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Group Home Riches

Group Home Riches

By Group Home Riches
Learn first hand from Group Home entrepreneurs how to help out your community AND make great money while doing so! Get started today for free at!
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Learn How Adam is Getting His First Group Home with NO MONEY DOWN for 60 Days!

Group Home Riches

2021 - The Year of No More Excuses With Jasmine
About a year before opening her first Group Home, Jasmine found herself jobless, homeless and IN NEED of a Group Home for her and her children.  Fast forward a year later and she's now the provider for housing like this.  What changed?? One thing that didn't change was her MINDSET. She had been working in sales before her circumstance left her without a home, where she learned how to have a winner's mindset. Although she may have been "broke", she was most definitely not POOR.  When looking for affordable housing herself, she realized her calling: GROUP HOMES This was a way to not only earn a great living, but help people at the same time!  So how can one go from homeless to being a business owner with no money up front??? A key section of our GOLD COURSE is the "How to Find a Partner and Start with Little to No Money" guide. It's counterintuitive, and might take some educating, but Group Homes are a way to  10x the average cashflow of a rental property...Most investors would FIGHT over a property that cash-flows $300 per month! A good sized Group Home will 10x this!  Avoid the biggest hassle of Property Management - Collections. No need to deal with excuses on why you're not receiving payment on time, sending scary letters, filing eviction etc. etc. Your tenants will be paying every single month guaranteed by UNCLE SAM!  Have WAY more control over a property. Think about it: can a landlord just go peak into their property whenever they want? Have a team member supervising the tenants? Catch & fix maintenance issues immediately? Require guaranteed/3rd party payments? Kick a tenant out whenever they break the rules avoiding the eviction process?? Now you see why after Jasmine's FIRST phone call to a landlord on Craigslist, after hearing the Gold Course pitch, HE was the one following up with HER a few days later!  The first one worked out so well that he's also funding her 2nd & THIRD property!!!  You do not want to miss this episode!  If you are the type of person that is energized by helping your community and building long term wealth while you do it, then stop making excuses!  You don't need a license. You don't need permission from anyone. You don't need a home yet. You don't need the dough to purchase one!!  Jasmine is walking and talking proof of this!  It's not easy. But it's a SIMPLE process. Sign up for your free training at if you haven't already and if this sounds like the perfect business for you, join THE GOLD COURSE today!
January 1, 2021
How a Mother of NINE Got Her 1st Group Home Filled in 1 Month
If you want to start a Group Home, this episode is yet another one that proves you have no excuses!  On top of her job, Kellie has another full time (plus overtime probably) job...and that's being a mother to NINE children!  She is the typical "Caregiver" personality and luckily found the perfect business to satisfy her need to help others AND make a great living while doing so.  She got started by working in Group Homes herself and eventually became a foster parent (in addition to her own children).  She saw how some Group Homes were not being run up to her standards and thought that she could do better. That's when she hopped on Google, looked up "How to Start a Group Home", and luckily found our GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO).  She wasted NO TIME and quickly got the ball rolling. Her and her husband purchased a home in September, and it was FILLED with tenants by the next month!  Listen to how she got started, found her House Manager, learned the art of delegation and her future plans. Her husband and son are researching Real Estate Investment strategies and we discuss how if they can combine those skills with the Group Home business model, their family will be sitting pretty for generations to come! All by filling a MUCH needed void in her community!  If you're interested in the Group Home industry and want to learn how to get started with no license, no house, and little to no money, than head to Sign up for your free training material and if it sounds like the perfect business for you, join our GOLD COURSE today! 
December 22, 2020
Duane's 1st Year Establishing "Sober University"
Last year we interviewed an extremely motivated AND motivatING Group Home Entrepreneur named Duane who was "Ignorant and on Fire"!  By "ignorant" he means... ig·​no·​rant | adjective | lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified Duane's ultimate goal was to start a Sober Living Brand and provide all of the licensed services under one nonprofit.  Even though he didn't know every single detail to do that (which is usually a 6 -12 month process), when he found out he could get started out by simply providing the housing at first, without any licensing, complex paperwork, and by leasing a property he was off to the races!  He spent that 1st year networking, building his brand, developing his board of directors, getting set up to provide a full service Sober Living Organization and learning the business all while income was streaming in from his 1st unlicensed and leased property!  Check out his Sober University at Learn how he got started on THIS EPISODE and if this sounds like the perfect business for you, sign up FOR THE GOLD COURSE today!  Have any questions? Join our mailing list, get free training, check out our testimonials, free blog and contact at! 
