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Grapes & Capes

Grapes & Capes

Joey and Michael pop open some bottles of wine and nerd out about comics. One is a DC fan and a wine expert, and the other is a Marvel fan and ready to taste some wine!
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Episode #7: Pyromania

Grapes & Capes

Episode #7: Pyromania

Grapes & Capes

Audio Article #2: The Chemistry between us... and Wine
In the second episode of a series where Joey reads the articles that he's written over the years for, he gets nerdy with wine chemistry! Learn about the science that makes wine what it is.  Fermentation, alcohol, acids, phenols, and other chemical compounds and processes.  Everything except, probably, proper pronunciation. The Chemistry between us... and Wine Article originally published May 7th, 2014 Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website
November 27, 2020
Episode #7: Pyromania
The building is on fire as Mike and Joey drink two wines from Matchbook Wine Company's The Arsonist label and read about the ultimate pyromaniac villain Heat Wave in The Flash #218 (2005)! Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website Wine #1: The story of Matchbook Wine Company, The Arsonist Chardonnay 2018, pairing it with Chinese food, Royal Palace in Dennisport, Wok 'n Roll in South Yarmouth, finding the right Chardonnay to win you over, wines for Thanksgiving Comic, Part 1:  The creation and origins of Heat Wave, The Flash #218 (2005) "Heat Wave" pages 1-12, the darkness and brutality of Heat Wave while feeling sympathy for his character, more Game of Thrones (should we just make a GoT podcast, I mean jeez), Donny Cates Wine#2: The Arsonist Red Blend 2017, Petite Verdot is the miracle grape Comic, Part 2: The Flash #218 (2005) "Heat Wave" pages 13-22, Siri never helps, the connection that keeps Heat Wave and Captain Cold connected forever
November 20, 2020
Audio Article #1: Analyzing Wine, Everyone Gets Better
In the first episode of a series where Joey reads the articles that he's written over the years for, he goes over how to develop your palate to analyze wine using aroma and flavor descriptors. And it may make you ask the question... do you really want to? Analyzing Wine: Everyone Gets Better Article originally published April 23rd, 2014 Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website
November 13, 2020
Episode #6: Off The Beaten Path
Mike and Joey taste wines from Bulgaria (provided by and read two Indie comics: The Authority #1 (2005) and Divinity #1 (2015). Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website  WARNING: This episode contains language and descriptions of acts that may be offensive to some listeners during the discussion of the second comic book (The Authority) due to its content. Wine #1: Edoardo Miroglio 'EM' Mavrud 2015, history of Bulgarian wine, Khan Krum the Fearsome, drinking from the skulls of your enemies, the story of Mavrud, wine regions of Bulgaria Comic #1: Divinity #1 (2005), digital vs print, free digital comics with purchase of print, the harsh reality of space travel, Valiant, Bloodshot, Deathblow, John Woo, Hard Boiled, Face/Off, Broken Arrow Wine #2: Rossidi Rubin 2017, a bit about hybrid and cross variety grapes, wtf is up with pepper, Game of Thrones yet again, movie theaters during COVID, HBO Max, Wonder Woman 84, drive-ins, COVID numbers and precautions Comic #2: The Authority #1 (2005), lots of offensive language, who is Kev?, revisit to the Mavrud Wine #3: Orbelus Orelek Sandanski Misket 2018, biodynamic craziness that actually works, descriptor terms that are correct but sound terrible
November 8, 2020
Episode #5: Dark Knights, Dark Wines
Mike and Joey taste Oak Mountain Winery Cabernet Franc, Oak Mountain Winery Malbec, and Temecula Hills Syrah while reading Batman: Dark Knights, Dark City for the Halloween season! Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website Prologue: Newbury Comics, Halloween costumes Wine #1: more on phylloxera, Oak Mountain Winery Cabernet Franc 2016, mystery delivery Comic #1: "Dark Knights, Dark City" Part 1 Wine #2: Oak Mountain Winery Malbec 2016, the run down on Malbec Comic #3: "Dark Knights, Dark City" Part 2, concussions vs killing Wine #3: Temecula Hills Estate Syrah 2016, why cooler and hotter climates effect profiles Comic #4: "Dark Knights, Dark City" Part 3
October 23, 2020
Episode #4: Beer with Brad
