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The GodsChilde PodCast

The GodsChilde PodCast

By Chasity Melvin
Tune in every Sunday for this 30-minutes podcast with Author, WNBA All Star and assistant coach Chasity Melvin. Chasity details her faith, opinions on life, relationships, and current trends with wisdom and motivational tips in a real, genuine and entertaining way. Weekly guest will share their challenges, and how their Faith and/or their spiritual beliefs have helped them navigate life challenges in a positive way. Tune in now and you will never be the same again.
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The Criminal Justice System Needs Reform
Tune in as the Host Chasity Melvin interviews Attorney Natasha Scruggs on prison abolition, at risk youth, the legalization of marijuana and how it affects the black culture to end Black History Month.  Natasha Scruggs is an attorney with the Scruggs Law Firm in Missouri and she shares her insight and inspirational story in an entertaining and informative way. Tune in now. Subscribe to The GodsChilde YouTube channel for the full video. 
February 28, 2021
A Conversation with my Father
Episode 2 of "The GodsChilde Podcast", Chasity Melvin interviews her Dad,  Rev. Jimmy Melvin an African Methodist Episcopal Zion  minister for over  30 years and a loving husband and father of five children. Rev. Melvin  shares his most humbling, heartache, happy and headache (pain in his  side) moments.. From his humble upbringing under the authority of a  father who couldn't read and write to accepting his divine calling to become a preacher. This is a father and daughter conversation that you  don't want to miss.
February 21, 2021
Welcome to The GodsChilde Podcast
Tune in now and listen to the Host Chasity Melvin welcome you to the GodsChilde Podcast. Make sure you follow and or Subscribe to all @GodsChilde platforms. My hope is that you gain something positive from each and every episode. 
February 15, 2021