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The Empowered Empath

The Empowered Empath

By Gracie Balev
Tuned up, tapped in and turned on more than most when it comes to energies and emotions? What if your sensitivity could be your superpower? What if you could heal as deeply as you could feel?

Gracie Balev is a MindBodySpirit Mentor, International Speaker, Reiki Master and Quantum Healer guiding highly sensitive souls to embodied empathy and empowerment.

A New Way and New Wave is emerging.

Are you ready to rise?
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The Empowered Empath Trailer

The Empowered Empath

8: Self Love and Energetics
Explore the intersection between Self Love and Energetics in this conversation that covers: • Describing Self-Love as a perpetual process and state of being • How to define Energetics and the way it applies to modern day living • How and why unconditionally loving yourself can be guided and supported by your energetic empowerment and vice versa • How I’ve applied energetics to my own healing to deepen my self-love with greater ease • How to apply all of this to the current global climate and collective energies so that we can steep more deeply into our power through this transition that humanity is moving through ■ Share your feedback on this episode over on Instagram, tagging @graciebalev and visit for more information on The Empowered Empath Energy Training Program.
September 20, 2021
7: Energising The New Way with Taylor Winterstein
Embodied Activist Taylor Winterstein of the global Tays Way Movement joins us to explore possibilities for the liberation of humanity as we step into a new era, and what it will take for us to grow into The New Way. This chat covers: - True Leadership as an energetic practice - Embodying Peace as the most essential Power - Why we need to choose LOVE over fear in uncertain times - Refining the relationships in your life to reflect and support your growth - The importance of Integrity in leading ourselves and each other - Intuition as a means of Integrity and Leadership - Feeling Empowered and at peace within, despite external conditions - Practical tips and tools to keep your vibration high and stay in alignment Connect with Tay on Instagram @tays_way_ or visit her website you can learn more about her latest Families for Freedom mentorship offering.
December 22, 2020
6: Working WITH Your Energy via Human Design, Living Your Purpose, & the Value of DEEP Rest w/ Emmie Rae
Emmie Rae teaches both Deep Rest and Human Design as a daily practice. With a gift in understanding energetics, she uses both these modalities to guide people into a life of swimming upstream instead of against the current. She currently works with clients in 1:1 human design readings & mentorships, teaches a practice-based human design course and facilitates restorative and inspiring yoga classes & retreats. - Emmie shares her personal journey of embracing her sensitivity to claim her power and purpose along the way - The greatest challenges for empaths and sensitive people & how to manage these - Defining Empowerment for the modern-day Empath - How Human Design and its foundational principles support Empowerment - An overview of the five main Human Design energy types - The energetic disadvantages of working against your design - The energetic advantages of working with your design - The relationship between Empowerment and living your Purpose - How to energetically align with the lived experience of your soul’s Purpose - The definition of GENUINE rest and the value of genuine rest for sensitive souls - Tools and tips to assist in practicing regular rest - How to create a life that looks and FEELS amazing and energising for YOU Get ready, empath: the empowerment principles and tools explored in this chat can revolutionise your energetic experience, i.e. your LIFE! Dive deeper and become the embodiment: Gracie's EMPOWERED EMPATH Energy Training Program is now open for enrollment at
September 30, 2020
5: Shadow Work as Light Work
Explore and embrace Shadow Work as Light Work during this conscious conversation that covers: - How to define Shadow Work - How to practice it, including a taste of some of the practical tips and tools share in The Empowered Empath program - Real-world examples of these tools in action via Gracie’s personal healing journey - The magnitude of the growth that becomes available through its practice - The importance of managing the emotional and energetic intensity involved - Energy management suggestions to support yourself in the process - The role of Shadow Work in amplifying our Light Work When you show up for the deeper darkness of your shadow, you can glow up to higher luminosities of your light. Beyond the individual scope, Shadow Work is a largely collective process: your healing becomes our healing in this conscious commitment. It’s time to heal! Ready to dive deeper and become the embodiment? Gracie's Empowered Empath Energy Training Program is open for enrolment at
