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Going Nuclear | Exploring the Explosive Lives of Content Creators

Going Nuclear | Exploring the Explosive Lives of Content Creators

By Atom Bomb Body
Technically anyone can become a "content creator" if you are passionate enough about a certain subject. In this podcast, AtomBombBody interviewes top creators and up and comers about their stories, experience, and advice to give to others that might also find themselves in the same situation, or who aspire to be. New episode airs every Tuesday! You can reach AtomBombBody through Twitch or Twitter, both under the same username.
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EP20- Phasmophobia With An Exorcist
This is the post interview/AMA session that I had with my exorcist guest. If you'd like to see his experience playing Phasmophobia in VR, you can head on over to this Youtube video:
February 16, 2021
EP19- I'm Not What You Think I Am
This episode gets a little more personal with my current state. I am not unique in my situation as many others are struggling during these times, but know that behind your favorite creators busy and glamorous looking lives, pushing hard to produce more content for their brand, there is another side to it. Thanks for listening. 
September 8, 2020
EP18 - Get Started In Voice Acting Already!
Friend of mine Stephan Watson (ThatBackflipGuy) talks about 3d printers for about the first 20 mins :P But then we get into how he got started in voice acting, incredible convention experiences, appearances he's been able to make in games, shows, audiobooks etc, and advice for people who have always had possibly getting into voice acting in the back of their minds. CRACKED BRAIN | ( TWITTER | ( FACEBOOK |  (  INSTAGRAM |  (
August 18, 2020
EP17- What I Learned from 16 Podcast Episodes
My podcast started as an experiment, to see if this would be something that could help boost my brand and my business. In this episode, I tell you things I've learned from the previous 16 episodes, what's in store for the future of the podcast, and how my numbers on other socials have changed since the start of this podcast. Don't forget to follow me on Twitch, Twitter and Youtube for more content and updates! (AtomBombBody on everything)
August 11, 2020
EP16- Turning Content Creation into a Career with Ashnichrist
In this episode I talk with the stream coach/content creation queen Ashnichrist! We go over my experiences in the Stream Coach Academy and how much it has helped me, as well as a lot of excellent advice for anyone wanting to go full time as a content creator. I also reveal what the book I've been working on will be about, 👀 and I ask Ashni for advice and things she's learned along the way while creating hers. This podcast episode means so much to me, I've learned much of what I know now because of her and to have her as a guest is absolutely incredible. STREAM COACH ACADEMY | ( Ashnichrist TWITTER | ( YOUTUBE | ( TWITCH | ( INSTAGRAM | (
July 21, 2020
EP15- 1000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER
Special guest Kayla, (1,000 Dreams Fund Community and Project Manager) and I talk about women in the gaming and streaming industry and how the organization aims to help support their dreams! WEBSITE | ( TWITCH | ( FACEBOOK | ( TWITTER | ( INSTAGRAM | (
July 7, 2020
EP14- Streamer Mental Health with CaseyScreamsBack
Today we talk to CaseyScreamsBack, author of "You Are Not Your Stream", podcast host of "People Who Talk To Themselves" and media manager of Heart Support! We talk about his book, what Heart Support is and how it got started, streamer struggle, the benefits of podcasting and more! Without a doubt, Casey is one of the most positive people I've ever met! And he's good at screaming! TWITCH | ( PODCAST |   (  HEART SUPPORT |  (  BUY HIS BOOK |  ( HE SCREAMS |
June 30, 2020
EP13 - Mixed Reality and the Future of VR With LIV CEO Doom
In this Episode we go over the growing niche of VR content creation with LIV CEO Doom. LIV is a *free!* mixed reality software that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. LIV as a company helps to encourage and grow content creators into making more interesting content, as well as helping game developers showcase their VR games in a truly unique manner. Try LIV for yourself: TWITCH | ( DISCORD |  (  TWITTER |  ( INSTAGRAM |( FACEBOOK | (
June 23, 2020
EP12- Official Twitch Meetups! (Attending, Organizing, Hosting Your Own!)
