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Great Date Guy

Great Date Guy

By Rob Wang
How to find love even if you're the least social human on earth. Join me in learning how to date out of your league ...without needing to be a confident extrovert. Wannabe PUAs, alpha bros, and other greasy douchebags not welcome.

This is a living exploration of how to be honest and still get the woman (or man) you want. Proven tools from the schools of psychology, counseling, neurology, CBT, IFS/partswork, shamanism, and more.

New episodes every Thurs 8:00 am Pacific.
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89 - Crush your neediness forever.

Great Date Guy

89 - Crush your neediness forever.

Great Date Guy

The final episode (thanks and goodbye for now! 🙏😊)
I'll be moving my attention to other projects. Thank you so much for being with me for the last 3 odd years. It's been my honor.
August 20, 2021
141 - How to stop putting her on a pedestal
This one's for you if... You find yourself instinctively, or reflexively avoiding women who are "too attractive" You find yourself getting shy, robotic, shut down, or trying too hard when you run into someone you're actually interested in dating You have ever struggled with your worth as a man and have doubts about whether or not an attractive woman would have you
August 12, 2021
140 - Make Her Laugh - Everything You Were Never Taught About Humor
In this podcast... Hacking the rule of 5 to effortlessly become funnier How to stop coming across like you're trying too hard When you should NEVER text her And a secret bonus tip that I typically only give to my private coaching clients
August 5, 2021
139 - Interview: The Magic Of Ghosting👻 (feat Macy Matarazzo of SuperLOVED)
In this final episode of Season 6, we dive into why ghosting can be the greatest boon you get to experience in your dating life - AND how you can get this mindset for yourself without needing to fake it. What does it take to not only shrug off ghosting like it doesn't matter, but actually feel like it's legitimately a good thing? How do we begin showing up in the dating space, bulletproof, beautiful and sexy AF? Joining me this session is Macy Matarazoo, Love Coach on how she would approach taking someone who is having an awful time dating, to having the time of their lives. ---- Macy has been featured on NBC, FOX, Meetmindful, and CBS as an expert. To get in touch, visit her website To take the Love Quiz and get the definitive guide on your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dating and relationships, jump to
July 29, 2021
138 - How Psychedelics Made Me A Better Date (And Increased My Income)
In this episode I break down what psychedelics and other substances I've tried, how the process looks, what to expect on your first experience, and what each substance can/should be used for. Inside, we cover... Cannabis DMT/Ayahuasca Mushrooms & Acid Kambo And how to use these ingredients to hack and reprogram the way your brain works.
July 22, 2021
137 - Interview: Exploring Tantra & Four Hour Orgasms (feat. KC Taylor)
We've gone ahead and made the least appropriate episode of the podcast, yet. If you want to learn how to have energy orgasms that last for wayyy too long, if you want to learn how to have a happier, more pleasurable experience of life overall, if you just want to have really really great sex, then we gotchu fam. In this episode, I interview veteran coach, and mentor KC Taylor on how he teaches his clients to completely transform the way they see sex, pleasure, and reality. KC Taylor is a personal development coach & mentor based in Austin, TX. Specializing in helping people to move into their greatness and overcome self-limiting beliefs, he utilizes wisdom & insights from his practices on his own path, including Kundalini yoga, insight mediation, energetic & sexual polarity work, quantum physics, and embodiment practices.   Instagram: @kctaylor_coach Website:
July 15, 2021
136 - Learning To Erase My Neediness (Advanced)
Neediness is based off a lack of fulfillment of needs (physical / emotional) In order to effectively combat neediness we need to notice the signs - nervousness, urgency, treating each interaction like it's going to be our last, etc. Understand too that neediness can show up in other areas of life, even if we lack neediness in another area For instance, you can be great with client acquisition, but horribly needy when it comes to dating In general, the solution is look and see - what emotional payoff do I think I'm going to get, if I'm successful? Will I get to feel sexy? Wanted? Attractive? Manly? Etc. From there, look to find ways to create that emotional state for yourself.... WITHOUT needing other people to do it. (exercise in podcast) Once you can successfully do that, you don't NEED anything - and at that point, the process of dating, growing your business, etc. will become VERY easy and straightforward.
July 8, 2021
135 - How To Stop Being Unattractive
The truth here is that being attractive isn't terribly difficult. But in order to get there you have to understand a few things first. And, if you're an outsider, these are the kinds of things that no one teaches you. In this episode, we talked about what attraction actually is, why anyone can learn to be attractive, and what you can do today to get there.
July 1, 2021
134 - How I Solved My Marketing Problem As A New Business
A lot of the marketing information out there isn't terrible, but it is only applies to a very specific part of Business Development. If you're at the wrong stage of business, if you're listening to the wrong Guru talk about the wrong type of marketing for your business, then nothing that you do will work or make sense. In this episode I break down exactly what style of marketing works for me, and the psychology behind why it works.
June 24, 2021
133 - Flirting: Everything You Weren't Taught About Seduction
So, first things first, flirting isn't nearly as complicated as some of these experts would have you believe. Today I'm going to break down a very simple system that explains everything about how flirting works and how you can become excellent at it without being that creepy guy. This Theory will explain to you why some people fall out of attraction, how you can keep the spark alive in any long-term relationship, and one inner work exercise you can take on that will dramatically improve your ability to flirt and your overall satisfaction with dating.
June 17, 2021
132 - Online dating is a clusterf***, here's how I'm gaming the system
If you're not getting the results that you want with online dating, first of all that's completely normal. About 80% of men don't get the experience they wanted out of online dating. In general problems can be broken down into three categories. Problem 1: no matches. Problem 2: ghosting / convo breakdowns. Problem 3: platonic face-to-face interactions. And this episode, I'll teach you everything that I've been learning in my online dating journey to disarm each and every step so that you can get a much better, more desirable experience.
June 10, 2021
131 - One Business Skill You *Need* To Succeed In 2021
Starting up a new business and making it work is often messy at best So today we're going to be talking about the one skill you need in order to make your business work in 2021. Now this goes double if you're starting from scratch and the product or service that you're offering is essentially just you. The biggest factor in whether you succeed or fail is the emotional state that you carry into your business. That is irrespective of whether you're creating content, trying to land a new client, or negotiating for Angel investment. You'll also find that these same rules apply to dating. Basically any time that someone is saying yes or no to an idea that you propose, your emotions play a critical role in their decision. But I think the bigger question here is, how then do I manage my emotions? There are a few different ways to approach this and inside this episode, will explore my favorites.
June 3, 2021
130 - Settling in Dating? Here's How to Stop. (No Cold Approach Method)
What if the secret to having an epic dating life...and all the success that you can manage... all comes down to just one thing. And what if that one thing, didn't involve pushing yourself to talk to people who scare the sh*t out of you, because they're 'out of your league'. What if the secret this entire time...was just a different approach to spending time alone. In this episode, I put forth a new theory that I'm *convinced* is going to change the way you look at dating and success, forever.
May 27, 2021
129 - What to do when you lose someone you love (feat. Katie Strand)
Loss is hard under any condition and the last year and a half have been filled with, and utterly defined by what was lost. Friends, family, relationships, jobs, homes... When loss comes, it takes away our sense of the world being a hospitable and welcoming place. And in my experience, simply leaves behind one unanswerable question in the smoldering ruins. Why. In this episode we interview Katie Strand on how to move forward from this devastation, without falling into an inescapable pit of despair. For those of you interested in hearing more from her, and/or connecting, you can find her at:
May 20, 2021
128 - Guys who don't do this are less attractive and earn less money
A few years back scientist at MIT ran a study that allowed them to predict how much someone would be offered at an interview to within $1,000 of their actual offer. The same predictor was used to accurately assess which c-suite executive would win a business plan pitch contest in front of a panel of judges. The crazy part? They didn't even need to know what the executives were saying or hear their presentations. If you want to find out what that predictor is, and how you can put that into play in your own life, this is the podcast for you.
