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The Grass Roots show

The Grass Roots show

By The Rock Station
Join The Rock Station’s Bob Cupp and Utah Burgess of Shady Lady Productions as they bring you all the latest and greatest in home-grown music. Each week they chat with local artists, share their latest songs, and discuss the local music scene.
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The Grass Roots show

Domenic Fusca
Tonight we catch up with Domenic Fusca who recently dropped a brand new EP which you'll get to hear in its entirety tonight. Need a high energy passionate solo act for your venue or event? Contact Domenic!  We'll also feature music from A Common Crown, The Jeff Stadler Project, SourMash, and The Faintest Glow. Plus a special listener edition of Pet Peeves.
July 17, 2022
Drusky Entertainment
Tonight Bob and Utah catch up with Brian Drusky of Drusky Entertainment. Drusky was heavily involved in the legislative and simply put, survival efforts to assist independent promoters and venues during the pandemic. Out of that a new collaboration of independents was born called D Tour, which he'll discuss as well. We'll feature some musicians from some of his upcoming shows as well as some other local artists. Check out Michael Christopher, Chip & The Charge Ups, Mark Ferrari, Chuck Moses, NO BAD JUJU, Crack the Sky, Slam Band & Sam, and Alayna. And in tonight's episode we throw out the Pet Peeves challenge to our listeners... let us know what your Pet Peeves are about our local music scene. 
July 10, 2022
Grass Roots Celebrates 10 Years of Local Music
Our 10th Anniversary episode....We will feature 2 songs from each year on tonight's episode, so it's a good one to just turn up the volume to and crack a cold one. 
July 03, 2022
2022 Grassy Nominations
TONIGHT! The 2022 Grassy Award Nomination Show. Tune in to hear the 12 bands nominated for this years coveted award.
June 26, 2022
Dale Mangold
Tonight we are joined in the studio by Dale Mangold of the band The Argonauts, a 9 piece band of heroes that hail from the mythical land of Pittsburgh. The band is made up of seasoned area musicians and has been around for a couple of years now. After covid related delays in the release of their debut album, it is finally here. Tune in and get the scoop. Well also feature music from Beast Brigade, The Borstal Boys, Steel Mill Rising, and current Grassy Award throne holders, Half Wheel.
June 19, 2022
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we get a chance to catch up with the band SourMash. Long time area veteran musicians and recent winners and nominees in several categories for The Josie Music Awards. They will also be headlining Friday night on July 22 at the Butler Bikes & BBQ event. You'll hear some of their tunes and get the scoop on where all you can catch them live. We've also got music from Pierce Dipner, James LeVier, Rurally Bankrupt, and Roton Hinge.  We got the concert calendar as well as our "should be nominated for something" segment Pet Peeves. Plus we'll be talking The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2022. 
June 12, 2022
BGreen Music
Our guest tonight is BGreen Music, aka Brandon Green. He'll be treating us to some great live music from the Grass Roots studio and giving us some insight into his background. We'll also feature music from Domenic Fusca, Black Ridge, Royal Honey, and Bill Toms & Hard Rain. Plus our overrated Pet Peeves segment! 
June 05, 2022
Memorial Day Music
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we'll be featuring music from Bradley Scott Malone, Joe Patrick and Four on the Floor, Curtis and the SHAKERZ, The Shiners, Terry Lee Spencer, Dinnerbell Road, No Exit, Para Bellum, John Vento, Alyssa Hankey, Ben valasek and the growlers, Acoustic Fingers, and The Mo Nelson Band. 
May 29, 2022
Zach Rovito
In the studio with us tonight is Zach Rovito. He'll be discussing how he first got into music, got out of it, and then dove back in full force with some of the area's biggest names in the scene. We'll also hear about his new project The Rust Belt Rhythm, and to top it all off he's going to treat us to a full live in studio set.  We are also going to pay tribute to a local music scene legend, Christopher Buhler, who's music we have shared not only on the Grass Roots show throughout our history, but also in regular rotation on The Rock Station 97.7. The influence he had on the lives of so many in our community will continue to live on not only through music but through our daily deeds. You will be missed. Our weekly Pet Peeves segment returns and we also have a couple of on location remotes to share. We had a chance to talk to Dan Kos out at Missing Links Brewery during a recent Noble Hops show. 
May 22, 2022
Aris Paul
We welcome into the studio Aris Paul of the Aris Paul Band. Get the story behind this Southside power trio and enjoy a great live performance live from the studio. We'll also feature music from The Stage of Dreams, Chuck Moses and The Trash Bandits, Melissa Quinn Fox, and Lone Crow Rebellion. 
May 15, 2022
The Redlines
We talk with Brian and Tony of The Redlines about their new EP "Kick Out Today". We also encourage you to check out their new video from the albums single "Runnin' With The Pack." We'll also feature music from Lone Crow Rebellion, new stuff from Jordan McLaughlin, The Doubles, and a flash back to Rising Regina. Of course we'll be talking about The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2022 and a bunch of other cool things going on in the music scene.
May 01, 2022
We welcome back to the studio Alayna. Alayna has been busy as usual since we last spoke and will be dropping a new single this Friday which you  will get to hear tonight. She always treats us to some in studio performances and fun as well. We'll also have her co-writing and now partner in life, Adam, on the show as well. Plus we talk with Lyle Borger about Ragoo Festivoo.  We'll also feature a new single from Gary Burk III with Love and Theft, Pierce Dipner Music, Para Bellum, and our old friend Jeff Fetterman.
April 24, 2022
Fun & Music
Lot of fun and great music for you. Featured artists are: TC DAVIS, Wojo, Little Luna, Brandon B. Green, Buffalo Rose, Soul Addiction, Overload In Stereo, Stone Cold Killer, The Head Trips, The Argonauts, Sub-Artic Beach Party, and A Common Crown. 
April 17, 2022
Jon Marchewka RFL Records
We talk with Jon Marchewka of RFL Records, a local independent label with a very impressive roster. We'll feature some of the artists from that roster such as Jeff Carlson Band, PLAYHOUSE, Alex Meister, and Thomas Carlsen's Transmission. You can find additional artists at  We'll also feature music from Walker and the Rebellion, Mark Ferrari (both playing this years The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2022), Soulful Femme, and Harlot O'Scara. 
April 10, 2022
Para Bellum
Tonight we feature the band Para Bellum on the show, fast becoming a mainstay in the local music scene and truthfully, just good people. Tune in and catch up on all the latest, this band has been dropping new music faster than we can play it. We'll also feature music from Melissa Quinn Fox, The Stage of Dreams, SuperMonkey, and The Mad River Men. 
April 03, 2022
Robert Tarquinio
Tonight's special guest is Robert Tarquinio of the band WICKED EARTH. It's been a few years since we've caught up with these guys and a lot has happened, including their 5th studio release. Tune in to learn more, plus more music from Mike Mo Nelson, Elizabeth Chase, Self Inflicted, and Zander Demos. 
