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Green Tea

Green Tea

By Jordan Luciano & Bridget Duba
Come sip some “green tea” with two 20-somethings who give a rip about the environment. Sustainable swaps & current conservation found here ¨̮
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Flowin’ & Glowin’
***WARNING*** this episode contains semi-graphic &/or TMI content. Bridget & Jordan dive into one way to have a more sustainable period: menstrual cups!!! Blood is the stuff of life, which is great, but for women, it can literally be a pain about once a month. With that cycle, in this century, comes tons of disposable products, such as tampons & pads. These are full of chemicals & full of problems. We want to share with you our longest experience with a reusable product in hopes that it will change how you & our planet experience your pretty unavoidable period. That special time of the month often results in countless obstacles for women, including but not limited to: bleeding through/leaking, anxiety, actual contraction pain, headaches, fatigue, etc. & they often have to conceal these struggles. Period cups make all of these side effects less stressful & especially come in handy for women who work outdoors or long ours away from home (whether that be in motherhood or in the corporate world). There’s literally a cup for everyone! This episode is geared towards women, but we know that several men will be brave or curious enough to listen. We hope this is educational & helpful for all who hear. If we have to bleed, it might as well be (relatively) mess-free, odor-free, & care-free. Period cups = life savers. Lena Cup: @mylenacup // Diva Cup: @thedivacup //
April 16, 2021
So Fresh So Clean
We all want to be so fresh, so clean… & if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably want to do it more sustainably. Bridget & Jordan are in the same boat. This month, the Green Tea Girls tried three different brands of shampoo & conditioner bars. Bridget discusses the ins & outs of Pela’s baby, Habitat Botanicals, & Jordan spills the tea on a Appalachia Proud brand, Rock Bottom Soap Company as well as a United Kingdom favorite, Faith In Nature. They dive a little bit into the problem with Palm Oil (“O rang tan” in my bedroom video linked), give y’all an idea of the availability, usability, & affordability of these products, as well as further brands to try. Get clean in the greenest way possible after listening to this episode! Iceland Palm Oil Advertisement: Pela: @pelacase // Habitat Botanicals: @habitatbotanicals // Rock Bottom Soap Company: @rockbottomsoap (Amy Henson) // Faith In Nature: @faithinnature_uk // LUSH: @lushcosmetics (North America) // HiBar: @hellohibar // Grove Collaborative: @grovecollaborative // Eco Roots: @ecoroots //
April 09, 2021
Reduce, Reuse, Rethink
Reduce, Reuse, Re— wait a minute! Who ARE you?! Recycling is a misleading & even more confusing phenomena in our society. It’s been drilled into our heads since we were kids (if you’re 23), but it doesn’t seem to be living up to the hype. In this episode, we *reduce* the concept to make sense of how it works (or doesn’t work) in the United States & discuss how the term’s *reuse* has lost its original charm. Recycling is the last action in the slogan, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” & we think it should be emphasized as the last option in trying to be more sustainable. Listen as we discuss ways we try to reduce consumption & waste in our own lives as well as for some suggestions to make the most of recycling when you do it. This podcast is geared towards conservation & adopting products in our routines that will reduce waste, promote reuse, & limit the amount we send recycling to the landfill. Rethink recycling with us! Jordan’s Environmental Engineering class video on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:
March 19, 2021
Carbon Conversation
Buzzwords are hard!!! Listen in to this week's episode as we discuss the meaning of some commonly used phrases and terms in the sustainability realm. We'll explain the meaning behind terms like carbon footprint and carbon offsets, and hopefully make the topic of global warming via greenhouse gas emissions a bit more approachable. A part of this episode is also dedicated to outlining what a B Corporation is & how it may affect who you purchase your sustainable products from in the future!
March 05, 2021
Sippin’ Sustainably
Hydrate or DIEdrate! How you hydrate matters! If you haven’t made the sustainable swap from plastic straws to reusable silicone, stainless steel, glass, or bamboo straws, stop sippin’ & start listenin’! In this episode, Bridget & Jordan spill the tea about the reusable straws they’ve tried, the various materials they’re made from, & how to incorporate them into every sippin’ situation you enter! Let’s sip our tea sustainably! The known straw brands mentioned were: Final Straw, GoSili, & Room Essentials. Shout out to @kaseyfarrelll, @ab.garr, @b.buechlein, & @gretabug24 ¨̮
February 26, 2021
Deo For Your BO
Regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey, you probably get sweaty armpits every now & then... if you don’t, teach us your ways!!! If you do, this episode will give you Jordan’s & Bridget’s perspective on two natural deodorants (NOT antiperspirants!!!) Native Plastic Free & Equate Beauty. We follow the outline (ish) discussed in our first episode, FormaliTEAS, & spill the tea about the companies, ingredients, use-ability, effectiveness, cost, & more. Listen in to learn more about a couple sustainable options on the market of deo for your BO... & hear us mispronounce phthalates. A lot...
February 19, 2021
An introduction to Jordan & Bridget as well as what kind of Green Tea to expect on this podcast.
February 12, 2021