Googlebait The Podcast

Googlebait The Podcast

By Erica Duran & Bill Boren
Get Found On Google, Get More Leads!

Finally, use the power of Google's FREE organic search work for you!

Googlebait is a proprietary new way of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Googlebait creates 100% perfectly coded SEO landing pages for you along with new and better ways of doing traditional SEO strategies.

No need to hustle your life away to make sales or pay for Facebook Ads or Google Adwords endlessly.

This is not your mother's SEO!

Googlebait was created by two minimalist digital nomads who travel full-time, doing work they love from anywhere.

Thank you for listening!
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[Ep 20] How To Write Powerful Headlines For Your Googlebait and LeadBait SEO Perfect Pages
"On average, 5x as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar." – DAVID OGILVY Listen Here: Writing compelling and persuasive headlines are becoming more and more important when it comes to SEO. SEO isn't just all tech anymore. There is so much more competition online now - that you must stand out with your headline to get people to take action and the next step to work with you. When people do a search on Google the search results come back in a sea of stale white, blue, and black mostly text google search result screens - you have to stand out from everyone else using that keyword or answering the same question as you are. So this week on the podcast we are diving into some techniques on how you can write more persuasive headlines that stand out. We'll also be sharing some free resources to support you in writing better headlines. Never Settle! Erica CoSchedule's Free Headline Analyzer: Erica's 108 Most Persuasive Words Downloadable Guide:
December 21, 2018
[Ep. 19] Take A Break From Tech Talk A Conversation With Bill Boren On Entrepreneurship
This week on the podcast we are taking a little break from all the SEO and tech talk. I thought it would be fun to interview the co-founder of Googlebait - Bill Boren. He has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years and has a tremendous amount of experience and insight for us. He's made millions, lost millions, made it back again and lived to tell about it. We discussed how being an entrepreneur has changed over the past 40 years. He gave us his take on partnerships and why you should avoid them. He shared observations on missed opportunities and mistakes entrepreneurs are making these days. Bill shared successful traits of successful entrepreneurs and his top time-saving productivity hacks. I hope you enjoy the break from tech talk! Never Settle! Mahalo, Erica Duran Links mentioned in this episode: Googlebait SEO Re-engineered LeadBait - Get Found On Google, Get More Leads: Accu Radio - Great for digital nomads! Free Internet Radio: Bill on LinkedIn: Want to get in touch with Bill, email our concierge team at
December 10, 2018
[Ep 18] GoogleBait versus LeadBait
Today we are discussing the differences between GoogleBait and LeadBait and which program is right for you. How are they the same? How are they different? Who is GoogleBait right for? And who is LeadBait right for? Find out in today's podcast! Plus, we are still conducting our Introductory sale on LeadBait Perfect SEO Pages and the new membership option! Visit for all the details and links to the introductory sale prices!
December 1, 2018
[Ep 17] Need More Leads? Use Googlebait's New LeadBait Perfect SEO Pages A La Carte Pages!
GET FOUND ON GOOGLE, GET MORE LEADS! GOOGLEBAIT CREATES HIGHLY OPTIMIZED SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) PAGES FOR YOU! ⏰Are you tired of spending your time creating a TON of content (blogs, videos, lives, podcasts) and wish you could do these activities when you were INSPIRED to not because you HAVE to? 💻Do you desire to work productively from anywhere in the world (even your own home) and achieve the “laptop lifestyle” but don’t want to spend all your time chained to your desk? And, I’ll bet you are so done being baffled by technology! 💵Do you desire to earn at least $5K+ per month consistently as a service-based entrepreneur (like a coach, web designer, lawyer, network marketer (MLM), chiropractor, event planner, social media consultant, professional organizer, etc.) or get your products in front of thousands of buyers per month? 🖥Did you spend a ton of time and money on your website and no one is coming to see it? Are you DONE investing hundreds or thousands per month in on-going Google AdWords and Facebook Ads? They used to convert better for you, right? ☄️Are you tired of working all the time and not seeing the results for all this hard work, networking, and feeling like you are always pitching or selling? 😞Are you especially tired of hustling all the time and lurking around social media and Facebook Groups all day? 🤔If you are thinking to yourself “There has got to be a better way to get in front of my ideal clients and customers by using Google’s FREE organic search!” Well, You Are In The Right Place! Visit to learn more about Googlebait's newest program.
October 23, 2018
[Ep 16] What Types Of Businesses Does GoogleBait Work For?
What Types Of Companies Get Leads From Googlebait and LeadBait? Anyone who wants to get found online by their ideal client/customer… but let’s niche it down a bit, shall we? Googlebait Is Right For… Coaches, Experts, Speakers, Authors Wedding & Event Planners, Professional Organizers, Interior Designers Multi-Level, Network Marketing Representatives, MLM Affiliate Marketers Online Course/Program/Passive Income Creators Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Chiropractors, Orthodontists Real Estate Agents Tradesmen – Plumbers, Contractors, Masonry, Landscaping, Architects, Electricians, Etc. Local Businesses – Restaurants and Retail Shops ***Check out our new A La Cart Services, Perfect SEO Page Singles, DIY SEO Courses, etc.
October 23, 2018
[Ep 15] Googlebait Perfect SEO Pages - Introducing LeadBait!
Aloha! was an idea to a full SaaS company and website in less than one week! I try to lead by example and I am always telling my business coaching clients to launch things before they are perfect. Today I'm getting the word out on a new Googlebait program where the idea isn't even fully formed... but I just had to share it and get it out. LeadBait is be powered by Googlebait's proprietary code but will be an a la carte SaaS service! A lower investment for you and less work for my team! Get found on Google, get more leads. If you watch/listen to the video and are interested in the new a la carte "singles" Googlebait program reach out on any social media, at the site or email Mahalo, Erica Duran
