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GOODNUFF With Stefano Sanzo

GOODNUFF With Stefano Sanzo

By Stefano Sanzo
Comedian, actor, and fitness nut Stefano Sanzo captures his enthusiasm for life, while embracing the fact that he, and everyone else is just trying their best. Together with his eclectic group of colleagues, they explore the same idea: Good is Goodnuff.

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59 - Going Postal w/ Todd Cooper
Stefano Sanzo and Todd Cooper sit down to learn some dirt about each other to prepare for their roast battle on January 21
January 18, 2022
58 - WE’RE BACK! w/ Matt Lopes
After a long long hiatus, Stefano is back! He is joined by his producer Lou and his old friend and new comedian Matt Lopes.
November 10, 2021
57 - The Nonsense w/ Rodney Norman
Rodney returns for his second appearance since the first ever episode of GOODNUFF only this tine he is way more famous yet just as lovable.
March 22, 2021
56 - TEMPEST w/ Ryan Meyer
My Old friend and published poet Ryan Meyer joined me in studio to talk about his new book, which is on Cosmopolitan’s 30 LGBTQ books to look out for in 2021!
February 23, 2021
55 - Back to Drugs w/ Shawn Murray
Comedian Shawn Murray is back on good enough for his second appearance. We spent most of the episode talking about his extensive experience with psychedelics, and his good (and bad) trips.
February 07, 2021
54 - A New Life w/ Beau McDowell
The very funny, profound, driven, and absolutely intense Beau McDowell joined Stefano for an expository conversation on Beau’s past struggles with substance abuse, mental health, and his insatiable desire to be a famous comedian one day.
February 01, 2021
53 - Comedy is Dead w/ Andrew Manning
Friend and (Former) stand up comedian Andrew Manning joins me for a fun hang. We caught up and talked about what comedy was, is, and will be, as well as running, injuries, and getting roasted for doing what you love.
January 21, 2021
52 - GRIT 2 w/ Ryan McEachern
WE’RE BACK! Almost a year to the date that we last recorded, Rmac the trainer joins us for another episode about new goals for the new year. He also talks about his experience getting the Covid-19 vaccine, and his fitness app that I am currently using to follow a program he wrote for me.
January 10, 2021
51 - The Abyss Looks back w/ James Murphy
You really never know what can cone of a connection, James Murphy, better known as Murphy is a doctor in psychology, an author of several books, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, and an interesting mind filled with thought provoking ideas. He called into Goodnuff to talk about his Book “Hyperbole House” available on amazon, as well as discuss the reality we live in, jiujitsu, and comedy.
November 25, 2020
50 - Making Money & Traveling w/ Kasandra Cortigiano
My old friend Kasandra stops by for some beers and stories about her crazy life. She talks about getting stuck in Italy for 3 months during quarantine and how she got into traveling.
November 16, 2020
49 - I’M TIRED OF THIS SH*T! w/ Comedian Jackson
Comedian Jackson is back for his second appearance because he “had somethings he needed to get off his chest.” Little did stefano know that meant he needed to talk WHOLESALE shit about some people in the comedy scene. They also talked a lot about haters and why haters hate.
November 08, 2020
48 - VOTE w/ Joe Gerics
Comedian, local politician, and comedy show producer Joe Gerics stops by to talk about the inception of Fairfield Comedy Club, a club he part owns, and how the Connecticut comedy fest blew up with some of the biggest names in stand up comedy today, including Mike Birbiglia, John Mulaney, and Bill Burr.
November 01, 2020
47 - Even if you hate it, you like it w/ Colin James
Chef and comedian Colin brought his waffle maker to the studio for a special edition of goodnuff! He served Stefano up some specialty waffles, a service he offers to anyone missing Big E foods.
October 25, 2020
46 - Keep on Truckin w/ Dan Brown
Comedian, animator, and all around interesting dude Dan Brown sits down with Stefano for a WEIRD one. They talk about what it means to be smart. Neither of them are smart.