May 13, 2021
127 - How I Finally Found $$ Success Outside My 9 to 5 (and how you can too)
There are a few things you need to understand about success, especially when it comes to business. The first piece is understanding that what your brain believes will become the solution to all your problems, is actually just a gateway to new problems. Retiring early won't make you more confident, happier, or make it easier for you to date. Mastering dating, won't fix the patterns that you ran into in every previous relationship that had that relationship stop working. That doesn't make your goal any less important, but I think it's something important to remember. The next pieces to understand that wealth and success are not a function of technique or hard work, or at least they don't have to be. If you want to do things the easy way, letter first you must understand that wealth is all about people. And I don't mean that in the campy Kumbaya kind of way, I mean that in a very literal sense, other people are The Gatekeepers to your success. In this podcast we talk about how to turn that to your advantage.
May 6, 2021
126 - The (hidden) unfair advantage of being in your darkest hour
The truth is when things are dark it's hard to even get by, much less stay motivated. However what most people don't understand, is that when things get difficult, a hidden function of our brain gets unlocked. In this episode we talked about how to take advantage of it and what conditions are necessary to make your darkest hour into your unfair advantage.
April 29, 2021
125 - Why Banning Myself From Dating Was The Best Choice I Made In 2021
I think it's one of the more annoying things about modern society that being single is also extremely frowned upon. Because being single for longer than a month has effectively given me dating superpowers. In this episode we talked about how you can transform spending time alone, into the thing that makes you more irresistible than ever.
April 22, 2021
124 - 3 Steps to Becoming Instantly More Attractive to Women (plus one bonus technique...)
Howdy y'all. So we typically focus on inner work in this podcast eyes I believe that this is the most straightforward access to becoming naturally and effortlessly attractive. So this episode I want to create some very straightforward and actionable steps for you to immediately level up how attractive you are to women. In the long run, this is a game of making small incremental improvements that gradually add up over time. The first thing you can try, it is literally rolling up your sleeves. I was confused and surprised to find out that women are attracted to men with toned forearms, so by wearing a nice button up and rolling up your sleeves you're emphasizing that particular body part. The next thing that you might consider taking on is wearing grey sweatpants, which again, I was surprised to discover has appeal to women. As it was described, there's a level of mystery and being able to see a hint of your package is something that works for many women. I think maybe the big thing to notice here is that, contrary to popular belief, women do objectify men and there are things that you can do about your appearance or the way that you present yourself that will make you more attractive attention-grabbing to women. Another piece at play here, is recognizing that this information came from women. Often times it doesn't do any good to ask leading male experts about what women want because, simply put this is the kind of thing that only women would know. When in doubt, poll a female friend. Now there are two other tips that you can only get from listening to the podcast, so happy exploring, catch you inside. :)
April 15, 2021
123 - Learning Attractive Masculinity
General disclaimer. This podcast (and episodes moving forward are hetero normative and from the perspective of a male. This is not done to exclude but simply because it is the only frame I'm remotely qualified to speak from.) In this episode we're going to walk a the fine line between attractive and the toxic masculine. (If the term toxic masculine offends you, get the fuck out - this isn't the episode or podcast for you.) In general the difference between the two, comes down to selfishness. Am I thinking exclusively of myself without regard for others? Or can I take on dominance, power, authority and leadership in a different way. That different way is where this convo is going. Among the women that I've dated and female clients (especially powerful women) there's a growing demand for the dominant masculine. This is showing up everywhere and a good example of that is the rapid rise in interest in BDSM among women. The tricky part here is that this dominant masculine shouldn't be taken on because it will make us more attractive partners as men. That's people pleasing by a different name and invariably leads to pain and resentment. At the extreme, it's your agency and fulfillment traded entirely for another's. So what's left to do here is explore how to take on this kind of behavior for yourself. For that matter, how do I take on finding fulfillment, joy, and direction in my life from within? We'll call that assertiveness. I believe that assertiveness is best cultivated by beginning to hone intuition. That is, the little voice in the back of your mind that tells you to turn off onto that side road. The little ping that draws you closer to a specific stranger for reasons unknown. The more we begin to roll the dice with that gut feeling, the more we unlock what makes us feel truly alive. Assertiveness is also the willingness to pursue those things at the risk of looking weird, or being judged. Setting aside any recriminations, imagined or otherwise, in favor of honoring your deepest desired and truths. Provided those drives aren't pushing you to hurt others, you're generally never going to go wrong by pursuing what feels alive to you. The pleasant side bonus of all this, is something scientists call positive affective field. That is, people who are normally unhappy, sad, anxious, or depressed begin to inexplicably feel good in your space. That is the essence of Charisma. The ability to meaningfully impact the emotional experience of another human being - and it is single handedly the most attractive trait you can possess. So take a gamble. Set aside the voice that tells you that you can wait til tomorrow, or now isn't a good time, and adventure where your heart tells you. That is how you embody the attractive masculine. And don't let any of those idiots at redpill tell you otherwise.
April 8, 2021
122 - The Dark Law of Attraction
Every law has its dark side and the law of attraction is no exception. If you're attracting more unwanted experiences than usual and want to stop, this is the episode for you. Inside we talk about how it works, how to avoid falling victim, and the insider's mindset for attracting more of what you really want into your life - whether it's love, sex, money, health or another type of success.
April 1, 2021
121 - Why Love Fails
In this episode we discuss how it's possible to have a relationship grounded in love that still fails. When is love not enough and why does it happen? The idea itself is simple, relationships break apart when conflict can't be resolved. But is it possible to have a conflict free relationship? Or does something about who we are make it inevitable... And if so, how do we deal with that? We answer all those questions and more in the next 17 min.
March 25, 2021
120 - Toxic self help patterns and how to stop them
What are the dangers of fully embracing self help and Hustle culture? How do we avoid sacrificing the very things that bring joy and meaning into our lives in pursuit of the next milestone? In this episode, I talk about overtraining, the significant cost of blind solo focus, and how to avoid falling into the costly pitfall of "just doing it until it works". Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels
March 18, 2021
119 - How my judgements became my limitations and what I did to remove them
Ever get stuck in a plateau when it comes to dating, fitness, or wealth? Odds are...there's a judgment underneath. In this episode we talk about how that happens and more importantly, what you can do to stop limiting your own life. Show summary: In general, as within so without. What we judge others for rapidly becomes the cage that we can't grow past. For example, I used to judge ripped shirtless dudes as arrogant douches. "There's no reason for these guys to go around shirtless, other than to show off." In time, after working out a ton, I eventually also came to have a nice physique, however I was always hiding it. Eventually I stopped working out entirely, got a belly, and learned what it was like to have dad bod. Accident? I think not. This was my judgement boomeranging back around to bite me in the ass. There are few ways to spot judgements. One is to look to see where you're stagnating in life. Where have you been stuck for a long time. Odds are, there's a judgement holding you back from progressing. The other way is to look to see who you in your life you choose to hate or avoid. Why? Then we begin to look at how that affects our behavior when it counts. Big meetings, speeches, when it comes to dating, or conflict, etc. In order to remove judgements we must begin to seek the similarities between the person we judge and ourselves. This part is painful for many people - the cognitive dissonance is intense and necessary. We're hacking our brains to release hard emotions. The other approach is looking to see how the people or behaviors we judge are benefitting us personally. Continue to look, and list out benefits until your emotions change.
March 11, 2021
118 - How I learned to flirt without being weird about it
For most of my life I thought that getting to a sexually charged conversation with a woman was hard. That I needed to dodge landmines and say just the right thing. Be perfectly witty and drop hints about sex and somehow I'd find myself miraculously on the other side of the wall. In the last few months, I've basically cracked the code. Sexy flirty conversations are fun. Easy. Natural. This is how I got there.
March 4, 2021
117 - Bad Breakup? This is How I Process Grief & Loss
I'm chagrinned to admit that I've become an expert at recovering from breakups over the last year. So today, in this podcast, I talk about what some common symptoms of unprocessed grief are. How to identify if you need to set aside time for yourself to get clear. And the most effective techniques I know for going from feeling like crap to being completely empowered about your loss.
