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012. AIRPLANTS: How to keep your airplants alive and happy with Josh Rosen from Airplant Man

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By Dusty Hegge
(Formerly Get Planty Podcast) Grow Well Podcast is a houseplant podcast meets personal growth podcast hosted by Dusty Hegge (that’s me!). When we care for God’s creation - whether plants OR yourself - God will reveal himself through the process. My goal for Grow Well Podcast is to open an honest conversation about growth and leave you with actionable houseplant care tips and tricks to curate your own dreamy houseplant collection.


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026. Fighting Houseplant Pests 101
Houseplant pests suck. But guess what! You CAN get ride of (most) of them if you are willing, determined, and have the right information. Today I want to give you 6 simple steps to begin that buggy-fight no matter the houseplant pest! These rules are good to implement and understand BEFORE you get a problem so you can come to the pest battle READY TO FIGHT! SHOW NOTES GET PLANTY COURSE INSTAGRAM
June 3, 2019
025. 3 Things You Should Do When Get a New Houseplant
Bringing a new houseplant home is exciting! But then what? It was just pulled from near PERFECT growing conditions and is now in your home. Where the conditions aren’t always very ideal - but don’t worry! In today’s episode, my goal is to leave you with 3 actionable steps to help you transition your houseplant to your home well. This isn’t an episode on picking out the right plant for your home, (which is a very important step!) I have even made you a fun, free houseplant quiz to help you pick out the right houseplant for your home! SHOW NOTES FIND YOUR PERFECT HOUSEPLANT Get Planty Houseplant Course Instagram @dustyhegge
May 27, 2019
024. Wisdom in Telling Your Story Well with Instagram & Writing Coach Christina Lynn
This episode is raw, deep, and so very vulnerable. We talk about hard stuff and you don't want to miss this one! Instagram and writing coach Christina Lynn (and my dear friend!) unpacks the power found within sharing even the vulnerable and intimate parts of our stories and how to do it safely. She outlines practical ways to build community online and personal boundaries that you need both online and in person. She also shares her own deeply personal and tragic story and how God has blessed her, grown her, and used her through it. Seriously, this episode is GOLD! NOTE: It is marked "Explicit" simply because I say "shit" once at the end and we say "plant sex" a few times. Because plant sex is hilarious. So if you have little you don't want to hear those words just save this episode for a little later. SHOWNOTES:
April 25, 2019
023. A Quick Tip to More Beautiful Houseplants
A quick tip on how to get a more even growth and a much more beautiful houseplants! Get the course:
April 17, 2019
022. Growing Well in Busy Season with Christina Wilcox
For all links mentioned head to
March 29, 2019
021. How to start a houseplant collection well
How do I start houseplant care? I get this question ALL of the time - and for good reason! Houseplant care can feel like an overwhelming topic! My goal is to help you enjoy the growth process, add beauty to your home, and help you to feel confident in your ability to keep your plants alive. Today's episode covers everything you need to know to curate your houseplant collection well - in 7 easy steps! SHOW NOTES: CURATE YOUR HOUSEPLANT (free!!) GUIDE: INSTAGRAM:
March 20, 2019
020. Coffee from Seed to Brew with Brice Sturmer from Velodrome Coffee Company
Coffee? Plants? This episodes is full of both and it's basically my DREAM episode! Brice Sturmer, founder and co-owner of Velodrome Coffee Company, shares his expertise on the coffee industry and how he is approaching ethically made coffee. Plus, we chat fungus gnats, what happens to coffee from seed to your morning brew, and we even cover how to grow a coffee tree in your home. This episode was such fun and I hope you enjoy every single second! ... with a cuppa coffee in hand. GET PLANTY: HOUSEPLANT FOUNDATIONS waitlist - Instagram - Velodrome Coffee -
March 14, 2019
019. The Art of Botanical Fragrances with Gina Benedetto founder of Veyali
Gina Bendetto, owner and founder of Veyali - a luxurious, botanical fragrance brand with high-quality perfumes, room and linen sprays. She owns her own design company of 14 years, is a powerhouse businesswoman, and has extensive training in the art or composing botanical. In this episode, she shares with us why synthetic fragrances are dangerous, how to take steps forward to improve your air quality, her passion behind botanicals, and tangibly how we can clean up air quality in our homes with botanical fragrances. Show notes: Instagram:
March 7, 2019
018. 3 Traits You Need to Be a "Natural" Green Thumb
Are you ready to become a crazy plant person - or at least keep your houseplants alive!? Well, guess what, It's not as hard as you think IF you keep this in mind: I have found there to be three main qualities in a person who seems to have a “natural” green thumb. And guess what, they are qualities that a) you can adapt TODAY and b) are why I consider plant care to be such a personal growth process! SHOW NOTES: INSTAGRAM: GET PLANTY: HOUSEPLANT FOUNDATIONS COURSE WAITLIST:
March 5, 2019
017. My Boundaries to Prevent Failure and Grow Well in 2019
This episode is a part two of sorts in response to my failure episode 017. Today I am sharing the ways I am changing in response to a year filled with failure. Some mindset stuff but mostly very tangible and practical boundaries I am placing on all of 2019 to prevent failure, to steward my mental health well, and to better serve my own family and to serve YOU well. This is a real, raw, and vulnerable episode - so go easy on me. Please remember that I am not an expert, I am just a girl ready to share the hard stuff even when it's uncomfortable. I pray that you too can grow well from the lessons I have learned in the last few years. Show notes: Instagram:
February 28, 2019
016. Planting Seeds With Words with Jillian McClenahan from Anastasia Co
Words carry such weight and power. Jillian McClenahan plant lady, owner, designer, and photographer from Anastasia Co shares her passion for beautiful design and planting seeds of faith and hope using your words to pursue growing well. All show notes:
February 14, 2019
