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By Carmen Vera
There’s the black end and there’s the white end of the spectrum in our lives. Black and white represent routine. Truly living begins in the gray. Guided by 14 subtle and simple guidelines, they are interchangeable reminders of what true freedom is when we let go.

The gray provides excitement, chance, and growth. It’s a gamble, but it allows us to really come into the person we want to be and achieve the things we have only dreamed of.

Grayspace, the book is my story. Grayspace: The Podcast is yours.
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For Love, Leslie


For Love, Leslie


Onto the Next Adventure
Organization. We hear about it mostly in the home. But end of life organization? What’s that? As Julie says, "Clutter is not only a physical weight but also can be a mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic weight.” The great news about this is that you can organize and declutter resulting in a tranquil and peaceful mind. When we embrace death instead of fearing it, we can fully embrace our lives. No matter what--it’s coming. We will have to face. When we plan death, we can celebrate and live our lives. Julie touches base on the the importance of wills, life insurance, and mostly the peace of mind that our loved ones (and pets!). She touches base on her thoughts on plastic surgery. Are you afraid of death? We are brilliant and have gifts to share with the world. In Julie’s eyes, we are perfect. We are brilliant. It’s time to reawaken it. Check out Julie Coraccio here at
June 04, 2020
9/11/01, Karen
September 11, 2001—a date that remains forever in our hearts. This day remains heavy and has effected so may people. Karen is one of those people of many who were impacted. Her personal story of bravery, strength, and her ability to overcome is one that’s inspiring. Her reoccurring message of “it’s an okay to not be okay.” allows us to remember that we are humans with hope. She gives us advice on how to respond to crisis and even post crisis. We discuss the similarities much related to today’s COVID-19 pandemic. She reminds us that it’s going to be okay. The burden for the future is not for us to carry just yet. Her story encompassing the ideals of Grayspace is one for the books. Listen to her story here on iTunes and Spotify. Learn more about Karen here:
May 26, 2020
Manifesting Hat, Nora
Anxiety. Someone says this word and we get anxious just from hearing about it. These feelings of anxiety can often trigger our flight or flight reaction and worry. Nora has suffered from chronic anxiety for over 10 years. She now speaks as a life coach, mentor, and confidant who inspires and empowers humanity. She coaches women and men 1-1, runs online workshops worldwide, and has yearly retreats in Bali helping women in particular, feel confident, sexy and free in their lives. We’re here to listen to the journey she’s taken to in order to get where she is today.
April 27, 2020
Dancing in the Ambiguity, Arielle
Arielle is a life coach here to talk about her personal mission to empower women. Arielle says you can get there with confidence. Believe it and trust yourself. The time to enjoy your life is right now. It’s a progress that you fall in love with. Fall in love with the failures and fall in love them. Failures are the stepping stones of success. Arielle guides us through the view through the heart of Grayspace: living in the gray, and dancing with it. Hear her story now.
April 19, 2020
Artisha, Grazing Death
Life is not only short, but delicate. Artisha touches just grazes the touch of death and finds herself in the ICU. She is unsure if she'll survive. The doctors and nurses cannot tell her the diagnosis. She makes a promise to herself if she survives. She pledges to stop chasing the paycheck and to live a life of substance leaving behind a legacy she's proud of. She shares the details and story here with us today. To keep up with Artisha Bolding check out her website:
April 05, 2020
For Love, Leslie
Life coach and motivational speaker, Leslie Saglio teaches us to step out of our boundaries and into the gray. She meets a man online and decides to up and leave her life in Los angels to go to London. She moves out of her condo, sells her car, and packs up with the essentials and, of course, her two little Yorkies. This story is a reminder that love connections even a continent away are powerful. Hear her story today on Grayspace.
March 29, 2020
Balance and Boundaries, Terry
Have you allowed someone to determine your path for you? Once we get that VP title, promotion, or raise, do you ever wonder why it’s not enough? Terry McDougall joins me in touching on the importance of saying no—especially to that big, mean, scary boss. Reinforce those boundaries. Life is not easy and we can be at a standstill. We try our best to overcome these obstacles, but can often times feel overwhelmed and even frustrated. The importance of self-determination to overcome any task life throws at us is vital. She shares how to find direction in the grayspace.
March 24, 2020
Norwegian Bullying, Åsmund
We interview Åsmund. He is a writer. He shares his painful past of bullying which has turned into a path of redemption. He believes in the power of a positive mind and takes responsibility of his own actions. We talk a little about parenting and how to set your child up for success. He shares his story with us today.
March 17, 2020
Loretta, The Happy Chemicals
Have you ever wondered about the “happy" chemical? Did you know that there is also the “sad” chemical? What are the differences between serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin? When are they supposed to be released and are they linked with anxiety? Do we rely on these chemicals for a happy life? Science plays a role more than we thought.  Professor, Loretta Graziano Breuning walks us through and explains the happy and sad chemicals in our brains. Does social media play a role in this? She shares her story with us today on Grayspace.
March 08, 2020
Natalie, Coffee at 30
Imagine taking your first sip of coffee at the age of 30. You’re feeling the sun on your shoulders for the first time in 8 years. Natalie Que tells me her story from breaking free from the Mormon religion, stepping out of the black and white and stepping into the gray—her personal Grayspace. She has a breakdown buying her first pair of thong underwear after wearing Mormon underwear for years. From her open marriage, dating internationally, and putting up a dating ad on Craigslist, she tells her story.  Hear her story here on Grayspace now.
March 03, 2020
Sasha Come Play, Trust the Body