February 25, 2021
116 - Do This to Stop Dating the Same Toxic People (or working the same job you hate, living in the same meh body)
At a certain stage in my life I started noticing the patterns. I was somehow always dating girls who were depressed. More than that, women who "needed to be saved". It would always end the same way, too. I would burn myself out trying to save them, and in so doing, I would burn my relationships to the ground. I'd get grumpy and moody. I'd stop talking to folks. Stop taking care of myself. Then I, too, would fall into a depression. So in this podcast, we ask the million dollar question. How do we break free? How do we step outside the way things have always gone, and create something different. A new reality where we don't have to suffer the same way again and again. This episode applies to every pattern you encounter, not just relationships. If you're stuck with a body you dislike. If you keep on landing the same kinds of jobs where you're underpaid, underappreciated, and overworked... Inside, we talk about how you can delete the pattern. There are 3 stages. 1. Identify, label, and blame. This is a necessary step. It gets us out of the initial swirl of things. Focuses us on fixing the issue. However, I've found myself stuck on this stage one too many times. Blame is a victim's stance. And victims have no real control or authority, especially not over their own lives. In order the meaningfully advance, we necessarily need to move to... 2. Responsibility. I take full ownership over how things went. I made choices. I interpreted people's behavior in a negative light. I felt the emotions I felt. I have control over my experience of reality. When I step into this role, I also step into the power that comes with it. In acknowledging that the mess I find myself in is my own creation, I give myself a meaningful way to create change. Being responsible also means letting go of guilt and allowing myself to simply look at the facts. I wanted x, I didn't get it because I did a, b, and c. 3. Action. Looking at the full spectrum of what we did to get the results we did, we pick a new course of action. That doesn't mean I have to be perfect about it. Or never fail. What it does mean is that if I wish to achieve different results, I will need to periodically remind myself of what I committed to. What flag I've planted on the horizon, and choose to keep braving the bitter winds and slog uphill until I get the thing I wanted most. This doesn't mean I need to hustle every day without breaks, this doesn't mean I sacrifice myself and my mental or physical health to get my goal complete. This does mean, I stay committed, no matter what my emotional state.
February 18, 2021
115 - I made 165k in 1 year of investing...if I had to start over from zero, this is what I'd do.
Lately I've been getting a lot of questions from folks about how to start investing if I had $25k, $10k, or $100 a month. The answer is the same every time. DOGECOIN. Kidding. First thing's first. This isn't financial advice. This is how I invest. Investment is a risk. Pursue it at your own discretion and understand that anything you're willing to wager, you must be first willing to lose. With the market as crazy as it is lately, there's a lot of room for aggressive betting and as a result, aggressive losses. So to make sure you aren't just throwing money down the drain here's what you need to know: Pay off ALL your debts first. The average investor makes 10% returns a year. If you've playing with $100 a month, it makes more sense to simply pay down your more aggressive loans first as your investments will NOT outstrip the accrued interest from a credit card. Build up savings of at least 6 months. If things go sideways, you want to have plenty of runway. Homelessness isn't a joke. I don't want that for you. Be safe. Once these steps are resolved, contribute as much as you can to your 401k - esp if your employer is matching. Max out the match rate. You immediately double your investment. Everyone wins, except maybe your employer. ROTH IRA - set one up. Contribute the maximum each year. Right now it's $6k. Money inside this account you can't touch until you're 59. The advantage here is that this asset is super malleable. Since you won't be taxed for selling like you would be on any other account, you can use this to sandbox more risky plays or day trade while minimizing risk while you figure out your investment strategy. Dollar cost average. That is, contribute the same amount of money every week to your accounts. This has proven to be the most reliable way of seeing returns vs. trying to buy low and sell high. No one can predict how the market will move, the more you try, the more you stand to lose or miss out on big sudden gain spikes. Invest INDEX Funds until you understand the market and how it behaves according to world events, announcements, tweets from influential people, and news. Observe the trends in how people behave. Begin to capitalize on these trends to earn more returns on your investments.  Finally some general ideas that I tend to follow: Traditionally a good investor will spot and invest in an undervalued asset - one that is overlooked, unappreciated, and poised to grow or dominate. If you have a lot of capital lying around it makes sense to invest in a stock you believe heavily in, every time the market dips. So when it invariably self corrects a few days, weeks, or months later - you get a larger percentage gain. Most name brand companies will only turn you profit in the long run. If you don't bury your head in the sand and ignore the signs, in general if you leave your cash parked in a pillar of the economy you will see gains over a 5 year investment. You're also incentivized by the government to hang onto stocks for at least a year - if you do that before selling, you get taxed less. If you're just starting out, it makes a lot more sense to play the long game than gamble on options. Log in, do your research, observe how the market moves, and when you understand it more fully, then begin to make bigger plays. I typically don't risk more than 10% of my assets on any venture, no matter how *guaranteed* the results are. Again, do not ever play with more chips than you can afford to lose. Once you've accrued more principle, you'll have more room to make dumb meme bets like me.
February 11, 2021
114 - The Secret to Unlimited Money...Without Having to Grind Til You Die.
First, it's important to understand the mechanism that we're using here. There are a lot of systems for making money and being financially secure. This is mine. This has allowed me a coaching business that's grown by $1000 a month since I started working on it. I work less than 10 hours a week. I earned $20,000 in the last week without doing any work at all. In a few months, I'll be completely replacing my "earned" income with passive revenue. So, what did I do to get here? How am I so certain about my financial future? This is how I make it work as of right now: MECHANISM: You will need to understand the following in order to make this work. Know how to create meaningful connection with new people (see previous podcast episodes to understand how) Understand who you tribe is Know how to identify them from everyone else Clarity and freedom in your relationship to money When you have all these components and skills in place, it allows you to naturally and easily attract more and more money into your life by using the system. SYSTEM: Have conversations with as many people as possible. Start with 1-on-1, move to 1-to-many communication (details in the episode) Clearly communicate what you do in an emotionally impactful way. Clearly communicate when you want to work with someone. As long as you continue to have conversations, you will profit with very little effort. You may be able to tell that a LOT of what's going on here is mindset dependent, which makes this system particularly useful if you're working without much of a budget and wanting to establish a business of passion. Something that you LOVE doing and have dreamed of doing. All that's really required here is a willingness to transform your mind, the way that you tackle new challenges. If you got something out of this episode, help me out with a review or a subscribe! Thank you so much for listening.  Big love, -R
February 4, 2021
113 - Interview: How to succeed in the restaurant industry despite a global recession and a pandemic (feat. Chef Alexia)
I got a few big things from this episode,  The first is understanding that there are really only 2 ways to go about your path to financial success (or any success for that matter) Focusing on others, trying to prevent yourself from losing...Or putting all your time and energy into finding your own way. Always assuming that there is a way forward, because ...well, someone else made it. Enter Chef Alexia, a Top Chef contender, chef at a Michelin star restaurant, successful restauranteur. In this episode we talk about how she not only turned an economic downturn (2008) to her advantage and launched a successful chain of 4 restaurants, but how she's continuing to find success in a time when many are struggling to get their bearings. There are a lot of powerful mindsets in this episode and IMO, we cover off on more than a few killer ideas that will help bring you to the next level. If you're interested in connecting with Alexia, you can reach her via any of the following channels...
January 28, 2021
112 - Interview: How I built a high end marketing agency after losing it all [feat. Howard Lee]
How do you recover from rock bottom? How do you find the will to create and succeed when life is hitting you as hard as it can? In this episode, we discuss what it takes to run a successful company with employees, what a successful marketing agency recommends for new businesses, and why learning human connection is what makes the biggest difference for any venture. Business or otherwise. If you're interested in getting on contact with Howard he can be found at
January 21, 2021
111 - Interview: How to make money doing anything (feat. Megan Darakjian)
In this episode we feature 10x serial entrepreneur and badass boss lady Megan Darakjian on how she (and you) learned to make money doing whatever the hell she wanted. We're talking making premium nut butter, starting her own fashion line, operating as a real estate broker... the list goes on and on and on. Given the times, I think there's more reason now than ever before to understand the basics of wealth creation and management. Learning to establish your own business and independent income streams is a big part of that. If you're looking to get started on your journey as a solotrepreneur, or you're already on your quest for F*** YOU money, this is the one you don't wanna miss. Want to connect with Megan? You can find her on Instagram at
January 14, 2021
110 - Why Your New Year's Resolution Matters Now More Than Ever
In this episode... Where most people go wrong when setting New Year's Resolutions. Why most people fail by February. The secret to living a life of fulfillment vs. just going through the motions. And how to transform your sex life, your career, and your experience of reality using one simple rule.
January 7, 2021
109 - I've been financially free since 21, here's everything I've learned about money since then.
What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to wealth generation? What's something most people don't know, that's actually holding them back? Why do 70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt in just a few years? How can I begin to master the basics so I can retire early? How do you build a successful coaching practice when 98% of startups fail? I answer all these questions and more in this episode!
