Eat. Drink. Social: Social Media Marketing in the Food & Beverage Industry

18: @obaliciouspnw

An episode of Eat. Drink. Social: Social Media Marketing in the Food & Beverage Industry

By GoSocial
Eat. Drink. Social. is a podcast about social media marketing in the food and beverage industry and the people behind the posts.
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31: @cooking_with_justin
Cooler temps are on the way but that doesn't stop @cooking_with_justin from firing up his grill in Minnesota. Justin joins the show to talk about his love for Tik Tok and the differences between the newest social media app and Instagram. Follow us! Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial Like this podcast? Leave us a review.
October 11, 2019
30: @A_Fat_Guy_In_Denver
Denver Restauranteur "Fat Guy" joins the show to talk about his experience in the Denver food scene, his thoughts on influencers, and why he'll never accept a free meal. Follow us! Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial Like this podcast? Leave us a review.
September 27, 2019
29: @TheBarBelle
To celebrate #BourbonHeritageMonth, Courtney interviews friend, journalist, bourbon-enthusiast, and Marketing Director of Mint Julep Tours - Sara Havens (@TheBarBelle on Twitter). Follow us! Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
September 6, 2019
This Week in Social: Hidden Likes & Privacy Concerns
Instagram is hiding likes in certain markets - how does that affect users? Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
August 28, 2019
28: @HerKentucky
Heather Watson (@HerKentucky) joins the Go Social team at Old Forester Distillery (Louisville, KY) to discuss all things Kentucky - from bourbon to books and more. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
August 23, 2019
27: @ApartmentBartender
Elliot Clark (@apartmentbartender) joins the team to chat about his work with beverage brands, travels, authenticity, and his #EarnYourBooze program.  Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
August 9, 2019
This Week in Social: Juul
Introducing "This Week in Social," a mini podcast in which The Go Social Team shares their thoughts on the most recent news in social media.
August 7, 2019
26: @TampaWingmen (#NationalChickenWingDay)
The Go Social team is celebrating #NationalChickenWingDay (7/29) in style with the Floridian self-proclaimed Chicken Wing experts @TampaWingmen. Instagram: @thegosocial Twitter: @thegosocial
July 26, 2019
25: @FoodieTribe
She started as a foodie herself and then turned her passion into a job. Katy Coffield, the founder of Foodie Tribe (@foodietribe), has established a stable of more than a thousand foodie influencers worldwide. Listen in as we talk to Katy about what makes a quality influencer, why she enjoys working with micro-influencers and what she feels makes a good brand partnership. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
July 11, 2019
24: @ColoradoNative
The Go Social team visits with David Coors at AC Golden Brewing in Golden, Colorado to discuss beer branding and @ColoradoNative. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
June 28, 2019
23: @chow_milehigh
Denver-based food blogger Kelsey Osborn (@chow_milehigh) joins the show to talk about her experience with brands, what it's like to run a joint IG account, and what her ideal social media network might look like. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
June 18, 2019
22: @dongkyuverymuch
We talk to Las Vegas’ Daniel Dong-Kyu Kim (@dongkyuverymuch), to get his take on how being active on Yelp and Instagram is beneficial. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
June 2, 2019
21: @atlantafoodguy
Kristen Dior Abdus-Salaam (@atlantafoodguy) joins the show to talk about the Atlanta food scene and posting frequency. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
May 24, 2019
20: @LasVegasFill
Philip Tzeng (@LasVegasFill) talks about his new home in Vegas, travels to Japan, his love for sushi, and leftovers for breakfast. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
May 10, 2019
19: @_laurenmcduffie_
Lauren McDuffie (@_laurenmcduffie_) of "Harvest and Honey" joins the show to talk about her DIY/Homeschool culinary pursuits, how Instagram followers got her a book deal, and food photography. Learn more about Lauren's upcoming book," Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest," at Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
April 25, 2019
18: @obaliciouspnw
A culinary tour guide in Seattle, Justin Oba (@obaliciouspnw) joins the show to chat about his experiences with tourists in Pike Place, competitive food eating, and reminds us to have FUN on social media.  Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
April 11, 2019
17: @revciancio