March 27, 2022
Dave Zaccari
We are joined in the studio by long time area musician Dave Zaccari. You'll get the twists and turns of his history in the music scene and a lot of name dropping. He'll also perform a couple of powerful songs live and we'll feature a couple other tracks of his as well. We've also got music from It Lives, Beast Brigade Band, Frank Russo Solo music, and Adam Fitz Music. 
March 20, 2022
Bob McCutcheon
We are excited to have Bob McCutcheon, owner of The Vault Recording Studio in Pittsburgh in the studio with us.  Not only is this studio host to some legendary musical equipment, it is fast become legendary on its own by further showcasing the incredible music scene we talk about every Sunday night on this show. We'll feature some music from The Vault from Bradley Scott Malone, The Borstal Boys, Slam Band & Sam, and Royal Honey. We'll also feature music from Melissa Quinn Fox, Jim Gallagher, Doppler Affect, and Overload In Stereo.
March 13, 2022
Just Music
Tonight Bob and Utah do some chatting and play a lot of music. You'll hear songs from Charlie Barath, Acoustic Fingers, Domenic Fusca, Curt Ziggler, The Cheats, Moonshine Jasmine, Black Ridge, SuperMonkey, Dave Zaccari, James LeVier, The Last Root, The Stage of Dreams.
March 07, 2022
Stevee Wellons and Cheryl Rinavoto
We're talking with Stevee Wellons and Cheryl Rinavoto of Soulful Femme.  This powerhouse duo has been making a name for itself throughout Western PA and beyond for several years now and tonight you'll learn why. Along with featuring their music, we'll also feature a bunch of other brand new tunes from SourMash, Little Luna, Walker and the Rebellion, and RC Allison. 
February 28, 2022
Butler VA Music Programs
We talk with Karen Dunn from the Butler VA about all of the veteran music related programs she runs. A lot of good stuff from a health aspect on how much music can cure. You also learn ways you can help out as well. Karen is a huge supporter of the local music scene and it is awesome how she has tapped into that to do so much good for those who struggle. We'll also feature music from Doug Carnahan, Paging Doctor Moon (Kirsten Heibert), Gary Burk III, Tom Panei, Para Bellum, the Noble Hops, Sumpin' Fierce, and Dinnerbell Road with Jenifer Lynn Baker. 
February 21, 2022
Greg Marra
Episode 501 coming at you with legendary Butler native Greg Marra in the studio with us. We go to sit down with Greg before he left town from his run of shows in the area and caught up on all the activities he has had going on over the last couple of years. It's been a strange period time but Greg found plenty to focus on with, not only his music, but a documentary that he in the stages of wrapping up as well. Tune in to learn all about it. Also, we have some music coming at you as Shady Lady Records has dusted off the label and has been working at The Leaning Studio of Greene with singer/songwriter James LeVier to bring some of his music to your ears. Tune in for a brand new single from James and a quick catch up call with him, as well as a new single from Para Bellum. We'll also feature music from No More Daisies and Juvenile Characteristics.
February 14, 2022
500th Episode
500 episodes... that is what we are celebrating today. From the the first time we hit the airwaves on July 1, 2012 to today. 500, with no signs of slowing down. What an incredible music scene here in Western PA and surrounding areas and to get to shine a small spotlight on that every Sunday night has been a thrill. 
February 07, 2022
Daniel Butch
Tonight's guest is Daniel Butch from The Stage of Dreams. Check out the concept of this band and the music they are making, as well as get a glimpse into some of the other bands Dan is a part of. We'll also feature new music from Half Wheel, Moonshine Jasmine, Justin Wade Band, and new one from SuperMonkey.
January 31, 2022
Tedi Brunetti
Join us tonight as we talk with Tedi Brunetti,the Queen of Pittsburgh. She'll discuss her long career in the music scene as well as her latest efforts. Great conversation! We'll also feature music from Mo Nelson Band, Montana Bob, Melissa Quinn Fox, and the Man Cave Music Corp.
January 24, 2022
Mark Hensel
Tonight's guest is Mark Hensel of No Exit / Skyhook Records. Mark has been a part of the local music scene for decades and has reignited his past music project No Exit. Check out some of the new tunes and some stuff from the past. We'll also feature music from Jimmy Mac and The Attack, Mob Scene, Curtis and the SHAKERZ, and The Stage of Dreams. 
January 17, 2022
Mark Ferrari
tonight as we welcome back to the show Mark Ferrari, who has been incredibly busy since we last spoke. You've heard Mark's music on our show and in regular rotation throughout the years. He'll get us caught up on where he is and let us spin some new stuff. We'll also feature music from The Dead End Streets, Miss Freddye, Brian K Shaffer, and The Borstal Boys. 
January 10, 2022
Just Some Great Local Music
Tonight we're just going to take a minute to breathe and play you a bunch of music, so kick back and relax, turn it up, and tell your friends to do the same. 7pm on 97.7fm or stream live at  Music tonight is provided by: Trevolta, Serpent Lord, Isaac Cole, Curt Ziggler, God Hates Unicorns, Frank Russo, Charlie Barath, Sam Stucky, Middle Finger, Water Trash, Transcendence, WICKED EARTH, Steel Mill Rising, SILK9, Doug Carnahan, and Noble Hops. 
January 03, 2022
A Year in Review- 2021
It's our Year In Review episode where we'll look back at 2021 and make note of some of the incredible highlights from the past year. We began to see a return to live shows, including in our own Grass Roots studio where we welcomed back guests and in-studio performances.  Some venues closed while others opened or opened their doors to live music. Virtual concerts saw quite a surge as well, utilizing the internet to keep the music going and raise money to help some venues who were struggling. Members of the music scene stepped up and got involved on a political level bringing a lot of attention to the plight of music in general and getting legislative action passed. We were thrilled to feature new music from over 60 artists in our area, as well as have The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival return. We made a lot of new friends this past year. We were also sad to see some bands call it a day, and even sadder to hear of some of our friends and members of this incredible music scene who passed away. We hope you'll join us on our journey through the past year tonight as we'll also feature music from Sos2020pgh, Bradley Scott Malone, Black Ridge, The Hawkeyes, Anger the Ant, Half Wheel (pictured with their 2021 Grass Award. Photo by L. Weber), Para Bellum, Bobby Thompson and the Groove, the Science Fiction Idols, and Skell. 