November 21, 2020
How Tara and Renee Networked With the VA to Open Their First Group Homes
On this Episode we chat with Tara, who is a new Group Home Owner and GOLD COURSE STUDENT, and she was kind enough to bring on her local mentor as well, Renee.  Renee has been working with the Veterans Administration through the "Medical Foster Home  Program" and took Tara under her wing after they met at a Veteran's Services Networking event.  We talk about the power of mentorship, and how for many, just being around people who are successful makes THEIR success much more believable.  This newfound BELIEF mixed with the desire to succeed that they already have, is often the winning formula success!  If you don't know any local Group Home Owners that will take you under your wing, check out our ONE ON ONE COACHING PROGRAM or bare minimum, sign up for the GOLD COURSE and join our private Facebook group! There you can network with both experienced Group Home owners like Tara AND people just starting out who are asking the very same questions you're probably trying to figure out on your own.  On the podcast, Tara and Renee break down What motivated them to do this in the first place Navigating the VA The Medical Foster Home Program The types of events they both attend to continuously educate themselves and network to establish business relationships. And MUCH MORE! You will definitely want your notebook for this one! There are many different types of business models you can follow when starting Group Homes. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and touch on the steps needed to take for one to be working ON a Group Home Business rather than IN one. If you're ready to get started today, JOIN OUR GOLD COURSE TODAY.  Still on the fence, sign up for your FREE TRAINING HERE and reach out to us anytime! 
October 7, 2020
Tasha's First Couple Months in the Group Home Business
A few months ago we released a podcast episode admitting that this has been a scam along.  We've been creating all of this content for years, moved in additional furniture/beds into staged homes for our tours, and made the whole idea of Group Homes up out of thin air in order to sell our GOLD COURSE for $179 at the time of this writing.  This is absurd of course and we did that for April fools.  Tasha is living proof that our business model is NOT a scam and she was the subject of our April Fools episode.  She plugged "How to Start a Group Home" into Google, found us, signed up for THE GOLD COURSE, COACHING and our WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, and had her first home open and profitable in THREE WEEKS!! We catch up with her to see how the first couple of months in business has been for her and SPOIL ALERT: it's been awesome!  She's in the process of opening Group Home #3 already! Folks, a lot of people can start to think about retiring at that point.  What other business out there can you do like this?? The lottery maybe? If you're the type of person who is motivated by helping others AND you're seeking a more financially fulfilling lifestyle SKIP THE LOTTO TICKETS!!  GET STARTED HERE TODAY and if you haven't already, make sure to join our mailing list and sign up for your free training material at! 
September 17, 2020
How This 20 Year Industry Vet Filled 4 Group Homes **DURING THE LOCKDOWN**
This episode is one you will DEFINITELY want to break out the notepad for!!  On it we sit down for an "Ask Me Anything" session with the founder of Group Home Riches and cover our students' most popular questions and topics.  To start off we get an update on our new niche focusing on "Sober Living". The 4th property will be open soon and guess when the 1st was started? The property was JUST getting finished up with furniture when COVID-19 hit! So we get all of the details on that before covering one of our most frequently asked questions: How do you get started with little to NO money??? We have many members get started by leasing their first property. So we cover WHY this works, makes sense for both parties, and why Andy is actually considering this strategy for the next home.  From their we move onto the top 5 questions voted on by our GOLD COURSE MEMBERS (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) in our private Facebook group for them...  So if you have questions on leasing your first property, starting with NO MONEY, what kind of insurance to get, other streams of income for your Group Home and MUCH MORE than you do not want to miss this one!  Make sure to subscribe and give us a like or review if you get some value from this!  Sign up for your free training at If you're ready to get started in the next 30 - 60 days check out our GOLD COURSE HERE We also offer ONE ON ONE COACHING and WEBSITE DESIGN if you really want to streamline things!  For more free learning and Group Home Business info check us out on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and our BLOG. Have any questions on the material? Contact us anytime! 
September 1, 2020
How William Set Himself up to Earn $25,000/Month in his 1st 3 Months!
