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G & P Unlimited Co. Podcast

G & P Unlimited Co. Podcast

By G & P Unlimited Co.
Welcome to Hustle Podcast! Exclusive Content Created by G and P Unlimited Co. Designed to improve your hustle.
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Hustle Culture-Episode 4-Change your Friends or Net Worth
It is really simple. Change your friends or change your net worth. It is 2020 and life is too short to talk about things that will not change your life. It is time to stop the poverty conversations,   
March 2, 2020
Hustle Culture-Episode 3-Make a Plan
It wasn't until recently I learned the power of planning my day.  What I have found is that planning my day is therapeutic.  It allows me to reaffirm my mission and vision in life. It also encourages me to see my day to day accomplishments. Learn how planning your day can really change your life. 
February 22, 2020
Hustle Culture-Episode 2-You have wasted too much to do nothing.
So, you lost 3 years of your life? What are you going to do about it? You have wasted to much time to do nothing. The world is waiting for you to become great.  Now is your time. 
February 20, 2020
Hustle Culture-Episode 1- Change Your Song
It's true - you have a "Tune" that you sing...all day long. That tune, is your theme song, your tone - and it is created right out of the inward person and it reflects who you are.  Your song… is directly related to your success. What is your song? If you want to change your life change your song!
February 17, 2020
The Code: Dangers Of Familiarity
Join GP "Unlimited Co. CEO K.A. Perkins, as he teaches the Word of God in an effort to improve your hustle and your life. This week's code topic is the "Dangers of Familiarity." Familiarity is a present danger in the Body of Christ. It is a demonic gateway that weakens our defense against the adversary and it minimizes our ability to offensively advance the Kingdom of God.  It is a topic that most believers are clueless about the effect that it has on their lives.  In this powerful message, K.A. Perkins will explain how familiarity creates : Disobedience. Irreverence. Presumption. Contentment Dis-Loyalty Gossip Jealously
February 17, 2020
Grind Vs. Hustle
To achieve lasting success, living an unlimited lifestyle and continue conquering multiple missions, it’s important to know the difference between grind and hustle. 
July 16, 2019