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Caregiving is a Ministry

Caregiving is a Ministry

By Greta Bennett
To provide encouragement and inspiration, through scripture, to the caregiving community
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Episode 227 Psalm 85
Receiving the unfailing love of God.
September 25, 2022
Episode 226 Psalm 84
Learning to use our shield during this season of caregiving.
September 24, 2022
Episode 225 Psalm 83
Learning to pray for our enemies, not to curse them but to bless them.
September 23, 2022
Episode 224 Psalm 82
Today, we learn to be selective with what we allow into our private space.
September 22, 2022
Episode 223 Psalm 81
Today, we get meal prepared by God! Enjoy!
September 21, 2022
Episode 222 Psalm 80
There is never a time when you do not have God’s attention.
September 20, 2022
Episode 221 Psalm 79
Going beyond the why and simply learning to trust God.
September 18, 2022
Episode 220 Psalm 78
Learning to manage our relationships
September 17, 2022
Episode 219 Psalm 77
Learning to stand firm in the middle of a storm
September 16, 2022
Episode 218 Psalm 76
Renewing our covenant with God.
September 15, 2022
Episode 217 Psalm 75
Learning how not to grow tired while waiting.
September 14, 2022
Episode 216 Psalm 74
The benefit of history.
September 13, 2022
Episode 215 Psalm 73
When you are struggling it is easy to look at someone’s elses life and wish for that. But in doing so it says we are not trusting God in our right now. Let’s learn to trust God and be committed to what He has given us.
July 01, 2022
Episode 214 Psalm 72
Learning how to pray for guidance as we accept our roles as “managers” of God’s resources.
June 30, 2022
Episode 213 Psalm 71
Today we hear the sweet reflection of a senior.
June 29, 2022
Episode 212 Psalm 70
We’re sending up an SOS message, needing a God who not only hears but answers.
June 28, 2022
Episode 211 Psalm 69
Do you give God “if, then” prayers? Let’s learn from David on how not to approach our father.
June 26, 2022
Episode 210 Psalm 68
Less we forget. Learning to use the past to propell us forward.
June 25, 2022
Episode 209 Psalm 67
Today we are reminded of the God whom we serve. Remembering He is a God of justice.
June 24, 2022
Episode 208 Psalm 66
Today we SHOUT for JOY!!
June 23, 2022
Episode 207 Psalm 65
David outlines a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving of us to model.
June 22, 2022
Episode 206 Psalm 64
Our Lord’s love for us allows Him to listen even when we complain.
June 21, 2022
Episode 205 Psalm 63
Learning to express our Love for God thorugh psalms!
June 19, 2022
Episode 204 Psalm 62
Learning the importance for making quiet time for God.
June 18, 2022
Episode 203 Psalm 61
Have you grown weary of cargivng, of doing good. This pslam is for you.
June 17, 2022
Episode 202 Pslam 60
Have you blame God for your circumstanes? David did.
June 16, 2022
Episode 201 Psalm 59
David reflects on running from King Saul as he tried to kill him.
June 15, 2022
Episode 200 Psalm 58
A harsh pslam but definitely needed for today.
June 14, 2022
Episode 199 Psalm 57
What happens when you are afraid? Do your run away, or run to God?
June 12, 2022
Episode 198 Psalm 56
In our demands for God to fix our problems are we growing in our faith?
June 11, 2022
Episode 197 Psalm 55
David encounters a different type of betrayal and as a result does not ask for vengence.
June 10, 2022
Episode 196 Psalm 54
David is betrayed and he cries to God for help.
June 09, 2022
Episode 195 Psalm 53
Has anyone every told you “there is no God.” what was your reaction?
June 08, 2022
Episode 194 Psalm 52
Today we discover whether we are a Doeg or a David.
June 07, 2022
Episode 193 Promise Recap
Wraping up the promises of God.
June 05, 2022
Episode 192 Psalm 51
Psalm 51 is another psalm that we can use a template for prayer.
June 04, 2022
Episode 191 Promise 31
The promise of Grace
June 03, 2022
Episode 190 Psalm 50
As children of God, we enter into partnership with Him and there is a requirement on our end of the covenanet with Him.
June 02, 2022
Episdoe 189 Promise 30
God promises to heal us.
June 01, 2022
Episode 188 Psalm 49
What has God called you to do?
May 31, 2022
Episode 187 Promise 29
May 29, 2022
Episode 186 Psalm 48
A reminder that we can trust our God.
May 28, 2022
Episode 185 Promise 28
God’s presence!
May 27, 2022
Episode 184 Psalm 47
In our growth as children of God we discover God delights in our clapping our hands and stomping our feet in praise and adoration to Him and all that He has done.
May 26, 2022
Epsiode 183 Psalm 46
Whatever you are facing, know that you are not facing it alone!
May 25, 2022
Episode 182 Promise 27
God promises the comfortor!
May 24, 2022
Episode 181 Psalm 44
Psalm 44 is a beautiful analogy of a Christ and the Church.
May 22, 2022
Episode 180 Promise 26
A heart filled with Love!
May 21, 2022
Episode 179 Psalm 44
Let’s not let the first verse throw us off this psalm is one will help us to see clearly what is before us.
May 20, 2022
Episode 178 Promise 25
May 19, 2022
Episode 177 Psalm 46
This psalm is comprised of four prayers: vindication, lamentation, restoration and introspection.
May 18, 2022
Episode 176 Promise 24
God gives you the desires of your heart!
May 17, 2022
Episode 175 Psalm 42
A psalm that offers us encouragement in sad times.
May 15, 2022
Episode 174 Promise 23
May 14, 2022
Episode 173 Psalm 41
Is God pleased with you?
May 13, 2022
Episode 172 Promise 22
God’s promise of Patience. Don’t we all need that!
May 12, 2022
Episode 171 Psalm 40
Are you willing to wait on God.
May 11, 2022
Episode 170 Promise 21
God’s promise of protection
May 10, 2022
Episode 169 Psalm 39
Learning to seek comfort from the only one who can truly give it.
May 08, 2022
Episode 168 Promise 20
God promises adoption into His family!
May 07, 2022
Episode 167 Psalm 38
David makes an assumption many of us make. That when we are experiencing hatred times, God is angry with us. This is inaccurate.
May 06, 2022
Episode 166 Promise 19
God promises us Comfort.
May 05, 2022
Episode 165 psalm 37
David give us seven challenges or commands that will help us in our walk with God.