Special guest SyrinSong (of Corsets & Controllers), one of the organizers of the official Twitch Los Angeles meetups talks about how she got involved, how to find a Twitch meetup in your area or start one of your own! We also discuss women in gaming, and what Corsets & Controllers stands for!  TWITCH MEETUPS ( TWITCH LA DISCORD ( TWITCH ( TWITTER ( INSTAGRAM ( FACEBOOK (
June 9, 2020
EP11 - Southern California's Cosplay Photographer
Veteran, cosplay photographer, and world's greatest dad PointBlankShotPhotography (Rus) shares how he's been handling COVID with kids, maintaining friendships, and how he grew to know pretty much every single cosplayer in SoCal. Find Geek Boots Military Nerds on YOUTUBE ( FACEBOOK ( INSTAGRAM ( and ( TEMPLE OF GEEK (
June 2, 2020
EP10 - Post Memorial Day Stack Up Episode With CEO Stephen Machuga
Stack Up is a military charity supporting active and veteran service  members from the US and allied nations by promoting positive mental  health and combating veteran suicide through gaming and geek culture. In this episode we talk to Stack Up CEO Stephen Machuga aka ShanghaiSix about why and how he started the non-profit, as well as his time served in the military. ShanghaiSix on TWITTER: ( STACK UP WEBSITE: TWITTER: ( FACEBOOK: ( TWITCH: ( INSTAGRAM: ( YOUTUBE: (
May 26, 2020
EP09 - This Episode is GLUTEN FREE with ASHvsEVILBREAD
This episode features another colored haired beauty ASHvsEVILBREAD! She is a Twitch streamer who has shown incredible growth in numbers since she hit affiliate December of last year. We talk this along with having colored hair, horror themes, backseat gamers. makeup and SHRUNKEN HEADS.  You can find ASHvsEVILBREAD on TWITCH (, INSTAGRAM (, DISCORD  (, TWITTER (
May 19, 2020
EP08 - Security Guard, Cosplayer, & Twitch Streamer All In One with KoiBug!
In this episode I ask KoiBug about her worst experiences as a security guard, over her seamstress skills and cosplay builds, judging cosplay contests, Twitch streams and some advice when it comes to sponsorships! Oh yeah, and we find out we have very similar dads. You can find Koibug  on Etsy (, Twitch (, Instagram (, Facebook (
May 12, 2020
EP07 - Donut Obsessions, USAF, Twitch Streaming & Its Toll On Mental Health
You don't want to miss this one! This episode features the amazing KASTACLYSM! She serves for the USAF, has personal training experience, and we go over the struggles of being a Twitch content creator and trying to juggle many plates. I consider her a partner by numbers, because she definitely qualifies (100+avg) and has a wonderful community to back her up, and we continue to wish her luck on her path to partner! You can find Kastaclysm on Twitch  (, Twitter (, Instagram  (, and buy her adorable merch here (
May 5, 2020
EP06- Cosplay/Prop Making and Tech Talk with ZeroPointProps
This episode features handyman ZeroPointProps! In this episode we find out how Zero's audio/visual engineering experience helped improve his Twitch streams, how he got started in cosplay and prop making, and more tech talk on streaming equipment! You can find ZeroPointProps  on Twitch (, Twitter (, Instagram (, Facebook (, Website (
April 28, 2020
EP05 - Mod Lyfe: With a Little Photography and Military Mixed In
We welcome one of my mods that has been with me since the beginning, Delphin714! We also talk about his military experience, career aspirations and future goals as a photographer, as well as how he mods my channel and interesting things he has to look out for. | Instagram: |  Website: | Facebook:
April 21, 2020
EP04 - Fitness, Cosplay and Backstreet Boys with Alohamora of Nerdcore Performance
In this episode with awesome wonder woman Alohamora, we go over mixing fitness with nerd culture, the mental effects of bodybuilding, and how we both turned to cosplay. Bonus nostalgia on old video games and 90's pop bands! You can find Alohamora on Youtube (, Twitch (,  Twitter (, Instagram  (, and Facebook (
April 14, 2020
EP03 - Two Bombs One Podcast with BeetleBombTV
Talk about an explosive episode! AtomBOMBBody interviews BeetleBOMBTv about their mutual love for the Fallout series, how Beetle got into voice acting (and an exciting job he landed!) as well as how he built up his stream and his community. Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: OTHER NOTES: Stream Loots: BeetleBomb's Makeover:
April 7, 2020
EP02 - Social Media, Photography, Content Creation and Sweating It With Ghengis317
This episode features renaissance man Ghengis317! In this episode we go over how his pug reached Insta-fame, how he got into photography (and terrible models and photographers we've come across), regrets on content creation and how sweat is a problem in our lives. You can find Ghengis on Twitch (, Twitter (, Instagram (, Website (
March 31, 2020
EP01 Going Nuclear - About Me and This Podcast
Welcome to my VERY FIRST PODCAST EPISODE. I've been meaning to start one forever, nothing like the coronavirus scare and some forced time at home to get this thing started. In this episode I'll be explaining a little about myself and my hopes for future podcast episodes. Twitch: Twitter: Youtube: Instagram: Facebook: 
March 24, 2020