December 27, 2021
Christmas Episode 2021
 it's our annual Christmas Episode featuring great holiday tunes from local musicians. An episode to enjoy throughout the Holiday Season. Our featured artists this year include Lori Russo and Jim Harpel, The Meatlocker Recording Studio Collaboration, Bryan Cole, Alayna, Washboard Tony and God's Country Band, Lenny Collini, Noble Hops Music, George Fischer, Chip & The Charge Ups, B.E. Taylor, The Forty Nineteens, Gary Burk III, Gerry Stanick, Mark Ferrari, Rick Moses, and Fist Fight in the Parking Lot. 
December 20, 2021
Kirsten Heibert
Tonight we sit down with Kirsten Heibert of Paging Doctor Moon fame. A native of the area who has travelled extensively and performed in many different avenues musically. She'll treat us to a live song in the studio plus songs from her CD. Check her story out, we think you'll find it quite fascinating. We'll also feature music from The Cheats, Mary Lou Scherder, No Exit, and The Forty Nineteens. 
December 13, 2021
Christy Stitt
Tonight on the program we are joined by Christy Stitt of Fostering Music AND the band Halfway Down as we discuss the upcoming Fostering The Spirit - A Christmas Benefit Concert for Fostering Music happening Saturday December 11 at the Freeport Event Center. It's our final Rock Done Right Tour Stop of 2021 brought to you by Liberty Corner Tavern and NextHome Dynamic. Get the scoop tonight and also learn about this incredibly talented upcoming group of musicians. We'll feature music from: Mark DeMeno, Last Root, J Roger Davis, Chip & The Charge Ups, George C Fischer with castashadow, Amanda Noah, Welcome2earth, and Jim Gallagher. 
December 06, 2021
Annual Live Call-in Show
It's that time of year again folks... the Live Call In Show where Bob and Utah take your calls. We'd love to hear from you, let us know about your local scene, favorite bands, your band, make a request, and lets just talk local music. 724-431-4489 is the number. 
November 29, 2021
After the Fall, Doug Carnahan
It's a Friendsgiving Sunday and we'll be coming at you tonight at 7p with another episode of the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show. Tonight we feature long time musician and front man of After The Fall, Doug Carnahan. This will be a different glimpse into another side of Doug outside of his hard hitting efforts with ATF, featuring music from his solo effort "The Lighter Side Of Dark". We'll also feature music from Harlot O'Scara, The Hawkeyes, Sumpin' Fierce, and Chuck Moses and the Trash Bandits. 
November 22, 2021
Steel Mill Rising
It's Sunday and that means tonight at 7pm Bob and Utah bring you another installment of the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 Show. Our guests tonight are Steel Mill Rising, a young and talented group that recently released a new album titled "Highway Traveler". Hear their story, hear their music. In a belated salute to Veterans Day we'll also feature tunes from Dinnerbell Road, Acoustic Fingers, Joe Patrick and Four on the Floor, and Para Bellum.
November 15, 2021
Jimmy Mac and the Attack
Tonight, it's the ATTACK of Jimmy Mac! Live in the studio with us will be Jimmy Mac and The Attack. We'll get treated to some down right nasty blues with a couple of cuts live from our studio and a couple from their debut album "One For The Blues". But before that we will be talking with John (Shawn Fogle) and June Carter (Angelina Poole) Cash about the upcoming The Cash Out Show LIVE at Freeport Event Center on November 13, sponsored by NextHome Dynamic and our sister station WBUT Radio. They will even treat us to a couple of live songs from our studio. We also feature music from Michael Christopher and Chip & The Charge Ups.
November 08, 2021
Brian Shaffer
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 Show, Bob and Utah sit down with Brian Shaffer and discuss his long history in the local (and regional/national) music scene, and what he's up to today. You can check him out at  Brian will perform a couple of songs live in the studio (including a brand new one!) and also feature a couple recorded songs of his. We'll also feature music from Sunset Over Mars, Welcome 2 Earth, Yigga Digga and Beast Brigade. 
October 31, 2021
Walter Wright Tribute
We have a wide ranging show coming at you as we check in with friends from Louisville and a native of the area who now lives in California. We will also pay tribute to a friend of all who was a vital part of our music scene, Walter Wright. Guests and music tonight include: Amy from gravel & spiders, Black Ridge, LIttle Luna, Murder for Girls, Everett Vazzana, Domenic Fusca, (kaj) and Skell. 
October 24, 2021
Isaac Cole
Our guest tonight, Isaac Cole, has a LONG history with the Butler Radio Network and made his move to Nashville when he was 18 and is doing quite well for himself. He has a brand new album out called "The Fifth" and it's a good one. Hear his story and his music tonight on The Rock Station 97.7fm or stream us online at  We'll also feature music from Trevolta, Curtis and the SHAKERZ, The Redlines, and castashadow. 
October 17, 2021
Charlie Barath
 Our guest is Charlie Barath, local harp master and more. He's got an incredible new CD out called "Just Me and My Friend(s)". We'll get the scoop on Charlie, his music and his thoughts on the scene. We'll also check in with Brian Seese and Clint Kiddle for the Local Music Madness #6 show coming up October 15 at the Lyndora Hotel. Plus we'll feature music from Dave Zaccari, Royal Honey, Jimmy Adler Blues Band, and The Shiners.
October 10, 2021
Matt Ferrante
We're catching up with local drummer and music scene icon Matt Ferrante. We'll get the long list of bands he's playing in plus the info you need for the upcoming Rock For LIfe Rocktoberfest 2021 taking place this coming weekend. Always a good time talking with Matt, and we are thrilled he is back behind the kit. Our featured artists tonight are Slim Forsythe, Isaac Cole, The Borstal Boys, A Common Crown, Harlot O'Scara, Half Wheel, Aris Paul Band, and Para Bellum.
October 03, 2021
Murder for Girls
We're talking with a couple of members of the melodic Pittsburgh punk band Murder for Girls. We met this band as part of the SOS Pittsburgh Concert Series earlier this year. We think you're going to enjoy what you hear, it's a bit of their own stylings and sound for sure. We'll also feature music from The Forty Nineteens, Jimmy Mac and The Attack, Dinnerbell Road, and OverMyDeadBody. 
September 26, 2021
Barry Cummings
We are back to having guests, and are joined by Barry Cummings, proprietor of Cummings' Candy and Coffee House, Cummings South, and Cummings West... one of our longest running sponsors. He is also the bassist for REPO MAN and has a long history in the local music scene. Tune in for some great stories and history, as well as music from Scott Neff, Middle finger, Noble Hops, Dempsey, REPO MAN, Jenifer Lynn Baker, Donny Eozzo, and Trevolta. 
September 12, 2021
Music & Discussion
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7  we'll be doing some music and discussion. Our featured artists will be Charlie Barath, Jordan McLaughlin, Stampede, Haywire, SourMash, John Vento and Nied's Hotel Band, Gary Pratt, Ashley Puckett, Harlot O'Scara, and Half Wheel. 
