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Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast

Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast

By Juanita Harrison
Connecting you with the resources and motivation to pursue, fulfill and protect your purpose.
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Purposed to Be the Change
Lisa Freeman joins us to talk about her upcoming book release of her new book, "Be the Change." We also talk about how faith has impacted her journey as an entrepreneur, the importance of networking and more! Be sure to follow her on her social media platforms to learn more about her brand, books and business! Facebook: @ Lisa Freeman & @Looks by Lisa Freeman IG: @thisis_lisafreeman & @shoplisafreeman
June 28, 2022
Standing in the gap with purpose!
New author Shatera Martz joins Grace 4 Purpose Co Podcast to talk about her new book, "Suit Up and Stand in the Gap." She breaks down the importance of using the armor of God as we suit up and stand for our family.  Pre-Order a copy of Shatera's new book today! Connect with Shatera on social media Facebook
June 14, 2022
Live a Purposeful Life
Author Dee Smith joins us on this episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast Dee Smith is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor. In addition to authoring The Luxe Life: A Guide to Launching a Fabulous & Thriving Online Boutique, Dee is the founder of Closet D Luxe, an online fashion boutique and Gem of Grace, faith-based podcast and women's empowerment program. Dee helps to elevate entrepreneurs with business advice through her Luxe Life workshop. Be sure to connect with her on social media: IG: @ClosetDLuxeBoutique Facebook: @ClosetDLuxeBoutique
April 19, 2022
You Are Empowered
Author Jacqueline P. Walker is a Documentation Manager, self-published author, and motivational blogger. She believes in the power of storytelling to entertain, educate, encourage and build relationships across cultures and generations. She has a powerful and inspiring journey that she shares in her most recent book, A Season of Disruption. Be sure to check out all of her books and connect with her on social media: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @JWalkerPat1
April 05, 2022
Becoming Beautiful You, On the Inside
 Author Winona Thomas joins us on the Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast to talk about faith, writing and more! She is seen as one of Metropolitan Detroit rare treasure. Be sure to connect with her on social media! @winona.thomas
March 29, 2022
From Bossed to Boss
Maurita Henderson is a mom boss who is not afraid of hard work. She is a business owner; mentor and she just recently became a co-author to the project: "Boss Lady: How we went from Broke and Broken to being the Boss!" Connect with Maurita on social media: Facebook
March 15, 2022
Business Dynamics
On this episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast, Best-Selling Authors, Reneldo Randall & P.J. Piggott join to talk about their book: Friends in Business. We also discuss the impact they have on their communities, work life balance, entrepreneurship and more! They are the founders of RPEO (Real People Educating Others) and consulting firm Friends in Business  . Connect with Reneldo & P.J. on social media and be sure to order a copy of their best-selling book! IG: @Friendsinbiz  FB: Friendsinbiz757  
March 08, 2022
The Power in Me
Author Shana Gourdine is back to talk about her newest release, "The Power in Me." Shana is motivational, resilient and inspires others through her writing, spoken word, coaching, plays and more! Connect with Shana on social media: Instagram Facebook
March 07, 2022
Heal Yourself Through Self-Work
DeVonnda McCormick wears many hats but her most recent endeavor is becoming a published author. She joins us on this episode to discuss her new book, self-work and more! Check out her new book, "Heal Yourself Through Self-Work" available now! #selflove #selfwork #imageconsultant 
February 22, 2022
Love Jones
We are back with a new season of Grace 4 Purpose co. podcast! We have Author, motivator and poet, Trenmel Jones join us to discuss his book: Claim Your Crown. Trenmel is from Williamsburg, VA where he inspires others in a number of ways. Be sure to connect with Trenmel on social media to follow his journey: IG: @trenmel_jones
February 14, 2022
Are You Willing
Robin Ingram joins us on Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast to discuss her journey, faith, and becoming a published author. She is the founder of Angel Network Ascension, LLC, and has announced the release of her new book, Prayers of a Peaceful Warrior: Being Anchored to Fulfill Your Purpose (Prime the Pump Publications LLC). Formed in 2019, Angel Network Ascension is a “supportive community of like-minded individuals who desire to use their spiritual strength, life experiences, and connectedness with God and others to maintain a healthy, balanced life.” Ingram penned Prayers of a Peaceful Warrior, which is organized as a prayer journal, after years of struggling through personal trauma and mental health challenges and finally becoming inspired to share the results of her spiritual journey through the process. Robin is a native and resident of Philadelphia, PA., she is also an educator and minister.  Be sure to follow Robin on social media and pick up a copy of her new book! Instagram,  
December 28, 2021
Stroke Forward
Dr. Ethel Parris Gainer joins us on Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast to discuss her new book, "Stroke Forward: Life Beyond Disability". Dr Gainer is a wife, mom, grandmother and ordained reverend and works as a mental health therapist, and consultant. She enjoys providing education, advocacy, and training to people with disabilities. She will share with us her journey after surviving a stroke and how she advocates and provides resources to those with disabilities to live a life beyond their disability! Be sure to connect with Dr. Gainer on social media and be on the lookout for her new book coming soon!