Joey is joined with Brad as we crack open beers and talk about Magic: The Gathering, video games, and comic book movies. Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website TOPICS: Our tastes in beer, Cape Cod Beer, Breweries on Cape Cod, Allagash, Austrian wine scandal, Magic: The Gathering, the Walking Dead infecting Magic, stolen heartbreak, Suicide Squad kill the Justice League, Gotham Knights, who is Red Hood / Jason Todd, the legend of Robin, Three Jokers, the G&C Logo, Spider-Man movies, Marvel on Disney Plus, Marvel Studio phase 4, DC multiverses, a DC fan kisses Marvel's ass and a Marvel fan kisses DC's ass, WCW and WWF, Royal Rumble at the Fleet Center, Falcon & Winter Soldier, more on Marvel shows on Disney Plus, the future of Thor, Marvel vs DC in printed comics, publishing content, the best Joker, 80's classics, high school hindsight, The Suicide Squad, Ostrander's Suicide Squad & Deadshot: Beginnings, HBO Max, Raised by Wolves, Disney Plus yet again, Cosmos, 9/11 Tribute Comic, The Boys TV show, maaaaaybe a Potcast???, Parents Advocating Cape Kids Safety
October 16, 2020
Episode #3: Robots Don't Eat Cookies
Michael and Joey read The Ultimates #1 and Vision #1 while tasting Oak Farm Vineyards Fiano, La Crema Sonoma Chardonny, and Banshee Rosé. Wines provided by Colangelo & Partners. Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website Wine #1: Oak Farm Vineyards Fiano 2018/2019, sitting on the leese Comics #1: The Ultimates #1 (2002) Wine #2: La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2018, New World wine vs Old World wine, effects of oak, what is Zinfandel Comics #2: Vision #1 (2015), Tom King's Batman, War of Jokes and Riddles, Tom King's comicsgate controversy, Scarlet Witch Wine #3: Banshee Rosé, how they make pink wine, orange wine, dry rosé vs sweet rosé Comics #3: the death of Deadshot, DC Universe Infinite, HBO Max, call Tony Stark at 212-970-4133, Marvel getting cosmic
October 2, 2020
Episode #2: Two Hands & Two-Face
Joey and Michael spend Episode Two tasting wines by Two Hands and talking about Two Face and DC Fandome Part Two. Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website Prologue: Thank you to Brad, more about Comically Speaking Wine #1: Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, thank you to Donna White Communications, McClaren Vale vs Barossa Valley, Shiraz vs Syrah Comics #1: Two-Face Harvey's comic debut, Batman Forever, The Dark Knight, (Infinity War, Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther), Batman vs Two-Face animate movie, Batman: The Animated Series, Eye of the Beholder, The Long Halloween, Hush, Tomasi's Detective Comics Wine #2: Two Hands Angel's Share Shiraz 2018, Australian wine laws, misleading wine lables, wine ratings Comics #2: DC Fandome 2, part 1 Black Adam, Man of Steel, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn Q&A, Magic Wheelchair, Immortal Vigilante: Hooded Justice, CW'S Batwoman & The Flash Wine #3: Two Hands Gnarly Dudes Shiraz 2018 Comics #3: DC Fandome 2, part 2 Three Jokers, Geoff Johns controversy, Joker War, confusing Tomasi with Tynion, (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man), DCeased, Good Day to Die, Unkillables, Hope at World's End, DCeased: Dead Planet, Superman panel, Brian Michael Bendis, Death of Superman, Reign of Superman, Death and Reign animated movies, The Killing Joke
September 18, 2020
Episode #1: DC Fandome & Bogaty Family Winery
It's the first episode of the Grapes & Capes Podcast, where Mike and Joey nerd out about comics and wine. We taste three wines from Virginia's Bogaty Family Winery, discuss our "origin stories" for becoming comic book readers and wine drinkers, and of course squeal like little girls over the huge DC Fandome online event! Follow us on Twitter at @GrapesNCapes or go to our website Wine #1: "The Founder" White Blend (non-vintage) , wine in Virginia, what is Bordeaux Comics #1: Our Origin Stories How we became comic readers and wine drinkers Wine#2: "The Founder" Red Blend (non-vintage), the history of vitis vinifera and phylloxera Wine#2: "The Founder" Red Blend (non-vintage), the history of vitis vinifera and phylloxera Comics #2: DC Fandome Wonder Woman 1984, (Bloodshot, Game of Thrones), The Suicide Squad (The Harley Quinn Show, Swamp Thing, Justice League Apokolips), Flashpoint, (Batman '89), Zack Snyder's Justice League, Black Adam, (wrestling), The Batman Wine #3: Justin Bogaty Winemaker Series Cabernet Franc 2019, grapes making babies, old wine, Truro Vineyards Comics #3: What we're reading & misc discussion The Spectacular Spider-Man, Superman: Blackout, Immortal Hulk, Secret Six, Undiscovered Country, Once & Future, Comically Speaking, comic book shops during the COVID Crisis, Newbury Comics, the return of Milestone
September 3, 2020