September 12, 2021
Band Jam Recap Plus New Music
This Labor Day weekend we'll be doing some recap of The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2021 and playing lots of music, some new, from Truckstop, Curt Ziggler, Gene Ritz, Dempsey, Soulful Femme, Justin Wade Band, Little Luna Music, Wine and Spirit Band, Divine Tragedy, and A.C. Jones.
September 05, 2021
Band Jam Preview Part 2
 Last week we featured the artists that will be participating in the singer/songwriter in the round plus all of our scheduled Friday acts. Tonight we will take you through the lineup for Saturday, August 28., starting with Moonshine Jasmine feat. Megan Pennington, Cherylann Hawk, The Bail Jumpers, Your Fractured Fairytale, Meathook, Chip & The Charge Ups, Anger the Ant, Alex Matson Music, Miranda Brandon, Juvenile Characteristics, The Borstal Boys, A Common Crown, Shag Dog Melon Head, and Black Ridge. 
August 22, 2021
Band Jam Preview
Tonight it is Preview Show #1 for The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2021 coming to Cooper's Lake Campground August 26, 27 and 28, presented by WoodmenLife Chapter 8 Butler, PA, Tony Angerett, FIC, WoodmenLife Financial Representative, Pennsylvania. We will start with the newly added Singer/Songwriter in the round that we will be doing Thursday night as sort of an open house and showcase of local talent. Because we'll decide the order that night, we will showcase these artists alphabetically on tonight's show and then we'll take you from the start of the main event on Friday to the final act for that night. If you don't have your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? 
August 15, 2021
Buckskin Whiskey
We'll do a quick catch up segement with Half Wheel, who just dropped a new EP called "Believe", and feature a song from that. Then we'll chat with a band from out East called Buckskin Whiskey, who's single Roll On we have featured a few times in the past. We also have music from Royal Honey, Dave Zaccari, and a new single from A Common Crown. 
August 08, 2021
Malone / Honick
We're catching up with Bradley Scott Malone who is dropping a new CD this month, and then  talking to AE Honick, who also has brand new material out as well. We've featured both artists in the past and have received great feedback from them. AE has been doing some travelling as well so we hope to get some perspectives on other scenes. We'll also feature music from the Noble Hops, Transcendence, and Your Fractured Fairytale. 
August 01, 2021
Tonight we talk all things local music here in Western PA. Tonight we talk with a young but veteran band of the scene called Trevolta. These young men have been tearing it up for years with a throwback style of hard rock and heavy metal, and they are preparing to drop their debut EP. Tonight you'll get to hear all about them and hear their music. We'll also feature music from the Aris Paul Band, Buckskin Whiskey, A Common Crown, and The Redlines. 
July 25, 2021
Gary Pratt
Our featured artist is Gary Pratt, a country artist and singer/songwriter we had the great pleasure of talking with recently. Some great stories tonight and the music to go with them. We'll also feature music from Tedi Brunetti, REPO MAN, Transcendence, Your Fractured Fairytale. AND tonight... hear the lineup for our Thursday Acoustic Singer/Songwriter in the round session happening Thursday August 26.
July 18, 2021
Curt Ziggler
We welcome Curt Ziggler to the studio for an interview and a spin of some of his latest music. Curt's been involved in the music scene for many years, and we always enjoy getting a perspective from the scene's veteran musicians. We will also feature music from The Little Wretches, The Project Band, Black Ridge, and Amanda James. 
July 11, 2021
Music & Discussion
Tonight we're bringing you some music and discussion, featuring Chip & The Charge Ups, Meathook, Jason Stobert Music, A.C. Jones, Brandon Payne, Melinda and the Night Sky, Dave Zaccari, Bobby Thompson and the Groove, Crushing Ground, Yigga Digga, Dragline, and Serpent Lord. 
July 04, 2021
Grassy Nominations 2021
TONIGHT! The Grassy Nomination Show!!! 12 artists selected from a field of dozens will be premiered tonight as the finalists for the 2021 Grassy Award. Voting will be open after the show tonight and continue through the month of July and it will be up to YOU... our listeners, to determine who will be announced at The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2021 as the winner. Who will join the likes of Highway 4, Shag Dog Melon Head, The Shiners, Nied's Hotel Band, Juvenile Characteristics and 2 time winners Anger the Ant. 
June 27, 2021
Matt Westin
We'll be talking with MTS Management Group/MTS Records artist Matt Westin. Some great stories of how he got to where he is now and music to match. We also talk with Eric Rodger from the band Royal Honey on their upcoming new release. We'll also feature music from Royal Honey, Tom Pappas Music, Stationary Pebbles, and Bradley Scott Malone. 
June 20, 2021
Melissa Quinn Fox
Our guest is Melissa Quinn Fox of Melissa Quinn Fox Music. Melissa is a singer/songwriter from the Pittsburgh area with a strong background in Musical Theater that led to playing theme parks in the US as well as over seas. We'll feature some of her music tonight that showcases her powerful voice and her style of story-telling. We'll also talk with Christy Stitt from Fostering Music about this coming weekends next Rock Done Right Tour Stop... Fostering Music's Summer Shindig 2021 Presented By Diehl Toyota at Paradise Park PA. We have plenty of music coming at you as well featuring RC Allison w/Michael Scheer, Half Wheel, Bill Deasy, Mike Mo Nelson, Dirty Lasso, and Alex Matson Music. Thanks for listening, and spread the word. 
June 13, 2021
Sessions at Blueberry Hill
We're talking with Steve Angert of Sessions at Blueberry Hill. We'll get the story of this unique venue, what it is they do, and some info on the upcoming Rob Keller Benefit on June 12. We will also feature music from Kate Aderman w/ Jazz Byers, The Optimists, Noble Hops Music, Meathook, Shag Dog Melon Head, the Aris Paul Band, Stampede, and Frank Russo Solo music.
June 06, 2021
Michael Christopher
Join us for another one of our more frequent guests, probably going all the way back to our first year, Michael Christopher. He's got a brand new CD out called Ten Year Drive and we'll be featuring some of his newer music tonight. We'll also feature new songs from Meathook - Meatlocker Recording Studio, The Borstal Boys, and Soulful Femme, plus recently released Elisa Bonita from SuperMonkey. 
May 30, 2021
Curtis and the SHAKERZ
Tonight we talk with Curtis Franciscus of Curtis and the SHAKERZ. This dynamic group features long time musicians of the scene with a history in different genres, however at this time in their careers it's all about the blues. We'll also feature music from Robin and Bob, Bill Toms & Hard Rain Fan Page, Alyssa Hankey, and Sydney Mack (Sydney Hutchko). 