December 23, 2021
Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Georgette Jackson joins us on Grace 4 Purpose Podcast to discuss her author journey. She is a mother, grandmother and the owner of a non-profit organization called Divine Rest, Incorporated, that assists single homeless women, with a goal to purchase a home to help them get back on their feet. Georgette is a published author, speaker and a podcast host of Get A G.R.I.P. that speaks to the heart of those experiencing grief,   Georgette demonstrates great compassion for the brokenhearted and is known as an encourager and inspiration to those who know her.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as well as other family members and friends. Georgette also loves to steal away to a quiet place to read and to write. Be sure to follow Georgette on social media: Instagram Facebook
December 21, 2021
Created with a Purpose
Tanissian Mckinnies a.k.a Miss Prosperous is a business owner, published author and a KINGDOMPRENUER. She is the author of, "His Love is Absolute" & "Created by the Creator to Create". We will learn about her business Prosperous Creations and her journey as a KINGDOMPRENUER.  Be sure to connect with Miss Prosperous on social media: Miss Prosperous Prosperous Creations  
December 16, 2021
God's Faithfulness
Tiffany N. Smith is a new author with her first published book titled, “Second Wind: Spiritual respiration: I Can Breathe Again", a non-fiction book that outlines God’s faithfulness in our lives with a memoir feel. Tiffany currently resides in Dover, Delaware where she is an accomplished educator for Central Middle School. She is currently working on her doctoral in educational leadership. Tiffany believes her position as an educator is an assignment for God.   Tiffany is known for her outspoken demeanor, genuine heart and bold spirit in Christ. She spends most of her free time sharing ice cream with her husband, watching her daughter play lacrosse, and supporting her students off the clock. Be sure to order a copy of Tiffany's book, "Second Wind: Spiritual Respiration: I Can Breathe Again" Subscribe to: Tough Talk with Tiffany Facebook @AuthorTNS2021  Instagram: @authortnsmith
December 14, 2021
My Life Before Now-Finding Me
Destiny McAfee shares with us her journey to becoming a published author and how writing has helped her heal from some of the challenges she faced growing up.  "I decided to write a book to share my story of growing up in a family and learning I was adopted then getting treated differently. My adoptive mom would leave me to be raised by my adoptive dad, where I then end up dealing with being molested twice by family members. I take readers through my childhood and teenage years and into my adult life, experiencing friendships, relationships, deaths, arrests, jail, bringing my children into the world, health issues and scares, to falling out with family, going hard in searching for my biological mother, going to therapy, homelessness, learning to build myself up, finding love & bettering myself as a woman and mother." You can follow Destiny @unapologticallyDes on FB & IG and @unapologeticdes via Twitter to keep up with her book release!
December 07, 2021
All it Takes is Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed
Dr. Jade Ranger is a new published author who joins us to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur and why having faith has been so important to her success. Originally from Bowie, Maryland, Dr. Jade L. Ranger graduated from Hampton University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. After spending the first decade of her career working for big chain pharmacies, she, alongside her husband, Dr. Henry Ranger, whom she met in pharmacy school, opened The Prescription Shoppe, a full-service mom and pop pharmacy in March 2019. Hailed a community leader for raising awareness regarding social justice issues and for her tireless support of small businesses throughout the pandemic, Jade is a member of multiple professional and service organizations including: the American Pharmacists Association, the Virginia Pharmacists Association, Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and a member of the York, James City and Williamsburg branch of the NAACP. In addition, she is a Be the Bridge group leader and sits on the board of directors for both Literacy for Life and Walsingham Academy. Be sure to purchase a copy of her book, Mustard Seed Mentality  Follow her on the following social media platforms: @therxshoppeva   @mustard_seed_mentality  @battle_baskets_va
December 02, 2021
The Gatekeeper
In Rent-A-Cop Reboot, Samuel Griffin talks directly to people who are relatively new to the security profession. They have some level of formal training, but not the mentor who can help them make the types of decisions that can help shape a career. They have concerns about keeping themselves safe while doing the job, but no one who has been in their shoes to tell them stories about how they handled things. They want to think through the opportunities the security profession offers, but don’t have the time. In this book, Griffin is by their side, augmenting what they learned in their training.