May 04, 2022
Episode 164 Promise 18
Our Lord gives us Peace!
May 03, 2022
Episode 163 Psalm 36
What message is on your heart today for God?
May 01, 2022
Episode 162 Promise 17
God’s gives us REST!!!
April 30, 2022
Episode 161 Psalm 35
Let’s not be know as a people who complain but a people who gives thanks to our Loving God.
April 29, 2022
Episode 160 Promise 16
God’s promise of Faith.
April 28, 2022
Episode 159 Psalm 34
It is good to give praises to the LOrd, learning to Thank Him for just Him being God.
April 27, 2022
Episode 158 Promise 15
God’s promise of Salvation.
April 26, 2022
Episode 157 Psalm 33
Let learn to worship our Savior!
April 24, 2022
Episode 156 Promise 14
A promise of Hope that overflows.
April 23, 2022
Episode 155 Psalm 32
Learning to release a burden or load of heavy sin and guilt frees us to step a little lighter and to draw closer to God.
April 22, 2022
Episode 154 Promise 13
God will meet all of your needs.
April 21, 2022
Episode 153 Psalm 31
The enemy works really hard to make us second guess out choice to follow Jesus. Let us work really hard to always chose Jesus.
April 20, 2022
Episode 152 Promise 12
Learning to live within Gods promised will.
April 19, 2022
Episode 151 Psalm 30
Learning to grow in our faith through praise.
April 17, 2022
Episode 150 Promise 11
God will and does forgive.
April 16, 2022
Episode 149 Psalm 29
Learning to give praise and thanks to God despite our circumstances
April 15, 2022
Episode 148 Promise 10
God promises to answer your prayers
April 14, 2022
Episode 147 Psalm 28
Today we compare what David expresses in this psalm with the teaching of Jesus.
April 13, 2022
Episode 146 Promise 9
You have a purpose!
April 12, 2022
Episode 145 psalm 27
Is the Lord your light and salvation? David expresses his love for the Lord.
April 10, 2022
Episode 144 Promise 8
April 09, 2022
Episode 143 psalm 26
Learning to stand firm in our faith.
April 08, 2022
Episode 142 Promise 7
God promises to be faithful to his word and to us.
April 07, 2022
Episode 141 Psalm 25
This psalm teaches us to pray for deliverance, direction and protection.
April 06, 2022
Episode 140 Promise 6
God has given you Power!!!
April 05, 2022
Episode 139 Psalm 24
David teaches us how to have a pep rally for the Lord! Are you ready?
April 03, 2022
Episode 138 Promise 5
God’s promise of strength!
April 02, 2022
Episode 137 Psalm 23
Looking at a familiar psalm in a new way.
April 01, 2022
Episode 136 Promise 4
God promises us an abundant life.
March 31, 2022
Episode 135 Psalm 22
We break this lengthy psalm into bite size pieces discovering how much we have in common with David.
March 30, 2022
Episode 134 Promise 3
God Loves You.
March 29, 2022
Episode 133 Episode Psalm 21
Having peace in times of uncertainty.
March 27, 2022
Episode 132 Promise 2
God is with you; therefore, there is no need to fear.
March 26, 2022
Episode 131 Psalm 20
Know that God hears you when you are in distress.
March 25, 2022
Episode 130 Promise 1
Learning to trust God through times of trouble.
March 24, 2022
Episode 129 Psalm 19
Today we learn to see God in everything.
March 23, 2022
Episode 128 Psalm 18
Today we learn to tell the Lord you love him!
March 22, 2022
Episode 127 Psalm 17
Today we break this lengthy psalm into four subcategories to help us grow in our relationship with God.
March 20, 2022
Episode 126 Psalm 16
How we handle worry, can be a litmus test for our trust in God.
March 19, 2022
Episode 125 Psalm 15
David points our attention to the One who is truly blameless!
March 18, 2022
Episode 124 Psalm 14
Fools say “there is not God” but you and I know differently!!!
March 17, 2022
Episode 123 Psalm 13
Do not EVER think God has forgotten you, for He loves you with an everlasting love.
March 16, 2022
Episode 122 Psalm 12
Learning how to pray a psalm.
March 15, 2022
Episode 121 Psalm 21
Did you know God was on the side of the oppressed? Our God loves justice.
March 13, 2022
Episode 120 Psalm 20
We learn that through our disparity for the wicked we can still find solace in knowing God is in control.
March 12, 2022
Episode 119 Psalm 9
David we dissect a seemingly disconnect psalm and discover it mirrors us more than we thought.
March 11, 2022
Episode 118 Psalm 8
We offer praises to our God for Humankind and the world he created.
March 10, 2022
Episode 117 Psalm 7
Learning to place our trust in God is hard but our very lives depend that we do.
March 09, 2022
Episode 116 Psalm 6
Today we learn why confession is so important
March 08, 2022
Episode 115 Psalm 5
Today we get to see how David try’s to flatter God. Have you done that before:-). FB@caregivingisaministry.
March 06, 2022
Episode 114 Psalm 4
Know that God is faithful no matter what. FB@caregivingisaminstry.
March 05, 2022
Episode 113 Psalm 3
David shows us how to express sorrow. FB@caregivingisaministry.
March 04, 2022
Episode 112 Psalm 2
What has given you responsibility of? FB@caregivingisaministry.
March 03, 2022
Episode 111 Psalm 1
We start our ground work for analyzing the psalms. FB@caregivingisaministry.
March 02, 2022
Episode 110
We will embark on a new lesson series…Exploring there Psalms. FB@caregivingisaministry.
March 01, 2022
Episode 109 Recap
A summary of what we’ve learned.
February 27, 2022
Episode 108 Psalm 37:34
Our hope begins and remains in Jesus! FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 26, 2022
Episode 107 Isaiah 12
Isaiah gives us instruction on how to Praise God. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 25, 2022
Episode 106 Jeremiah 17:5-8
Today to learn exactly what we gain when we place our trust in God. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 24, 2022
Episode 105 Isaiah 26:3
Let’s learn to place ourselves in the heart of scripture to gain personal insights into how scripture can speak directly to us. FB@caregivingisaminstry.