December 31, 2020
108 - Interview: How I Went From Homeless to Making More $$$ Than Ever (feat. Scott P.)
In this episode, how to connect with nearly anyone, create extraordinary results when searching for a new job, and how my good friend Scott went from being on the brink of homelessness and being cut out of his childrens' lives, to being more financially stable and relationally successful than ever. This is a heartfelt and vulnerable podcast where Scott and I talk about what actually matters when it comes to people and success. If you're interested in connecting with Scott he can be found at... The Conscious Man Podcast
December 24, 2020
107 - How This Uber Driver Built a Real Estate Empire by 33 Years Old (feat. Leo G)
What does it take to build wealth at a breakneck speed? In this episode I interview a good friend and human that I respect on his story, his mindset, and how he created a real estate brokerage that's more successful than EVER in the middle of a pandemic. Inside you'll learn... Why risk tolerance really matters and how you can get it A quick way to get over being "too salesy" so you can really connect with folks The reason why you can't get your side business to succeed (and what you can do about it) Why emotional awareness is better than the "power of positive thinking" The #1 mistake people make when trying to build their wealth If you connect with Leo and want to contact him you can find him at
December 17, 2020
106 - How an ex-Med School Student Created a Digital Empire From Nothing [feat. Ray Ahn]
As we kick off the season of money on GDG, we begin to look at how to create a lifestyle of wealth, attraction, and abundance. In this episode Instagram influencer and podcaster Ray Ahn shares how he uses his "mess" as his message to create meaningful impact on literally over 100,000 lives. Inside: Where most people get stopped when it comes to building their dream lifestyle. The truth about going viral and what actually matters when it comes to engaging an audience. The real reason why you can't seem to quit your 9-5 (and what you can do about it). How to protect yourself from wasting your time on your social profiles. The golden keys to creating true financial freedom. If you're interested in reaching Ray and having a chat, or learning more about how he does exactly what he does, you can find him on Instagram at:
December 10, 2020
105 - Why Dating Apps Suck and What You Can Do To Win Anyway
The first thing to understand is that dating apps have very little bearing on how attractive you are in real life. I'm fantastic with people and I have a very hard time with online dating, especially with getting matches. That's why in this episode I'm teaching you everything I've learned to double or even triple your online dating results. Here are 3 rules to live by in order to win at this game: 1. Know your audience. Dating apps are designed to appeal to people who are visually focused and are looking to make snap decisions about folks. That gives you 3 seconds or less to make an impression. Your photo is everything. I give details about how to make them better, inside. BIGGEST TIP, guys. Smile. And be outdoors. I'll explain why and provide a tool to dramatically change the way you online date. 2. Take breaks. It's demoralizing, esp. if you already don't like these dating apps. It's easy to walk away feeling like you're an unattractive human when you simply might just have bad photos of yourself. Inside I explain the system / structure I use to stop myself from feeling like an ugly undesirable guy when I online date. 3. You're being tracked. Fight back. Dating apps rate your attractiveness and then only match you with people they think you're equivalent to. That's total bs. In this ep, I'll explain how they do it, and how to turn the tables.
December 3, 2020
104 - How to delete your holiday loneliness
With COVID in full swing and ever increasing levels of social isolation, I wanted to make an episode for everyone who's feeling alone, forgotten, or isolated from their loved ones. Maybe you feel like you don't have anyone. What can you do? Inside, I share my personal approach to coping with tough emotions, loneliness, and 2 foolproof ways to have an amazing holiday even if right now you feel like crap.
November 26, 2020
103 - Guys, 3 things I did to stop accidental creepy vibes...
Worried about coming across creepy and weird? Tired of being rejected and ghosted? Here are 3 rules to put into play today, that will immediately make you more attractive, appear more confident to women, and dramatically lower your creepy factor. 1. Stop trying to fake it til you make it. People pick up on it. It's the #1 source of creepiness. 2. Drop the agenda. People know when we're trying to pitch them something. We turn into this weird contorted version of ourselves. We talk and sound different. We get all sweaty. If you can't drop the agenda, do you best to replace it with one that's more congruent. Mine is... I want to get deeply connected with this human being on an emotional level. 3. Look to see what job your brain automatically tries to occupy. Are you to peace maker? Are you the one who tries to make everything positive? Are you the one who's always looking for what's wrong? Look where your brain goes during conversations and interrupt it when you notice it. Over time, you'll show up more as yourself instead of as a fake or pretender. That's when the magic begins. When she can get a feel for who you really are, you'll start attracting the people who love you for being exactly you.
November 19, 2020
102 - How This Researcher is Breaking Human Limits using Mindfulness (feat. Michael Alahouzos)
Michael Sheehan Alahouzos aka "Miracle" (most-affectionally known by friends and family as Panda) is an embodiment coach, meditation teacher, and researcher. A native of the District of Columbia, Miracle obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Here's some of the stuff he's been up to in just one 11 day window... • 🍽 FASTING :: 10 days and 19 hours • 🥵 DRY FASTING (ZERO WATER) :: 71 hours • 👟 RUNNING :: 51 miles or 82 kilometers • 🏊‍♂️ SWIMMING :: 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles • 💪 WEIGHT LOSS :: 11.5 lbs or 5.21 kg • 💪 CALORIES BURNED :: 20,000-30,000 (best guess) • 💪 CALORIES INGESTED :: < 30 (coffee & green tea) • 🧊 COLD THERAPY :: 2 hours 59 mins (ice water at 3.75-15°C) • 🧖‍♂️ HEAT THERAPY :: 3 hours 30 mins (steam at 55-80°C) • 🧘‍♂️ YOGA :: 900 minutes (estimated) • 🧘‍♂️ VIPASSANA :: 1300 minutes (estimated) • 🐱 KITTENS :: 2 kittens • 🧂 ALL SUPPLEMENTS: Bali sea salt, magnesium, iodine • 🏃 Running 11 miles on Day 11 of fasting (!!) • 🥵 Running 5 miles during a 24-hour dry fast (!!) • 🧖‍♂️ Doing 2 hours in a sweat lodge (
November 12, 2020
101 - Interview - A 56 yr old married woman's experience of polyamory
Polyamory is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the informed consent of all partners involved. It has been described as "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy." From Wikipedia This was a hard podcast for me to do. I've had a number of very negative experiences under the banner of polyamory that make my brain start to freeze up and go into a fear response every time the subject comes up. If you're extra sharp, you might catch me taking longer to respond and having a harder time coming up with something insightful to say or ask. Despite that, this episode was absolutely killer and in listening you will upgrade your dating and relationship game by orders of magnitude. We talk about a lot of important foundational things. Things that will make ANY relationship better, when applied, because they're battle tested in the most challenging relationship form (IMO): polyamory. Inside, I have a heart to heart with a good friend, mentor, and someone who's been navigating the poly scene for decades. We cover... The major mistakes people make when trying to create a polyamorous life How to protect yourself from manipulation and bad relationships Why responsibility is the single greatest tool for becoming more desirable The reason why you can't keep your walls up in a functional relationship (and what to do about it) And soooo much more... This is an important episode. You may find yourself wanting to go back through more than once. :) If you get something from this episode give it a subscribe, rate it, or comment and let me know what you think. It takes 15 seconds and it helps this podcast grow and keeps me happy and validated. Thank you for listening. Catch you in the next one.