November 30, 2021
Beautifully Broken
Shaniece McBride is a self-published author who has experienced a childhood full of traumatic experiences. She will share with us how God was with her every step of the way and encouraged her to write a book and encourage other people.  Be sure to connect with Shaniece on social media and purchase a copy of her new book, Beautifully Broken!
November 23, 2021
Abide in Him for Purpose
Denise is a deeply ambitious and audacious creative entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in time management, event, project management, and other creative services. When she couldn’t find a planner that fit her busy schedule- juggling mom life, a day job, church, and business responsibilities - she created her own! Inspire365 Planner has it all - and will help you keep the little details of life organized while you move forward with those big goals. She believes that planning and being organized doesn't have to be a chore and, with the right know-how, can be a lot of fun.  Be sure to connect with Denise and get your 2022 Inspire365 planners coming out soon via her website  Follow her on social media and check out her new podcast!
November 22, 2021
Freedom for Purpose
Demetria Williams is a Pastor, Author, Business Owner and a Motivational Speaker. She will share with us her journey to freedom in life and how she continues to impact her community.  Be sure to connect with her on social media and also order her books! 
November 18, 2021
Removing Imaginary Masks
Yvonne Coates is a mother, certified public speaker and a published author, she recently released her first book titled, “Taking off the Mask”. She shared with us a journey of living with her husbands disability and how she learned how to remove those masks and experience healing, a deeper love and an unexplainable peace. Connect with Yvonne via her website and also on Facebook- Yvonne L. Coates-Author
November 11, 2021
Power of Progress
Andre St George is a inspirational speaker, author, youth development coach, and business owner. He recently published a book titled: Living V.I.T.A.L - (From Adversity to Advantage). He's won numerous Toastmaster competitions and has also served as the president for one of the local chapters. He's conducted keynotes for various schools and organizations. Andre is the creator of "Speak 2 Educate" an educational series focused on providing teens the cognitive skills needed to create change through learning how to lead, innovate, and inspire. Through his community efforts he's shown great dedication in raising up our future leaders of tomorrow.
November 04, 2021
The Power of the Future
Minister Alphonso Walker is a Chaplin, Youth leader, and a published author. He will share with us the inspiration behind his book, Shattered Glass: The Life of a Young Man. Connect with him on social via Facebook: Min. Walker
November 02, 2021
Your Past Doesn't Define You
Learning to remove your mask is important when healing and walking in your purpose. Author Shana Gourdine breaks down why it is important to remove our masks in life. She is a mom, published author, and motivational speaker. Be sure to check out her books and also connect with her on social media! 
