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Global Rights Defenders is committed to advocating alongside marginalized, displaced, or vulnerable populations. Founder, Rai Jordan, will be interviewing human rights defenders from around the globe to shed light on abuses or atrocities worldwide.

Podcast proceeds will go towards the cause the weekly episode is advocating for. Be a Global Rights Defender by listening to our podcast; you will directly support those affected.
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'Where is UNHCR?'- Pleads Libya Human Trafficking Victims

Global Rights Defenders

Deep Dive: Europe's War on Refugees
In this week's episode, Rai Jordan does a deep dive into the Migration Crisis in Europe. The Migration crisis of 2015 sparked a heated conversation within Europe, which led to sequential laws and policies that prohibit migration. From preventative measures such as stricter immigration pathways, to external border measures such as the creation of Frontex, Europe is increasingly acting outside of international humanitarian laws.  Who's responsibility is it to assist refugees? How do we define a refugee? Do all people looking for protection or help receive it? This week's episode discusses all that and more. As well as proactive ways to hold international organizations accountable.
September 19, 2022
'Where is UNHCR?'- Pleads Libya Human Trafficking Victims
Human trafficking networks are a well known profiteer for Libyan officials. Before the NATO backed military intervention occurred in Libya in 2011, then leader Mu'ammar Gaddafi would boast about the success human traffickers had in bringing African asylum-seekers to European countries. Today, these human trafficking networks exist in abundance. Government officials, individual traffickers, and arguably the Libyan economy have financially benefited from smuggling. The global migration crisis has left millions fleeing their home countries in search of a better life. Unfortunately, they have been subject to abuse and oftentimes left to rot in detention centers along the smuggling routes, in Libya, or in underground economies. European countries, especially those on the frontier of shared Mediterranean Sea channels with Libya, have financed and implemented preventative tactics which abandon, trap, or forget transient populations. This then begs the question "Are European countries defying the law of non-refoulement?" In this week's episode, Rai is joined by a team from Critica Research and Analysis. She is joined by Founder Dr. Nadia Al-Dayel, Executive Director Dr. Aaron Anfinson, and Research Practitioner Graeme Anfinson. The four discuss human trafficking networks in Libya, who and why people are leaving their home countries, the details of the journey these victims endure, the dangers of the route itself, and the lack of aid from the international community. Lastly, the team discuss different ways listeners can help from home. Disclaimer: The views expressed by the participants are not policy views (official or unofficial) from any federal agency or the United States government. Critica Research and Analysis Critica is non-partisan research center with multidisciplinary expertise drawn from international institutions and contexts. It provides insight on issues of conflict, security, and human rights. Their analysis meets the highest standard of scholarship. Their research is published in peer reviewed journals aimed at policy makers and academia. If you want to keep up with our speakers: Critica Research and Analysis - Dr. Nadia Al-Dayel | @N_Al_Dayel Dr. Aaron Anfinson | @AaronAnf Graeme Anfinson | @AnfinsonGraeme Resources used or referenced in this episode: Al-Dayel, N, Anfinson A, & Anfinson G (2021) Captivity, Migration, and Power in Libya. Critica Research - International Organization for Migration - United Nations - Smuggling of Migrants -
July 27, 2022
Deep Dive: Rape as a Weapon of War
This week, Rai Jordan does a deep dive into rape as a weapon of war. Though historically rape has been viewed as a by-product of war, rape is used systematically for ethnic cleansing, obtaining military objectives, and establishing social control. Rai will outline the various ways rape is used to achieve these measures through examples from within the literature and case studies throughout varying countries. This topic is shown in the Netflix documentary City of Joy which follows Dr. Dennis Mukwege as rape victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as he treats victims of sexual violence during wartime. To learn more about Rape as a Weapon of War, see here: To learn about the international laws that recognize rape as a weapon and advocate to protect women, see here: *********** Global Rights Defenders is a non-profit dedicated to advocating alongside marginalized, displaced, and vulnerable populations. Through podcast interviews, youtube videos, and articles, GRD aims to shed light on human rights issues worldwide.  Follow us: Website | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter: @GRD_Now | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Wordpress 
