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Gold Silver Pros

Gold Silver Pros

By Robert Kientz
A podcast for those who want to protect their wealth and begin their journey into precious metals investing. Hi, I'm Rob Kientz, I'm all about teaching you the ins and outs of the gold and silver markets.
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Potential War in Ukraine and The Likely Impact on Gold | BREAKING NEWS
Things are heating up between Russia and the US in the #Ukraine. The US has ordered its #diplomats to leave and reports from multiple news outlets have the US considering moving #military vehicles and troops to support Eastern Europe.   We discuss what we know about the situation now, and its likely affect on gold, silver, and precious metals in general.
January 24, 2022
One More Melt-up Coming Before the 80% Correction in 2022 w/ David Hunter | Ep. 4 Interview Series
David Hunter, Contrarian Maco Economist, joins us to talk global economy and the last melt-up before the 80% correction. He believes the crash comes this year and extends into 2023. The precious metals and mining stocks will do well in this scenario.
January 21, 2022
Gold Up 100% Of The Time The Fed Hikes Rates w/ Lior Gantz | Ep. 3 Interview Series
Lior Gantz is the editor of Wealth Research Group which provides free newsletters and market analysis. He provides his take on Powell's recent testimony to Congress, the direction of the NASDAQ, and where gold and silver are headed in a rising rate environment.
January 20, 2022
China Goes on Lockdown, Terrorist Attack on UAE Oil | BREAKING NEWS
We have several breaking #news stories for you today:  #China goes on lockdown threatening global supply chains #Terrorist attack on UAE oil infrastructure raises spot #oil prices US manufacturing goes negative, sparking concerns with economists
January 18, 2022
Gold Stocks Don't Always Follow the Gold Price During Booms w/ Warwick Smith | Ep. 2 Interview Series
We are joined by Warwick Smith, CEO and Director, of American Pacific Mining, to discuss his mining projects. The stock has done very well this year, and the company is poised to release a lot of news this year in the partnership with #RioTinto. We also get Warwick's view on gold and silver given increased #Fed interest rate hikes and rising inflation. Further, we discuss how younger investors have gravitated to #bitcoin but have not forgotten #silver as an investment.
January 18, 2022
Why Owning Bullion Preserves Wealth /w James Anderson | Ep. 1 Interview Series
James Anderson, Content Director for SD Bullion, joins us to discuss gold, silver, bitcoin, fed policy, debt, and much more. His view is that the central banks have their next system, the CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), and in the meantime, they are trying to manage the system to keep it from blowing up. Further, he discusses gold at the center of the money flower per the BIS, and why it is central to the new monetary system ahead of everything else (including cash, digital currencies, etc..)
January 13, 2022
Inflation Reaches New 40 Year High (7%), AGAIN! | BREAKING NEWS
In this Breaking News series, Rob Kientz will highlight and explain the major macroeconomic events relevant to the investor.
January 13, 2022