September 22, 2020
4: Love as Leadership w/ Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson is known as a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential; impacting over 250 000 people world-wide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation. Currently Nicole is the CEO of a global movement, Love Out Loud, which is engaging 4% of the global population by the end of 2020, to successfully facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement. As a radiant embodiment of all it means to be an Empowered Empath, Nic joins us to explore the principles and practices of leadership required to lift our global community to a new paradigm of love. This conscious conversation covers: - The universality of the uniqueness in personal transformation - Nicole’s journey of claiming her purpose and power - What it means to be empowered - Self-Love as a means of empowerment - Defining leadership for a new love-based paradigm - How personal power relates to leadership - The role of intuition and integrity in creating impact - The value of a trauma-informed approach to leadership - Navigating the responsibility that comes with holding space for others - Leadership as the ultimate personal development experience - How anyone can amplify their innate capacity to lead through love - Advice for lightworkers on bringing big visions to fruition Let’s get that IMPACT, family! Connect with Nicole on Instagram @nicgibson_ Connect with the Love Out Loud Movement via Instagram: @loveoutloud.movement Facebook: Love Out Louders Web:
September 16, 2020
3: The Power of Intuition (ft. bonus Reiki/Quantum meditation)
Summary: Explore and embrace The Power of Intuition during this conscious conversation that covers: - How to define Intuition - Why Intuition is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of the modern-day empath - A snippet of my personal story and how my Intuition saved my life - What becomes possible for your life when you embody the intention to live intuitively - How to access your internal guidance system - Practical tools to develop your ability to channel and action intuitive guidance - Spiritual discernment when doubt creeps in; is it Intuition or something else? - Closing 10-Minute Advanced Reiki & Quantum Field Clearing meditation (at 31mins) to activate the third eye, open the heart chakra, and purify your field. Intended to increase your intuitive capacity and amplify clarity.  Your Intuition is your own personal GPS for navigating your Highest and most Empowered life possible. What you learn in this episode will guide you to Truth, for the rest of your path. Let’s get lifted, family!
September 12, 2020
2: Sensitivity is a Superpower
Explore the new paradigm of Sensitivity as a Superpower in this conscious conversation that covers: - Common perceptions of sensitivity and where they come from - The energetic consequences of these perceptions - Why developing a healthy relationship with your sensitivity is key to Empowerment - The life-changing shifts that become available to you and others in healing this dynamic - The 3 A’s of Alchemy: A VIP transformation tool that Gracie shares with her VIP clients to immediately begin to create these shifts - How to define Sensitivity for yourself and why it is so important - Practical tools to ride emotional highs and lows into a steady sense of Empowerment - How to continue to strengthen your relationship with your gifts The healing available through this episode will permanently shift and lift the way you feel and live, Empath, and how we all rise to answer the call to deeply feel and heal ourselves and each other. It’s time to produce a new paradigm!
August 26, 2020
1: The Empowered Empath
Explore what it means to be Empowered as an Empath in today’s modern world during this conscious conversation that covers: - A workable description of Empowerment for all Empaths to practically apply - The importance of developing an individual comprehension of what living an Empowered life means, feels like, and looks like specifically for you - The Empath before Empowerment: How and why we each begin feeling displaced and disempowered as soft souls in a hard world before beginning this journey of transformation - The Empath during Empowerment: The strengths and attributes that come with our effective embodiment and how to harness and hone these traits - A quick & potent closing guided meditation and visualisation with Gracie to harmonise your energy field with what is possible for your new Empowered life This phase of your life marks a new life entirely, lightworker. This is where you begin to claim your true power. Let’s do this!
August 26, 2020
The Empowered Empath Trailer
It's time for a new paradigm where Sensitivity is a Superpower. Here's a sneak peek, lightworker...
August 26, 2020