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Green Neighbour Climate News and Analysis

Green Neighbour Climate News and Analysis

By Art Lightstone
When it comes to the environment, we are all neighbours.
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Episode 7: Preparing for a Climate Strike - Six Key Steps
In preparation for the upcoming Global Climate Strike, I thought I would go over six key steps that one might like to consider before heading out to demonstrate on behalf of the climate.  CONTENTS OF THIS PODCAST: 00:00 - Introduction 00:30 - Step 1: Logistics  02:02 - Step 2: Make Your Sign 04:27 - Step 3: Tell Your Friends 04:50 - Step 4: Spread the Word on Social Media 06:02 - Step 5: Learn About Climate Change 06:55 - Step 6: Share the Action on Social Media 07:33 - Thanks for Watching! RESOURCES:  • • • • SOCIAL MEDIA: • Web: • Twitter: • Twitter: • Instagram: • LinkedIn:
September 23, 2022
Episode 6: Exploring the IPCC AR6 Working Group 3 Report
In this episode of Green Neighbour, I explore the latest IPCC Report, which is the Working Group III report from the Sixth Assessment cycle. In addition, I discuss some analytical tools and resources that you can use whenever you might encounter a case of climate denial. Finally, I share my personal experience with a form of climate action you might be interested in trying, and that is the use of an electric tankless hot water heater. Notes and Resources: Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change (IPCC AR6 Working Group III, Summary for Policy Makers): Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change (IPCC AR6 Working Group III, Full Report): IPCC Member Nations: Top Oil Producing Nations: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: The National Aeronautic and Space Administration: Ernst versus Encana (Overview of Judge William Smith’s Ruling against 21 Oil Companies in 2019): Judge William Smith Ruling, District of Rhode Island, 07/22/2019: THE CLIMATE DENIAL MACHINE: HOW THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY BLOCKS CLIMATE ACTION: Why people still believe climate change is fake… and why we know they're wrong, by the University of Hull: Joint statement between institutional investors on behalf of Climate Action 100+ and Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell): The Energy Podcast, by Shell Oil:"> Exxon Mobil Climate Change web page:
June 01, 2022
Episode 5: Exploring the Oil Divestment Movement
The international climate community will be mobilizing for the second time in as many months in another coordinated effort to take decisive action on climate change. This time, however, it’s not the government that will be the target of these demonstrations... it’s the banks. Analytical Tools and Resources: BankTrack website: BankTrack listing of banks and their respective fossil fuel investment: Banking on Climate Chaos, Fossil Fuel Finance Report, 2021: Taking Action: BankBonus website: Bank Bonus List of Top 15 socially responsible banks: In Canada, find a credit union using the Canadian Credit Union Association’s “Find a Credit Union” tool: Other Resources: CANADA’S BANKS AND FOSSIL FUELS, Stand.Earth: Divestment Report 2021, Stand.Earth: Banks Always Backed Fossil Fuel Over Green Projects—Until This Year, May 19, 2021: Six of Canada’s Largest Banks Join United-Nations-convened Net-Zero Banking Alliance, October 15, 2021:
October 29, 2021
Episode 4: Climate Strike Season is Upon Us
Climate strike season is upon us, so let’s discuss two upcoming opportunities for you to get out, demonstrate on behalf of the planet, and play a role in making history. Climate Strike Links: Canada is on Fire, Canada is Still on Fire: Newmarket Day of Action: Fridays For Future: Global Climate Strike (Hosted by    Notes and Resources: Natural resources Canada, National Wildland Fire Situation Report: United States National Interagency Fire Centre: Number of deaths recorded during B.C.'s heat wave up to 808, coroners say, CTV News:
August 31, 2021
Episode 3: My Christmas gift to you... the secret to a filling, satisfying vegan breakfast
I got the crazy idea of putting together a quick, freestyle, Christmas episode wherein I could give, perhaps, a few folks out there a simple Green Neighbour Christmas gift, AND give some folks an opportunity to give each other a Christmas gift as well. As my gift, I thought I would share the secret to a filling, satisfying vegan breakfast. Notes and Resources: The truth about fats: the good, the bad, and the in-between:
December 25, 2020
Episode 2: The Age of Climate Denial is Dead
The age of climate denial is dead. Not everybody knows it yet, but, at this point in time, the days of climate denial are clearly numbered. Of this, there is no doubt. Notes and Resources: State of California vs. BP, Chevron, Conocophillips, Exxon Mobil, & Royal Dutch Shell, US District Court, Northern District Of California, March 21, 2018 Judge rules against oil companies to keep climate liability case in Rhode Island Robert Brulle, Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations: Interview with Robert Brulle: Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Climate Change, Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway Big Oil’s Real Agenda on Climate Change: Shell, The Energy Podcast (Episode 5): Why doesn't Shell stop producing oil and gas? Direct link to Shell's "The Energy Podcast" (Episode 5): Why doesn't Shell stop producing oil and gas? on Apple Podcasts: Exxon Mobil's Climate Change webpage: Radio EcoShock with Alex Smith, Stop Ecocide: www.StopEcocide.Earth Cleaner Air : Gas Mower Pollution Facts:
December 24, 2020
Episode 1: What's the big deal with a few degrees of warming?
Have you ever wondered, "How on Earth could a 1°C increase in global temperature make any kind of difference?"  Well, if you have, you're not alone. Plenty of people think that a mere 1°C or 2°C of warming actually sounds pretty nice. This episode looks at why increases in global temperature of just a few degrees can be, well - in a word - catastrophic. Links and Resources James Temple (2019) One man’s two-decade quest to suck greenhouse gas out of the sky: Klaus Lackner’s once wacky idea increasingly looks like an essential part of solving climate change. MIT Technology Review. Daily CO2 Readings: Learning about Carbon Isotopes: US Environmental Protection Agency, Sources of GHG emissions: Exploring the health implications of going vegan:  The Change Makers (Netflix)
November 16, 2020
Green Neighbour Introduction
When it comes to the environment, we are all neighbours.
November 12, 2020