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Conversations With Gorie Summers

Conversations With Gorie Summers

By Conversations With Gorie Summers
Conversations surrounding different parts of life. No battle is the same, but they're not that different either. Let's battle these topics with laughter while also learning from each other's experiences!
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Music Night- with Marciano YR and PCoat
We’re playing music from unsigned artists and whoever wins the most fire, they will win a free Custom beat from Marciano YR! Let’s see who wins the beat
September 12, 2020
Keep Believing; in yourself, in your goals
Just a small discussion on what keeps you motivated, keeps you reaching and keeps you keeping on.
September 9, 2020
"Who Most Likely To..." with Chrystal with a H
Playing a game with Chrystal as well as the IG live to get their vote on the answers.... tKe a listen
September 4, 2020
The Addiction to Negativity- with @yeahimtrey and @geekussupreme and IG live crew
Speaking on those who are addicted to the negativity surrounding them whether is sticking to their sadness, insecurities, in a sense of being addicted to the disappointments.
September 2, 2020
Part 2 Double Standards and Raising Children (Part 1 on IGTV @ms.ninjasama) - with Tiffany
Inspired by conversation surrounding the complaints on the song "Wap" by Cardi B and Meg. How they are getting a little backlash for being quite vulgar with the lyrics and how society places people in a bubble. In addition, raising children with the balance of giving them freedom as well as building a structure on how to survive this society we live in.
August 28, 2020
Toxic people and Relationships- with Chrystal with a H
Tonight we spoke about those that are toxic surrounding you. Those that are unhealthy to be around and even our own toxic traits.
August 28, 2020
Stress Outlet/ Zodiac Stereotypes and Love languages- with Amber "Smiles" Jones and Jay Breeze
Just talking about out preferred Outlets when we're stressed, our Zodiac Stereotypes and Love languages with my friends Amber (Professionally Silly Podcast) and Jay, as well as my tiktok live folks chiming in.
August 21, 2020
Jealousy and Envy - With Chrystal with a H
Speaking on jealousy and envy between friends, family and on from money, relationships, looks, attention and so on with Chrystal with a H and people chiming in on the conversation. Join us!
August 19, 2020
For The Love Of Us- with Marciano YR
Join us as we discuss where we lack within the community and where that was created and how it affects us now. As we have my people from Instagram Live chime in with their feelings and where we stand.
August 17, 2020
"Would You Rather" with Chrystal with a H and Jay Breezy
So We played a game of Would you Rather and we had so much fun together including the folks from IG live! Take a listen!
August 13, 2020
Let’s Talk About Sex Baby Part 2 and 3
Just having another adult conversation about sex with our Instagram and Facebook live joining us! Come and listen and /or leave a message. What are your experiences?
August 5, 2020
Domestic Violence (Part 1) Our Experiences and What We've Learned - with Dennis McCollins
Here is Part one on the topic of Domestic Violence. A point of view from a domestic Violence survivor and a counselor for those on both ends. Please join us as we share experiences and everything we've learned in this Part 1.
July 31, 2020
Self Hate Birthed by the Oppressor-with Jay Breezy
Why are there people within the black community that look at some of those like them with the same negative ideas as of those who are racist? Like too aggressive, poor, incapable of education, ugly because of skin-tones and so on? Take a listen to this tough conversation as we sore through the self image and judgment of those within the community.
July 29, 2020
Standards? - with Chrystal with a H and Shawn Williams
Speaking on the standards the world put on us, relationships and ideal partners as well as our own ideal standards. Part 1 and 2
July 24, 2020
Let's Talk About Sex Baby!! - with Chrystal, Anthony and Kyle
Just a little conversation about sex. As sexual beings, we shall not be ashamed!!! Let's speak on it.
July 22, 2020
Long Distance Relationship- with Darrell and Ashley
Discussing tips and personal experiences on long distance relationships, dating and commitment overall.
July 17, 2020
My MF Birthday/Good dates Bad dates-with Chrytal with a H
It’s my Birthday!!!! I’m with my best friend and we speak on good and bad dates. Join us
July 15, 2020
Music Appreciation Day! #1
It's MUSIC APPRECIATION DAYYYYY!! Welcome to my first music appreciation episode where I feature music from up coming artists! I will be giving my first reaction to the songs and have my fun! Check them out! 1. Artist: WTFNonstop - Studio&Chill. 2.Artist: Jay-Breeze- Don't Worry. 3.Artist: Crown Witt- Guilty Pleasure. 4.Artust: Ciara the Shark- I Told You So (Sorry)
July 10, 2020
Why Do People Cheat- with Chris, Jessica and Gabe
Just a conversation with some folks about why people cheat and how it effects us vice versa. It was so fun! Coke join us!
July 8, 2020
A Conversation with my boy- with T.J
Just a conversation with my son to see what's going on in his world and how he view things like love, future home and career as well as all the craziness now in 2020.
July 1, 2020
No Disrespect But.... with Professionally Silly/ Amber "Smiles" Jones
Talking to my friend Amber (professionally silly) about the frustrations of being misunderstood as a community as poeple who are "stuck on slavery".
June 26, 2020
Living Single Today-with @iamjaybreeze
Discussing our perspective on dating today with a now new friend Jay. Our first time really speaking and being honest about our own flaws, ideal relationship, our experience with dating and what we learned along the way.
June 24, 2020
The Fun of Parenting and What I've Learned
Sometimes being a parent is hard. And every parent has that moment(s) of doubt. Here are some of my own experiences and this is what I had to say.
June 19, 2020
Crazy ass 2020!
This year so far has been insane! First the virus, now the movement. One thing for sure, it's definitely going down in history. Now that I've told you how I'm doin, how are YOU doin?
June 17, 2020