015. A Year Filled With Failure (My biggest failures & success in 2018)
(Alternate title: Stop letting failure OWN you!) // Saying there is no such thing as failure is like saying there is no such thing as a stupid question. We ALL know there really are stupid questions and we ALL know failure is real - and that it’s something we will face in our lives time and time again. Today I am laying out my biggest failures AND successes for 2018 - a little late to the party of reviewing last year but I think I needed some space between myself and 2018 to really understand what went down. SHOW NOTES: Houseplant Quiz: Support Get Planty Podcast:
February 12, 2019
014. Succulent Care with Botany Box Founder Cait Khosla
How do I water succulents? What is a succulent botanically speaking? How much sunlight do succulents need? This episode answers ALL those questions and so much more! Cait Kholsa is founder of Botany Box a succulent subscription box with a love for succulents and a down-to-earth personality. We chat about succulent care 101, what she has learned through starting her Botany Box, and we even chat about botanical skin care we are loving. It's a fun conversation and I am sure you'll enjoy it and learn so much! SHOW NOTES: Support the Get Planty Podcast:
February 7, 2019
013. How to get outdoors more often and pursue the hobbies you love with Deanna Jensen
Adventuring, getting outdoors, and traveling doesn’t have to be complicated. Just getting outside for a short walk each day can do wonders for our health and remind us of the beauty found within growing well. Deanna Jensen sheds some light on how we can get outdoors more (why it even matters) and how she is pursuing personal growth even when work seems to keep piling up. Show notes:
January 25, 2019
012. AIRPLANTS: How to keep your airplants alive and happy with Josh Rosen from Airplant Man
How do I keep my airplants alive? Do tillandsia need to be watered? How do I water my airplants? How much light do airplants even need? All of these questions (and so many more!) are answered by Josh Rosen founder of Airplant Man on the Get Planty Podcast! INSTAGRAM: @revivenursery SHOW NOTES: HOUSEPLANT QUIZ:
January 17, 2019
011. Planning for a life you love with Pace and Pattern founder Allison Rhea
How do I reach my goals? How can I plan for a successful year? How do I live a life I love? We all ask ourselves these questions and we all certainly want to live a life we are proud of! But without a plan, even the best intentions fail. Allison Rhea from pace and Pattern has developed a method and a STUNNING planner to help you dream, plan, take action, set realistic goals, and form habits that will help you live a life you're proud of! SHOW NOTES: INSTAGRAM: @revivenursery
January 10, 2019
010. Growing Well in Business with Branding Expert Lilah Higgins
Branding coach and designer, Lilah Higgins, shares about how her business has grown from a small (unsuccessful) Esty print shop to a fully staffed branding agency! She gets real about how she couldn’t slow down to enjoy her most financially successful year yet, how she has grown her business, and what she learned from the process. Show Notes: theFORGE:
December 20, 2018
009. Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, Claire Akin on the Get Planty Podcast
What do I do if my fiddle leaf fig has brown spots? How much sunlight should my fiddle leaf fig get? Should I fertilize my fiddle leaf fig? How do I keep my fiddle leaf fig alive!? Claire Akin from Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource answers each one of these questions (and even some more!) in today's show. She is the fiddle leaf fig expert and after implementing her advice your fiddle leaf fig will thank you! SHOW NOTES: Instagram:
December 13, 2018
008. Ethical Fashion, Slow Living, and Learning to fail well with Olivia Youngs
Olivia Youngs from Simply Liv and Co and I talk about how to approach ethical fashion, slow living, and the power found in learning to fail well. SHOW NOTES: Podcast Instagram:
December 6, 2018
007. Understanding light and Houseplant Mindset with Darryl Cheng from Houseplant Journal
Darryl Cheng from Houseplant Journal unpacks how we can better understand how much light houseplants really need, we chat about how to learn as you go, and the best mindset to have to approach houseplant care. SHOW NOTES:
November 29, 2018
006. 3 ways to water your houseplants the right way and a little about humidity
Watering your houseplants is a BIG topic and the area of houseplant care where most people make mistakes. I want to help you fix these mistakes (I pinky promise it's super easy). Here are three ways to water your houseplants and how to do it the right way! Show notes:
November 22, 2018
005. How to tell when to water your houseplant
People say that overwatering is the number one reason houseplants die. Well, that's only kind of true. Watering your houseplant can be tricky everyone from the plant killer to crazy plant lady sometimes gets this part of houseplant care wrong! There are so many factors to consider like sunlight, the pot it's planted in, temperature, and a whole lot more. In this episode, I give you a few actionable, easy to apply tips to help make sense of watering your houseplant and keep it healthy and thriving!
October 11, 2018
004. Q&A: Toxic Plants, Fungus Gnats, & the Best 1st Time Houseplant
We cover toxic plants and I list a few plants that are safe to have around kids and pets. How to get rid of fungus gnats and my TOP selection for a first time houseplant.
September 23, 2018
003. My 5 Best Tips for Thriving Houseplants
More often than not people overthink houseplant care. It does NOT have to be complicated! These 5 (overly) simple houseplant tips will help you to have happy, thriving houseplants. (Free!) Get Planty Challenge: Instagram: Website:
September 14, 2018
002. Keep these 3 things in mind as you grow your houseplant collection
In today's episode, we chat about what to keep in mind when you bring houseplants in your home. Growing a healthy, thriving houseplant collection takes time and practice! Give yourself the grace to slow down and grow well and remember these three things. Show Notes: Instagram:
September 10, 2018
001. Our Intentions: A planty introduction
In the very first episode we cover what it means to Grow Well, why houseplants are a powerful tool, and our intentions for this Podcast and Revive Nursery. Show Notes: Instagram:
September 10, 2018
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