William joined our GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) about 3 or 4 months ago.  Right after that, COVID-19 hit.  While the country shut down and many people put their lives AND dreams on hold, he took the opposite approach.  He saw it as a blessing.  He invested in our ONE ON ONE COACHING PROGRAM (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO), built his own website (CHECK OUR OPTION HERE), used the instructions from our coaching combined with the Gold Course material exactly how we laid out and set himself up for MASSIVE SUCCESS.  On this episode we do not cover all of the Netflix shows he binged on,  video games he played or his favorite food delivery service he pigged out on during lockdown.  Because he didn't have time to do any of that!  Even while STILL working full time from home, he took the extra time from driving and doing busy work at the office to do the following: Amassed over 1500 contacts to market to like social workers, case workers, non profits, social service organizations etc. Exactly what we cover in the Beginner's Guide of THE GOLD COURSE. Used many of the 73 marketing techniques in THE GOLD COURSE to sign up SEVENTY FIVE tenants on his waiting list BEFORE he leased his first property. At an average of $500 - $600 per tenant, do the math. You'll see why he needed multiple houses!  He got his first home leased after a week of searching. After pitching the idea and offering to clean the house after the last tenant, it was a no-brainer for the landlord to work with him.  He got 3 more homes under contract to purchase, with full capacity ALREADY contracted through one of the non-profits he marketed to. Has a verbal agreement to get FIFTEEN more from just one, tired landlord.  Not counting the last lead, he's estimated the net profit on his new business will be around $25,000 PER MONTH on his first 5 homes.  He had his first home open about a week before our recording and is already profitable. That first home will bring in around $14,000/month after all of the tenants are moved in.  We really just wanted to have him on to discuss how he got his first tenant and lease, but he TOTALLY underestimated his progress before the recording.  What a pleasant and MOTIVATING surprise!  You can do the same thing! You don't need a license or a lot of money to start and we cover exactly why in the interview.  If you're interested in getting started in this extraordinary, well kept secret of a business than AT LEAST CLICK HERE to get our Free 10 Part Course and training video. If you want to streamline things check out OUR GOLD COURSE, COACHING & WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT as well.  Reach out to us anytime if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you! 
August 5, 2020
Can You Get a Home For Free For 6 Months?
Once you learn THE GOLD COURSE SYSTEM you can!  On this episode listen to how our new student Tyana did just that.  Learn how she found a Real Estate investor to partner with, what she said to them, why it works for both parties, and how she managed to get a home with no money down for a 6 month trial period.  The average investor is only making $200 or $300 per month IF (and that's a big if) everything goes as planned.  The Group Home business, and more specifically, people like YOU, are the solution to their problems!  More cashflow Guaranteed Checks More control over the property And if they partner with new/hungry Group Home operators like you they don't have to do the work!  Once you learn THE GOLD COURSE SYSTEM (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO), you are now extremely valuable to these landlords, and you will be in the position to negotiate deals just like Tyana did!  Sign up for your free training material at today if you haven't already. Check out the free training video and free 10 part guide.  If this sounds like something you're meant to do, sign up for THE GOLD COURSE and get started on your path to Group Home Riches today! 
June 9, 2020
Live Q and A on How to run a $10,000/Month Group Home
Check out this recent live question and answer session with the founder of Group Home Riches!! On it we talk about his brand new Sober Living home that has been opened DURING the Covid-19 Pandemic.. We also answer a ton of questions from a few of our new subscribers that you are probably wondering too!   For example... How quick can you be up and running? (**Hint** a few weeks) How did you fill property during a pandemic?? (**HINT** follow the marking material in THE GOLD COURSE [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO] ) What national organization did we get 6 tenants from?? (***HINT** this organization is in your area if it's populated. Find that, and many more organizations like it using the GOLD COURSE [CLICK HERE] ] What do we look for in homes when purchasing? How can you get started with NO MONEY??? Look, are you interested in Real Estate Investing??? Do you want to help out your community too??? Do you want to do both while outperforming 99% of the Real Estate Investors in your area??!!! Then.. 1) Listen to the podcast 2) Reach out to us if you have ANYTHING holding you back from getting started and  3) SIGN UP HERE to get started today!! 
May 15, 2020
Learn How Adam is Getting His First Group Home with NO MONEY DOWN for 60 Days!