November 5, 2020
100 - Interview - How to breathe your way to better dating and health [feat. Naushad Godrej]
In this episode, we talk breathing practices that are DESIGNED to help you move through hard emotions and make your dating life better! Can you breathe your way to being a charismatic human being? My experience points to...yes. Inside, we talk about why. For reference, some or all of what we discuss falls into the category of breathwork. To quote Parsley Health: Most formal practices involve 20 minutes to an hour of sustained, rhythmic breathing techniques. People who practice breathwork describe feeling tingling sensations throughout their body, feelings of clarity, alertness, increased mind-body connection and even emotional purging. Inside... An easy exercise to settle your nervous system and stop wandering thoughts / procrastination. Why it's important to be mindful on dates. How the way you breathe directly impacts your mental health. Personal story - how did it feel to take part in a 90 minute breathwork ceremony? hint: I was ugly crying. The hidden link between breathing and peak performance (flow state) There's so much more here - it's a really action packed 30 minutes and definitely one of the more unusual interviews I've done. Hope you enjoy! If you got something out of it, leave us a rating, a comment, or subscribe so we can spread the message a little deeper into the Universe. If you'd like to connect with Naushad you can find his content at:
October 29, 2020
100 - Everything Wrong with Law of Attraction & Mindset Gurus
There are a lotta gurus and experts out there pushing mindset lately. I HATE IT. YOU JUST gOtTa haVe an AbunDanCe MindSetT Brooooooo. THen it'll all come naturally. NAH. I'm debunking that shit right now. Today. 1. Mindset is EARNED. I started off believing I was ugly. I didn't become someone who thought of themselves as an attractive person by thinking positive thoughts and doing daily affirmations. I earned that belief by putting myself in uncomfortable situations because I thought I was going to die alone. Your pain is fuel. Use it to push to the next level. Where do you begin? Look to see where you're most uncomfortable, then begin chipping away. You don't have to be perfect at it. If you want to be an expert though, you have to be willing to go where no one else has gone. Mindset ONLY comes as a result of concerted effort, action, risk, and discomfort. 2. It's easier for gurus to pitch mindset because it requires no effort. People will accept it. But we all know that one person who's always trying to force themselves to be positive. It comes off fake. Plastic. Same goes with mindsets. Once you have them, they're so goddamn useful. But when you do not, you cannot THINK, cajole, or affirm your way into believing it.  3. In fact, there is ONLY 1 useful mindset ---- and it is this: if someone else has done it, it's POSSIBLE for you to do it, too. No matter how unlikely it may seem - there is a way. It's your job to find it. The minute you close yourself off to the possibility that something MIGHT be attainable, you're screwed. You're stuck. There's no way out for you now. Might as well throw in the towel. To achieve incredible things, you MUST FIRST BELIEVE IT CAN BE DONE. I saw this a lot on Reddit. Men who were convinced they would never be able to "convince" a gal to love them for who they really were. It might work for chads and alphas. But "not for me". And those same people will forever be doomed to be single, alone, and bitter until they accept that it's POSSIBLE to learn how to become attractive.
October 15, 2020
99 - Interview: "Why I chose to be a 24 year old virgin"
When I discovered that a friend of mine had made the deliberate, non-religious choice to be a virgin... I had to get him on the show. This was, for me, a rare opportunity to delve into the mindset of someone who was successful...but hadn't had a lot of romantic experience. In a lot of ways, it was like talking to myself in my 20s... I spent most of my adult life trying to escape virginity. It was a badge of dishonor. A scarlet letter letting other men and women know that I wasn't yet a man - whatever that meant. Only to discover that, once I was no longer a virgin, it didn't change who I was at all. There was no "ah-hah!" I'm a man! moment. There was no sudden insight or knowledge of the universe or women. I was just a guy who'd had sex once. This conversation was by far one of the most fun that I've had and it was an emotional rollercoaster for me the entire way through. Wow. There was so much I wanted to fix or change and it took everything I had to avoid doing that at every turn. So you'll get to watch me STRUGGLE with that as the interview goes on. His voice has been altered for anonymity, but his answers have not - and there's a ton to appreciate and unpack in this episode. In this podcast you'll discover... Why choose virginity at all? What is the mindset of a person who isn't bothered by this label? Is authentic self expression as a dating strategy actually viable? How do you plan for a romantic life when you haven't had any experience? And surprisingly, all my hard opinions about The Game, Pickup Artists, and the seduction community in general make a debut this episode. Get it while it's hot.
October 8, 2020
98 - Interview: Why High Performance Execs Started Taking Psychedelics [feat Seibo Shen of BRNR lab]
[Seibo Shen is the CEO of Vapexhale, Hanu Labs, and BRNR Lab, dad, husband, and executive business coach.] I speak with Seibo on why he uses psychedelics and cannabis and why he chooses to do so as a father and serial entrepreneur. One of the things they never tell you is JUST how much of the wealthiest, most successful people on the planet do drugs. But not just any drugs. What you see time and again is the same 3-4 substances - ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, and LSD. So the question you might be asking yourself now there a reason for this? In this interview, we talk about the benefits and side effects of some of the more common hallucinogens, how that helps some people perform at a much higher level, and the freaky part of experiencing other realities. If you're curious about psychedelics and exploring altered states of mind, or if you're a seasoned psychonaut - this is the episode for you. If you want to pick up your own vape pen or want to support what Seibo's about, check out his site below:
October 1, 2020
97 - Interview: The Unexpected Cost of the Purity Movement (No Sex Before Marriage)
When I first heard about the Purity movement, it was from the Jonas Brothers. Each brother with their own little ring, suggesting that they wouldn't be having sex until marriage. Which, wow. The willpower required to do that as a world-famous musician. Not surprised that didn't go well. I also had some friends who took it on earlier in life. But until I did this interview I really had no understanding of what living like would do to my mind. In this interview, I speak with a good friend of mine who waited til marriage. I count myself lucky in a lot of ways, but I never expected to feel that way about this. One final note, no hate towards people in the movement. This is the exploration of some of the aftermath when someone is encouraged to rapidly change their mindset from "sex is sinful and bad" to "you should have all the sex and please your husband". The book recommendation that showed up on the podcast is PURE by Linda Kay Klein. For questions or messages you'd like to pass along to our guest, please contact me directly.
September 24, 2020
96 - Interview: Why BDSM deserves a second look & how you can get started.
"We're blessed to be a galaxy in a skinsuit..." In this interview, I invite a good friend of mine and (IMO) an expert on BDSM to talk about what that means. This is most decidedly NSFW and if talking about sex and pleasure makes you squeamish, this isn't the episode for you. Inside we cover what BDSM actually involves How to get started on your own journey The most dangerous practices to avoid The basic types of sensation play and how to do them And as an added bonus, you'll also learn how to become to best sex they've ever had.
September 17, 2020
95 - Interview: What Chinese Medicine Teaches Us NOT To Do To Our Relationships [feat. Jason Stein]
Jason Stein is a trainer to coaches, marketing expert, Acupuncturist, a father and husband. In this interview Rob & Jason discuss surviving the pandemic, what to do and NOT do to our relationships in times of crisis, and insider tips on how to deliver and receive compliments for maximum impact. Jason can be reached at You can also find him via Instagram @iamjasonstein and as a special bonus to listeners, you can schedule an entire 30-minute session with him and pay him in CHOCOLATE if you visit
September 10, 2020
94 - What a Crappy Telemarketing Job Taught Me About Conversation Skills
I'll save you some time. You don't want to take a Telemarketing job. It's awful. But I learned things there that have helped me become a master conversationalist. If you ever wanted to be the kind of person that people CRAVE talking to, this is a good place to start.
September 3, 2020
93 - This Famous Dog Trainer's Advice Will Help You Melt Her Heart
Yep. We're going there. And this is going to piss some of you off. How do you win her? Take these dating tips from a world class dog trainer.
August 27, 2020
92 - How to Fix your body language WITHOUT being weird about it.
Uhh... Yeah the fake it til you make it people have been working overtime. Body language isn't something you can fake. In fact, faking body language is the no. 1 way to be super creepy. The way we feel has a way of communicating itself, so if I'm pretending I'm chill but people can see I'm secretly anxious, that's gonna set off some red flags, homes. There's a better way to fix your body language. Here's how.
August 20, 2020
91 - Hustle Culture is DUMB. Try this instead...
It's time we took a look at just how dumb Hustle culture is. Working hard isn't the key to success. It's the key to working hard and nothing else. There's a better way, and the good news is you don't have to GRIND 24/7 to get there. Deets inside.
August 13, 2020
90 - How Sharpening Knives Makes You Desirable To Women
Just recently rediscovered a mindset hack that is making a huge difference for me today. I've been amped up and excited to be alive for HOURS on end now and I just HAD to record something and share it. In this episode, I'm going to teach you how to use knife sharpening to become the kind of man or woman that has mates LINED UP waiting for their chance to date you. This episode will change your life.
August 6, 2020
89 - Crush your neediness forever.
I hate feeling insecure in a relationship... and being non needy is one of the most attractive things you can do for yourself in the dating and relationship world. Ready to leave that neediness and validation seeking behavior in the dust forever? I've got a simple exercise that will help set you free.