October 18, 2020
45 - Beer man Beer! w/ Johnny Benson and Keg Kettles
Comedian Johnny Benson and Keg Kettles of the “Beer man Beer” podcast join Stefano and try some awesome local beers and talk about a time where concerts were legal
October 11, 2020
44 - Accepting Love w/ Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter is back in studio for the third time and as per usual, the emotions are pouring out. Stefano and him talk break ups, life, and love. Sam had a break through and needed to vent
October 04, 2020
43 - Be nice to your dogs w/ Stephanie Hongo (instagram @Sugarfox_art)
Stephanie Hongo is a trash sculptor and freelance artist based out of Connecticut. She joins Stefano for a conversation about art, comedy, and whiskey
September 27, 2020
42 - Go to Therapy - w/Josh Levinson
Josh Levinson joins Stefano in studio for the second time. They talk about relationships, and how important it is for everyone to go to therapy (even though Stefano doesn’t and probably should)
September 20, 2020
41 - Italiariccan w/ AJ (Chaz and AJ 99.1 WPLR)
The big one!! After weeks of anticipation and years of listening to Chaz and AJ, Stefano interviews the co host of one of the first talk shows he ever listened to! Him and AJ talk about AJ talk about being Italian, what it took to become part of one of the biggest radio shows in Connecticut, and classic rock.
September 07, 2020
40 - Nice Guys Win at 30 with Lou Fournier
Stefano is joined in studio by Goodnuff producer Lou Fournier. This is Lou’s second appearance. They talk about the concept of “being a man” and moving forward with new plans for the program. Halfway through the episode Stefano receives a very touching surprise.
August 31, 2020
39 - CT Localpalooza w/ Amy D'Amaro
Amy D’Amaro joins Stefano to promote CT Localpalooza, an outdoor music festival in Bethany, Ct. they discuss what to expect at a socially distanced music festival and the challenges to make it happen. They talked about dogs too.
August 24, 2020
39 - Soggy Garfield w/ Brooke Louellen Smith
Comic Brooke Smith joins Stefano in Studio to talk about the weirdness of comedy shows post covid, sex, and being from the south. Stefano tells a story about the time he almost got murdered
August 16, 2020
38 - The Architect of Perspective is the Truth w/ Alex Defranzo
Stefano interviews his friend/tattoo artist. They take a deep dive on art and how it relates to observing the world.
August 02, 2020
37 - An Endless Continuum of Nothing w/ Pat Oates, Sam Hunter, and Dan Kalwhite
Pat Oates, Sam Hunter and Dan Kalwhite join Stefano for a chaotic firing squad of shit talk and jokes. Catch all of them at center stage theater in shelton for an awesome socially distanced comedy show this friday!
July 19, 2020
36 - Bar 140 has the best fries on Earth w/ Joe Ballaro
Stefano has Joe Ballaro, the owner of his favorite bar on earth (Bar 140 in Shelton, CT) in studio to talk about burritos, booze, music and life.
July 12, 2020
35 - FAThletic w/ Pete Angelo
Comedian, metal head, and unsuspecting gay man Pete Angelo joins Stefano to talk about music, lifting, strongman, staying active as big men, and comedy.
July 05, 2020
34 - Father’s Day w/ Vito Sanzo
The man. The myth. The legend. Vito Sanzo, Stefano’s father, join Stefano for his first ever podcast. Vito talks about his life, his years mastering bow hunting, and what it was like coming to this country as an immigrant who didn’t speak the language. Stefano learns many things about his own lineage.
June 21, 2020
33 - Nogdog w/ Cody Marino
Comedian Cody Marino joins the party for an absolute hysterical booze filled bash of italian culture and other ridiculous things.
June 15, 2020
32 - Black Lives Matter w/ Chris Cyr
Chris Cyr gives Stefano a much needed lesson on the black experience in America. Halfway through the episode they stop and go get soul food in New Haven at Mama Mary’s Soul Food. Stefano experiences both soul food and “the itus” for the first time.
June 07, 2020
31 - Am I the disease? w/ Colin Cook
Colin (one L) Cook is a comedian and friend of Stefano’s. He goes in depth about his years struggling with addiction and mental health, as well as the craft of comedy and writing jokes in the middle of a pandemic.
May 31, 2020
30 - Loyalty, Respect, Love w/Jay “The Iceman” Piccirillo
Jay is a kind, smart, inspiring individual. He tells it like it is. Without needing an agenda to stand behind. Not only was he a record holding body builder/powerlifter, he was even once Mr. Connecticut. He is the owner of the famous Micalizzi’s Original Italian Ice and Ice Cream. He’s had a diverse career as a man of the public, a staple in the story of Bridgeport for years.