May 23, 2021
Tim Thomas/Second Scene Magazine
Join us tonight at 7pm as we chat with Tim Thomas of Second Scene Magazine, an incredible throwback style magazine that covers the music scene, not only here in Pittsburgh, but across the pond as they say as well. This is a great opportunity to not only get some press, but to also contribute content as well. We met Tim through the Sos2020pgh campaign and love the work that he does. We will also pay tribute to Pittsburgh music icon Bobby LaMonde, who sadly passed away. We also feature an interview with Gary Burk III. Our featured artists tonight include the Science Fiction Idols, Gary Burk III, Long Time Comin', God Hates Unicorns, The Borstal Boys, Royal Honey, The Molecule Party, Brianna Blankenship Music, and SuperMonkey. 
May 16, 2021
Bradley Scott Malone
Tonight we are joined, in the studio, by Bradley Scott Malone. Yes, another in studio interview and performance coming at you and it is a good one. Especially if you are a fan of singer/songwriter/story telling. We also catch up with Brian Drusky  of Drusky Entertainment on what is coming down the road for shows as well as their efforts with legislation. We'll also feature music from John Vento - Music, Michael Taco Evans, TeraChain Sky, and Larry Antinozzi. 
May 09, 2021
Todd Kaczorowski of Tenband Productions
We have a really cool episode coming at you tonight. If you've been participating with us in the Sos2020pgh Concert Series, then tonight you'll get to learn about the guy behind the live stream... Todd Kaczorowski of Tenband Productions. Todd is also a member of The Ten Band - A Tribute to Pearl Jam. We are going to get into how live streaming can help your event and what it means to the future of live music as well. Plus we'll get some perspectives on our scene from someone who has been in and out of it and has toured the country. Before we get to Todd though, we will be checking in with long time friend of the show Frank Vieira, who has recently dropped a brand new album titled "Limbo Lane". We'll feature a cut from that album as well as new music from Miss Freddye, The Borstal Boys, Royal Honey, Black Ridge, Domenic Fusca, The Shiners, and Cin Farina.
May 02, 2021
Yigga Digga
 We are talking with Western PA "BIG RIFF" band Yigga Digga. They've just released their 3rd full length album "No Limiter" and are ramping up to hit the road again after being off for all of 2020. We'll recap the Sos2020pgh concert series to date and get you ready for the last episode of Season 2 coming April 28.  We'll also feature music from Frank Russo Solo music, Brandon Payne - thatpaynefulmusic, Brian Genovesi and A Common Crown. 
April 25, 2021
Justin Wad Kalcevic
Tonight we catch up with long time friend of the show and local music veteran who is now garnering national attention, Justin Wade Kalcevic. He's dropped a new single called "Lonely Road" and has a brand new record sitting in the wings with the Justin Wade Band. What a fun interview this was. We'll also feature music from Megan Pennington, another long time friend of the show Frank Vieira. The Hawkeyes and Desolence. 
April 18, 2021
Tonight's guest is co-host Utah Burgess along with Rob Keller as we discuss all things Shady Lady Productions, Noble Hops Music, Rock Done Right, 11th Frame Bar and Grille, Local Music Series, Sos2020pgh, Gatto Harley-Davidson, Three Rivers Harley-Davidson, the Big Butler Fair, The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2021, and more! But wait, that isn't all! This will be the first live in-studio performance since March 16 of last year (2020). You'll hear some brand new music from Noble Hops. But wait, there's more... we'll also catch up on Rob Keller’s road to recovery as well.
April 11, 2021
Anthony Leone
Happy Easter from the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show. Join us again tonight at 7pm as we catch up with Anthony Leone from th e band SILK9. They recently dropped their new single "Tear Me Down", as well as a brand new song called "I Won't Carry You", are building up their post-covid touring schedule, and feature a powerhouse lineup. You'll also get a one-time listen to a new song that they don't plan on dropping until later in the year. We'll also feature a brand new song from Robin and Bob, go back a few years to some Shawn Hartman, feature another brand new song from Dave Zaccari that features Chris Compton, and some Water Trash. 
April 04, 2021
John Hayes
Join us at 7pm tonight as we talk with John Hayes of the Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle, a project of Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society. John will give our listeners and fellow songwriters a look into what the project does, as well as some deep insights into how he got involved in the project, and how you can be a part as well. We'll feature music from the group including John Hayes and his song Big Ocean, Fall Guys, @JD Little, and Sue Gartland. We'll also feature music from The Redlines, Brian Belonzi Music, Koz, and Mike Mo Nelson. 97.7fm on your radio dial or stream us live at Brought to you by Shady Lady Productions and The Rock Station 977
March 28, 2021
Eric Rodger
Join us tonight at 7p as we talk with Eric Rodger of the band Royal Honey, who also happens to be the same guy who set the Sos2020pgh in motion with his song SOS 2020. You'll hear all about his band, SOS PGH, and get some cool stories on the music scene from days gone by. We also chat with Mark Byars and Cheryl Rinovato about the upcoming Save Moondogs - Virtual Benefit Concert - Fundraiser. We'll also feature music from Justin Wade Band, Norman Nardini Music, Para Bellum, and Code Orange. 
March 21, 2021
Alyssa Hankey
Tonight on 97.7fm catch the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show. We'll be talking with local troubadour Alyssa Hankey - Music. Alyssa plays extensively across the region and beyond and features a great collection of her own music as well as her original spin on some of her favorite classic songs. We'll also feature music from the Legendary Hucklebucks, Alayna, Royal Honey, and Sophie Lockhart. 
March 14, 2021
LIve In Studio
It's coming up on 1 year since our last live in-studio performance by an artist, so we are taking tonight's show to feature just a small sample from all of the incredible artists we've been able to have live in our studio over the years. Our featured lineup tonight includes music from A.C. Jones, Brian Genovesi, Dan Stonerook - Music, Nameless in August, Jenifer Lynn Baker, Cathy Stewart with David Granati, Chris Jamison, Alex Matson Music, Frank Vieira, Robin and Bob, Ray Lanich, Chuck Moses, Cherylann Hawk, and Anger the Ant. 
March 07, 2021
Frank Russo
Tonight at 7pm we visit with long time scene veteran Frank Russo, who is finally getting around to recording some of his own music at our long time sponsors The Meatlocker Recording Studio. Tonight you will get to hear some of the music, and get a glimpse into the musical legacy of this family in the area. We will also feature music from Wicked Earth, Chip & The Charge Ups, Red Room Effect, and Black Flower Season. 
February 28, 2021
Sam Stucky
Tonight we'll be talking with Sam Stucky, who just released a brand new album called "Joelle". And we'll feature some tunes from that album as well. We'll also feature music from Para Bellum, The Forty Nineteens, Klint Macro, and Jordan McLaughlin. 
February 21, 2021
Scott Tady, Entertainment Editor-Beaver County Times
onight we visit with Beaver County Times Entertainment Editor and Columnist Scott Tady. Get the scoop from one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people who write about and feature our scene. Scott's been introducing us to a lot of new music as well, some we will feature tonight. 