October 14, 2018
[Ep 14] Googlebait - SEO RE-engineered!
Googlebait - SEO Re-engineered! Welcome To The Google Podcast Episode 14! We are going to be doing Facebook Lives, but today it is just a Zoom video. We explained how Googlebait is "SEO Re-engineered" and how it is different from typical SEO Companies. We shared some of the results our Googlebait clients are getting. We chatted about how networking marketing and multi-level company representatives and brand partners can stand out and get ahead of other teams by using Googlebait pages. We also talked about how 90% of people will click on the very first organic Google search result and all the rest are scraps. Don't be the scraps! Join Googlebait and get to the top of Google for your topic/product/niche! What topics would you like to hear? Let us know! If you would like the FREE 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and video training mentioned in this video/podcast visit Never Settle! Mahalo, Erica
October 2, 2018
[Ep 13] Why Branding Is Extremely Important For Your SEO
Normally, you wouldn't think to put SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and banding together as an online marketing strategy. However, branding is so important to your SEO so that you make your competition irrelevant. Branding and SEO also go together in that good branding allows you to convey what your company does in three seconds or less. Three seconds is really all the time you have when someone clicks over from a search engine to your website. Download your FREE 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and video training today!
October 1, 2018
[Ep 12] 35 Minutes Of SEO Rants
Business Coach Erica Duran and SEO Expert Bill Boren rant about the things people do when attempting to do their own SEO.
September 18, 2018
[Ep 11] Googlebait SEO Perfect Pages - What You Can Expect When You Sign Up
Googlebait is six months old! We've learned a lot about how to even better get your website and landing pages to the top of Google for free in Google's organic search. Erica Duran and Bill Boren discuss the new strategies, systems, and structures of Googlebait Perfect SEO Pages. *** Want to receive a FREE SEO Strategy Session with Erica Duran or Bill Boren? Click here: Have you downloaded our Free Googlebait 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and Video Training Yet?
August 24, 2018
[Ep 10] Entrepreneurs! Don't Do Your Own SEO!
Entrepreneurial Business Coach Erica Duran and SEO Expert Bill Boren discuss why entrepreneurs and small business owners should not do their own SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO is a full-time job and if you do it wrong it could really hurt your chances of showing up in Google's free organic search. *** Evolve. Forget All The Complicated Internet Marketing "Rules"! Get Found On Google. Come Into Alignment, Share Your Core Message, & Make Money. FREE Guide and Video Training! *** Finally, Get Found On Google! FREE Guide and Video Training *** 10 Secrets To Snagging High-Paying Clients Guide and Video Training
August 15, 2018
[Ep 9] Keywords RIP with Erica Duran and Bill Boren
Are keywords dead as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned these days? Find out in this episode! Plus, other little-known SEO facts, tips, and tricks. *** Have you downloaded our FREE 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and Video Training yet? Get your copy today *** >>>> Linkbait is already available for purchase now here < Linkbait Includes: Compile all of your competitors’ backlinks. Acquire the page ranking on all links. Rate the backlinks and throw out any “trash” links that will hurt your page ranking Comprehensive video training and guidebook on what to do now that you have all these awesome links. ***
August 2, 2018
[Ep 8] Introducing Linkbait! Use Your Competitors' Backlinks Against Them
During the creation of this episode, Erica Duran and Bill Boren came up with an entirely new offering for - Introducing Linkbait! We share how to use your competitors' backlinks against them and increase your visibility in Google's organic search. >>>>> Linkbait is already available for purchase now here: < *** Have you downloaded our FREE 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and Video Training yet? Get your copy today **** No animals were harmed in the making of this episode. Vienna!
July 23, 2018
[Ep 7 ] Googlebait Q & A Session #1
Erica Duran and Bill Boren answer questions that have been sent in by real Googlebait customers and prospects. Googlebait creates Google Perfect SEO Pages so you can get to the top of Google for your topic and attract all the clients you need. For a free guide and video training visit
July 14, 2018
[Ep 6] Googlebait Is Your Online Marketing Secret Weapon
Erica Duran and Bill Boren discuss four of the reasons why Googlebait is your secret weapon when marketing online. 1. Googlebait is intellectual property - a propriety way of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). No one else does SEO this way. 2. You can have unlimited keywords and unlimited Googlebait SEO Perfect Pages. 3. Your competition can't see that you are using Googlebait and copy you, "one-up" you, or outspend you on ads. 4. Everyone is always asking for the "secret" of getting clients online. There is no gimmick or secret - leverage the power of Google's FREE organic search engine by using Googlebait in your marketing. Thanks for listening! *** If you would like to download a FREE Googlebait 30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist and watch the video training visit:
July 10, 2018
[Ep 5] The Googlebait Minimalist Lifestyle with Erica Duran and Bill Boren
Erica Duran and Bill Boren discuss their separate journeys and experiences in becoming minimalists, being able to do what they love for a living, and having total freedom to work from anywhere.
July 4, 2018
[Ep 4] Googlebait Versus Google AdWords
Googlebait Perfect SEO Pages versus Google AdWords - what is right for you and your business? You'll know the answer by the end of this episode.
June 20, 2018
[Ep 3] Behind The Scenes - What Is Included With Googlebait?
Find out exactly what is included in the current three levels of programs at Googlebait SEO Perfect Pages.
June 12, 2018
[Ep 2] The Story Of Googlebait with Erica Duran and Bill Boren
Taking you through over 20 years on how Googlebait came to be and one of our many entrepreneurial journeys.
May 30, 2018
[Ep 1] Googlebait - Not Just Another SEO Company
Erica Duran and Bill Boren Discuss Why Googlebait Is Not A Typical SEO Company - It Is Something Completely New!
May 12, 2018
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