May 24, 2020
29 - Safe, Okay, Happy w/ Sarah Murphy of Haunting Titans
Front woman, chihuahua owner, hoola hooper, and many other titles, Sarah Murphy joins Stefano for the first episode since quarantine started. They talk about what dating will be like look like post quarantine, doing what makes you happy, and all while the coolest dog in the world sits in.
May 10, 2020
28 - End of the World Fun w/ Andre Kim
Comedian and podcaster Andre Kim joins Stefano in studio for an understandably uneasy conversation about, well everything that’s going on. They also talk a lot about all of Andre’s crazy comedy stories and the wild journey his “act like you been there” mentality has gotten him. Listen to Andre cohost “In Godfrey we Trust” a podcast available everywhere.
March 23, 2020
27 - Holding Court w/ Shawn Murray
Comedian and world renowned self saboteur Shawn Murray joins Stefano for their 2nd attempt at an episode recording. They talk about how much white people love black approval, Demolition Man, and go deep on texting. Stefano opens up about some of his insecurities, self confidence, getting stuck in his head, and putting certain people on pedestals.
March 08, 2020
26 - MAXIMIZE w/ Howie Mason
Comedian and super Dad Howie Mason sits down with Stefano to discuss comedy, getting healthy, and being “ok.” Stefano also gushes about his father who he loves very much.
February 24, 2020
25 - BONUS EPISODE w/ Stosh Mikita & Frankie Hill
ANOTHER EPISODE THIS WEEK?! Due to my slacking in posting I’ve decided to dust off an episode from the GOODNUFF vault that was recorded months ago. Friends of the show Stosh and Frankie return for a hilarious conversation about sad meals, and Stefano and Stosh discuss Stefano being Stosh’s meathead supplement consultant.
February 05, 2020
24 - White Women & Cocaine w/ Wassan “Jackson” Jackson
Hysterical comedian Jackson joins Stefano in studio for a wild conversation about cutting off toxic people, joke thieves, Kobe Bryant (RIP). Jackson made some healthy changes recently and we spoke a lot about that as well.
February 02, 2020
23 - GRIT w/ Ryan “Rmac” McEachern
GOODNUFF IS BACK! After a long break, Stefano is back in the studio with his old friend Ryan. Ryan, better known as Rmac of Rmac Fitness is a personal trainer and him and Stefano trade ideas and views on fitness, hitting new years goals, and fasting
January 13, 2020
22 - The Peanut Butter around the Truth w/ Tha Red Baron
Rapper “Tha Red Baron” stop by the studio to talk to Stefano about his experience as a performer.
December 23, 2019
21 - Everything is an Idea w/Ric Meyers
Writer, actor, Kung - Fu practitioner, and of course, Friend, joins Stefano for a talk about his life of work, which includes being friends with The RZA of Wu Tang Clan, consulting for the smash hit movie “Kung Fu Panda” and many other fascinating jobs.
December 08, 2019
20 - My producer w/ Lou Fournier
After 20 weeks The Good Few finally get to hear from the other half of this podcast! Lou owns Royal Fox Studio, the very home of Goodnuff!
December 01, 2019
19 - Sadness isn’t available anymore w/ Pat Oates #2
Friend of the show and Pat Oates is back for another serving of his perspective on the world, people, depression, and some great stories. Pat talks about his new job on the radio at 95.9 The Fox and tells the story of the time he shattered his heal yet somehow is still a runner
November 24, 2019
18 - The Moose Is Loose w/ Marcellino Moose Hill
Stefano sits down with his comedian friend, Moose, and talks about way more than he ever bargained for! Moose lived quite a crazy life and has some incredible stories to share
November 17, 2019
17 - That’s The Thing w/ Dan Kalwhite
Dan and Stefano talk having comedy friends and “normal” friends. They share a few beers and tell a few stories. Kalwhite will be headlining center stage theatre’s first ever comedy show this Saturday.