July 11, 2022
Iran's World-Wide-Way to Harm Freedoms
This week, Rai Jordan is joined by Paria Saremi. Paria is the case monitor for Iran for Lawyer's Rights Watch Canada, is the Director and co-chair for the Civic Association of Iranian Canadians in North Vancouver, and a recent law graduate currently pursuing a career in Human Rights and Public Interest Law. Rai and Saremi discuss the proposed internet legislation bill for Iran, what it would mean for Iranians if this bill were to be imposed, and how it will further harm freedoms within the country. The proposed bill would block Iranians from accessing the internet outside of national borders. This would mean that services like Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc would be unavailable to Iranians within national borders and would thereby create a wall of silence for Human Rights harms within the country. The new bill is being called 'Draconian' by many and would allow the Iranian government impunity when engaging in Human Rights violations like arbitrary detention, disappearing of civilians, unlawful killings and more. The two also discussed the history of Human Rights in Iran and shed light on the amazing strides Iranian people have taken in fighting for their rights to freedoms. If you want to keep up with Pariam Saremi's work, check out: Linkedin Lawyer's Rights Watch Canada - Iran Civic Association of Iranian Canadians  ________________________________________________________ Global Rights Defenders is a non-profit dedicated to advocating alongside marginalized, displaced, and vulnerable populations. Through podcast interviews, youtube videos, and articles, GRD aims to shed light on human rights issues worldwide. Follow us: Website | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter: @GRD_Now | Facebook | Instagram
June 15, 2022
The Dark Economy of Mail Order Brides
Sian Norris, the Chief Social and European Affairs reporter for Byline Times, joins Rai Jordan for this week's episode. Norris is a feminist activist with a specific focus on reproductive and LGBTIQ rights. Rai and Norris discuss the concept of spousal consumer economies, and the exploitative measures used by third parties. Norris also shared her findings from her investigative work regarding Ukrainian refugee women seeking a better life in a safer country. The two touched upon topics such as national and international laws regarding marriage in relation to human trafficking, meaningful interpretations behind consent, and the realities of consumer marriages behind the advertised stereotypes. Norris believes viewers at home can help by standing in solidarity with Ukraine, donating to notable causes, developing safer migration channels for vulnerable populations, and both supporting and expanding safeguards for vulnerable women. To keep up with Sian Norris:  Website: | Twitter: @sianushka  | Email:  | LinkedIn: Sian Norris | Upcoming Book 2023: Bodies Under Siege - The Far Right Attack on Reproductive Rights Interested in The Dark Economy of Mail Order Brides and want to learn more? Here are the resources used by Rai Jordan for today's video: Norris, S (April 29, 2022). The Mail Order Brides Sites Exploiting War in Ukraine to Find Women South Asian Women's Centre (2014).  Forced Marriage as a Form of Human Trafficking United Nations (2020). When Marriage is a Crime United Nations (2018) Trafficking in Women and Girls Report of the Secretary-General. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2020). Interlinkages Between Trafficking in Persons and Marriages Issue Paper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Global Rights Defenders is a non-profit dedicated to advocating alongside marginalized, displaced, and vulnerable populations. Through podcast interviews, youtube videos, and articles, GRD aims to shed light on human rights issues worldwide. Follow us: Website | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter: @GRD_Now | Facebook | Instagram
May 14, 2022
'I No Longer Call Myself Ethiopian' - Says Tigrayan Activist