February 14, 2021
The Super Bowl of Local Music
We are bringing you a bunch of music tonight as well as some light banter as an alternative to the big game. Join Bob and Utah at 7pm on The Rock Station 977 with featured artists Meathook, The Redlines, Sos2020pgh, Half Wheel, Domenic Fusca, Jordan Mclaughlin & AE Honick, Pleazer, REPO MAN, LambLion, Curt Ziggler, The Eldorado Band, and Gary Burk III. 
February 07, 2021
Megan Pennington
It's Sunday and that means the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 is coming at you at 7pm. Tonight we visit with Megan Pennington for the first time. Pretty cool story, great music, tune in and check it out. We'll also feature music from Melinda and the Night Sky, Crushing Ground, Murder for Girls, and the GypsyCowboys. It's been a busy week for us as well, as we took part in the Sos2020pgh concert series, and kicked off the first Rock Done Right Tour Stop of 2021 with The Southern Fried Rock Show XV. 
January 31, 2021
The Rust Project
It's Sunday night, and that means at 7pm Bob and Utah are coming at you with all things local music. Tonight we talk with Susan Bicker and Tim Bazzone of The Rust Project. Typically a cover/tribute band, over the last year the group has been writing and recording their own music which we'll feature tonight, as well as get the scoop on the group. We'll also feature music from the Eastern part of the state with Buckskin Whiskey and their debut single, some Rebel Revolver, a brand new tune from Black Ridge, and taking things out with some Serpent Lord.
January 24, 2021
The Redlines
tonight at 7p on 97.7fm as we talk with Brian Seese and Tony Vinski of The Redlines on the heels of their brand new album release "Bones Under The Morning Sun". We'll get into the songwriting, the process, as well as the direction of the band and discuss how far they've come in almost the last decade. Of course you'll hear music from the new album as well as music from Curt Zieggler, Royal Honey, Shane Alexander, and Wicked Earth.
January 17, 2021
Rob Keller
Tonight at 7pm we are joined by Mr. Rob Keller, who you've heard us talk about the last few months and is also a frequent guest and integral part of the local music scene. He's going to update us on how he is progressing since his motorcycle accident, and of course we'll talk music as well. Featured music tonight includes: Sos2020pgh, Wicked Earth, Noble Hops Music, Doppler Affect, Big House Pete, The Shiners, (kaj), and Brady Novotny.
January 10, 2021
Rocky Anthony Lamonde
Happy New Year! Join us tonight at 7pm for our first episode of 2021 and #443 (give or take a couple) since our inception on July 1, 2012. Tonight we are joined by veteran scene musician "Rocky" Anthony Lamonde a member of The Borstal Boys and producer of a new song and video that will be released on January 8 called "SOS 2020". 
January 04, 2021
2020 In Review
Tonight Bob and Utah take a look back at the oddest year in the history of our little show. It was a year that saw the live music performances get practically snuffed out of existence, a year that gave us so many new releases from local artists, and a year where we lost some good friends along the way. It was also a year that Utah did not get suspended, but Bob did! We should have seen the writing on the wall then. 
December 28, 2020
Christmas Episode
Tonight it is our Christmas Spectacular Episode! One of our favorite shows to put together and listen to each year. Tune us in at 7pm tonight on 97.7fm or stream us at  to hear Christmas classics and originals from Acoustic Fingers, Richard Lynch Band, Lenny Collini, Sophie Lockhart, The Meatlocker Recording Studio Christmas Collaboration, Christopher Buhler, James LeVier, Arte Tedesco, Yigga Digga, John Costa, A.C. Jones, Gary Burk III, B.E. Taylor, Billy Price, Rick Moses, and Skankin' Homer. Merry Christmas to you all from Bob and Utah and thank you for your support and for listening to our little show each week, 
December 21, 2020
Miss Freddye
Tonight at 7pm on The Rock Station 97.7fm we'll catch up with Miss Freddye , who has a new single out titled "Wade In The Water". Miss Freddye has managed to keep herself busy this year but we'll let her tell you about that when you tune in. We'll also feature a brand new single from John Vento, plus music from Sam Stuckey AE Honick, and Rick Moses.
December 14, 2020
Half Wheel
Tonight at 7pm we welcome to the interview lines Sean Nestor and Jazz Byers of Half Wheel . They've just released a brand new cd out of Rattle Clack Entertainment and the new single "Good Day" is already on fire. If you were at our last Band Jam you may recognize them from the band Homicide Black . Well this is a bit of departure from that! LOL. Anyways, get the scoop on the band, the scene, the new CD.
December 07, 2020
Live Call-in Show
It's that time of year again folks... the Live Call In Show where Bob and Utah take your calls. We'd love to hear from you, let us know about your local scene, favorite bands, your band, make a request, and lets just talk local music.
November 30, 2020
Adam Fitz
Tonight we are joined by singer/songwriter Adam Fitz. We'll also feature music from Mike Mo Nelson, REPO MAN, Half Wheel and The Borstal Boys.
November 22, 2020
Sophie Lockhart
On this episode we welcome back to the show Sophie Lockhart . She has a brand new single out and some new stuff in the wings that you'll get to hear. We'll also discuss the ongoing pandemic and it's effect on the scene, as well as the state and federal Save Our Stages efforts and what you can do to help. We have music from Joel Lindsey, Ben valasek and the growlers , the Highland Brothers Band , and Frank Vieira .
November 15, 2020
Acoustic Fingers
Join us at 7pm tonight for another great interview with a good friend of the show, Rob Roush , aka Acoustic Fingers . He's got a brand new CD out and you'll get to hear some of it tonight and catch up on where he's at amidst all of this craziness. We'll also feature music from REPO MAN , Curtis and the SHAKERZ , John Vento, and King Elizabeth .
November 01, 2020
We are going to talk Scare-O-Derma tonight along with Fostering Music and our next Rock Done Right Tour Stop coming up at Recon Brewing . Christy Stitt of Fostering Music will discuss the program and how your donations can help young kids with music, and Jenifer Lynn Baker will discuss the Scare-o-Derma event itself and the man who's honor it is being held for, Mr. Johnny "KATT" Henricks.
October 25, 2020
Guitars For Vets
Our guest tonight is Karen Dunn, coordinator for Guitars For Vets - Butler, PA Chapter. She'll be discussing the upcoming Rock to Remember 2020 - Guitars for Vets - Butler, PA Chapter benefit event November 13 at the American Legion Post 778. The event will feature live performances from Guitars for Vets instructor Fred Dillaman, Tom Panei and Jason Anthony, Gary Burk III and Lions in America. Tickets are limited, so get your today. We'll also feature music from Matt Barranti Band, Chip & The Charge Ups, Chuck Moses and the Trash Bandits, and The Hawkeyes.
