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God Botherer

God Botherer

By Richard Williams
An ordinary bloke with a passion for Jesus. The water's lovely - come on in and join me!
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Inbetween Times
What do you do when you're stuck between two times in life? As weove from Ascension to Pentecost, the Book of Acts had some interesting things to say on the subject. Podcast and music by
May 25, 2020
Don't Worry
There's a lot to worry about at the moment and even without the stress of lockdown, life can be pretty hard. Here's a verse which offers a way to deal with whatever life throws at us. Podcast and music by
May 19, 2020
Life Changing Prayer
Hey I'm back for Episode 2 in which I'll be talking about praying in a special, empowering and abandoned way.  Want to see things change in your life? Try praying like Jabez did! Bible passage: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Do also check out "The Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson. It's an excellent book on this passage. Want to continue the conversation? I'd love to connect over on Twitter (@richard_bloke) or my blog at It would be lovely to see you there.  Podcast and music by
May 16, 2020
Trust God
Where do you turn when you don't know what to do? Struggle onwards until your strength is exhausted? Yep, same here. But there's a better way. Podcast and music by
May 14, 2020
We Need Each Other
Life is challenging and we're not called to do it on our own. What can Jesus, James Bond, John Donne and the A-Team teach us about it? Listen on to find out! Podcast and music by
May 11, 2020
Fish Differently
Working hard in the same way with no change in results is frustrating! Jesus had something to say on the subject in Luke's Gospel. Podcast and music by
May 7, 2020
Be Transformed
Do you want to know what God's plan might be for you?  This life-changing, transformational verse has become my go-to when I need a reminder. Podcast and music by
May 2, 2020
A short introduction to this new and relaunched podcast. Podcast and music by short introduction to this new and relaunched podcast. Podcast and music by
April 30, 2020