February 23, 2022
Episode 104 Numbers 9:6-11
Today we discover the importance of remembering. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 22, 2022
Episode 103 Isaiah 30:15-18
Let’s focus on repenting and then resting in God. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 20, 2022
Episode 102 Psalm 38:9-15
As we continue our journey with God there are times when we need to block out all the noise and remember who God is. To remind ourselves of who God is. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 19, 2022
Episode 101 Philippians 3:20-21
Today we refocus on who we are, recognizing we have an eternal home and are members of God’s kingdom. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 18, 2022
Episode 100 Psalm 39:1-8
This passage speaks to our inadequacies, we are not perfect and thank goodness God doesn’t call us to be. But to submit and trust him! FB@caregivingisministry.
February 17, 2022
Episode 99 Jude 20 & 21
Waiting and Trusting God requires that we remember that He loves us, a love that is all consuming and as the best in store for us. FB@caregivingisaminstry
February 16, 2022
Episode 98 Psalm 56:3
This is a very simple verse that is so hard to apply. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 15, 2022
Episode 97 Hebrews 10:34-36
Trusting God is very easy but it is the the most important thing you can do when in trail or tribulation. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 13, 2022
Episode 96 Psalm 33:18-22
When God is silent do not take it as he is away or angry. No his silence means you are in a test and he wants you to recall all that he has been to you in order for you to continue when he is silence. Silence often means you are testing out of a season and graduating into the next. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 12, 2022
Episode 95 Isaiah 40:27-31
Learning to rest in God and trust in him give us strength that others will consider impossible. But we know that all things are possible with God. FB@caregivingisministry.
February 11, 2022
Episode 94 Psalm 23:4
Waiting on God very means we are to be stagnate. We are to continue with the path he has given us until He tells us to change direction. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 10, 2022
Episode 93 1 Peter 1:3-5
Learning to look at the inheritance we have in relationship to the legacy we leave behind. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 09, 2022
Episode 92 Psalm 37:1-6
What does “commit your ways to the Lord” truly mean? Today we learn to look at this command in a practical and broader sense. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 08, 2022
Episode 91 John 14:1-3
Jesus provides comfort for his disciples as they are on the brink of experiencing life without him. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 06, 2022
Episode 90 Momma
Remembering my mother.
February 05, 2022
Episode 89 James 1:12
The only way we can preserve in difficult times is to lean into God. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 04, 2022
Episode 88 Psalm 9:10
Let’s honor the name of our Lord. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 03, 2022
Episode 87 Isaiah 33:2
Let us learn that while we wait, God’s grace continues to be extended to us. A grace that can and will provide comfort during our time of waiting. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 02, 2022
Episode 86 Psalm 25:1-5
All the Lord to lift your soul from a place of desperation to a place of joy and peace. FB@caregivingisaministry.
February 01, 2022
Episode 85 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5
Today we look to Jesus and mirror is perseverance to the cross and we preserve along our Christian journey
January 30, 2022
Episode 84 Psalm 31:24
In the midst of our waiting on and trusting in God we are to be strong and courageous! FB@caregivingisaministry
January 29, 2022
Episode 83 Isaiah 64:4
In our time of waiting on God, let us be mindful that our trust in Him is to be manifested in our attitude while we wait. FB@caregivingisaminstry
January 28, 2022
Episode 82 Psalm 62:5
When we count out the noise, miraculously, we can hear God! FB@caregivingisaminstry
January 27, 2022
Episode 81 1 Corinthians 4:5
Let’s admit that in our humanist we actually think we can help God. We can’t and He doesn’t need out help! FB@caregivingisaministry
January 26, 2022
Episode 80 Psalm 40:1
One thing we just never forget is that God is never to busy for us, too busy not to hear us and we have never gone so far away from him that he doesn’t hear our cry. FB@caregivingisaministry
January 25, 2022
Episode 79 Micah 7:7
David makes a declaration that he will be on the look out for God. Are you looking for God or have you missed what he has already done in your life?
January 23, 2022
Episode 78 Psalm 106:11-13
Today we reflect on the great God we serve. Allowing all that he has done for us and to celebrate who he is. FB @caregivingisaministry
January 22, 2022
Episode 77 Genesis 45:5-8
Today we will learn that no matter what season you find yourself in, God expects you to uphold the standards he has set within you.
January 21, 2022
Episode 76 Psalm 33:20
What does it mean to hope for? Today we learn there it is an expectation. What are you expecting of God and what is he expecting of you? FB @caregivingisaministry
January 20, 2022
Episode 75 Luke 12:35-40
Today we discuss our service to the Lord. FB@caregivingisaministry
January 19, 2022
Episode 74 Proverbs 8:32-34
Waiting on God is an act of obedience and trust. Do you trust God today? FB@caregivingisaministry
January 18, 2022
Episode 73 Psalm 130:1-7
Relax!!! God’s got you! FB@caregivingisaministry.
January 16, 2022
Episode 72 Hosea 2:19-20
Let’s be fully committed to Jesus, He is fully committed to us. @caregivingisaministry.
January 15, 2022
Episode 71 25:5
Trusting and waiting on God is easier when you now who He is! FB @caregivingisaministry.
January 14, 2022
Episode 70 Isaiah 8:17
Are you petitioning God for something that isn’t in his will? That could be the reason for his silence.
January 13, 2022
Episode 69 Psalm 37:7
Are you too busy to wait on God? What is He was too busy for you? FB @caregivingisaministry.
January 12, 2022
Episode 68 Lamentations 3:22-27
is God enough for you? FB @caregivingisaministry.
January 11, 2022
Episode 67 Psalm 5:1-3
Yelling at God does not get his attention. FB @caregivingisaministry
January 09, 2022
Episode 66 James 5:7-8
Are we farmers? FB @caregivingisaministry
January 08, 2022
Episode 65 Psalm 69:1-3
Learning how to trust God.
January 07, 2022
Episode 64 Recap
What have we learned?
January 06, 2022
Episode 62 The Holy Spirit promotes holiness
As the spirit guides you he urges you to draw closer to God and less of the world around you.
January 05, 2022
Episode 62 Holy Speaks God’s word
The way you test to see if what you are hearing is from the Holy Spirit or yourself is does it agree with the word of God, does it illuminate God’s word and does it guide you to a deeper relationship with God.