November 10, 2019
16 - Smile and Nod w/ Kevin Dolan
Kevin Dolan, fellow comedian and joins Stefano for a fun conversation about his days as an actor and some of the the joys (and woes) of show business.
November 03, 2019
15 - The Water Club w/ Harper Liles
Harper Liles is will be one of the great comedians on Center Stage Theatre’s first ever comedy show! Hosted by me Stefano Sanzo, on Saturday November 16 you can join us for a mere $20 and you even get to bring your own refreshments! See you there! Ticket link below
October 27, 2019
14 - Kung Fu Kwaygen w/ BJ Kwaygen
Stefano and his new best friend ever talk about nothing important but have fun doing it.
October 20, 2019
13 - You know my Situation w/ Darren Rivera
YOU KNOW HIS SITUATION! Darren and Stefano talk music, life, and being connected to your heritage.
October 13, 2019
12 - Nothing Matters w/ Josh Levinson
Comedian/Writer/Blogger/Podcaster and Nihilist, Josh Levinson talks with Stefano about Relationships, mental health, being a nerd
October 06, 2019
11 - Change w/ Lesley “Les” Billingslea
Stefano talks to his long time lifting buddy Les about training, acting, and how you never know how quickly things can change.
September 29, 2019
10 - You’re Gonna Die w/ Sam Hunter
WE MADE IT TO DOUBLE DIGITS! If you’ve ever been to The Stress Factory comedy club in Bridgeport, Connecticut, then this week’s guest should sound familiar to you! Sam Hunter is the house MC, opening for some of the biggest comedy acts in the country. Sam also has his own podcast called Sam Hunter’s Love Project, available everywhere you listen to podcasts!
September 22, 2019
9 - My Father’s Daughter w/ Andrew Morgan
Stefano is caught off guard when comedian/dad/super nerd Andrew Morgan NAILS his personality in the first few seconds of the interview. From there they discuss being a dad, Stefano’s relationship with his dad, and of course comedy. Find more of Andrew at (Socials @jokesondrew Twit/IG) Nomcast (Socials @nomcastpod Twit/IG) Fistful of Jokes (; podcasts/comedy shows)
September 15, 2019
8 - Forty Seven Minutes w/ Ditch Boys
Stefano has his old friends known as the band “Ditch Boys” in studio for the bands interview debut! As an added bonus this episode ends with a song off their first EP “Seven Minutes with Ditch Boys.”
September 08, 2019
7 - Bro Out w/ Mega Harrison
After she mentions how repulsed she is by Stefano’s bro like demeanor, Mega and Stefano talk about comedy, what makes an artist, and the struggles of being a woman in science and comedy
September 01, 2019
6 - Uncle Pablo w/ Kareem Blue
Stefano is joined by comedian and boxing gym owner Kareem Blue! They talk about the importance of physical activity and why Kareem got into boxing.
August 25, 2019
5 - Incomplete Design w/ Flahn Manly
Stefano has an obnoxiously positive conversation with artist/entrepreneur Flahn Manly. They discuss how hard it was for Flahn to practice art with a father who didn’t support it, his impact on his community, and what art and success means.
August 18, 2019
4 - Look for Bigfoot w/ Pat Oates
Stefano sits down in the studio with Pat Oates, who mentored him as well as dozens of other comedians over the years. They discuss the days when “Joker’s Wild”, a comedy club in New Haven that Pat ran and booked, was open, life, comedy, and why it’s important to go look for bigfoot. They also discuss Pat’s new book “How to not suck at Comedy” (available on Amazon).
August 11, 2019
3 - My Worst Guest w/ Frankie Hill
Comedian and proud xenophobe Frankie Hill mixes with Stefano like (Olive)Oil and Water(bury). They discuss how awful each other is, and Frankie is clearly uncomfortable with the questions, as he is with everything in life, because he is awkward and lame.
August 04, 2019
2 - Good Times at the Psych Ward w/ Stosh Mikita
Stefano has his old arch nemesis turned friend(ish?) Stosh Mikita in studio to discuss weight loss, what it takes to come out of darkness, and opens up about a fun stretch he had in a mental institution.
July 28, 2019
1 - Dumpster Party w/ Rodney Norman
Stefano chats with comedian and friend Rodney Norman about life, comedy, being mormon, and other fun things
July 22, 2019