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Great Mother Speaks

Great Mother Speaks

By The Manifestation Muse
I am Tammy Taylor, an Inner Work Life Coach and Mother|Child bond expert specializing in Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and/or physical trauma. I created The Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle as a tool to support the letting go of the mother we want so we can accept the one we have. If you are ready, willing and able to let go of the shame, blame and guilt that perpetuates MDT, visit for coaching, your deck and readers' classes.

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DEEP READ: Sowing Seeds of Success Going "No Contact" with Loving Detachment
June 11, 2021
DEEP READ: What do I Need to Know to Heal?
052521 Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck podcast LISTENER QUESTION about Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her child causing emotional and or physical trauma. When she is unable, unwilling or unavailable to heal her own MDT, because it is a cycle, the child must live in loving detachment to living a happy, healthy and whole life. Elephant in the room is burden of “I’ll do it myself.” It’s not so much we do not want help but how do we know when we can trust ourselves  enough to know who, what and when to trust others to help us? This is the disorientation of the affliction. Working the deck to get your own messages from Great Mother is a daily practice of releasing the mama, the drama and the trauma in order to take our power back from it. Get your deck here and/or post your question for a reading.
May 25, 2021
DEEP READ: "What Is My Blind Spot?"
Great Mother answers listener question: "Where is my blind spot"? Getting a hear and now message about where this listener can best to focus her energy toward a career to best use her gifts, talents and abilities? Hear the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck podcast reading here.  Order deck here to do your own readings or post your question in Instagram or Facebook.
May 20, 2021
DEEP READ: "What's My Career?"
You won’t hear anything about a career here. Hear Great Mother come through with specific career insights for the first listener reading on the  Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck podcast. Hear its essential message and how her question relates to us all? More MDTHOD Goodies! Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck Aries New Moon, Lunar Eclipse Vedic Moon Sign videos: Aries to Libra moon signs Scorpio to Pisces moon signs Vedic Moon Sign Calculator
May 18, 2021
DEEP READ: Why We Deny Mama Drama Trauma
We deny MDT the same reason we let others get away with treating us so poorly. Whether co-workers, landlords, customers or political representatives, we allow mistreatment because MDT normalized it. Taboo prevents us from understanding, acknowledging and accepting this, as a result denying feeling ripped off, ignored or eclipsed by the moon (i.e. the mother wound) is a “normal”, it is a misguided attempt to minimize the pain of maternal abandonment and abuse because it achieves the opposite. More MDTHOD Goodies! “Why We Deny Mama Drama Trauma” READING PODCAST Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck Aries New Moon, Lunar Eclipse Vedic Moon Sign videos:  Aries to Libra moon signs  Scorpio to Pisces moon signs Vedic Moon Sign Calculator
May 5, 2021
Telltale Signs of Mama Drama Trauma (MDT)
The first page of The Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck lists its telltale signs. To heal MDT, we identify them as triggers that warn us of a possible tailspin right back into the shame, blame and guilt we try so hard to resist. Here's how to transform them when they show up in your life, and link to the MDTHOD reading further detailing the process.
April 28, 2021
GMS 2021 Message: You Been Knew PART 2
You know what it is. Great Mother is the Mother of all mothers and lives in us as us: our yin, emotion, intuitive space. Why does this show up as How are we healing it? Take notes.
April 25, 2021
GMS 2021 Message: You Been Knew PART 1
You know what it is. 2021. Picking and choosing without divine intent is unwelcome transformation. Great Mother Speaks to me through me about what it means to be here now, and how we can remain happy, healthy and whole.
January 15, 2021
Planetary Origins of the Races
Want to know why I no longer trip about race? Though it is said there is only one race, each of us resonates with the dominate culture or energetic frequency of a particular group of people. Imagine, if you will, the brother sisterhood of the Cosmos, as a composite of our lives, past lives and karma individuated in us as us in variant planetarily degrees, as: Root Chakra/Saturn - Negroid/Black Sacral  Chakra/Jupiter - Mongoloid/Asian/Native Americans Gut Chakra/Mars - White/Caucasian Heart Chakra/Venus - Mixed Race While each incarnation has its "Groundhog Day effect", experientially, each lifetime is predicated on a cultural worldview that functions to evolve us spiritually. When the heart chakra (Venus in chart) breaks to expand, as I have experienced this lifetime, divine expression disarms pastlife triggers, or unprocessed emotions (gut chakra /Mars in chart). Remember how the movie ended? Rita (Venus) kissed Phil (Mars).
