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Entrepreneurs Transform

Entrepreneurs Transform

By Greg Twemlow
Learn from people on their entrepreneurial journey to transform our world. The Podcast where entrepreneurs openly explain their experiences, stories, successes, and failures.
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Life Skills Studio Tutorial - the 9 keys to achieve your potential
The Life Skills Studio is derived from work with people of all ages by the designer of the program, Greg Tewmlow.  The Life Skills Studio is a series of experiential learning programs delivered across three themes. Each theme is 14-hours that can be scheduled over about 8-weeks or as a 2-day intensive workshop. Life Skills Studio equips people with the full range of skills needed for success in the 21st century. Contact Greg Twemlow, the designer of the Life Skills Studio.
July 17, 2021
Greg Twemlow interviews Abbas Haghshenas, founder and CEO of i-Health-Desk
Greg Twemlow interviews Abbas Haghshenas to talk about solving the problem of ensuring everyone can access services to protect their emotional wellbeing. Abbas has the vision to bring evidence based, up-to-date, trusted, and user-friendly mental health services for hospitals, physicians, and patients. i-Health-Desk is a global e-mental health gateway aiming to overcome poor access to psychological services in low resource countries across the global access for everyone everywhere. Their innovation lies in creating a digital platform to connect and combine the scientific and technological expertise in a developed country like Australia with community knowledge and cultural insights of local professionals in low and middle-income countries, in order to fill in a huge gap in mental health services in low and middle-income countries. Thanks for listening to the Entrepreneurs Transform Podcast.
January 22, 2021
Greg Twemlow interviews Liam Carroll, founder and publisher of The Tawny Frogmouth magazine
Greg Twemlow, founder and CEO of SEVENmile Venture Lab, interviews Liam Carroll, founder, and publisher of The Tawny Frogmouth, a color magazine based on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  The Tawny' is a truly independent publication, speaking with heartfelt Australian irreverence, The Tawny Frogmouth has opened its big, bright, gorgeous gob, landing in 50,000 letterboxes from Manly to North Narrabeen in the last week of every month. Each edition features unique cover artwork from a local artist and is filled with articles about every element of day to day Northern Beaches life, covering health, education, crime, politics, dating, romance, property, finance, renovations, careers, entrepreneurs, sports, fishing, sailing, surfing, wining, dining, gardening, urban farming, pets, DIY master crafting, joke-telling, social-gathering, brainteasing, book, film, and music reviewing, horoscopes, and much, much more.
January 21, 2021
Final episode of 2020 - Greg Twemlow talks about the entrepreneurs he's interviewed in 2020 and why their stories are so instructive
Greg Twemlow, founder and CEO of SEVENmile Venture Lab, discusses why it's worth listening to the interviews he's conducted in 2020 and the insights and learnings that new entrepreneurs will find so helpful before they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.
December 31, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Rosanna Cotino, founder and CEO of tech startup edged-VR
Greg Twemlow, founder and CEO of SEVENmile Venture Lab, interviews Rosanna Cotino, founder and CEO of edged-VR, based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Our focus is to help launch your business into the virtual reality space. Our collaborative team will help bring you into this exciting technology by translating your ideas into VR. This is where viewers get to experience your products or services through their own stories. Looking for exciting ways to engage your customers?; you've come to the right place. edged-VR creates atmospheric, 360° virtual reality immersive experiences. Accelerate your business growth by using this innovative technology to reach, engage, and excite your customers like never before. For schools and adult education, see ways that you can learn and build projects with this exciting technology.
December 30, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Caleb Gibbins, founder and CEO of Fintech startup CACHE
Greg Twemlow, founder and CEO of SEVENmile Venture Lab, interviews Caleb Gibbins, founder and CEO of CACHE.  This is a great conversation with an exceptional entrepreneur who shares his story and learnings including the tough decision to pivot away from B2C to B2B.  CACHE is a Fintech platform for launching investment products. 
November 8, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Nigel Abbott, Founder and CEO of Fundsition -
In episode 11 of Entrepreneurs Transform podcast, Greg Twemlow interviews Nigel Abbott, founder of Fundsition. At FUNDSITION we look for business owners that demonstrate these core qualities, our job is to provide the support and infrastructure so they have the best possible chance of succeeding with their BIG Dream. We’ve created a fully integrated ecosystem and platform that has digitised funding and investing for the better. Less friction, less cost, more opportunity. Better for the entrepreneur and better for the investor! INVESTING IN ENTREPRENEURS Entrepreneurs have given us the gift of a better life in so many ways, backing the right innovation at the right time is where an investment opportunity can provide rewards, but it generally requires patience. Participation is the only thing that may stop you from owning a part of the next ‘Big thing’ or the next ‘Better thing’. But you need to do your homework and make sure you are playing a longer game. Read more at:
October 27, 2020
SEVENmile Venture Lab founder, Greg Twemlow, is interviewed by Radio Northern Beaches
Greg talks about the backstory to why he founded SEVENmile Venture Lab and the impact he's achieved since SEVENmile was incorporated in 2018. Over 100 startup founders have been coached and supported in the first 2 years and the SEVENmile community is now well over 300 people. 