Posting more than just pretty food photos, Digital Marketing veteran David "Rev" Ciancio (@revciancio) joins the podcast to explain his affinity for the food & beverage industry and why his posts include tie-ins to sound social strategy.  Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
March 26, 2019
16: @querikoconkiko
Miami-based @querikoconkiko discusses relatable content and how traditional media has pivoted to social media. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
March 12, 2019
15: @FoodieIndy
Meg Keller, inspired by her father's recommendation, discusses her Indianapolis-based Instagram foodie account (@FoodieIndy), frequency of posting, Yelp Elite experience, @circlecitysupperclub, and Indiana beer. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
February 13, 2019
14: @thefoode
Host of "WTF: Where's The Food? Podcast" Nick Pena (aka @thefoode on IG) joins the show to talk about the Miami food scene, working with PR companies, and the movement to make food more "Instagrammable." Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
January 30, 2019
13: @eatswithmichael / @whatfeedsindy
Local restaurants, food photography, and how to use hashtags appropriately. @eatswithmichael, aka @whatfeedsindy, discusses navigating the Indy food scene and home-cooking. Twitter: @thegosocial IG: @thegosocial
January 10, 2019
12: @TheGoSocial (Roundtable Discussion!)
@TheGoSocial team sits down at House of Pod in Denver, CO for a roundtable discussion on all things past, present, and future in social media trends. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
December 17, 2018
11: @IntoIndy
After living on both coasts, Indianapolis Influencer Kate Ruddell realized there’s no place like home. She moved back and took to social to show her love for Indy and answer her critics and haters who questioned why she’d ever want to move back to the heartland. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
November 29, 2018
10: @DenverSheWrote
With so many people now moving to Colorado, Kim Irwin of @DenverSheWrote wanted to share a local's point of view of her home for all the best spots in this 10th episode of Eat.Drink.Social. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
November 5, 2018
09: @steak_umm
Nathan Allebach, the voice behind legacy brand steak-umm, joins the podcast to talk about brand voice and how to get real on Twitter. steak-umm bless. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
October 12, 2018
08: @CominoFoodStories
Jimena Zamora of @CominoFoodStories joins the podcast to talk about the importance storytelling behind food photos, her Hospitality Heroes, and the legacy of Antony Bourdain. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
October 4, 2018
07: @EatKentucky
Alan from @EatKentucky joins the podcast and we talk about traditional media's reach, social media supplementing blogs, and Pat's Snack Bar in Manchester, KY. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
September 4, 2018
06: @SpinachTiger / @NashvilleFoodBuzz
Angela Roberts of @SpinachTiger and @NashvilleFoodBuzz talks about her foray from the blogging world into the realm of beautiful food photography on Instagram. She shares how online connections have turned into real friendships and where you need to eat in Nashville right now. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
August 22, 2018
05: @NashvilleOnTheRocks
Abram Bagwell of @NashvilleOnTheRocks tells us why he and his friends chose to focus their account solely on Nashville's beverage scene and their own recipes. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
July 31, 2018
04: @SpacePlaceAndGrace
Sarah Canton from @SpacePlaceAndGrace shares the importance of working with brands that align with your values and what makes a good photo on social. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
July 30, 2018
03: @KYTasteBuds
Leigh Roach and Tamara Schneider of @KyTasteBuds discuss how starting their blog broke them out of a rut, gave them an excuse to spend more quality time together, and experience everything the Commonwealth of Kentucky has to offer. Instagram: @TheGoSocial Twitter: @TheGoSocial
July 30, 2018
02: @LouisvilleSitesandBites
Heather Neilson of @LouisvilleSitesAndBites discusses how influencers can help support local businesses and her recent discovery of the Louisville restaurant scene. Twitter: @TheGoSocial Instagram: @TheGoSocial
July 30, 2018
01: @JCPEats
How-to grow your social following by being vulnerable and real. In this inaugural episode of Eat. Drink. Social., the Go Social team discusses brand personality, corporate responsibility, and gets tips from Louisville influencer JC Phelps (@JCPeats).  For more on Eat. Drink. Social., visit  Twitter: @TheGoSocial Instagram: @TheGoSocial
July 3, 2018
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