When Abiy Ahmed decided not to hold the national election in 2020, the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) decided to hold their own. The Prosperity Party (PP) refuses to recognize the TPLF, and in November 2020, Ethiopia's armed forced invaded Tigray. The dispute was only meant to last a matter of weeks, yet this passing month has marked the war's 1 year anniversary. The war in Ethiopia is intensifying. Tigray is now pushing for independence, and is forming coalitions with various ethnic groups. If they were to succeed, it could mean an economic collapse and overall destruction for the region.  On this week's episode, Tigrayan activist, Teklehaymanot G. Weldemichel, joins us. He shares stories from his lived experiences, provides his opinion regarding the current affairs, and finally urges the international community to join in and show their support for Tigrayans. To follow Teklehaymanot: Twitter -@TeklehaymanotG Blog-  **DISCLAIMER- In the podcast introduction, I said that Abiy Ahmed's political party was the Ethiopian People's Democratic Revolutionary Front (EPDRF) however that is incorrect. That was dissolved and replaced by the Prosperity Party
May 13, 2022
How Justice Could Destabilize South Sudan
In this week's episode, Rai Jordan interviews Nicholas Coghlan, Canada's first resident diplomat in Khartoum, Sudan (2000-2003). He was also the first resident Canadian ambassador in Juba, the capital of the newly independent South Sudan. Coghlan and his wife, Jenny, were awarded the Meritorious Service Cross for their role in the evacuation of Canadian citizens from Juba when civil war broke out in late 2013. In this episode, Rai and Coghlan discuss the current geopolitics of Sudan and South Sudan, analyze the role the US has played and continues to play in the country and region, and what it would mean if democracy were to fail and be replaced by autocracies. Moreover, the two also discussed potential outcomes if Sudan's political parties and their leaders were held accountable for their alleged war crimes, as well as the message it would send to the rest of the world. If you want to keep up with Nick, you can follow him on twitter: @NicholasCoghlan or visit his website to see what him and his wife Jenny are up to:
January 03, 2022
Yemen Needs Your Help
In this special episode, Global Rights Defenders hosted Annabel Symington, the head of communications, advocacy & marketing for World Food Programme, Yemen. Annabel broke down the dire situation in Yemen, and urged the international community to act quickly. Yemen currently faces an extreme humanitarian crisis, and as of January 2022 will have to cut half of its food rations due to lack of funds. As we all celebrate with our family's during this holiday season, let us not forget about those families who could use some extra love and support. If you are interested in learning more, see the links below: World Food Programme- Donate to the World Food Programme - Share the Meal - Follow the World Food Programme on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Follow Annabel Symington- @A_Symington
December 27, 2021
'We need to Visibilize the Invisible' - Says Indian Social Activist
When India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi passed the Farm Bill in 2020, the farmers rose up in revolt. Faced with the hardships from the global pandemic, and pre-existing inequities, the proposed farm bill would only add further strain. Farmers have little control over their sector which include issues around land ownership, irrigation, corruption, and unpredictable weather.  At the time this podcast was recorded, the protest had realized it’s one year anniversary.  The proposed laws work together to remove bargaining power from the farmers, all to keep them in a cycle of perpetual debt. Sixty percent of India’s 1.3 billion inhabitants rely on the agricultural sector, whereas only 11% contributes to India’s overall GDP. ***It should be noted, this podcast was recorded November 15th, 2021, four days before India PM Modi repealed the controversial reforms. To keep up with Kavitha, check out her different activities: Twitter - @KKuruganti Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) - Forum for women’s farmers rights [Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch  (Makaam)] –
November 29, 2021
Season 1 Trailer
On Global Rights Defenders Podcast, you will hear from human rights activists worldwide. Tune in each week to hear how we, as listeners, can help.
November 08, 2021
How Afghan Women are Defying the Taliban
Activists in Afghanistan are in danger. The Taliban Takeover in the 1990's and in 2021 put serious strains on the economy, killed thousands, and denounced women as citizens under Shariah law. For the lucky few, they were able to escape the country. Either through its neighbouring border into Pakistan, or go abroad. But what happens for those who remain? In this episode, Rai Jordan interviews two Afghan Activists. Lailuma Sadid, a journalist with the Brussels Morning Newspaper, and a civil rights activists based in Afghanistan. Both women give their perspectives about what it is like to live under Taliban rule, and urge the international community to take action.
November 08, 2021