October 25, 2020
James Griffin, MP for Manly interviews 103 year old entrepreneur and army veteran, Wal Edwards, OAM
Wal Edwards has a track record as an entrepreneur throughout his life. To quote Wal, "I have been a grocer, a wine salesman, a soldier for four years in WW2, a dairy farmer, and a real estate and business agent and auctioneer for 30 years. I had a small building company, owned three motels and two restaurants, was on the board of the Real Estate Institute of N.S.W., President of the North Shore Branch at the same time as joining the Rotary Club of St. Ives and have been in Rotary now for 55 years. I was honored to be awarded an Order of Australia in 2015 at the age of 99. They didn’t think I would make 100, but I’m writing this at 103. If you are suffering physically, mentally or emotionally, through the loss of loved ones, or mates, or by accidents, it can be extremely sad, and may God Bless You! BUT try and reach out every day to contact by phone or in person, someone else in the same position as you that could be worse than you – they are always out there in nursing homes, aged care, War Vets and locked up and cared for, for their own comfort. I know this because I have been the Welfare Officer of Harbord Diggers for 26 years and have visited hundreds of good people suffering and dying and they all appreciate some tender, loving care. I am also a Pastoral Partner of St. Matthew’s Church, so if you need help, just call me. Our thoughts and actions should always be SERVICE ABOVE SELF – DON’T TALK, JUST ACT. The biggest tip is STOP WHINGING (It’s boring)."
September 22, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Tom Sykes, Adviser and Ecosystem Architect of BizForce -
Tom Sykes and BizForce founder, Sivan Atad, have created a platform to enable business growth without boundaries. 1) Be targeted and focused, easily find the people you want to work with and you know you offer value to. Ensure the first step that you take building a new relationship leads to tangible long term results 2) Partner with high-quality vetted and trusted complementary businesses and like-minded individuals. Be selective with the people you connect with, easily avoid spammers and time wasters 3) Cut your customer acquisition costs by reducing the time it takes to find the people you want to work with. Access a far wider network - and a host of new business and revenue growth opportunities Click here to find more Entrepreneurs Transform podcasts. Founders who would like to be interviewed can Connect with Greg Twemlow.
August 22, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Alex Lofts, founder of Pursuited
Hear how Pursuited is aiming to disrupt the recruitment industry with a game-changing approach to place a far greater emphasis on the experience of the candidates, who have historically been treated far more poorly than the employer. Alex and his team analyzed the critical points in the recruitment process and determined the two most important factors for both employer and candidate are what they term Match Attraction and the Job Fit. Find out more at or connect with Alex on LinkedIn. Click here to find more Entrepreneurs Transform podcasts. Founders who would like to be interviewed can Connect with Greg Twemlow.
July 21, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Courtney Brown, founder of The Millennial Group
A very wide-ranging conversation in this interview with many valuable learnings for entrepreneurs. Listen to Courtney Brown explain how her company, The Millennial Group, is helping companies, large and small, leverage technology to achieve their business missions. Follow the Millennial Group: Instagram using the handle @millennialuprise Linkedin: The Millennial Group Phone Courtney +61 420 370 973 Website Read more about Entrepreneurs Transform and the host, Greg Twemlow Contact Greg at to discuss being a guest on the program
July 1, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Frances Atkins, co-founder of
More great learnings for founders in this interview. Listen to Frances Atkins explain how her startup, Givvable, makes sustainable sourcing easier. "givvable is the go-to tech platform for companies looking to source sustainably, socially, and with impact. We believe that by tracking corporate and sustainable spending, we encourage more of it. We know it can be incredibly difficult to access these types of customers. Believe it or not, they find it just as hard to find suppliers like you. We bridge this gap by profiling your impact to companies looking to make an impact." Greg Twemlow - Entrepreneurs Transform Podcast P.S. Frances has now been awarded a prize of AUD300k to FastTrack Givvable
June 19, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Alex Miles, founder of SportsHi
Alex Miles has an awesome mission to boost the careers of high school students. His startup, SportsHi, encourages a community where all student-athletes can grow. We all know the positive impact high school sports have on day-to-day life and in the classroom. By creating the home of high school sports, SportsHi will send more of our young people on to higher education and the college of their dreams. So many great learnings in this interview and so good to hear Alex say he wants to pay-it-forward and help other founders. Greg Twemlow Entrepreneurs Transform Podcast
June 10, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Allan Lalic, founder of Kebloom
Hear about founder, Allan Lalic's story to help young students launch their idea into the real world with confidence.  Allan has created a step-by-step platform to teach students the art of entrepreneurship. 
June 1, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Anne McKeown, Mindset Coach, Empowering Women for Business & Life!
Listen as Anne tells her story and be inspired: “Every day I see women who are capable and smart but they’re not happy and not achieving what they want because they’ve lost faith in themselves, they’re exhausted, they put everyone else first, they’ve forgotten what’s really important to them and they’ve unwittingly given away their power. I know how this feels because I used to be like that too."
May 30, 2020
Greg Twemlow interviews Adam Fazzani, founder of his startup, GoTradie
Learn from entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams and seek to transform our world. In this episode, Greg Twemlow interviews Adam Fazzani, founder of GoTradie.
May 20, 2020