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The Podcast Made For: Made For TV Christmas Movies

The Podcast Made For: Made For TV Christmas Movies

By Grace Topinka
A cynical review of Made For TV Christmas movies
Netflix's "Christmas Wedding Planner" Dumpster Fire
Kelsey is an inspiring wedding planner and her first big job is to plan her perfect cousin, Emily's, Christmas Eve wedding. Unfortunately, Emily's hot ex-bf happens to be a private investigator and has been mysteriously hired to investigate Emily's fiancé. Will this PI steal the wedding spotlight? Or will he only steal Kelsey's heart??
December 24, 2018
My Fake X-Mas Boyfriend: Lifetime vs. Hallmark
Lifetime's Jolie needs a fake BF to bring back home to Louisiana so she doesn't look like a total loser next to her ex and his new girlfriend. Hallmark's Molly not only made an app to find platonic dates to bring to networking events (??), but she created a profile and started telling her whole family she got a new boyfriend. Will they stop faking their relationships and fall in love for real? Are these movies different at all? Let's find out with my neighbor, Scott!
December 19, 2018
Netflix's "The Princess Switch" with my friend who hates Christmas
Vanessa Hudgens goes to some random fake British country where she finds her royal long lost identical cousin. One of them is high strung and the other is planner. Will they enjoy their switch-a-roo too much?
December 14, 2018
Hallmark's "Christmas At Graceland"
Single mom, Kelly Pickler... I mean Laurel..., has to go back to her hometown of Memphis for her fancy, corporate finance job. Will running into her super hot, former fling and bandmate distract her? Will they play Elvis's grand piano while singing a Christmas duet? Is this just an advertisement from Memphis' tourism board? Let's fine out!
December 14, 2018
Netflix's "The Holiday Calendar"
Abby, the unfulfilled mall photographer, gets a psychic advent calendar from her Grandpa. Should she date the hot, single dad, doctor it led her to? Or is what she has been looking for been right in front of her this whole time?
November 26, 2018