Adam is one of our new ONE ON ONE COACHING CLIENTS (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) and was nice enough to let us share this excerpt from one of his calls with our community!  On the first call we covered the material included in the GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) pertaining to one of the first critical steps....actually acquiring a property to operate out of!  Like many people, Adam was living check to check for the most part, so figured he would need to save more money before he started.  WRONG.  Listen to the call to find out how Adam found a landlord willing to give him a home with NO MONEY DOWN and why it works for both of them!  On the call we cover the common questions a landlord will have like if it's legal or not, how to get paid, what to do if a tenant needs to leave the property and more.  When Adam first joined a few weeks ago he was hoping to make a couple grand per month part time.  This one phone call he made could gross... $20,000 PER MONTH!!!!! And you can do the same thing! You don't need a license. You don't need permission from the zoning board. AND YOU DON'T NEED A LOT OF MONEY!! Sign up for your free training material at if you haven't already.  Check out our free content on YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and make sure to subscribe to this channel!  If this is something you're serious about and want to get started today, join the GOLD COURSE HERE NOW! 
April 21, 2020
Sorry Guys, This Has Been a Scam All Along - Listen to Tasha's Story to Find out Why
About once a week we get someone skeptical who writes in asking for our BBB review (which are paid for now) and inquiring if we are a scam or not.  Yep.  You got us.  Here is the shocking news... WE ARE!!!!!  Also, please note today's date and have a very happy April Fool's Day!  Look, think about it, why would we be putting out ALLLLLLL of this content, spending alllllllll of this time, and how the H#%L could we pull something like this off selling a $179 product????? Why aren't there hundreds of negative comments under our videos on youtube from angry customers??? Why haven't we been put out of business years ago??? You can find a handful of negative reviews for sure! These are typically from people that thought they didn't have to do any work on their end and did not read our cancellation policy. This is clearly posted on our site and in the terms and conditions. And we make it REALLLY simple for you to get your $$ back if you complete some material, take a few steps, and are unsatisfied. This will take about an hour or 2 of your time. That being said... The material will work if you do!  Tasha is a walking poster for this idea! It is not uncommon for folks to be up and running in a few weeks after they have gone through our FREE 10 PART COURSE, spent some time researching the material from our blog at, read our free, daily emails you can get HERE, and then finally pulling the trigger on OUR GOLD COURSE.  But Tasha is a little different. With a background in nursing, case management AND Real Estate Investing it's almost like she was born to be a Group Home Entrepreneur!  This interview was recorded just a few weeks since she typed the words, "How to Start a Group Home", into her internet browser, and within a FEW WEEKS she was quickly cash flowing more than her regular rental property!  Learn how you can do the same here WITH OUR GOLD COURSE!!! And to reach out to her directly CLICK HERE
April 1, 2020
$3,000 Per Month Bedrooms with the Community Residential Care Program for Vets
A few weeks ago we sent out an email campaign using the same methods we teach in our GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO).  We actually did this just to show you guys how it's done! We have a few hundred contacts on our email list and the majority of our leads come through our Websites. On this particular campaign we received about 30 callbacks and recorded our first call.  That particular call just so happened to be a homerun! So good in fact, that Andy will be converting some new properties to house Veterans with the program soon!  We released the calls on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL (CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE) and to our MAILING LIST (CLICK HERE TO JOIN) and have gotten so many responses and questions that we sat down with Andy for an interview on it to answer some of the most common questions.  Learn how they pay $1500 per Vet in a shared living setting Details on how we made this contact How YOU can start making these contacts Why we don't recommend you rely solely on the VA for your business Why you don't need a license, employees, or a lot of money to start What you can do right now, no matter what your financial situation is, to start a business like this in the next 30 - 60 days!  Listen, subscribe and reach out to us directly at if you have any questions! 
March 3, 2020
Jose's Life Changing 1st Year with Group Homes
We first talked to Jose about 6 months ago, and if you haven't heard Episode #2 with him, go give it a listen and be prepared to be inspired!  He's gone from working in the fields as an immigrant, teaching himself English to get through college, having a successful career in Insurance, and now is finally creating the lifestyle he's always wanted WHILE helping out his community at the same time!  He's been with us for only a year and we found out he just purchased his first multi-family property! We needed to do a re-cap so our listeners can see the truly amazing possibilities with this business! In just one year, Jose has surpassed the income from his full time job with Group Homes, all while working on it part-time!  If you're interested in a Real Estate strategy that is in high demand, low supply, low barrier to entry, massive cash flow, while helping out people who are in need at the same time than you've come to the right place! Sign up for your free training at, and if you're interested in the services that have helped Jose get to where he is at reach out to us! 