January 04, 2022
Episode 61 Isaiah 6:9-10
Let’s remember why we celebrate Christmas. FB@caregivingisaministry; https:/
December 14, 2021
Episode 60 Holy Spirit Equips
All of your talents and gifts are from the Holy Spirit. Are you using them to glorify God? @FB caregivingisaministry;
December 12, 2021
Episode 59 Holy Spirit Instructs
Anything you need all you must do is ask and the Holy Spirit will enlightened the way forward. FB @caregivingisaministry;
December 11, 2021
Episode 58 Holy Spirit brings power
When you may feel drained and exhausted this is the time to draw from the power of the Holy Spirit. FB@caregivingisaministry;
December 10, 2021
Episode 57 Holy Spirit
We embark upon our last character discovery on shepherding. Let’s learn all the ways in which the Holy Spirit shepherds us to a deeper more meaningful relationship with God. FB @caregivingisaminsitry;
December 09, 2021
Episode 56 Jude
Have you every studied what Jude had to say to the early church/. Today we do, join me. FB@caregivingisaministry;
December 08, 2021
Episode 55 1-3 John
Today we explore the three letters John wrote to the various churches of the 1st century. Join me in hearing what he had to tell him. FB@caregivingisaministry;
December 07, 2021
Episode 54 James
Today we learn about faith, favoritism, an uncontrolled mouth and being too cozy with the world. FB@caregivingisaministry;
December 05, 2021
Episode 53 2 Peter
There are false teachers, Peter wants the church to remain steadfast in the doctrine they have been taught. FB@caregivingisaministry; https;//
December 04, 2021
Episode 52 1 Peter II
Standing firm in our faith during difficult seasons. FB@caregivingisaministry;
December 03, 2021
Episode 51 1 Peter
Being sure of what you believe. FB @caregivingisaminstry; https://
December 02, 2021
Episode 50 Romans part III
We continue our walk with Paul in his letter to the church in Roman urging them to do good. FB@caregivingisaministry;
December 01, 2021
Episode 49 Romans part II
Paul keeps the main focus the main focus: Jesus. In this season of caregiving your loved one is the main focus! FB@caregivingisaministry; Httsp://
November 30, 2021
Episode 48 Romans Part I
The beloved church in Roman, does it have similar issues as did the church in Corinth? FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 28, 2021
Episode 47 I Corinthians Part 3
Are you strong or weak in your walk with Christ? Paul tells us the difference between the two. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 27, 2021
Episode 46 Keeping It Real
An update
November 26, 2021
Episode 45 Corinthians part II
We continue to see how Paul gently instructs this body of believers toward behavior that reflect their new relationship in Christ. FB @caregivingisaministry/ Httsp://
November 25, 2021
Episode 44 I Corinthians part 1
Paul has allot to say to this community of believer that is still very relevant today. Do you know that God has called you out, to be set aside just for Him? FB @CAREGIVINGISAMINISTRY; httsp://anchor. Fm/greta-bennett/messages
November 24, 2021
Episode 43 Galatians
We see an angrier side of Paul, what in the world are those Galatians doing? FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 23, 2021
Episode 42 Ephesians
Paul reinforces their need to remain commitment to God. Something we all must do. FB @caregivingisaministry; https://ancho-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages.
November 21, 2021
Episode 41 Philippians
Paul demonstrates expressing love and affection for others in godly. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 20, 2021
Episode 40 Colossians
Paul addresses domestic life in the body of Christ. FB Caregivingisaministry;
November 19, 2021
Episode 39 2 Thessalonians
This short letter is about encouraging. To not get flustered with individuals if they don’t get things right the first time but to provide encouragement and correction in love. FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 18, 2021
Episode 38 1 Thessalonians
Paul provides an example of gentle correction. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 17, 2021
Episode 37 2 Timothy
A second letter is needed. Let’s not need God to give us a second letter until we surrender to His will. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 16, 2021
Episode 36 1 Timothy
Paul provides encouragement and instructions on Christian Behavior. FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 14, 2021
Episode 35 Titus
Paul understood the need for instruction and structure in the body of Christ. We too must surrender to instruction and structure within our own lives. FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 13, 2021
Episode 34 Philemon
Paul shows us the importance of acceptance. FB @caregivingisaministry;httsp://
November 12, 2021
Episode 33 Acts
God chooses whom He wished. Even a staunch adversary. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 11, 2021
Episode 32 Hosea 4:16
Let’s not be stubborn as cows, but readily obedient to the word of God. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 10, 2021
Episode 31 2 Samuel 13:20-23
When conflicts are not resolved. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 09, 2021
Episode 30 1 Samuel 18:1-5
Establishing integrity and love in our relationships. FB @caregivingisaministry;
November 07, 2021
Episode 29 1 Sam 24:1-21
Recognizing God in others. FB @caregivingisaministry; https://anchor-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages
November 06, 2021
Episode 28 Jeremiah 23:1-2
God will call us to account for what we have done. FB@caregivingisaministry; https://anchor-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages
November 05, 2021
Episode 27 Jeremiah 10:21
Let’s not become stupid in God’s eyes. FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 04, 2021
Episode 26 Jeremiah 3:16-17
Lay ministers and elected officials was shepherds? FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 03, 2021
Episode 25 2 Samuel 12:1-7
God wants us to take the the various roles and responsibilities He has entrusted us with seriously. FB@caregivingisaministry;
November 02, 2021
Episode 24 Ezekiel 34:12
God places people and sesons in our lives momentary. Learn to fully appreciate those people and seasons while you have them. FB @caregivingisaministry;
October 31, 2021
Episode 23 Psalm 78:70-71
Let’s acknowledge God’s call of shepherding in our lives and learn to use the experiences He has led us through as tools to equip us for this season. FB@caregivingisaministry; https://anchor-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages
October 30, 2021
Episode 22 1 Samuel 17:34-36
Your life is a resume for your future! Stay tall! FB@caregivingisaministry;
October 29, 2021
Episode 21 Ezekiel 34:21-23
David, the chosen Shepherd of Israel. FB @caregivingisaministry;
October 28, 2021
Episode 20 Revelation 7:17
John’s prophecy of Jesus’ return is meant to remind us to not give up. Jesus is coming. FB @caregivingisaministry;
October 27, 2021
Episode 19 1 Peter 5:4
Our Chief Shepherd offers encouragement to us the sheep who will one day be reunited with Him. FB @caregivingisaministry;
October 26, 2021