October 19, 2020
Broken Reins
Tonight we talk with Wayne Webb of the NE Ohio based modern country band Broken Reins and spin some of their material. We'll also feature music from The Shiners , Dying Breed, SourMash, and Black Flower Season.
October 11, 2020
Paul G of Black Ridge
Tonight we will be speaking with Pittsburgh band Black Ridge front man Paul G. Black Ridge was a Grassy Nominated band this year with their song Celebration and they were also scheduled to make their debut appearance at The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival. We hope to have them back next year. We'll also feature music from Miss Freddye, Cathy Stewart, The Borstal Boys and Matt "Broke" Boland.
October 05, 2020
Local Music
Join us tonight at 7pm as we discuss and feature local music again. Tonight we are going back up to Erie to visit with Tommy Link Inc. another singer/songwriter from the area that Utah met at Lavery Brewing Company . We'll play you some of his tunes as well as music from Noble Hops Music, Dinnerbell Road , 2020 Grassy Award winning band Juvenile Characteristics, and Rover.
September 28, 2020
Matt Boland
Tonight we speak with Matt "Broke" Boland , and Erie area artist with some serious energy. We'll feature some of his songs and get his take on things in the scene. We will also talk with Speedfreak Motorsports Shop Night about their upcoming annual shop party. Featured  music from King Elizabeth, AE Honick, The Clarks, and The Shiners .
September 21, 2020
Shady Lady Anniversary Party
Join Bob and Utah tonight as we talk Shady Lady Studio Productions and Records 15th Anniversary and the upcoming Rock Done Right celebration September 19 at Missing Links Brewery. Get some stories, memories, background and hear some great music. We'll also be talking current music events as well and update you on our friend Rob Keller and his road to recovery and how you can help.
September 15, 2020
Jimmy Suvoy
We talk with Jimmy Suvoy about his life on the road with music, his long time friendship with Rob Keller, and local music scenes. Jimmy has moved back to the area and is available for booking. We also featured music from The Shiners, The Commonheart, TC DAVIS,  and Cherylann Hawk Music.
September 06, 2020
Donmenic Fusca
Bob talks with Domenic Fusca , a native of the Pittsburgh region who moved away and has since returned, so we'll get that perspective on music scenes as well learn about Domenic and his music. We'll also feature music from Stephen Rubinosky feat Nadine Draganac, Samantha Sears  Music, Rick Moses, and Acoustic Fingers .
August 30, 2020
2020 Grassy Award Winner Announced
Congratulations to Juvenile Characteristics for winning the 2020 Grassy Award. Join us for our Band Jam Pity and Grassy Award announcement show tonight at 7pm on The Rock Station 977 Just put your dial at 97.7fm or stream us live at We are going to feature all of the past Grassy Award winning songs in addition to announcing this years winner. Mark your calendars for next year, August 27 and 28 and keep supporting local live music.
August 23, 2020
Maleena Dominick
On tonight's show we talk with Maleena Dominick / Music By Maleena about her debut album Bruises To Prove It. We recently had her on the show with her bust out song "Don't Forget Me" and have also featured her along with her father Chip Dominick, as she is a member of Chip & The Charge Ups as well.
August 16, 2020
Black Flower Season
Join us tonight, August 9th as we get to know Black Flower Season. They have a great debut CD out that is connected with Cobblesound Recording Co. We've featured a couple of songs already from this great recording, and you can hear more tonight. We'll also feature music from Changing Tymz, brand new stuff from Acoustic Fingers and Maleena Dominick, and Michael Taco Evans.
August 09, 2020
Gary Burk
Tonight on the Grass Roots Show we catch up with rising country artist Gary Burk III. We'll also feature music from Donny Eozzo, Wine and Spirit Band, Dave and Megan Franzi, and the Noble Hops Music.
July 26, 2020
Save Our Stages
Tonight at 7pm we are having a special episode dedicated to what you, fans of live music, can do to help Save Our Stages and keep the music playing. The music industry and everything associated with it has been one of the hardest hit during the recent Coronavirus pandemic. It's not only been the music though, the far reaching effects into all of our communities had been very painful. We'll talk with Brian Drusky and Adam Valen of Drusky Entertainment tonight about the Save Our Stages campaign, as well as NIVA... the National Independent Venue Association, and what they and what you can do to help this cause.
July 19, 2020
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we'll feature New Castle based band Rover, a young and very talented up and coming band. Get their story and listen to some of their music. We'll also feature music from Curtis and the SHAKERZ, Chuck Moses and The Trash Bandits, Domenic Fusca, and Brooke Annibale.
July 12, 2020
Rob Keller
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 at 7pm on The Rock Station 97.7 we will visit with Rob Keller of The Shiners to discuss his upcoming Hoka Hey Jam benefit concert.
July 05, 2020
2020 Grassy Award Nominations
It's here... the long awaited Grassy Nomination show airs tonight at 7pm. Voting will commence July 1st and run through the month of July. After weeks of compiling lists and days of virtual arm-wrestling, we have our 12 nominees to present to you tonight. We think you'll find it to be a very diverse list. Eligibility is simple... 1) You must still be an active artist 2) The nominated song must be in regular rotation, and 3) You didn't win the year before. The nominees are not just Bob and Utah's choice either, the on-air radio personalities at the station play a key role in selecting who should make the cut as well, based on listener requests, feedback, and their own experience in the world of radio. Our great friend Linda creates a very unique award every year to present, which we will most likely do during our cancelled The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival weekend, August 22.
June 28, 2020
The Redlines
Join us at 7pm tonight for another epic episode of the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show. Tonight we'll check in with The Redlines and hear what they have been up to. We know for certain they have been very busy over the last few months and they'll fill you in on what to expect. We'll also feature music from The Lone Pines, TeraChain Sky, The Forty Nineteens, and Larry Antinozzi.
June 21, 2020
Terry Diane McCabe
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 we visit with Terry Diane McCabe from across the border... border of Ohio that is. Get the scoop on their brand of music as well as their Raven Faith Records. We'll also feature music from The Bail Jumpers, Tim Vitullo Band, Rippin' Cigs, and Montana Bob Sweitzer.
June 15, 2020
Ashley Puckett
Tonight we talk with Ashley Puckett.
June 07, 2020
Cathy Stewart
Join us tonight as we talk with Cathy Stewart and David Granati about Cathy's new music project. We'll feature some of the songs coming up from it as well as catch up with her, as she has been a past guest on our show. We'll also feature music from Black Flower Season, Justin Wade Band, Matt Westin, and Code Orange
May 31, 2020
Michael Christopher
Tonight we catch up with Michael Christopher and hear some of his new music. 
May 24, 2020
Brady Novotny
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we feature guest and guitar virtuoso Brady Novotny Music. We'll also feature music from Curtis and the SHAKERZ, Trevolta, Ashley Mullens, and After The Fall.
