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Green I/O

Green I/O

By Gaël DUEZ
Green I/O is all about inspiring people talking about the inspiring actions they took to reduce the ecological footprint of our digital world.
A growing body of knowledge about web sustainability and green IT is available for Product Managers, Datascientists, Software Engineers, Ops, Designers, Architects, UX Researcher, etc. Our guests provide meaningful insights to these doers who want to build a greener digital world, one byte at a time.
Hosted by Gaël Duez.
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#0 - Welcome to Green I/0 by Gaël Duez

Green I/O

#3 - Elisabeth Mouchy - From hackathon to sprints: how to reduce the carbon footprint of a dating app
For this episode, we went to Paris and met Elisabeth Mouchy. In 2013, Elisabeth co-founded Delighted, the Spotify for art in San Francisco. Now, she is one of the top product leaders at Meetic, the multi-awarded dating service. She is super open to provide feedback and insights on Digital Sustainability, a topic she helped ramp-up at Meetic. In this episode, we discussed with her: How to make a sustainable move toward greener product management.  How Meetic has tackled several painpoints ranging from "Where do I start" to "How to avoid the end-of-the-world versus end-of-the-month dilemna?". How to set-up ambitious goals, like -10% in GHG per year That image size are often but not always the main issue This episode has benefited from the support of a dozen of digital product experts across Europe. A warm thank you to them. Acknowledgements as well as all discussed topics, the (numerous) links and the full transcript are on the dedicated episode page here.
May 03, 2022
#2 - Sandra Sydow - Using collective intelligence to raise awareness
For the second episode of Green I/O, I met Sandra Sydow. She is a natural-born European: borned French, having studied in Sweden, worked in Germany where she married and now living in the UK for almost 10 years.  Sandra has an impeccable track record at PHD as a Managing Partner where she thrived making complicated things easy to understand in digital marketing and working for global brands like Airbus, HP or Expedia. 2 years ago, she decided to dedicate her communication and pedagogical skills to fight climate change. She co-founded the climate pitch and became a Board member at the Digital Collage.  In this  episode, we did not deep dive into a specific area like Green Hosting or Green AI but we focused on the most important asset in any Digital Tech company: humans! And the challenges we face when it comes to raising awareness about the increasing ecological footprint of our digital world. And transform it into concrete actions. All discussed topics, the (numerous) links and the full transcript are on the dedicated episode page here.
March 31, 2022
#1 - Fershad Irani - Using website performance to green the web
For the first episode of Green I/O, I interviewed Fershad Irani a web performance expert and restless advocate for a low carbon web in his newsletter "Optimized".  He helps environmentally conscious companies ensure their websites are fast, optimised for performance, and have a low carbon impact. Based in Taipei after graduating in Sydney, Fershad also contributes to open-source projects like OpenSpaceData and is an active member of the community, where I discovered his work. He has recently launched 'Are my third parties green?' a much-needed tool to give some visibility to the sustainability of third-party requests on the web. All discussed topics and (numerous) links are on the dedicated episode page on my website.
March 03, 2022
#0 - Welcome to Green I/0 by Gaël Duez
A 1 minute intro to this brand new podcast talking about web sustainability, green IT and overall our path toward a greener digital world :)   Why it has been created? For whom? What to expect every month?  How do we monetize? --> quick answer: we don't ;) Green I/O is a non-profit podcast!
February 22, 2022