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This is the Green Women podcast, by Green Party Women. We elevate women in politics, champion ecofeminism, and fight for a world that is feminist, green and just. Debates, interviews, ecofeminist and feminist reads, and audio articles. Find us on twitter @GreenPartyWomen. Hosted by Dawn Furness and Julia Lagoutte.
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Mary Wollstonecraft on the anniversary of her death | Ep.1

Green Women

We need to treat femicide like the emergency it is - Green World article
Green World, the publications of the Green party, has kindly let us replicate one of its audio pieces. This one is about femicide in the UK, in the wake of the publication of the Femicide Census report in November 2020. Written by Julia Lagoutte. You can read the article here: You can subscribe to the Green World Podcast by searching Green World UK. 
December 18, 2020
Air pollution and Covid19
Green Party Women held a conference on air pollution and covid19 earlier this year with Dr Liza Selley and Rebecca Popovic from Cambridge University and pioneering campaigner and mother of Ella Kissi-Debrah, Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah.  Rebeka Popovic  PhD student, MRC Toxicology Unit Rebeka Popovic is a PhD student at the MRC Toxicology Unit. Her PhD project explores molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in a fruit fly model of Parkinson’s disease. She graduated from Kings College London with a MSc in Neuroscience and from University of Surrey with a BSc in Biochemistry. Her interest in air pollution began when she volunteered in a public engagement project, MRC Festival of Research & Clean Air Day in Manchester, helping to bring the science of air pollution closer to children. Whilst in lockdown, together with her fellow PhD students, she took on a data analysis challenge, investigating the relationship between air pollution and COVID-19 in England, in order to help with the current pandemic.  Dr Liza Selley UKRI Innovation Research Fellow     Twitter: @DrLizaSelley Liza joined the MRC Toxicology Unit (University of Cambridge), after completing her PhD in air pollution toxicity at Imperial College, London. Her research explores why and how air pollutants cause harm to the body, focusing on the biological changes that they create in the lungs as well as their role in promoting airway infections. Much of this work is done through laboratory experiments, using human cells, bacteria and sometimes urine. Keen to expand our understanding beyond the effects of diesel exhaust exposure, Liza’s projects are based on pollutants that currently have little or no government regulation. These include non-exhaust traffic emissions like brake dust, biodiesel exhaust and aviation emissions. Carrying out regular public engagement work, she hopes to raise awareness of these harmful pollutants. Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah Co-founder, Ella Roberta Family Foundation Rosamund set up the Ella Roberta Family Foundation after the death of her beloved daughter in 2013 from a rare and severe form of asthma. The aim of the Foundation is to improve the lives of children affected by asthma in South East London by raising awareness of asthma, campaigning for better treatment of asthma and campaigning for clean air as it is everyone’s fundamental right to breathe clean air. As the Executive Director, Rosamund raises awareness of the dangers of asthma in young people and their families through education, by having assemblies in schools, visiting local community groups, and advising health professionals on how the general public can access better treatment.  She also represents the views of parents with children with asthma to clinicians and decision makers involved in the commissioning or provision of care and services for young people with the condition.
December 8, 2020
GPW Newsletter 17th September - AGM, Committee, Democracy Conference | Ep.3
This is an audio version of the Green Party Women newsletter sent to members on the 17th September 2020.  The track in the episode is by Zere Asylbek. You can find it here:
September 21, 2020
Domestic violence in Lockdown and the Femicide census with Karen Ingala Smith | Ep.2
Karen Ingala Smith is a long-standing feminist, active notably on highlighting and combatting male violence against women. She is the chief executive of domestic violence charity Nia. Co-chair Dawn Furness talked to her earlier in the year about the domestic violence surge during lockdown, why she founded the Femicide Census, and more. You can find more on the census here: The track in the episode is by Zere Asylbek. You can find it here:
September 11, 2020
Mary Wollstonecraft on the anniversary of her death | Ep.1
One of the founders of modern feminism, Mary Wollstonecraft, died on this day 10th September exactly 223 years ago. For our first episode, we are celebrating her life and her struggle for women’s rights with this extract from her most famous work, the Vindication of the Rights of Woman, published in 1792. Enjoy. You can read the rest of the extract here:
September 10, 2020