July 30, 2020
88 - Lazy?? Here's how to get WAY more dates with less effort.
Okay. Yeap. Y'all are wasting your time doing what you're doing. Online dating? Psh. Dating apps? Double psh! Here's what the pros do when they're ready to start dating. Get ready to be pursued vigorously.
July 23, 2020
87 - How to shut your inner critic DOWN in one simple step.
Is your brain screaming horrible negative things at you all day? Are you having trouble focusing and getting things done? Stuck in a negativity spiral? This one's for you.
July 16, 2020
86 - Is this the secret to true happiness? (I just got SUPER ghosted).
My pain is your gain. In the last few weeks I've been dealing with feeling abandoned and lost and deeply unhappy. And in my pain, the one thing I wanted to was to find out how to never feel that way again. Which brings us nicely to today's podcast... What's the true secret to happiness? If you've been on a similar train and you can't wait to get off, great news. I think I've stumbled across the answer...
July 9, 2020
85 - Interview: Your Body Is a Reality Hack - This Is How You Can Use It Like One.
I interview 5x powerlifting champion Vincent Do on his arena of expertise. Using the body to reprogram reality. In this ep. you'll learn how to body affects the mind, your emotions, your thoughts, and ultimately your future - AND how to make the most of it. How can you become deliriously happy, confident, and therefore dateable just by working out? Find out in this interview.
July 3, 2020
84 - How to date when you "aren't good enough"
Being not good enough is a super power if you play your cards right. Hit play and find out how in today's episode.
July 2, 2020
83 - Become irresistible up to 6x faster with this small lifestyle tweak
Here's how to become amazing at dating without wasting any more precious years of your life. This is THE fastest and best proven way to master any skill at up to 600% the speed of the smartest man.
June 25, 2020
82 - Using Video Games to Hack Your Dating Mindset
Mindset is the end all be all of successful dating. Without the proper mindset, it doesn't matter what you say or do, you'll be met with the same obstacles again and again. Want to break free? Let's talk about video games...
June 18, 2020
81 - How to Stop Procrastinating TODAY (and Save Your Dating Life)
Procrastination can be a sneaky thing. Sometimes we're doing it before we even realize it's happening. So how do we put a stop to the cycle for good? After all most of us have been doing some form of procrastination ever since we were kids. Tune in today to find out.
June 11, 2020
80 - This is the secret benefit of being ghosted...
Ghosting is going to make you into a non needy smexy smexy individual once you understand this...
June 4, 2020
79 - Become attractive 400% faster with my personal blueprint...
Stuck in your journey and not sure where to go next? Losing faith and confused? In this podcast we talk about how to level up your game and where to focus to maximize your dateability in as little time as possible. This is the information I wish I had years ago...
May 28, 2020
78 - 5x Champion Powerlifter Shares How He Learned To Love His Body
See normally, I don't tell my clients to start working out to become more attractive. Being fit is a good idea... But I've never seen someone become more confident or accept themselves more after learning to body build. The biggest shifts in attractiveness come from within...or so I thought. That belief got shaken up today.  This is seriously brilliant stuff that I've NEVER heard about before. In this episode Vincent Do, 5x California State Champion Powerlifter shares his secret to self-acceptance, loving the body he's got, and how he's learned to crush his limiting beliefs. Vincent Do helps people rehabilitate and heal their bodies from chronic injury and pain. He's excellent at what he does. If you want to work with Vincent you can book him at
May 21, 2020
77 - You matter and I recorded this for you.
The past few months haven't been easy for many of us. Between the quarantine, endless stream of bad news, and massive life changes things just seem to keep piling on. If you've been feeling any of that, this episode will bring you relief. Because you matter... and you deserve it.
May 14, 2020
76 - Can Learning Counseling Skills Make Me Hotter?
Welcome to the untapped secret of dating. In this episode we cover off on how someone being mad at you might actually be the beginning of attraction, whether or not counseling technique should play a role in courtship, and much much more!
May 7, 2020
75 - Engineering a Luckier Life - The Comprehensive Guide
I think we can agree that on the surface some of us appear Luckier than others. All of us have that one friend that always wins everything. There are people in our lives who always seem to be in the right place at the right time...but is that actually what's going on? We cover the science and precise formula for a luckier life in today's podcast.
April 30, 2020
74 - Charisma Is Overpowered - Here's How to Get It
Charisma is one of the most widely useable skills you will ever learn. It will impact your ability to make friends, get dates, and succeed in life more than almost any other skill you can master. The trouble's really abstract. It's totally loosey goosey. What even is charisma? How does one get it? All that and more in today's podcast.
April 23, 2020
73 - Losing motivation? Listen to this & reignite your fire.
Do you think of yourself as someone who gives up too soon? Are you the kind of person to be incredibly hard and rigorous with yourself only to burn out a few weeks later? Do you experience life as one big struggle lately? This one's for you. Learn the trick to refreshing your motivation so you never run dry again.
April 16, 2020
72 - Men, this is how I got the secret to attraction. Don't do this...
We all make mistakes. Mine almost got me killed. Along the way I learned the secret to connection, intimacy, and creating the spark with women...but first I had to go through this. Learn from my mistakes.
April 9, 2020
71 - Game Changer Compliments & How to Give Them
Also known to compliment so hard it moves someone to tears. One of the most valuable skillsets you can have as a partner (or as a killer date) is knowing how to move and inspire someone. Once you understand how to deliver a powerful compliment, you'll be part of a very exclusive and highly sought after group of people. Peace of mind, reassurance, and empowerment is something people pay hundreds of dollars an hour for. I should know. :) So what's the secret? Just follow the 3 steps in today's podcast...
April 2, 2020
70 - ⚠️ You May Be Missing The Golden Age of Dating
If you've given up on dating during quarantine you may be shooting yourself in the foot. The fact is online dating is more active now than ever and there are some factors that will make this a HUGE home run for the people who choose to participate. Literally once in a lifetime perks. You DO NOT want to miss this, and here's exactly why.
March 31, 2020
69 - The Little Known Formula for Hope & Inspiration
I'm not sure about you, but lately it's felt like things are darker than ever. And when I think about how I want to be living my life, I know that being inspired makes all the difference. It's the line between sitting on the couch, head in my hands, resigned about the way things are going...and actually going out and swinging for the fences anyway. But hope and inspiration are finicky things. They're fleeting. Temporary. So in this episode I'll teach you step by step, how a professional coaches are trained to inspire their clients at any moment to take bold action. This is confidence and motivation on tap. Tune in!
March 26, 2020
68 - Do This For Your Most Productive Quarantine Week EVER!
Raise your hand if you've been struggling to be productive the minute you were allowed to work from home! Turns out there's a scientific reason why you've suddenly been re-addicted to Candy Crush, porn, Instagram, or whatever your vice happens to be... In this podcast we'll cover off on 3 unique ways to break free and have THE MOST PRODUCTIVE WEEK OF YOUR LIFE. You can thank me later. I accept payment in gold bricks and Trader Joe's Trible Ginger Brew.
March 24, 2020
67 - How to survive the COVID19 quarantine without pulling out your own hair
A few weeks cooped up inside is going to have some weird side effects on your brain. Stress. Conflict. Apathy. Depression. Here are 3 ways to keep your mind sharp, fresh, and clear while everyone else is freaking out.
March 19, 2020
66 - Dating is Dead (But there's still hope...)
Does dating feel like it's getting harder and harder every year? You aren't alone in this. Dating is getting harder for everyone, and here is precisely why... (and how to use this to your advantage to stand out).
March 12, 2020
65 - How to be THE sexiest date they've ever had (even if you're convinced you're not)
I haven't and still don't relate to myself as a sexy person. But I recently had my eyes opened on how to be a sexy person DESPITE all that. It takes 2 steps, it's insanely easy to remember, and it completely changes the game.
March 5, 2020
64 - Naturally Get More Dates By Beating Dating's Biggest Catch 22
"Get more dates by making friends with more men/women," they'll tell you. "It's easy!" They'll say. Except for one thing. It's hard to make friends with the people that already make you nervous! Today we talk about how to beat Dating's Biggest Catch 22 and how to make your dating life easy and abundant.
February 27, 2020
63 - You've been doing confidence the hard way... *This* is soo much easier...
