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The Greybeards Podcast

The Greybeards Podcast

By The Greybeards Podcast
This is a podcast by three guys in three different states with three different perspectives. We started this long before we wanted to make it a podcast. Two of us have been friends for a couple of decades and the other joined the trio online somehow between five and ten years ago. This is just us chatting about various subjects and current events. We started this during the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States.

We’re doing our best to keep this family friendly and will warn if anything is too racy for children. Two of us are fathers of impressionable kids. We understand.
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To All Things A Beginning

The Greybeards Podcast

The State of Our States, PRK Ammo, Karen’s Korner, AOC, Porky’s, Hoarding, Doctors and visits.
In this episode we talk about the state of our states, Peoples Republic of Kalifornia and ammo Laws, Karen’s Korner, AOC‘s recent remarks Porkys (yes that Porky’s) hoarding, doctors and visits.
April 28, 2020
Digital Wallets, Religious Liberty, Lawless Law, Karen’s Korner, The Muffin Man
In this episode we discussed digital wallets, religious liberty, lawless law, Karen’s Korner and the muffin man. Life gets in the way sometimes and we were having trouble getting together last week. Sorry for the lateness of the episode if you’ve been looking forward to it, but we gots jobs.
April 19, 2020
Movies, Karen’s Korner, State of OUR Union, Food, Social Media, 5G/Covid Conspiracy
In this episode we chat about movies, Karen’s Korner, the state of our union, food, social media, 5G/Covid conspiracy and we just generally ramble a lot. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Sorry about the length of the episode, but not sorry.
April 06, 2020
What We’re Watching, C-19, Politics, Karen’s Korner, Dumbest Governor, Local Stuff
In this episode we discuss what we’re watching on TV during our separate shelter in place orders, C 19 of course, politics, Karen’s Korner, Who has the dumbest governor, and various local and state bits and pieces.
April 02, 2020
EDC, C-19, SOTU, Karen (What’s her problem anyway?) Sex and Covid 19 from the NY Gubmint
In this episode we discuss what’s in the title. Just three friends having a good time chatting. While this episode isn’t explicit we caution people with kids not to let them listen to the last ten minute or so. We don’t want parents answering questions they don’t want to yet... Anyway, enjoy! Thanks for listening. We’re getting better.
March 26, 2020
To All Things A Beginning
This is our first episode, so PLEASE, be kind. (Or not, we’re grown men and can take it, kinda.) This is a Podcast about the everyday events that are happening across America. Our literal lives. Three different perspectives from three different guys in three different states. Enjoy!
March 23, 2020
Just introducing us. This is the Greybeards Podcast. This is a podcast about what’s going on in our respective states California, Nevada, and South Carolina. We started this during the Covid19 outbreak and we’ve talked a bit about that. Other subjects span a wide range including our rights and civil liberties. We’ve known each other quite a while and have a lot to say. So stay tuned.
March 23, 2020