Sasha Come Play talks to us about that one taboo thing--SEX! She is a play coach. She shares her story of what she does and how the body can connect with the mind, soul, and spirit. The body gives us everything we need to know. As Sasha says, "Play gives you access to self-expression, freedom, presence, creativity, imagination, enjoyment, love, power, manifestation and money!" Listen now on iTunes and Spotify. You can find Sasha here on Instagram: @sashacomeplay Learn more about her here:
February 19, 2020
Infidelity, Coach Liz
Infidelity is arguably one of the most difficult and painful hardships to endure in a relationship. Liz shares her story of past relationships. Though this is a painful topic, Liz is able to keep upbeat and lighthearted throwing in a few laughs for us. It is truly special when one is able to laugh through the pain and to continue to share their recover and journey moving forward. From across the pond in Sheffield, England, Liz shares her story with us. You can find Liz now on social media as Coach Elizabeth Shaw.
December 30, 2019
Carlos, Time is Friendly
Struggling to find ourselves in the the world is a task on its own. Homosexuality is another faucet that many face as they strive for acceptance. Grayspace speaks on the important factor that time is our friend and Carlos teaches us that. Carlos shares his story.
December 05, 2019
Virah Payam, the cam model
Virah Payam is a cam model in the adult entertainment industry. She takes hold of her career by being in charge of her own business. She touches base on her personal love and dating life. The sex industry is perceived as taboo, but Virah has a different take on it. She shares the amount of freedom she has by having such a liberating lifestyle. She is on track to get her PhD, and offers advice to our listeners by telling us that your career isn’t one that needs to be contained within the box. She shares her story with us.
November 17, 2019
Adele, The Carnival
Asian culture can be one that is perceived as harsh by American standards. Adele talks about finding herself in an American culture with Asian values. She pushes pass the traditional boundaries and finds herself in her professional job and still pursuing art. Thus, Reincarnation Paintings was born. She teaches us balance and boundaries. We touch base on the last chapter of Grayspace: The Carnival. This is a metaphorical way of life in which one decides how to make their life enjoyable, yet able to uphold the maintenance required to have one. This is simple: hard work. She shares her story and viewpoint with us. Find her on instagram: @adeletaco, @reincarnation_paintings Mention Grayspace, Vegas on Blast, or Carmen Vera for 10% off your customized painting.
November 14, 2019
Trish, The Gray Rock
Domestic abuse relationships are difficult. It can be equally difficult if we are the the by standers watching our loved ones go through it. We simply think, “Why don’t they just leave?” Trish Lane is a narcissist abuse recovery coach who speaks on her personal experiences and now helps others going the same thing. She has been a mental health advocate for 20 years. She tells us why people simply can’t leave from the scientific perspective of what our brain goes through when we are psychologically trapped within the reaches of an abuser. Here's her story. The Bad Ass Broad Coaching Instagram: @badassbroad
November 10, 2019
Parker, Life in the Sky
Life in the sky! That sounds so luxurious and glamorous! Though things aren’t always what it seems. Follow me as I interview Parker, a flight attendant for one fo the world’s largest airlines. Life is always on the go for Parker and he remind us of the very important Grayspace bullet point of self care.
October 24, 2019
Benicia, #forJeff
It’s difficult to not our past define us, especially in the case of heartbreak, tragedy, and the urge to seek revenge. Benicia shares her story about her son, Jeff. Everything and all she does is #forJeff. She starts from the beginning. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. Grab some tissues, and a glass of wine, or two. Remember to pay it forward by spreading the love. #ForJeff *Names have been changed to protect identities
October 01, 2019
Rae, The Inner Struggle
Rae walks us through her early childhood to the present. She struggles with self-image as common as the next person. She tells us about her journey and how she copes with it to this day. Her personality is contagious, and she's got a great view on life despite her past. Hear her story now.
September 29, 2019
Mike, A Little Help
From the tough streets of Long Island, New York, we have Mike who had always took it upon himself to take care of his family and now even more so now that both of his parents has passed. The pressure was a lot, and he got to the breaking point. Push comes to shove, and now he knew he needed to seek help. Here’s Mike’s story.
September 18, 2019
Jamie, Ryan's Legacies
Life is a revolving door. Jamie is sharing her story of the tragic unexpected loss of her husband. She was newly wed and now widowed at only 23. Her baby, only 1 at the time. Her life was turned upside down. She’s now here to tell her story.
September 12, 2019
Shelby, New Year's Eve
Listener discretion is advised.  Shelby believed she would not believe would live another day. The love of her life was the man of her dreams until he turned into her worst nightmare.  Her story of domestic violence is one that will make your stomach turn. Through her willpower and strength to live she decides what’s best for her and her young son. Her story is about speaking out, and learning your self worth. She teaches us that time is our friend. She is ready to share her story. Voices Against Violence +18007997233 18007873224 (Spanish)
September 11, 2019
Susie Q., The Survivor
Susie Q., The Survivor Susie Q. is a survivor of domestic abuse. She walks us through her intense and heart wrenching past. Growing up in a mentally and physically abusive home. She developed a personality named “Susie Q.” to cope with her self-anger, self-hate, and depression. She meets the father of her children and tells us her past. Susie Q. lives her life through Grayspace by resetting the mind, having great friendships, learning her self worth, spreading the love, and knowing her worth. Susie Q. Is not a victim. She is a survivor and continues to live a life of happiness by doing what she loves and taking care of her two boys. You can find her on Road Dogs TV. You may reach out to her and receive her updates about her and the non profit organization here: IG : susie_q_road_dogs_tv Facebook: SuzQRDTV (Road Dogs TV) Facebook: TracyKFuentes Contact for Susie Q.'s non-profit, inquiries, and booking opportunities: (for artists/bands)
September 10, 2019