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Grace and Ari Teach Thai

Grace and Ari Teach Thai

By gracesutipon simapornchai
This podcast is aimed for intermediate learners that are looking for interesting materials to improve your thai
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America; white and black snow
Here we talk about our trip to America. Also we discuss about White and Black snow. If you are curious what a white and black snow is, find out in this episode.  For more materials check out
June 16, 2020
climate change
In this episode we talk about climate change and it's effect that we see in our life.
June 13, 2020
The Fox and The Grapes (หมาจิ้งจอกกับพวกองุ่น) - Thai Listening Practice
For video and transcript click:
June 9, 2020
ป้ายตลกๆ Funny English signs in Thailand
For video please click here:
June 5, 2020
Talking about near future plan and observation with กะจะ and ท่าจะ
Talking about plans using กะจะ is the most colloquial you can say when talking about a plan. Also we will cover the word ท่าจะ, ดูท่าจะ
June 5, 2020
The Monkey and the Turtle (ลิงกับเต่า) – Thai Listening Practice with Transcription
For Transcript and Video click here:
June 4, 2020
The tortoise and The hare (เต่ากับกระต่าย) listening practice with transcript
For Transcript and video click here:
June 4, 2020
Thai Months and plans
Here we will talk about Thai Months, plans, events, and festivals.
May 29, 2020
Thai Classifier and Stories
Here you will learn Thai most common Thai classifiers and from the  context of our story.
May 29, 2020
Thai Joke
Thai People are very easy going and we love to laugh. Today's joke is going to be a little disgusting but it will surely make your Thai friends laugh.
May 29, 2020
Stars, Planets, weeks and colors and are all related
Do you know that stars, planets, weeks, and colors and are all related? Listen to this episode and find out.
May 29, 2020
Counting like Real Thai
How would you say 21? If you say YEE-SIB-ED, you should listen to this podcast because we will tell you how to sound even more Thai.
May 29, 2020
Intro to Podcast
In This serie of Podcast Grace and Ari will be talking about interesting topics, jokes, grammar points, very very thai vocabs and etc. that will help you improve your Thai.
May 29, 2020