorities.
November 17, 2020
God In The Ordinary: Fiona Thomas
Our guest for this episode is Fiona Thomas, a small business owner from near London, UK.  Fiona tells of how holding hands with people, both literally and figuratively, has led to deeply impactful, Jesus-filled conversations; shares the very personal story of how she moved from feelings of disillusionment and shame, to finding genuine breakthrough in an authentic relationship with Jesus; and inspires us to allow creativity to be part of our faith journey, as we learn that we're truly cherished by our Creator Father God.
November 03, 2020
God In The Ordinary: Deb DeArmond
Helping people find their voice is Deb DeArmond’s passion.  She's an accomplished coach who exercises her skills in the business world, with writers and speakers, and as a marriage mentor.  Deb tells about her love of justice (and Justice, her grandson) and how that aspect of her faith informs her leadership style; shares inspiring and moving stories of clients impacted by Jesus, simply because of the way Deb lives her everyday life; and gives tips on how to build healthier and more productive relationships in the workplace, in our marriages, and in our relationships with our wider families.
October 20, 2020
God In The Ordinary: Stephen Gaukroger
We travel across the world in our conversation with Stephen Gaukroger, founder of Clarion Trust International.  Steve tells how he engages with his immediate community near Oxford, UK, by simply sharing a cup of coffee; chats about how he shares Biblical leadership skills with Christian leaders in countries closed to the Gospel; and reveals his work with multiple organizations in Uganda, who are working together to see orphaned children placed in loving local homes.
October 06, 2020