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Gospel Music Report

Gospel Music Report

By David Mann
Gospel Music Report is bringing you fresh commentary on the happenings of the gospel music industry. Thanks for listening, and please subscribe!
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Get To Know Ken and Jean Grady
Episode 2 introduces a new format to Gospel Music Report. In my first interview, I talk with Ken and Jean Grady, hosts of Gospel Music Today. We discuss how they met, how they got started in gospel music, some of their favorite interviews, and much more!
July 13, 2017
Money: The Lifeblood Of The Industry
Here it is. Episode 1 of Gospel Music Report. In this episode, I discuss the importance of money in the gospel music industry, how that importance has been demonized by some for self serving reasons, and why it's vital that we come back to the realization that it's not a dirty word.
June 07, 2017