Episode 18 Psalm 100:3
Is God Good? Of course He is, now we just need to act like it. FB @caregivngisaministry; httsp://
October 24, 2021
Episode 17 Numbers 27:16-17
Today we compare Old Testament and New Testament and how they compliment eachother
October 23, 2021
Episode 16 Matthew 2:3-6
A pagan king who knows of Jesus’ arrival while religious leaders ignore the signs. FB @caregivingisaministry; http://anchor-fm/greta-Bennett/messages
October 22, 2021
Episode 15 1 Peter 5:7
A shepherd protects and doesn’t want you to carry anything that takes away your peace. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 21, 2021
Episode 14 Matthew 11:28-30
Jesus invites us to allow Him to carry our load. FB @caregivingisaministry/ httsp://
October 20, 2021
Episode 13 John 6:26-40
Jesus reveals he is the bread of life. FB @caregivngisaministry; httsp://
October 19, 2021
Episode 12 1 Peter 2:21-25
Finding your unique purpose in Christ as His dear lamb. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 17, 2021
Episode 11 Luke 15:4-6
Jesus celebrates the one. FB @caregivngisaministry; httsp://
October 16, 2021
Episode 10 John 10:14-15
Finally Jesus proclaims that He is THE good shepherd. But what makes Him good? FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 15, 2021
Episode 9 John 14:6
Our shepherd leads us to truth and life! FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 14, 2021
Episode 8 John 10:7-10
Jesus explains verses 1-5. Let’s see what HE says. FB @caregivngisaministry; httsp://
October 13, 2021
Episode 7 John 10:1-5
Jesus established Himself as our shepherd. FB @caregivnigisaministry; httsp://
October 12, 2021
Episode 6 A God who stays with us
God is always with us, He will never leave us for forsake us. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 10, 2021
Episode 5 A God who gives
As we continue with the 23rd Psalms we see that our God lacks nothing and He is ready and willing to lavish you with His favor. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 09, 2021
Episode 4 A God Who protects
A shepherds duties are never ending and so are yours as a caregiver. One duty is to protect. Let’s discover how our Lord shields us from harm. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 08, 2021
Episode 3 A God who restores
Did you know you were originally designed to be in fellowship with God? You are, today we learn How our God brings us back to him. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
October 07, 2021
Episode 2 God is our Provider
Now that we are embarking upon our God as THE Good Shepard. Today we study how he provides. FB @caregivingisaminstry; httsp://
October 06, 2021
Episode 1. Our God is here for YOU
We serve a good, good God. Even in the middle of our mess He is with us and will help us navigate through. FB @caregivingisaministry/
October 05, 2021
Episode 180 Walking in the Fruit of the Spirit
Walking is an action, and God has called us to actively walk in HIs spirit to bear fruit. This is something that is intentional and requires effort. FB @caregivingisaministry;
September 01, 2021
Episode 179 Learning to recognize the Spirit
We are to bear fruit knowing the fruit helps us recognize our growth and the growth in others. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 31, 2021
Episode 178 God has equipped you
God gave you His spirit to equip you to do all that He asks. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 29, 2021
Episode 177 Self-Control Romans 12:2
Remembering who the enemy is and that he does not fight fair. FB@caregivingisaministry;
August 28, 2021
Episode 176 Self-Control Matthew 16:24
God calls us to deny ourselves so we can follow Him. FB @caregivingisaministry; https://anchor-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages
August 27, 2021
Episode 175 Self-Control 1 Thessalonians 5:6
There is a reason the Bible in Proverbs tells us that being self-control is equal to building up a defensive wall; we have an enemy who is active looking to get in. Today we learn we have a responsibility to be alert.
August 26, 2021
Episode 174 Self-Control 2 Corinthians 12:6-9
Often God uses the struggles in our lives as a way of keeping us humbled before him. Something worth considering. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 25, 2021
Episode 173 Self-Control 1 Corinthians 6:12
We are not to take advantage of our being children of the Most High God. On the contrary being a child of God comes with self imposed restraint. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 24, 2021
Episode 172 Self-Control 1 Corinthians 9:24-25
You are a runner, running a relay race with your fellow believers! FB @caregivngisaministry;
August 22, 2021
Episode 171 Self-Control Multiple
What does walking in self-control look like? FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 21, 2021
Episode 170 Self-Control 1 Corinthian 10:13
What you are experiencing others have also. The enemy wants you to believe that you are the only one and isolated. Don’t fall for it. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 20, 2021
Episode 169 Self-control 2 Timothy 1:7
Learn to walk with no fear but with Love and self control. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 19, 2021
Episode 168 Self-Control 2 Peter 1:5-8
We have a responsibility in our faith walk. God expects for us to take that responsibility serious. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 18, 2021
Episode 167 Self-Control Titus 2:11-13
Did you know that God expects you to live in Self Control? He does! FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 17, 2021
Episode 166 Self-Control 2 Timothy 3:1-5
Here is a great example of what living without self-control looks like. Let’s take inventory to see if we may be out of control. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 15, 2021
Episode 165 Self-Control 1 Corinthians 7:5
Don’t think it’s all on you to walk in self-control, we are to encourage and support each other! FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 14, 2021
Episode 164 Self-Control Proverbs 25:27-28
When we lack self control we are defenseless and we allow the enemy in. Let’s not do that! FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 13, 2021
Episode 163 Self-Control Romans 7:18
Our desire to push against God or anything for that matter, we discovers is deeply rooted in ours natural nature. But that’s be to God that He doesn’t withhold His hand from helping us. Even in self-control. FB @caregivingisaministry; https://ancho-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages
August 12, 2021
Episode 162 Gentleness RECAP
Eighteens discovering how we are to display a life of gentleness. What did we learn?
August 11, 2021
Episode 161 Gentleness 1 Thessalonians 2:5-7
Walking with a gentle spirit ensures you never exploit others vulnerabilities
August 10, 2021
Episode 160 Gentleness 1 Peter 3:15
Why do you believe?
August 08, 2021
Episode 159 Galatians 6:1
Extending grace through gentle correction honors God.
August 07, 2021
Episode 158 Gentleness Matthew 5:5
The first shall become last and the last shall become first. Those are the people who inherit the earth.
