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The Golden Hinde Podcast

The Golden Hinde Podcast

By The Golden Hinde
Pirates, sea-battles and treasure hunts! Sail through history aboard our famous Tudor galleon... This is the official podcast of The Golden Hinde: the full-scale reconstruction of the first English ship to sail around the world. Now moored in the heart of London as a famous floating museum!
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Life on the Edge: The Elizabethan Sailor - with Dr Cheryl Fury

The Golden Hinde Podcast

Traditional Shipbuilding: The Hinks’ Shipyard - with Alison Boyle
The Golden Hinde reconstruction was built at the legendary J. Hinks & Son shipyard in Appledore, Devon. Our very special guest this episode is Alison Boyle -  Administrator and daughter of lead Shipwright Alan Hinks. Discover  first-hand the stories of traditional sail shipbuilding, in one of the  last great workshops of the industry...
September 10, 2020
Romance and Adventure at Sea! - with Crewmembers Lisa and Jim Nelson
Collisions with heavy tankers, Force Ten storms on the Gulf of Tehuantepec and ultimately: an on-board romance that has flourished to this day! Our latest podcast episode features the remarkable wife and husband team; Lisa and "Fo'c'sle" Jim Nelson, who met as crew aboard The Golden Hinde... Discover the astonishing stories of their remarkable ocean voyage: with thrilling action, hilarious situations, danger, excitement.... And a real-life love story for the ages!  Jim and Lisa Nelson met as deckhands aboard Golden Hinde in Los Angeles in 1988 and were with the Hinde for her last transit of the Panama Canal. Lisa was originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and became a sailor in the San Francisco Bay area, where she joined the ship. Jim was born and raised in Maine and moved to L.A. to attend film school at UCLA. After leaving the Hinde and working on various other traditional sailing ships they were married in 1993, and the following year Jim began a new career as a writer. They returned to Maine and have lived there for twenty-three years where they raised their four children. Jim (who publishes under his proper name James L. Nelson) is the author of more than twenty-five works of maritime fiction and nonfiction.
August 24, 2020
On Wilder Seas - Francis Drake and Maria with Nikki Marmery
In 1579, in the middle of his circumnavigation voyage, Francis Drake raided a Spanish ship off the Pacific coast of Guatemala. From this ship, he took supplies, treasure and other valuables, and also a “wench called Maria, which was afterward gotten with child between the captain and his men pirates and set on a small island to take her adventures...” But who was Maria? Where had she come from and what happened to her after she was abandoned? Nikki Marmery's novel 'On Wilder Seas', sets out to answer these questions. It tells the story of Maria’s life, putting her centre-stage for the first time, and shines a new light on Drake’s famous voyage. In this podcast episode, Nikki Marmery talks about the inspirations for her novel, outlines the sources she's used to uncover the truth about Maria, and discusses the blurred line between the facts and fictions of Drake’s circumnavigation voyage.  In a previous life, Nikki worked as a financial journalist, editing magazines about credit and foreign exchange trading. She now writes historical fiction from a rural village in Buckinghamshire. 'On Wilder Seas' is her first novel, inspired by the true story of Maria, the woman who sailed on The Golden Hinde with Sir Francis Drake during his circumnavigation voyage. Earlier drafts were shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Drafts Competition 2017 and the Historical Novel Society’s New Novel Award 2018. Find Nikki at on Twitter @nikkimarmery and Instagram @marmerynikki.
July 17, 2020
Restoring The Golden Hinde - with Head Shipwright Toby Millinder
Running alongside the Golden Hinde's daily operations: a spectacular £1.4-million refit has been taking place over the last three years, utilising traditional materials and methods. In this episode we talk to Golden Hinde Head Shipwright Toby Millinder - and hear amazing insights into this epic project...
July 3, 2020
Life on the Edge: The Elizabethan Sailor - with Dr Cheryl Fury
The toughest conditions, the fight for fair-dues and "Who's punching who in the face"?! Join our special guest Dr Cheryl Fury to discover the grit, determination and surprising business acumen of the average Elizabethan sailor. It's going to be a wild ride! Cheryl Fury (PhD, McMaster University) is a professor at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John) in Canada. She has spent her career studying the English maritime community. She has written and edited a number of books on the social history of English seafarers: Tides in the Affairs of Men (2002), The Social History of English Seamen 1485-1649  (2012) and The Social History of English Seamen 1650-1815  (Runner-up, Best Book of 2017, Keith Matthews Award, Canadian Nautical Research Society) as well as several articles in academic journals and chapters in books. For over a decade, Fury has focused her attention on the men of the early English East India Company, trying to bring their stories to many types of audiences. Her current project examines the relationship between diet, disease and disorder in the East India Company in the early 17th century and is funded by the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council. She is also a Holocaust educator and has worked as an editor on a number of projects with survivor Vera Schiff such as The Theresienstadt Deception (2012).
June 26, 2020
The Adventures of the Golden Hinde - with Roddy Coleman
Welcome to the Golden Hinde Podcast! In this episode we meet the owner of the Golden Hinde: sailor and adventurer Roddy Coleman. Hear amazing stories of the galleon's travels around America and her epic arrival in London... Plus the realities of life at sea on a sailing ship!
May 22, 2020