February 1, 2020
Learn How Vanessa Gets Paid by the State to House Young Adults Aged Out of Foster Care!
In this episode we speak with a an almost 20 year vet of the industry! Vanessa has a truly inspiring story that started with a higher calling and a random meeting. Vanessa realized this was her calling when a STRANGER needed someone to take care of her child, and this stranger just had a gut feeling that Vanessa was the right person after seeing her in the mall. And she was RIGHT! Vanessa took this AND her first couple acts of charity (she took in more people for FREE after this) and eventually scaled it to an extremely successful business. She is now getting paid by the state to house young adults that are aged out of the foster system, provides them with case management, and prepares them for the workforce! The best part?? Almost every young adult that goes through her system is a a success story!! Listen and learn how Vanessa does all of this by LEASING her property and with NO LICENSE!!! Learn how you get started at! Reach out to Vanessa directly at: website: Email: Telephone: (302) 470-0468
January 9, 2020
Why Would a Landlord Want to Work With a Group Home Owner? Learn How Duane Got His First Home Started by LEASING.
The biggest conundrum that a lot of our new members encounter is NOT having a home they can operate out of. You do not need a lot of money, staff, or licensing to start a Group Home. But you DO need a home! So what do you do if you can't just purchase a new home? There's no way a landlord would work with you as a Group Home owner right? WRONG Don't take our word for it though. Listen to Duane who is a walking example! He used the material in our GOLD COURSE to secure a deal and we cannot wait for the part 2 where he breaks down how he fills it! He got his start in this business working for a larger organization that has taken this business model, and scaled to a massive corporation. And guess what? THEY don't own the homes they operate out of. They LEASE! We talk about that, his goals for this home, the overall mindset it takes to succeed in EVERY business endeavor, and much more! We can't wait to hear what Duane does with the new property and were pumped up after hearing his story. You will be too! Want to learn how you can do the same thing? Head to and sign up for your free training today!
December 24, 2019
From Living in Group Homes to Creating a Real Estate Empire: Why Customer Service is KEY
Mark Rickert is the embodiment of why YOU are needed. Who are YOU? Group Home entrepreneurs who are motivated to serve people in need, and not just take advantage of the system.  Yeah, this is a way for homeowners to make a lot of money and get paid by the Government to do so, but the people who are just here for that usually have a short career.  Mark unfortunately found himself needing to live in a Group Home environment at a young age, but FORTUNATELY the homes he went to provided exactly what he needed and he was able to turn his life around to create the life that many only dream about! He now runs a full service, family owned Real Estate company, takes his funds from THAT, puts back into multi-family Real Estate, and is creating long term, generational wealth for him and his family. So on this episode, Mark and his son Robert detail the Group Home experience as TENANTS and show why people like you are needed. His son, Robert, is now an agent on Mark's team that found HIMSELF in a Group Home environment.  He didn't realize it at the time, but when we were chatting before our interview, it dawned on him that the life changing "sober facility" he stayed at was a "Group Home".  We also chat about Real Estate Investing, Customer Service in general, and of course, being savvy Real Estate investors themselves, Mark and Robert ask great questions about the Group Home business model that you are probably wondering yourselves!  We cover a lot of topics on this one and you do NOT want to miss it!  Want to learn more about this Real Estate Investing strategy that can turn your home into a cash flowing machine? While at the same time helping your community and people JUST like Mark & Robert?? Head to, sign up for your free training material, and get started on your path to Group Home Riches today! 
December 10, 2019
How Can You Get Your First Group Home Started With NO MONEY??