August 06, 2021
Episode 157 Gentleness Proverbs 25:15
In our effort to walk in patience, there is still movement. Learning to patiently act on what God has given us todo while awaiting an outcome is to be done with gentleness
August 05, 2021
Episode 156 Gentleness John 8:3-11
Just like the women caught in the act of adultery, we too stand accursed. But thanks be to God for our Savior Jesus
August 04, 2021
Episode 155 Gentleness Mark 10:13-16
There are two lessons in today’s verses: 1. Sometimes you may need to rebuke. 2. Be open to the people God brings in your life. FB @caregivngisaministry; https://anchor-fm/Greta-Bennett/messages
August 03, 2021
Episode 154 Gentleness Mark 1:40-42
We need to be willing to get our hands dirty. FB @caregivingisaministry;
August 01, 2021
Episode 153 Gentleness Hebrews 5:1-3
Christian, bond-servant and holy priesthood. All the same! FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 31, 2021
Episode 152 Gentleness 2 Timothy 2:24-26
Another name for a Christian is a Bond Servant! FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 30, 2021
Episode 151 Gentleness Isaiah 40:11
Jesus our gentle Savior carries us when we can’t walk. Just as Jesus demonstrates for us how to carry another we too are asked to carry each other’s burdens. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 29, 2021
Episode 150 Gentleness Colossians 4:5-6
Today’s scripture is another encouragement to look at our lives as tool for Christ. Tools He uses to draw other near as well as us. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 28, 2021
Episode 149 Gentleness Philippians 4:5
There is no discrimination in the body of Christ. Christ died for all and our behavior is to reflect this. FB @caregivnigisaministry;
July 27, 2021
Episode 148 Gentleness Psalm 18:35
Our God is a great God and our greatness comes from Him. He protects us and shields us from the enemy all in an effort to draw us closer to Him. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 25, 2021
Episode 147 Gentleness Proverbs 16:24
You get more bees with honey than vinegar. Our words are to be sweet as honey! FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 24, 2021
Episode 146 Gentleness 1 Kings 19:11-12
Our God demonstrates His love for us through His gentleness toward us. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 23, 2021
Episode 145 Gentleness James 3:17
Gentleness ushered in by wisdom! FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 22, 2021
Episode 144 Keeping It Real
Just an update on how things are going with me. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 21, 2021
Episode 143 Faithfulness Matthew 25:21
Well done, my beloved caregiver, well done. Words we all want to hear at the end of our caregiving season.
July 20, 2021
Episode 142 Faithfulness 1 Timothy 1:12
God uses us to bless others. It is our service to Him. Your season of caregiving shows God has found YOU faithful! FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 18, 2021
Episode 141 Faithfulness Luke 16:10
Being faithful in the little things. How does God define “little things” and how can we be faithful in then? FB @caregivngisaministry;
July 17, 2021
Episode 140 Faithfulness Psalm 33:4
We can trust the Word of God! FB @caregivingisaminsitry;
July 16, 2021
Episode 139 Faithfulness Proverbs 28:20
Even though your season will get rough at times...stay the course! FB @caregivnngisaministry;
July 15, 2021
Episode 138 Faithfulness Exodus 19:5
Our God is faithful even when we are not. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 14, 2021
Episode 137 Faithfulness Hebrews 10:23-25
Being in the body of Christ is about worship and connection. Worship and connection to our God and connection to each other. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 13, 2021
Episode 136 Faithfulness Deuteronomy 5:32-33
Being faithful means staying true to what we know God has called us to do...even it is difficult. FB@caregivingisaministry;
July 11, 2021
Episode 135 Faithfulness Deuteronomy 7:9
God is faithful not only to us but to those whom we love. FB@caregivingisaministry;
July 10, 2021
Episode 134 Faithfulness 1 Thessalonians 5:24
What service has God called you too...besides caregiving? Our God is a multitasker and gives us to opportunity to multi task as well. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 09, 2021
Episode 133 Faithfulness 1 Corinthians 1:9
Our God is faithful; therefore, we can be faithful as well. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 08, 2021
Episode 132 Grief Job 23:10-12
Another hard lesson, God allows hardships in our lives to test us. To show us exactly where we are and how much we need to grow. FB@caregivingisaministry;
July 07, 2021
Episode 131 Grief 2 Corinthians 1:3-7
This may be a hard pill to swallow, but we go through hardships to be able to provide real comfort to others. It’s a part of our service to God. FB@caregivingisaministry;
July 06, 2021
Episode 130 Grief Ephesians 6:10
Today we learn that we are to Be Strong,but we can only do through Christ. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 04, 2021
Episode 129 Grief Isaiah 40:27-31
This life is designed our ware us out! Yet God invites us into fellowship with Him so that He can be our strength and we will master overcoming in this world. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 03, 2021
Episode 128 Grief 2 Samuel 12:20
Learning how to accept God’s will when it isn’t what you’ve prayed for. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 02, 2021
Episode 127 Grief Matthew 5:4
Learning how to truly provide comfort for those who mourn. FB @caregivingisaministry;
July 01, 2021
Episode 126 Grief Romans 8:28
All things work together for our good...even the lots of a loved one? Absolutely! FB @caregivngisaministry;
June 30, 2021
Episode 125 Grief Joshua 1:9
What does being strong really mean? FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 29, 2021
Episode 124 Grief John 14:1
When we are troubled we are to remember whom we serve and who we are in Him. There is comfort for those we believe. FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 27, 2021
Episode 123 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Let us not be ignorant of God’s word and how it applies to our lives and behaviors. The world is looking to see whether we are truly children of the Most High God or phonies. FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 26, 2021
Episode 122 Grief Psalm 73:26
Our earthly bodies are not permenant they will deteriorate, so while we can ensure we live healthy lifestyles, we all will die. Are we ready? FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 25, 2021
Episode 121 Grief Matthew 11:28-30
The secret to releasing our heavy loads of life is to do what Jesus did! FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 24, 2021
Episode 120 Grief Psalm 34:18
When our hearts break know that Jesus is right there! FB @Caregivingisaministry; https;//
June 23, 2021
Episode 119 Grief Romans12:2
We as believers are to celebrate life and honor our loved ones in their home going celebrations. The world mourns death we celebrate life. FB @caregivngisaministry;
June 22, 2021
Episode 118 Grief Romans 8:18
No matter what we experience here on earth in the form of suffering, will never compare to the joy we will experience when we see Jesus! FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 20, 2021
Episode 117 Grief Revelations 21:3-4
John reminds us that because God lives with us we have hope! FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 19, 2021
Episode 116 Grief John 16:22
Grief is something we are to expect in this life. Jesus not only acknowledges it but also gives us comfort and a promise. FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 18, 2021
Episode 115 Grief Psalm 119:25-28
Feeling sad and or sorrowful is ok, it is to be expected. However, we are to look to God to help us heal and to continue with the life He has given us. FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 17, 2021
Episode 114 Keeping It Real
The Experience of losing my mother
June 16, 2021
Episode 113 Goodness Recap
Another element down!
