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Goodvibepeople Podcast with Sacha Jones

Goodvibepeople Podcast with Sacha Jones

By Sacha Jones
The goodvibepeople podcast dives into the world of arts, music and culture and talks with creators, cultural entrepreneurs, and free thinkers to share experiences and knowledge on creative pursuits and alternative lifestyles.

Hosted by Sacha Jones, Producer and Creative Director at Good Vibe People
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Good VIbe News episode 2: Positive Stories, Experiences, Creativity
Episode 2: On this episode: ☛ In positive stories ⇨ Vertical farm of the future, Alpinist cleans Everest, Indigenous women recognition  ☛ In virtual experiences ⇨ Louvre museum tour & Rock & Roll Photography event ☛ In creative culture ⇨ James Turell creates art installation inside volcano, song of the week by Tom Grennan and art by Joana Choumali Hosted by @sachajonescreates for @good.vibe.people
February 05, 2021
Good Vibe News episode 1: Good News, Events, Creative Culture
Episode 1: On this episode: ☛ In positive stories ⇨ Alternative to palm oil, Elephant Boom in Kenya, Energy Positive Hotel ☛ In virtual experiences ⇨ Van Gogh museum Livestream, Virtual tour of Jerusalem, virtual Beer festival ☛ In creative culture ⇨ Artist sneaks in to Photographs Elite Buildings, song of the week by Cri feat. Jesse Maccormack and art by Nicolas Bertrand Hosted by @sachajonescreates for @good.vibe.people
January 29, 2021
Surf Instructor Donovan | Goodvibepeople show: The Art Of Living
Donovan is a California native. As an ex-military, one day he decided to change the direction of his life and give himself up to the gods of surfing. Entrepreneur and storyteller, he explains how his life experiences made him who he is today. He now runs a surf camp in Nicaragua.   The Art Of Living series explores the alternative lifestyles of people with unique life experiences.   
June 18, 2020
Trapeze Artists Stav from Israel | Goodvibepeople show: The Art Of Living with Sacha Jones
Trapeze artist STAV came all the way from Israel to learn Trapeze in Montreal with the dream of becoming a Cirque Du Soleil performer. When the pandemic hit, she came back home and re-aligned her focus. The Art Of Living series explores alternative lifestyles and people with unique life experiences
June 18, 2020
Flara K : The Pursuit of Connection Through Music | Goodvibepeople show
Flara k is an up and coming soul, r&B, pop duo from Montreal. Here we talk about the journey as indie artists, the need for connection through music, and the pursuit of what makes you happy.  hosted by sacha jones.
March 11, 2020
Sinca: De danseuse de ballet à DJ à la maîtrise | Goodvibepeople show
Podcast avec Sinca , une DJ avec une énergie mélodique et contagieuse qui mixeras ce soir au Velvet pour le after-party d' Igloofest Montréal
March 11, 2020
L.Teez: Montreal Rapper Songwriter | Goodvibepeople show with Sacha Jones
L.teez is a hip hop rapper & songwriter from Montreal. In this interview We talked about touring, the state of Montreal Hip Hop, and what it takes to make it in the game. hosted by Sacha Jones.
February 23, 2020
Bryce Aspinall: Illustrator & Painter | Goodvibepeople show with Sacha Jones
Bryce Aspinall is an artist & Illustrator from Vancouver BC. On this episode, we talk about new ways of viewing art,  reinventing yourself in a new city and more good stuff.   Connect:   instagram: @good.vibe.people   instagram: @slasherjones
February 23, 2020
Eden Creative: Collectif Événementiel Créatif | Goodvibepeople show with Sacha Jones
Une conversation avec Eden Creative, collectif événementiel qui créent des soirées de fantaisies, où on parle du processus de création de leur expérience événementielle.  Le Good Vibe People show explore les créateurs et innovateurs de l'industrie événementiel et expérientiel. Connect: instagram: @good.vibe.people instagram: @slasherjones
February 23, 2020
How to get more bookings as an up-and-coming music act
Sacha Jones is an event & entertainment producer. This is a how-to on how to get booked for more gigs as a musician.  It's not always clear where to start when you're an artist that is looking to get booked for more live performances. In this video, I try to break down the few things that will make the difference for an act to stack up the gigs with more and better bookings.  It's all about contributing to the event, keeping good connections, and being a team player for everyone involved.  Hope this helps,  Get pitching! Connect: instagram: @good.vibe.people instagram: @slasherjones
February 23, 2020