October 28, 2021
The Art of Storytelling
Olivia Gaines is a USA Today and Emmy Award Winning best selling author. She has found a unique way to tell stories through her writing. Olivia gives us an inside look at how she has managed to write 20+ books that keep her readers coming back. Be sure to check out Olivia's journey to becoming a best selling author! Be sure to connect with Olivia on social media and check out her book series! Olivia Gaines, Author | Linktree
October 26, 2021
Motivation to Live in Your Purpose
Ronjeanna is a published author, LPN, entrepreneur certified wellness coach, mentor and MORE! We will talk about her books, business and what it means to truly live in your purpose. You can connect with her on social media on the following platforms:  Facebook: Just Jeannas Skin Care  Instagram: @justjeannasskincare Natural Healing | Just Jeanna's Skin Care (  501c3 Nonprofit | Jeannas ifeed nonprofit organization | United States
October 26, 2021
I am Evolving
Obstacles don't stand in the way of fulfilling your purpose! On this episode we have Author Cysteese Alexander who will talk to us about overcoming obstacles, forgiveness and more. Cyteese is a wife, mother, author, motivator and entrepreneur. She has conquered many obstacles in her life and took them as lessons learned. She has a heart, purpose and passion for helping others in life. Be sure to connect with Cyteese on social media and also order a copy of her book.  FB: Cyteese Alexander IG: Iam_Cyteese
October 19, 2021
How to Budget Like a Boss
On this episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast we will have Tamika Tabb talk to us about the importance of financial responsibility, budgeting, entrepreneurship and more! Tamika is the owner of Her Crown Accounting & Business Solutions, and other business endeavors that we will discuss! She is a mother, wife, motivational speaker, accountant and the ultimate GOAL Getter! Be sure to connect with Tamika on social media and also book a 1-1 consultation to get booked for financial planning! IG: @hercrownaccounting FB: @HerCrownAccounting
October 14, 2021
Bringing Social Awareness to Society
Diferent Caldwell is an author, motivational speaker, CEO and so much more! She has taken the challenges that life has thrown at her and found ways to use them to benefit her career and personal growth. In this episode we will talk about her new book, "WHAT IF? A Controversial Paradigm Shift". Be sure to follow Diferent on social media:
October 12, 2021
Becoming the Entrepursuer
Tasheka Saunders is a mother, gospel recording artist, graphic designer and all things Entrepreneur or in her words, "Entrepursuer. She is apart of the Grace 4 Purpose publishing team and also the owner of Royal Oil Fashion & Apparel and Untouchable Designz. In this episode you will be inspired and ready to become the entrepursuer that God create you to be! Follow on social media @royaloilfashion, @udzconsulting & @iamsosheka 
October 10, 2021
Entrepreneurs into Authorprenuers- Feat Vanessa Hernandez
On today's episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast we have "authorpreneur" and entrepreneur, Vanessa Hernandez. Vanessa knows all about stepping out of her comfort zone as an author and shares her journey and what it's like in the writing world of fiction. Tune in for some motivation from a fellow author, mother and entrepreneur!  Connect with Vanessa on social media: Instagram Facebook
September 28, 2021
All Things are Possible- Feat Apostle Letricia King Brown
On tonight's Episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast we have the phenomenal, Apostle Letricia King Brown. As a pastor she has motivated not only herself, but others to walk in the purpose. We will talk about her books, magazine, ministry and more! Be sure to connect with her ministry, Kingdom International Ministries on Facebook and Instagram.  
September 21, 2021
From Pain to Purpose with Grace- Feat. AuJahna'e Coady
Healing is essential to our journey in life and sometimes you just need to have an accountability partner to help you do it! On this episode we have Author, Motivational Speaker, and Mentor AuJahna'e Coady we will talk about her healing process and how it helped her to walk in her purpose to become an author and more.  Connect with AuJahna'e Coady on Facebook and Instagram 
September 14, 2021
Real Rap- Passion, Pain & Purpose Feat. Anita Lorraine
On this episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co. Podcast we talk about passion, pain and purpose with Author, Barber Stylist and Motivator Anita Lorraine. Anita shares her journey as an author with us and how writing helped her heal.  Connect with Anita on social media via Facebook or Instagram Purchase her books via Amazon or
September 10, 2021
Wounded but Not Broken feat. Angel Bartlett
There are pivotal moments in your life where you can make a decision to not allow the wounds in life keep you broken. In the first official episode of Grace 4 Purpose Co Podcast, we talk with Angel Bartlett, or some may know her as Angel B Speaks who is a mother, author, motivational speaker, therapist and the founder of the non-profit organization called, "Girl I Got You Inc.". Angel will share with us her journey and how those wounds have not left her broken but walking in her purpose! You can connect with Angel via:  Instagram- @angelbspeaks / @girligotyouinc  Facebook
September 01, 2021
Grace 4 Purpose Co. Introduction Episode
Get some background on the founder of Grace 4 Purpose Co Podcast! Author Juanita Harrison is an author, author coach and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Grace 4 Purpose, Publishing Co. This podcast will connect you with resources and motivation needed to find, fulfill, pursue and protect your purpose.
August 05, 2021
Grace 4 Purpose Co, Podcast Trailer
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Grace 4 Purpose, Publishing Co. is a publishing company created to help aspiring authors and writers to self-publish their books. Author Juanita Harrison is passionate about helping others pursue and protect their purpose. This podcast was created to inspire, motivate and push people out of their comfort zones.  
August 05, 2021