September 17, 2020
Mars Retrograde: How God Breaks the Heart to Save the Soul
Birth Chart calculator link Choice, free will and power. How much do we have? How much do we use? Mars, the planet in our birth chart representing energy, life fire, passion, initiative, ambition, right fighting, our convictions, health and vitality is retrograde indicating a karmic reassessment of how we apply our life force energies to ensure bang for the buck going forward. Avoidance is experienced as rage; and acknowledgment as grace.
September 12, 2020
Entitlement: When It Comes Too Easily
We always hear about “painting ourselves into a corner”, but have you ever painted yourself out of one? You can. Karma is Sanskrit for, “results of past actions”. As a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone, I know everything supports me to think this thought and act in ways that assert it. Regardless, of my circumstances, all I need to is access this support to make better and better choices creating better and better karma. Breathe.
September 2, 2020
Message to the Meek - PART I: "Peek Into Your Power"
This stream of consciousness invites one to explore our inner realms  of  birth and rebirth within a lifetime. What is the rebirth process? How do we renew our minds? What keeps us from doing so? 
August 31, 2020
Message to the Meek - PART II: "Humility of Resurrection"
This stream of consciousness invites one to explore inner realms of divine existence in everyday feelings, thoughts and experiences.
August 31, 2020
Lifetime of Learning Self Love
Ever wonder why we sing, “Happy Birthday to You”? We are saying you should be happy you were born. Remember, you are special! Today’s stream of consciousness is a new take on this wonderful adage encouraging us to love ourselves, even if it is just one day of the year. Divinity Identity—knowing we are dearly loved divine children of the Great Mother Father God who are never judged, condemned or left alone—recognizes our birthright to our divinity everyday. Here’s how we make the leap from one time a year “specialness” to feeling like the gods and goddesses we are everyday.
August 27, 2020
Getting the Love You Want
You are worthy of the love you want and the love you need. The problem is knowing the difference. In this podcast, about how to distinguish between our personal desires and our unique soul needs. 
August 25, 2020
Why Things Happen in Threes
August 24, 2020
How to Handle the Mother Wound is a wound often left unhealed because of our proclivity to pick at it, or an unconscious denial that constantly triggers it. Great Mother's clarity, balance and confirmation of our birthright to be happy, healthy and whole is always being streamed through our intuition...despite conditioned emotional responses to the shame, blame and guilt that perpetuates Mama Drama Trauma (MDT).
August 22, 2020
HAPPY TRIGGERS: The Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck Ever wonder why some wounds never heal? How we heal deeply rooted karma? Grieving, letting go of what no longer resonates with us so we can make room for what we really want: happiness, health and wholeness. Great Mother Speaks to the deepest most wounded parts of ourselves but to receive her loving, forgiving, nurturing frequency, we must build our own. Here's how the Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck helps.
August 20, 2020
Demystifying Mother Moon: Lunar Signs & Symbols We've all heard, "You look like your mother," or "Your act like your mother," even "You are just like your mother". Here's why.  Preorder Spiral Spectrum's 2021 Cosmic Calendar and get to know the how signs and symbols of Great Mother expressed as you through you  always support your divinity.
August 18, 2020
Ego: 1 Millionth of Who We Are
If Great Mother is intuition, emotion is the sun. Fractal solar light particles reflected by the moon birth soul. Soul births ego formed by the very particles from which it comes. Don't worry, you can just listen to this. Click here to book your Moon Sign reading
August 17, 2020
"You're A Divine Being" PSA Song
YouTube Video here. This public service announcement was made especially for you: You truly are INCREDIBLE INTELLIGENT  BEAUTIFUL Can’t you see? Divine being Divine being Yes you are REPEAT 6X
August 17, 2020
Killing Time in Quarantine Doing My Inner Work
Today's download reminds us we can choose how we use our time in this space. With unemployment numbers skyrocketing daily, lives being disrupted and life as usual being brought to a halt, the question is: How are you killing time? Are you waiting for normal to return, accepting a "new normal", or living in denial anything has changed or even needs to change? Wherever you are, we are all either consciously or unconsciously killing time--doing our inner work.
August 13, 2020
The Soul Contract of Mama Drama Trauma
It can be a fearful thing to leave what we know to discover the truth of who we are. Today's, download is a reminder of the Soul Contract. What the veil of incarnation has hidden the light of Divinity Identity reveals. Find out the two terms of this contract and why understanding them is the self soothing balm we need to “do the inner work” it takes to heal it.