June 15, 2021
Episode 112 Goodness 1 Corinthians 15:33
Whose company are you keeping? Learning to select the right people in our lives
June 13, 2021
Episode 111 Goodness Luke 6:45
What are our hearts filled with? Whatever it is, it comes out in our words and actions.
June 12, 2021
Episode 110 Goodness Jeremiah 6:16
Let’s learn from the mistakes of our fore brothers and sisters.
June 11, 2021
Episode 109 Goodness Psalm 27:13
Learning how to stay encouraged
June 10, 2021
Episode 108 Goodness Psalm 37:3
How can we do good if we have not placed our trust in God? We can’t.
June 09, 2021
Episode 107 Goodness 1 Corinthians 10:23
We are not to take liberty in our positions as Christians but to be mindful of others and how our actions in fact the body of Christ and the world around us.
June 08, 2021
Episode 106 Goodness Nahum 1:7
Do we as believers truly believe that God is good?
June 06, 2021
Episode 105 Ecclesiastes 3:1-2a
The journey has come to an end.
June 05, 2021
Episode 104 Goodness Romans 12:21
Have you allowed evil to overcome you? Let’s find our what we can do to over come evil with good. FB @caregivingisaministry; https;//
June 04, 2021
Episode 103 Goodness Romans 12:2
If we are in the world drawing no distinction between us and the world, how can we be change agents for Christ? FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
June 03, 2021
Episode 102 Goodness James 1:17
Everything good is from our father. Sometimes, we as his children, forget how to differentiate between with is good and what isn’t. FB @caregivingisaministry;
June 02, 2021
Episode 101 Goodness 1 Timothy 4:4-5
Today we learn the importance of blessing the food, it clears the path for good digestion, and shows our gratitude toward our savior. FB @caregivingisaminitry; httsp://
June 01, 2021
Episode 100 Goodness
Today we embark upon discover what goodness is. There is a difference between goodness and kindness...let’s grow together.
May 30, 2021
Episode 99 Kindness Recap
High light of the scriptures we learned and their applicability. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
May 29, 2021
Episode 98 Kindness Jonah 4:2
Today, we discover whether we have a Jonah mentality or not. Let’s pray we do not it isn’t a good look for Christians. FB @caregivingisaminstry; httsp://
May 28, 2021
Episode 97 Kindness Isaiah 54:8
It is good news that our Lord’s anger doesn’t last forever. Can we say the same about our anger? FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
May 27, 2021
Episode 96 Kindness Matthew 5:24
Before we go to our Holy God we must ensure we are in right standing with others. Kindness helps us to be in good standing with others. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
May 26, 2021
Episode 95 Kindness Ephesians 2:1-7
God uses our seasons on of caregiving and relationship with Him to draw others to Him; demonstrating His kindness through us to others. FB @caregivingisaministry;httsp://
May 25, 2021
Episode 94 Kindness Ephesians 4:29
Today we are going to discover the power of words..get ready. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
May 23, 2021
Episode 93 Kindness Leviticus 19:34
What do you do when you meet someone you don’t know? Are they a stranger whom you are to be afraid of or an opportunity to show the love of God through hospitality? FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
May 22, 2021
Episode 92 Kindness Luke 6:30
Today we learn to give until it hurts. Learning to truly live lives that represent the Kingdom of God. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
May 21, 2021
Episode 91 Kindness Psalm 112:5
Not only are we to be generous but fair in everything we do. Are you know for your generosity and fairness? FB @caregivingisaministry;Httsp://
May 20, 2021
Episode 90 Kindness Zechariah 7:10
Doing what is right, being justice, kind and compassionate. How is the body of Christ holding up to this? FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 19, 2021
Episode 89 Kindness Romans 12:15-16
Can you bless your enemy? Do you think God may be unreasonable with this request? Know that He has given you the ability to do it all you have to do is trust Him. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 18, 2021
Episode 88 Kindness Acts 20:35
Just as God called Abraham to be a blessing so too He calls us to be a blessing. Not just to our family and friends but to those whom He places in our path. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 16, 2021
Episode 87 Kindness 1 Peter 3:8-9
Today we take inventory of our behavior as Christians. Does it measure up to what Christ expects? FB caregivingisaministry;
May 15, 2021
Episode 86 Kindness Proverbs 19:17
How do you define the poor? Do you look down on the “poor”? It may surprise you that scripture has a boarder definition than the one you have. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 14, 2021
Episode 85 Kindness Galatians 6:10
Today we take inventory of our being able to spot an opportunity to do good. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 13, 2021
Episode 84 Kindness Proverbs 31:26
Today we look to our sister the Proverbs 31 women! How inspiring she is and demonstrates how to speak kindness. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 12, 2021
Episode 83 Kindness Luke 6:35
Uh-Oh the Lord wants us to love our He serious..Yes. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 11, 2021
Episode 82 Ephesians 4:32
Be kind is a directive given to us by our God. Why aren’t we being obedient? FB @caregivingisaministry; https://anchor.fn/Greta-Bennett/message
May 09, 2021
Episode 81 Kindness Multiple scriptures
As we begin our discovery of kindness we develop our biblical definition and foundational scriptures for our journey. FB @caregivingisaministry/
May 08, 2021
Episode 80 Keeping it Real
Today, I provide tips on how to make your caregiving season more manageable. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 07, 2021
Episode 79 Patience Recap
We are moving right along our journey of the fruit of the spirit. Today we discuss what we’ve learned about Patience. FB @caregivingisaminstry;
May 06, 2021
Episode 78 Patience Psalms 37:7
Today we learn not to compare ourselves to others. That there is a difference between being prosperous and being blessed. FB @caregivingisaministry; https:/
May 05, 2021
Episode 77 Patience Ephesians 4:2
Extending patience to our loved ones as well as other is a way of extending love. Today we learn how to broaden our reach to include whomever we come in contact with.