May 17, 2020
Samantha Sears
Tonight at 7pm we welcome back to the show Samantha Sears Music. Samantha has been a frequent guest on the show going back several years and is a prominent Central and Western PA musician. We'll also feature some of her music as well as music from Alayna, Marty Zundel Music, Juvenile Characteristics, and Black Ridge.
May 10, 2020
Maleena Dominick
Tonight we talk with Maleena Dominick, solo artist and member of Chip & The Charge Ups. Get some youth perspective on the music scene and hear about her new single dedicated to 2020 Seniors around the world.
May 03, 2020
Greg Marra
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show Bob will be catching up with Butler area native Greg Marra. Greg is kind enough to let us debut a brand new single that he did with Butler area drummer Chris Compton called "Colliding Consciousness". Greg also hosts his own podcast that you can find here: Iconoclast Music Podcast.
April 26, 2020
Matt Aquiline
Tonight at 7pm on 97.7fm we'll be chatting with Matt Aquiline of The Dead End Streets. He'll do a couple of acoustic live takes as well as some recorded stuff from the band including their latest single "The Time Has Come".
April 19, 2020
Michael Stover of MTS Management Group/MTS Records
Happy Easter. Tonight's guest will be Michael Stover of MTS Management Group/MTS Records. Get the ins and outs on what independent musicians can do, and take a listen to some of MTS's roster with music from Gary Burk III, Matt Westin, Ashley Puckett, and John Vento - Music / Nied's Hotel Band.
April 12, 2020
Marty Zundel
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we'll talk with Marty Zundel of Marty Zundel Music. Marty has been a past guest a couple of times, a living breathing encyclopedia of country music, and a great songwriter and performed. We've been waiting to have him on since his last album "Six Hundred Miles" dropped last fall. Although it would have been nice to have him perform in the studio, you'll still hear some great stories and history tonight. We'll also feature music from Wine and Spirit Band, Joe Thompson, Noble Hops Music, and Ben Valasek.
March 29, 2020
A.C. Jones
Tonight at 7pm we visit with rising country star A.C. Jones. She'll play some songs in the studio and we'll also feature her latest single "Castle". (NOTE: Our shows are pre-recorded. Please understand that she will not actually be in the studio tonight. We are taking all precautions for safety that have been recommended). We'll also feature music from The New Morning Sunrise, a brand new song from Justin Wade Band, Rover, and Elias Khouri.
March 22, 2020
400th Episode!
Join us tonight as we celebrate our 400th episode of the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show at 7pm on The Rock Station 97.7 fm (stream live at We'll share a couple of memories and feature a bunch of music tonight including some live in-studio performances. Tonight's artists are: Chet Vincent and The Big Bend, FolkHammer, Alex Matson, Lyle Borger, Noble Hops Music, Miss Freddye's Home Cookin' Trio, Washboard Tony and Son, Castashadow, Cathy Stewart, Samantha Sears Music, Jonah Baybrook, and Rob Williams and The Bluesdrivers.
March 09, 2020
Jim Donovan Replay
Join us tonight for a replay of our interview with Jim Donovan of Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors. We'll feature some of his songs as well as songs from Ashley Puckett, Chip & The Charge Ups (who were just announced as joining the bill on The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival 2020), The Forty Nineteens, and A Common Crown.
March 01, 2020
Entertainment Lawyer Rocco Cozza
Tonight at 7 on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show, we'll talk with entertainment lawyer Rocco Cozza / Law Office of Rocco E. Cozza. He'll discuss some legal aspects of the music business as well as running yourself like a business, which we discuss often on our show. We'll also feature music from Tony Barge, The Shiners, Fire Gods, Justin Wade Band, Chuck Moses and the Trash Bandits, Cherylann Hawk, Donnie Iris and the Cruisers, and The Bail Jumpers.
February 23, 2020
Frank Vieira
Tonight we visit with long time friend of the show Frank Vieira, who just dropped his brand new single "Heart Broke". Tune in as we catch up with Frank and here some in-studio live performances as well. We'll also feature music from Mike Mo Nelson, A.C. Jones, The Hawkeyes, and Code Orange.
February 16, 2020
Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors
Tonight at 7pm we'll be talking with Jim Donovan of Jim Donovan & Sun King Warriors. Great interview with some cool history and great jams. The Sun King Warriors have some cool shows coming up in 2020, so give them a LIKE and follow along, check out the tunes, catch the vibe. We'll also feature music from Ashley Puckett, Chip & The Charge Ups, The Forty Nineteens, and A Common Crown.
February 09, 2020
Grass Roots Replays
It's Super Bowl Sunday, a day of many Replays so we figured we'd do a Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 Replay ourselves. We had some "issues" a couple of weeks ago (which will be discussed tonight) and wanted to feature our interview with long time Pittsburgh music legend Arte Tedesco again. We'll also play music from Vit DeBacco Music, the Highland Brothers Band, The Fire Gods, and the Noble Hops Band.
February 02, 2020
Sam Stuckey
Tonight on the Grass Roots on The Rock Station 97.7 show we are joined by Mr. Sam Stuckey, who just released a brand new EP titled "Euphonic Premier" (get it?). Anyways, it's a great fun CD and we'll be featuring some tracks from it as well as talking with Sam about all things music. We'll also feature songs from Doppler Affect, Harmony Hot Haus, The Bail Jumpers and Bobby Thompson and the Groove, who are currently on their way to Memphis to represent Pittsburgh in the International Blues Competition. We wish them luck!
January 26, 2020
A Common Crown
Tonight at 7pm on The Rock Station 97.7fm we sit down with all 5 members of A Common Crown and discuss the intricacies of Amish bread making. We also talk about their brand new EP "The Reckoning" that has dropped and their upcoming CD release for it. You can hear the entire EP tonight but that is no reason not to get your own copy or go to the show. We'll also feature music from John Vento - Music, Chip & The Charge Ups, Joe Thompson, and the Honeyriders.
January 19, 2020
Arte Tedesco
Tonight on the Grass Roots show we sit down and talk with Pittsburgh music icon Arte Tedesco. He just dropped a brand new CD, his first in many years, with a packed house at his CD release party. Catch up with Pittsburgh's "Dangerous Man" and listen to some of his new tunes. We'll also feature music from Black Ridge, Rockin' Ron Lantz, After The Fall, and Brian Genovesi, who also just released a new CD.
January 12, 2020
Anger The Ant
Tonight we kick off the new year talking with 2 time Grassy Award winning band Anger the Ant, who released a new CD back in November. Recorded at long time sponsor The Meatlocker Recording Studio, we get the inside scoop on their latest effort and current situation with the band. We'll also feature music from Rick Bruckner & The Brotherhood, FolkHammer, Brady Novotny Music, and Marty Zundel Music.
January 05, 2020