August 12, 2020
Mama Drama Trauma: Transcending the Taboo
"Mama Drama Trauma” (MDT) is a term I coined to bring this taboo out of the shadows and into the light of Great Mother’s unconditional love. It is a condition by which the mother inflicts unhealed aspects of herself onto her children causing physical and/or emotional trauma. In extreme cases where the mother is unable, unwilling or unavailable to heal, loving detachment is not just an option, it is the last resort for the child to live a happy and healthy life.  I have suffered from, survived and support individuals to heal. The subject of how to heal such agony has been seldom broached as it is universally taboo to utter it existence, but this is changing because we are realizing it affects on us all can no longer be ignored.  For the first time outside of mental wards and psychiatric journals MDT is being named and it is being claimed for what it is: a healing crisis designed to induce inner balance through self love and spiritual independence. Whether it shows up as abandonment and/or abuse from the birth mother, motherland or earth mother in this, we are truly together, so the next time you feel paralyzed by shame, blame and guilt unable and unwilling to acknowledge the affects of MDT, listen to this podcast: "Mama Drama Trauma: Transcending the Taboo" to immediate clarity, balance and confirmation that you are never judged, condemned or left alone. Plus, check out this list! Though inexhaustive, here are a few  celebrities who have experienced and aspired to live beyond it: Ellen Degeneres Rick James Flip Wilson DMX Francis Gum (aka Judy Garland) Katie Perry Nene Leakes Kenya Moore 50 Cent Iyanla Vanzant Kashif DMX Gahan Wilson Kanye West Tracy Morgan Oprah Winfrey Luenell RuPaul Edith Piaf Bob Marley Barbra Streisand Phyllis Hyman Eartha Kitt Quincy Jones Eminem Jane Fonda Rebecca Walker Chaka Khan Drew Barrymore Rosie Perez Charice Pempengco Judy Garland Iyanla Vanzant Carl Jung Syleena Johnson Jennifer Aniston Madonna 50 Cent Lisa Simone Kelly Drew Barrymore James Brown Bessie Smith Keysha Cole Richard Pryor Robert Johnson Ashley, Naomi and Wynona Judd Brooke Shields Katie Perry Kanye West Chris Brown Rosie O’Donnell Kandi Burruss Kim Zolciak Scrappy Meg Ryan Roseanne Barr Tatum O’Neal Rebecca Walker Liza Minnelli Tori Spelling Jamie Foxx Mimi Faust & Stevie J Norman Lear Bishop Noel Jones Frida Kahlo Billie Holiday Dennis Rodman Steve McQueen Bobbi Kristina Brown Betheney Frankel Jane Roberts Kirk Franklin Rosie Perez Crystal Fox Ben Vereen Kendra Wilkerson Lana Turner Tami Roman Bernie Mac Honey Boo Boo Shirley McClaine Sachi Parker Joan Crawford Christina Crawford Prince Laurence Olivier Carrie Fisher
August 11, 2020
THE RELIC: Ending the War Within
Who knows how it will end? All that matters is we know what will remain at the end of it all is our divinity. Use this transitional energy to end the war within, balance your spiritual intuitive self with your physical emotional self. Jesse Lee Peterson's From Rage to Responsibility brings the struggle down to earth. Great Mother Speaks through his discourse on sex in America 2000.
August 10, 2020
How We Go From Trauma to Divinity Identity
What if the present purification process on the planet was designed for us to through the life, death, rebirth process within this lifetime. Or, as Jyotish astrologers "Science of the Light" would say, "get back in touch with the Prakriti [Sanskrit (in Vendanta)] “primal material energy of which all matter is composed” to finally address our chronic and acute trauma triggers? Tammy has downloaded more about this at
August 10, 2020
Remember Me When I'm Gone: A Case for Divinity Identity
Isn't that what we all want? To be important enough to another soul to be remembered beyond our last breath is a thought many have now. But, this question is not just about whether or not friends or family will post their condolences on our social media accounts. It's about knowing whether or not the life we've lived is worth our own remembering. Is it? Let's see what Tammy's downloaded from Great Mother to see. The recent death of Lady Red, one of the sweetest, funniest, biggest black fish of the transgender world features as point of reference in this discussion. Micheal Jackson also offers context to a question about spiritual energy, emotional balance and soul integrity.
August 5, 2020