May 04, 2021
Episode 76 Patience John 13:7
Let’s learn to be mindful of God speaking to us, to be Ok with not knowing all of God’s plan for our lives and surrendering to His timing. FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 02, 2021
Episode 75 Patience Hebrews 10:36
To we talk on our willingness to wait. Wait on who you ask? God. Are we willing to submit to HIs timing and wait? FB @caregivingisaministry;
May 01, 2021
Episode 74 Patience 2 Chronicles 15:7
God will never leave you or forsake you. He has call all of us to “work” in His honor. Will you do the work He has called you to do? FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 30, 2021
Episode 73 Patience 2 Peter 3:8
Our God exist outside of we have no business trying to hurry Him along to adjust to our timing. He’s God He wins. FB @caregivingisaministry; https:/
April 29, 2021
Episode 72 Patience Colossians 3:12
Learning to dress like children of the Most of High God. FB @caregivingisaministry; https:/
April 28, 2021
Episode 71 Patience Galatians 6:9
Listen, you will get frustrated and angry if we’re honest. BUT we are not to give up. That is what the enemy wants but as a child of God , you have his strength and grace to push thru. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 27, 2021
Episode 70 Patience Romans 8:24-25
Our hope comes from the knowledge that our Savior will return for us!! And yet, with this grant hope there are still other things that we hope was individuals for. God knows what you are hoping for. Trust him and wait. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 25, 2021
Episode 69 Patience Psalm 40:1
God will answer our prayers, we need only wait for Him. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 24, 2021
Episode 68 Patience James 5:8
Although most of us are not farmers we can still relate to this scripture. Bottom Line: Good things happen in TIME, God’s timing. So be patient and watch for the promise God has given you take root and grow! FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 23, 2021
Episode 67 Patience 1 Corinthians 13:4
Patience is an out pouring of Love. God has called us to Love and therefore to extend grace and patience with those we encounter. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 22, 2021
Episode 66 Patience Ecclesiastes 7:8
We will have struggles but isn’t it sweeter after we have gone through? Let’s learn to appreciate the struggles knowing we will come through! FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 21, 2021
Episode 65 Patience Proverbs 15:18
Today we discuss the contrast between being hot headed versus even tempered or being patient. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 20, 2021
Episode 64 Patience Exodus 14:14
Today we learn to keep silent, to be still and to remain calm, while God fights our battles. FB @caregivingisaministry; httsp://
April 18, 2021
Episode 63 PEACE Colossians 3:15
Allowing God’s peace to rule in our hearts translates to living in peace with those whom we encounter. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 17, 2021
Episode 62 PEACE 1 Peter 5:7
Before we can submit our cases to God, we must first admit that He is God and that we will trust him. Today we focus on how to humble our selves
April 16, 2021
Episode 61 PEACE Isaiah 32:17
Peace is a by product of bring right standing with God. When we are walking in the direction He has given us to go we have a comfort in knowing no matter what we are or may face we are doing what He asked. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 15, 2021
Episode 60 PEACE Romans 12:17-18
Vengeance belongs to God, He will not only fight our battles but bring justice on our behalf, in His timing of course. We are to live in peace. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 14, 2021
Episode 59 PEACE Psalm 37:11
How do you define humility or meekness? Is it a weakness or a strength. Today we learn just what true humility is. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 13, 2021
Episode 58 PEACE Hebrews 12:14
Learning how to get along with EVERYONE! Seems farfetched but this is exactly what God is asking us to do.
April 11, 2021
Episode 57 PEACE Proverbs 16:7
Today we discuss how to live in peace. Imagine that NO DRAMA!!! FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 10, 2021
Episode 56 PEACE Isaiah 9:6
No we are not in the advent season, but reflecting on who Christ is to us is in season year around. Join me as we remember who Christ is can what He came to do. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 09, 2021
Episode 55 PEACE JOB 22:21-22
Today we look at our dear brother Job. In the middle of his suffer a friend offers some advice! Advice that we can use today. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 08, 2021
Episode 54 PEACE Philippians 4:6-7
Are you a worrier? Can worry and pray. Today we learn to submit the worry of the world to the Lord. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 07, 2021
Episode 53 PEACE Romans 5:1-2
Today we will learn about justification and what it means to us today. FB@caregivingisaministry;
April 06, 2021
Episode 52 PEACE Psalm 4:8
Our definition of Peace with bashed on our knowledge of who God is and that He is in control. Based not this we can be at Peace. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 04, 2021
Episode 51 PEACE Isaiah 26:3
Our minds are extremely busy with the cares of this world. The prophet Isaiah urges us to shift our focus off of the “stuff” and onto our God. FB @caregivingisaministry;
April 03, 2021
Episode 50 PEACE 1 Corinthians 14:33
Our God is not a God of confusion. So if He isn’t then we should not be as well. FB @careisgivingisaministry; voice message
April 02, 2021
Episode 49 PEACE 2 Thessalonians 3:16
God grants us His peace, once we accept it it then becomes our responsibility to apply it to our lives. FB @caregivingisaministry; Leave a voice message at
April 01, 2021
Episode 48 PEACE John 14:27
Jesus has given us His peace, and it is up to us to: know that we can access it, to accept it and to guard it. FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 31, 2021
Episode 47 JOY Recap
We did it, another fruit learned and thoroughly studied. FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 30, 2021
Episode 46 JOY Psalm 32:11
Today we are doing to get our shout on! Jesus is the single reason for us to shout all day long!!! FB @caregivingisaminsitry;
March 28, 2021
Episode 45 JOY 1 Peter 4:12-13
Do not let anything take you by surprise. Our God is still in control and you can have Joy in the middle of a storm. FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 27, 2021
Episode 44 JOY 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Always be joyful and pray not stop. We’ll discover what praying continually means and how that puts us in the position to have Joy. FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 26, 2021
Episode 43 JOY Romans 15:13
Learning to trust God can be daunting; however, knowing He has filled us with his Hope gives us the Joy we need to continue another day. FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 25, 2021
Episode 42 JOY Philippians 4:4
Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice! Today we learn that we do have a voice to rejoice and why we are to rejoice ALWAYS!! FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 24, 2021
Episode 41 JOY Psalm 5:11
God is our refuge, we can run to Him and He will encircle us with his Love and provide ultimate protection. Are you running to the Lord and seeking his protection? What do you take refuge in during life’s storms? FB @caregivingisaministry;
March 23, 2021
Episode 40 JOY Hebrews 12:1-3
Did you know you have your very own cheering team? A group of individuals who are cheering you on..encouraging you to continue on the journey God has placed you on Welp, you do! Don’t forget to follow me on FB @caregivingisaminstry or lea