Confidence doesn't have to be something you fake and it's easier to get there than you think. In this episode I break down two ways to fully unleash your natural charisma and presence, no matter who you're with or what you're up to.
February 20, 2020
62 - The One Where I Improve Your Dating Life Using Lobster Facts
There's something you should know about lobsters... that will change the way you do dating and relationships forever. Join me today for more incredibly relevant information about crustaceans and how that applies to getting along better with other people.
February 13, 2020
61 - Why modern dating is so hard (the secret to escaping the romance rat race)
There are 4 huge reasons why modern dating is consistently a disaster. Thankfully there a lot we can do about it... In this episode, you'll learn one simple idea that will change your dating life forever.
February 6, 2020
60 - Why online dating is need to do this instead!
You've secretly known in your heart of hearts that you're wasting your time dating online. This is exactly why we do it and how we can stop.
January 30, 2020
59 - Stimulate this body part for 5 min to erase anger (it's not what you think)
There's a very specific but little known part of your body that holds the secret to regaining control of your emotions. In some cases, as little time as 30 seconds. In fact, you can hack your emotions with a few simple exercises that you already do every day...
January 23, 2020
58 - Escape your fears forever, without paying a Psychiatrist...
If there's one thing stopping you from living a bigger life, odds are... it's fear. Fear of rejection, missing out, fear of the unknown, fear of repeating the past. Fear is the chain that binds us to the gray, mundane, and resigned. Wanna break free without having to spend hundreds of dollars? Here are 4 ways how...
January 16, 2020
57 - Moving On From A Hard Breakup (The 14 Min Guide)
A quick guide on how to make the pain and negative thoughts stop... So you can be strong, free, and show up as your best self for the next chapter. If you're struggling, I recorded this one for you.
January 9, 2020
56 - My Ex-Client Spills the Dirt on Her Coaching Experience
There are a lot of coaches out there. A lot of people claiming that they have the secret to transforming your life. There's also a LOT of B.S. coaching floating around.   So today, I put my money where my mouth is. This is an interview my ex-client on her experience getting coaching with me. 
January 9, 2020
55 - This is what happens when you wait for him to chase...
It's a big marketing thing in the dating industry to make sure that (s)he's the one chasing you. While it's always nice to be wanted, there's a hidden cost to all of this... Today you'll learn all about how your brain is subtly fighting against your best life and what you can do to fight back.
January 3, 2020
54 - Break up or Make up!? My BF is always late...
This is what happens when you have a professional dating coach browse reddit looking for relationship drama. The gloves are off. "What do you do if your boyfriend is late to everything?"
December 26, 2019
53 - Using Diplomacy Skills To Upgrade Your Game
Carl Roger was a renounced psychologist who spent his later years applying his knowledge to successfully resolving conflict in Northern Ireland, apartheid South Africa, and post-dictatorship Brazil. Today, we take his most coveted skill and use it to transform your relationships!
December 19, 2019
52 - Interview - She married her high school sweetheart, here's how she made it work!
In this  episode: - What it takes to make "the most unlikely" kind of relationship soar - The signs of a healthy communication style and bedrock to a lasting committed marriage - What to look for in a life partner - And much more...
December 12, 2019
51 - My 5 Year Relationship Just Ended. Here's What I Learned.
What does a relationship need to stand the best possible chance of making it. In this episode we cover what I learned about what works and what doesn't when it comes to committed relationships.
December 5, 2019
50 - How to hack attraction with emotional contagion!
Learn about the secret, morally ambiguous experiment Facebook conducted on its users, its implications, and how you can use them to become someone irresistible.
November 28, 2019
49 - Learned helplessness is hurting your dating life. Here's how to stop it!
Your dating life and relationships might not be as restricted, resigned, or narrow as you're making it out to be! Maybe you think that most people are out of your league or maybe you've decided that you never want to date again. Here's how you break free.
November 21, 2019
48 - Is cognitive dissonance making you settle for less?
Your mind is fooling you. You deserve to know how.
November 7, 2019
47 - How I learned to stop being boring (and how you can too!)
There are only 3 steps to creating absolute magic with your date, every time. This is what they are, how they work, and why you needed to know them YESTERDAY.
October 31, 2019
46 - Why we can't stop fighting on vacation (and what to do about it)!
You just paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for a nice time in a nice place...except your significant other has other ideas. Here's what you can do to ensure you still have a good time.
October 24, 2019
45 - Use these 3 simple ideas to become more attractive to men!
Here are three tools you can use TODAY to get more interested men chasing you!
October 17, 2019
44 - How to improve your relationships by MISTRUSTING your memory
In this episode we explore Frederick Bartlett's research into human memory... and why you should NEVER trust your memory when you're arguing!  AND, you can grab your tickets for our premiere Oceanside event... Slow Dating by clicking the link below:
October 10, 2019
42 - What You Learn After 100 Hrs of SILENT Meditation...
Hey GDG Gang, just finished my silent Vipassana Meditation Course and life feels...completely different. If you've never done one before, YOU GOTTA, it will completely change the way you date and relationship. In this episode, I'll be sharing some of the MASSIVE takeaways from my time living as a monk for 10 days.
October 3, 2019
41 - Breaking The Curse of Failed Relationships w/ Ana Ruiz - Relationship Coach
What does it take to stop the cycle of one failed, unsatisfying relationship after another? What does it take to finally get the kind of beautiful, juicy, connected relationships most of us only fantasize about? Today relationship coach Ana Ruiz talks about her path to breaking free of the cycle and what you can do for yourself. You can claim a free 1 hr session with Ana at
September 26, 2019
40 - How do I help my partner overcome addiction using Psychology?
Today we talk about Ivan Pavlov, dogs salivating, and all the reasons why you DON'T want to use behavioral psychology to help a loved one get over an addiction. Listen to this episode if you're trying to help ANYONE you care about shift from a unwanted behavior to a healthier one. :)
September 19, 2019
39 - I'm going to be meditating 10 hrs a day...this is why!
I'm going to be gone from the 11th to the 22nd...during that time, I'll be completely silent, off my phone, and meditating for 10 hrs+ a day. I'm not a meditation guy. Up until this point, my attempts at that particular activity usually ends with me accidentally falling asleep after 15 minutes. But, there's a method to the madness...listen in to find out why!
September 12, 2019
38 - How to be Persuasive without Manipulation!
Persuasion and seduction have a LOT in common. They both involve shifting how another person might think and for most of us... It's really difficult! How do I persuade someone to date or even marry me? The secret is inside this podcast.
September 5, 2019
37 - Lies & Deception of the Mind
In this episode...Rorschach tests, why it's impossible to avoid your lying brain, and what you can do about it. The mind is a sneaky thing - more than anything, the stories it tells you about what's real, the meaning it makes out of nothing, and the way it subtly bends and influences your experience are what cause MOST couples to split. Here's what you can do about it.
August 29, 2019
36 - Does Education Make You Sexier?
In this episode my good friend TK (a teacher and counselor to kids in one of the biggest school districts in the world), explore how the school system impacted and the way you date, explore the world, and interact with others.
August 24, 2019
35 - 5 Ways Your Brain Deals With Stress (Only 1 of them is healthy)
This go around, we talk about how the mind deals with high emotion. the kind of emotion you experience every time you and your partner get into a fight! When someone says something backhanded and passive aggressive to your reaction hurting your mental health? You'll learn all that and more in this episode.
August 22, 2019
34 - Can you get more attractive by using your Unconscious mind..?
In this Sigmund Freud can improve your dating life, why it's sooo hard to choose the "right decision" over feelings, and how you can become sexier by having a conversation with your own mind.
August 15, 2019
33 - Can the Placebo effect make me happier?
Short answer... Yes! But not in the way you might think. In this episode you'll learn about how the "sugar pill effect" impacts your romantic life and your perception of reality. Should you choose to do something with that information... That's when you become happier.
August 8, 2019
32 - The beginner's guide to reality hacking
In this episode, learn how a single sheet of ordinary paper could completely change your relationships and dating life. The reality is most of us are suffering waaaay more than we need to be when it comes to our romantic lives. Here's why it happens and how you can snap out of it whenever you please!
August 1, 2019
31 - How to stop social anxiety *without* paying a therapist
In this episode: - The big thing that stops us from instantly sexy connected conversations - How to stop your first date fear cold in its tracks - What you can learn about dating from a famous 19th century Russian novelist
July 26, 2019
30 - Break up like this and he'll say THANK YOU...