This is the dilemma that a lot of new business owners face. Not just Group Home business owners, but ALL business owners. 9 times out of 10, when we ask our new GOLD COURSE members what is holding them back from getting started, they  tell us they "Don't have the money".  "I want to get started, but I don't have enough to lease or buy another property!".  You may not like our response, but it's the truth: MONEY is not holding you back!  If you are just getting started and have this same excuse, money is not your issue. Don't believe me?  If you were to get a home TOMORROW, free for 30 days, would you know exactly what to do in order to have your home at 100% occupancy, with all of your tenants set up for guaranteed payments, and all of your business systems in order for things to be operating smoothly??  Let's go one step further. If I were to LEASE you a home, why would I want to work with you instead of a traditional renter?  If you don't know the answers to these questions. HOW DO YOU EXPECT SOMEONE ELSE TO KNOW???? In today's  episode, we are speaking with a new member named Sherl on a ONE ON ONE COACHING CALL going over material in our GOLD COURSE. Again, one of the most common objections we get from new members is that "NO LANDLORDS WANT TO WORK WITH ME".  In this episode we destroy that myth, and discuss why Sherl's business partner REACHED OUT TO HER FIRST!   Why would any landlord want to do that??!! It's the same reasons we get inquiries all the time asking if we have GOLD COURSE MEMBERS looking for properties to rent. The question is, if you're looking to rent or partner with someone, will you be an ASSET or a LIABILITY??  CLICK HERE to learn how to become an asset today!!! Not sure if you're ready to get started today? CLICK HERE to sign up for your free training material and join our free educational mailing list today! 
November 23, 2019
How Kirby Has Used The HUD-VASH Program to Build Massive Wealth AND Get Homeless Vets Back on Their Feet!
Doing something a little bit different with this episode! Kirby has a large rental portfolio of almost 30 units, with the majority of them being paid by a program through the Veterans Administration called HUD-VASH. As a former vet himself, Kirby is now running TWO financially AND spiritually rewarding business that help out former veterans. One being his real estate company, the other his non-profit that helps veterans start their own businesses.  Learn how he got started in Real Estate and transitioned from a flipper to his current strategy. We also take a deep dive on the HUD-VASH program, learn how he got started with that and how you can do the same thing! To learn more on this and other strategies you can use to be your own boss, gain financial freedom, AND help out your community at the same time head to! 
November 7, 2019
How Jamie Used Creative Crowdfunding to Build His Group Home Business
In this episode we interview a young hustler out of North Dakota. Jamie has been with us a couple months now but has taken HUGE action on the information we teach...and also just using his own creative ideas to own real estate, help out veterans in his community, and grow his business with very little of his own money! He's worked with Home Depot, local construction companies, social media and even gotten some local press to get the word out about his business! If you're interested in a creative Real Estate strategy that can be both financially AND spiritually rewarding...then head on over to and sign up for your FREE training material today! 
October 25, 2019
How Merline Filled Her First Group Home
In this episode learn how Merline filled her first home! She acquired the property using a creative strategy that we teach inside our Gold Course, and filled the home quickly using our marketing techniques. She has 3 investment properties now using 3 different strategies. Guess which strategy is the most financially AND spiritually rewarding?? Learn how you can get started in the amazing business yourself, no matter what your situation is, at! 
October 4, 2019
Life Changing Coaching Call
Listen to this life changing coaching call that Andy has with a fellow Real Estate investor. In it they break down the numbers, why it works financially, and you can get an idea of the power of this business from an investor's perspective! If you are interested in learning more, head to and sign up for your free 10 part course and video today!
September 6, 2019
Group Home Riches Podcast #3 - Learn How Laura Got Her First Home Filled!
Learn how Laura acquired her first home off of the market and filled it before coming to Group Home Riches! She is working on scaling her business and this was a small part of a coaching call she was kind enough to share. As a business owner and Veteran, she figured out the beginning steps on her own. To fast track YOUR success if you are interested in getting paid well to help out your community, head to today and sign up for free training! 
June 17, 2019
Group Home Riches Podcast #2 - Jose
Listen to this truly inspiring story of how Jose has gone from working in the fields as a non-english speaking immigrant, to college graduate (where he taught himself English!), to successful Group Home entrepreneur! Jose started working with us just a couple of months ago and is now working on getting his 2nd and 3rd home filled. In just a few short months, with the revenue generated from his homes, he has matched what he brings home with his full time job! You can do the same thing! Get started with a free 10 part course and training video at today! 
May 16, 2019
Group Home Riches Podcast - Episode #1 Interview With Our Founder
Learn the first hand account of how our founder got his first home and scaled it to the empire he has now. You can replicate his success and get started for free today at!
April 15, 2019