In this episode: - Common breakup mistakes - The 3 step system for having an amazing breakup - The cost of breaking up the "normal" way
July 11, 2019
29 - Matthew Hussey's "Commitment Hacks" for Women = Bullshit - Do this instead
In this episode: - Why you can't get a meaningful commitment from a man or "fix" your dating life with a script - What it ACTUALLY takes to make a relationship work in the long run - not trick a guy into thinking you're someone you're not - 3 relationship skills that will make any guy you're dating 100% convinced you're THE ONE  
July 4, 2019
28 - How to get what you want in a relationship
In this episode: - How to communicate (without manipulation) so that people are EXCITED to do what you ask - The mistake everyone makes when it comes to acquiring new skills - including getting what you want! - How the past controls your communication with EVERYONE
June 27, 2019
27 - First Date Myths That Are RUINING Your Dating Life
In this podcast... -  Signs you're being too polite... - Why "people love talking about themselves, just ask a bunch of questions" is garbage advice - Will having sex on the first date really set  you up to fail?
June 20, 2019
26 - This Personality Test Will Transform Your Relationship (Attachment Styles Part 2)
In this episode: - The conflict style most common to women and how it's undermining your relationships. - Why some couples just can't seem to stop fighting. - A simple 3 step approach to ending your relationship conflict *now*.
June 13, 2019
25 - This Personality Test Will Transform Your Relationship (Attachment Styles Part 1)
In this episode: - Which personality type do most men fall into and how to use that to stop fighting with your partner - The real reason most couples separate (hint: it isn't sex, other women, or "the spark") - What to do if you're dating a man who's usually calm but lashes out and gets mean when he's triggered As a general PSA - if you want to learn more about the subject we covered today, just look for attachment styles on Google!
June 7, 2019
24 - Unstoppable Confidence and How to Get it
In this episode: - The BIG misconception about confidence that's stopping you, right now - The 2 step process to quenching your fear & getting out of your own head
May 30, 2019
23 - Can men and women to be friends?
In this episode: - The reason why so many men are always trying to sneak in through the friendzone - 3 signs he's not just trying to sleep with you - Why so many men have a hard time with emotions...and MORE
May 24, 2019
22 - How to stop your man from losing interest
In this episode! - The hidden patterns that cause relationships to fizzle over time and how to prevent them! - How to turn things around when the spark, connection, and romance are long gone. - How to escape the vicious cycle of dating and breaking up every 2-5 years.
May 16, 2019
21 - How your personality type affects your dating life!
In this episode  - How your superpower and greatest weakness are one in the same - How to get an immensely satisfying relationship in two simple steps - Why most people get stuck when it comes to their growth & dating lives (and how you can break the cycle)
May 9, 2019
20 - How do I let him know I'm interested without looking desperate?
In this episode: - Why many people struggle with flirting - Why you might not be filtering for the kind of guy you think you are - How come so many guys don't seem to realize you're flirting with them Check out our new site!
May 2, 2019
19 - What do I do when he keeps trying to break up...?
In this episode  - The emotional blueprint MOST men have and what that means for your relationship. - How to communicate with your partner in an argument. - The REAL reason men emotionally pull away when you're having a fight - hint: it's not because they're mad at you. Frustrated? Need to transform your relationship with yourself or others? We can help. Claim your complimentary 45 minute strategy session at
April 25, 2019
18 - Why do I keep attracting the wrong men?
In this episode: - How your relationship with your parents affects your relationship with your partner, your work, and so much else. - The frightening truth about the human mind and happiness - Why success and wealth doesn't actually matter without the right mindset
April 11, 2019
17 - Why men break up with great girlfriends...
In this episode.... - The painful hidden cost of playing hard to get or trying to be more of a challenge... - Do men respond better to "bitches" vs. "nice girls"?? - The 2 most common limiting beliefs successful women suffer from & how to rewire your brain to resolve them!
March 28, 2019
16 - How to make them approach!
In this episode:  - The top mistake people make to attract the wrong type of person - Body language to unconsciously make others feel drawn to you - How to attract people without needing to juggle 10,000 different body language and conversational rules
March 21, 2019
15 - How to Create Attraction Without A Beach Body
In this episode: Why some people are SO much easier to connect with than others, and what we can learn from them. The 3 prime characteristics of magnetically attractive people A new way to book a free starter session with Dating Smash (
March 14, 2019
14 - Separating Dating & Self Worth with Dr. TJ Tallie, PhD
In this episode: - How to stop dating people from neediness and scarcity - Why boundaries are critical for a successful dating life - Learning to separate rejection from your self worth - How to survive dating as a queer person of color
February 28, 2019
13 - The Ugly/Beautiful Truth About Relationships
In this episode: - The hidden cost of seeking a relationship that will "make you happy" - Why it can sometimes feel like you keep end up dating the same person  or experiencing the same relationship problems - The approach to relationships that *will* make you deliriously happy no matter what you're going through
February 21, 2019
12 - Interview: Dating Hacks from The World's Most Social Profession
Megan Darakjian is a successful luxury real estate broker in Southern California, one of the world's most competitive (and expensive markets). Today, she shares her outlook on dating, conversation secrets, and her unusual approach to dating. These professionals create the kind of conversation that gets multi million dollar homes bought and let's take that and apply it to dating. How do we date the million dollar man?
February 14, 2019
11 - Why can't I ever get the girl I want although I'm attractive?
In this podcast we cover: 1) How women evaluate attractive men 2) The top 3 traits women look for in a partner 3) Why "being rich" as a dating strategy is a surefire way to get cheated on 4) And the impact American culture has on your dating life.
February 7, 2019
10 - No More Fighting! The Conflict Resolution Episode!
In this episode: 1) How conflict damages your brain 2) Why big fights never seem to get resolved 3) The 4 most common conflict traps and how to make them disappear from your relationship.
February 6, 2019
9 - You Aren't Uncool Enough
It's time to kick "looking cool" to the curb. It's not doing us any favors. In this episode: - The hidden cost of trying to look good and how it's affecting you right now, especially if you think it isn't. - How you may be screwing yourself out of your dream relationship... - And what you can do about it on your next date.
January 31, 2019
8 - What are the signs a man has it all figured out?
Tired of dating confused man children? This is for you. Here's a detailed guide on how to spot an eligible man who's got it all handled (and how you can attract him). Song Credits (In order of appearance): BACK IN SUMMER by Nicholai Heidlas Backed Vibes Clean by Kevin MacLeod Bhangra Bass by Punch Deck Music promoted by All songs used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License 
January 17, 2019
7 - This Strange Fear Is Sabotaging Your Dating Life
It affects fully half of Americans and it's absolutely devastating to our relationships and how attractive we appear to others. Left unchecked it poisons our interactions with almost everyone we encounter. In this episode we go into that fear and how to overcome it for good.
January 3, 2019
6 - What body type is the most attractive to men?
The gloves are coming off. It's time to put this issue to rest.
December 13, 2018
5 - Interview: Sex & Intimacy Coach Olivia Pavlov
Liv and Rob go deep on bravery through sexuality, kissing random strangers, creating a sex life you love, and why sharing the stuff you don't want your partner to know is the best (and hardest) thing you can do for your dating and relationships. You can find more from Olivia at:
December 3, 2018
4 - This is the most underrated relationship skill
Special release just in time for your Thanksgiving drama. Everything from how to help others feel connected to you in a way they've never experienced before, to how to reshape conversations where you're being held hostage into kickass conversations.
November 22, 2018
3 - Giving Yourself Permission to F*CK UP
Understand how to use this tool to get to the other side of your fears and why it works.
November 20, 2018
2 - Will The Devil's Tobacco Improve My Dating Life?
Today we talk drugs. Lots of drugs. Which drugs could potentially help your dating game and the risk-free alternative to getting all the benefits of say...MDMA assisted therapy, without any of the risks. *In this podcast I describe MDMA as a schedule I drug. It's actually schedule III.
November 12, 2018
1 - The Millennial Guide to Loneliness & Dating
Today, we go into why there's no such thing as "bad luck" when it comes to dating and relationships, how modern dating has failed you, and how to start taking real steps toward creating relationships and the dating life that you deserve.
November 6, 2018